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Prompt: Somebody Loves You – Crystal Gayle

T.V. Show: The Mentalist

T.V. Show Title Prompt: A Dozen Red Roses

Emily had just walked into the BAU bullpen but came to a stop as she saw a dozen red roses on her desk in a vase. She frowned as she slowly started making her way to her desk because she wasn't seeing anyone and she didn't know anybody who would get her roses on today of all days since it is Valentine's day. When she got to her desk she saw a card in the rose and she gently lifted it out while bending her head to smell the roses.

She had a smile on her face when she read the card which said somebody loves you. The smile grew even bigger as she recognized the handwriting on the card. Her heart started beating fast in her chest as she looked up at Hotch's office. She saw him standing by the window in his office looking down at her and she smiled again and walked up to his office.

When she got up to his office she didn't even bother knocking. She walked right in and shut the door. She held the card up as she looked him in the eyes. "Somebody loves me?"

Hotch smiled slightly and nodded his head at Emily. "Yes Emily somebody loves you. In fact I am the one that loves you. I wasn't sure how to tell you but I finally figured out that today was the perfect day to tell you how I felt."

Emily walked over to Hotch and lifted a hand and put it on his cheek. "Well somebody loves you too Aaron. I had thought for sure that not only would I be alone this Valentine's day but that I would never get the courage up to tell you how I felt. Now that we've both told one another how we felt what do we do about it?"

Hotch smirked and pulled Emily flush against him and he chuckled at the surprise in her eyes. "Well Emily tonight we go out on a date. As for anytime after tonight we do whatever we want. I want you Emily and I mean to have you. I love you."

Emily giggled and smiled up at Hotch. "I love you too Aaron. I'm all yours if you're sure that you want me. I want you and only you Aaron and it's been that way for a long long time now."

Hotch smirked and bent his head down to capture Emily's mouth in a searing but tender kiss. He finally had the woman of his dreams and there was no way he was letting her go.

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