Chapter One

Author's Note –

This is the 3rd draft of this first chapter! I keep fixing little things – nothing too big…

This plot bunny hopped up to me because I've always thought about this possibility and never found a story that addressed it.

Please I know a ton of people read Twilight fan fiction so if you read this I would appreciate your feedback. If this isn't working let me know.

Also I fully intend for this to be an Edward and Bella fiction but I will also give Charlie some much needed attention!

Old Ben Wilson called around four am. His property backed up against the National Forest. No one was ever up there but he swore he had heard 'screams, howls or something' as he so vaguely put it when he called to wake Charlie.

For better or worse, it was part of the job and while hiking season was well over; he pulled on his uniform, grabbed his holster and headed off into the pre-dawn darkness.

He hadn't been sleeping all that peacefully anyway. Bella would be coming in a little more than eight hours and her impending arrival was weighing heavily on his mind. He kept wandering around the house trying to see it through her eyes. Would she find everything acceptable? What might she need?

She had always been a quiet little girl, always watching everything so intently. He didn't want to disappoint her.

He pulled up an old logging road. You wouldn't even know it was there unless you knew what you were looking for and went as far as he could. It had been pretty dry lately by Forks standards so he was able to go a good ways before he had to go it on foot.

He had walked about a mile or so, when he heard something thrashing in the woods. Something that sounded big. He ran through the possibilities in his head – bear, mountain lion, coyote, maybe an elk way out of his territory? Whatever it was, it sounded like it was in pain. He pulled out his gun- with a wounded animal you didn't take chances.

Carlisle and Edward had just finished their hunt, when Carlisle's phone broke the pre-dawn silence. It was Alice's ring - a Police tune from the 1980's - the "I'll be watching you" chorus appropriate for her gift.

Edward listened to the quick conversation and followed as Carlisle immediately took off to the north. There was no need to waste the time it would take to speak, between Edward's hearing and his talent for reading minds, he knew what the task was.

Alice didn't know exactly what and how but she had the who and the where – Forks Police Chef Charlie Swan lying in a ditch on the outskirts of the Olympic National Park.

Carlisle had always liked and respected Charlie. He was a man of few words but the words he did speak often showed forethought and consideration. Charlie always seemed to be a little out of step with his time, being more in tune with nature than most men of his generation. He seemed to have bypassed the need for every new item the media spun out taking pride in simple things that accomplished their intended task without undue flourish or bravado – much like Charlie himself.

Still, Carlisle was surprised by Alice's urgent message. "He needs to join us Carlisle. He needs to be one of us. I don't know the whole thing but it's really important."

His respect for Charlie coupled with Alice's appeal, was enough for Carlisle. It had been almost 70 years since he had last turned a human being.

When they find Charlie, he is surprisingly holding on to consciousness. Upon seeing Carlisle, he becomes confused thinking he is at the hospital.

Ignoring his confusion, Carlisle tries to communicate with Charlie.

"Charlie, hold on. Do you know me Charlie? It's Carlisle."

Charlie's eyes sharpen, "Carlisle…help…some kind of huge wolf. Know it sounds crazy…"

Edward sees the pictures clearly in his head. There are no words sufficient to describe Charlie's surprise and subsequent horror over first seeing the large, salivating creature and then experiencing the sudden and vicious attack.

Carlisle eases Charlie into a more comfortable position, bending close, "Charlie, I believe you but we don't have much time. I can save you but you won't be the same, you'll be different, very different."

Carlisle doesn't go further - there is no time for a long conversation. Even though he has heard Alice's plea, it is up to Charlie. Carlisle's conscience will not allow him to change Charlie without some kind of warning, some kind of consent.

Charlie's pain momentarily distracts him and Carlisle's next appeal holds more frustration. "Charlie, if you want to live, I have to act now. Tell me your decision; I would not visit this upon you without your consent."

Charlie's eyes meet Carlisle's now black eyes set in his inhumanly perfect face and somehow he knows – not the specifics but enough to know that this isn't a modern medical procedure Carlisle is referring to.

At this realization, Edward sees Charlie's mind turn to other thoughts and pictures - a little girl, slightly built with dark hair; the same girl at about age ten crying after falling off her bike, a school picture that looked more recent. Thoughts of this girl, who must be the daughter he has sometimes mentioned, give him clarity and resolve.

He meets Carlisle's gaze and answers him with a steady voice, "Yes, do what you must. I want to live. Bell…Bella is coming today."

Carlisle moves quickly then and Edward is mesmerized from his vantage point. He was not present for Esme's turning nor Rosalie's or Emmett's but he still experiences some form of déjà vu watching Carlisle strike like the predator he is.

The growl that comes from Carlisle's chest is fierce and must rival that of the beast that just attacked Charlie. It is then that Edward catches the rich scent of the arterial blood that Carlisle has released. It smells so incredibility good; he cannot help the growl the rises up from his own chest as he crawls closer to its source.

Abruptly, Carlisle raises his head, his eyes crimson. "God help me Edward, it has never been this hard to stop."

Edward can only do as Carlisle and cease to breathe all together or he too would fall on the dying man.

After what feels like an eternity but in reality is only a few short minutes, the act is irrevocably complete. As Charlie Swan lies as if dead, Carlisle is on the phone ordering his troops as if a general.

By 7:00 am, Saturday morning, Emmett and Jasper have already staged the scene to confirm an animal attack that includes bloodied pieces of Charlie's uniform.

By 10:15 am, old Ben Wilson had already called the Police Department to complain that he never heard back from Chief Swan.

By 10:30 am, the dispatcher was finds that Chief Swan has not reported in and will not answer his phone. She GPS's his car and locates it.

By 10:40 am, two deputies are on their way to the site.

At the Cullen house, by 7:00 am, Charlie was as comfortable as can be expected given his current state.

He is eerily still given the circumstances. His reaction to the venom was intriguing.

Edward is playing nursemaid to Charlie's immobile form just in case his reaction becomes more aggressive. Alice didn't see anything in particular but sometimes you couldn't be too sure.

Alice and Rosalie have gone to Charlie's home to see if they can find out anything about Charlie's comment that his daughter is coming.

Going through the back door of Charlie's house, Alice and Rose find a veritable treasure trove of information neatly posted on the refrigerator as if Charlie was trying to help them out. There is a copy of Isabella Swan's transcripts from Phoenix Magnet High School with a note reminding "Take on Monday!" in a messy but legible script. She will be enrolling as a high school junior.

Isabella's flight information is tacked under a Fork's Diner magnet in the shape of a coffee mug. She will be arriving that very afternoon. She was already on her way, too late to stop her arrival. Her cell phone number and her mother's information is posted too. And lastly, peeking out from under another magnet - this one in the shape of a football – is what must be Isabella's picture – she is a pale, thin girl wearing baggy shorts and a faded blue t-shirt, smiling awkwardly under a baseball hat beside of a towering cactus.

Alice rolls her eyes at the girl's wardrobe, as she tucks the picture into her large Coach purse. After deliberating half a second, she takes all of the information off of the frig. No other human had been in the house since Charlie left so there will be no one to say if anything had been disturbed.

Alice turns to Rose, "Looks like we are going to the airport."