Chapter 23

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When Edward arrived home from school, I was so excited to see him. It seemed like ages since I had seen him. From the way he held me in his arms, I knew he felt the same way.

It was hard to believe that we hadn't known each other a week ago.

Edward had explained that when true vampire mates met, the bond was instantaneous. He confessed that at first he had reasoned that as a human, my attachment to him would be lessened somehow but after spending more time with me, he was starting to doubt his original assumption. He could feel my physical response to him, there was no doubt that I was immensely attracted to him.

After an hour or so of cuddling, the boys went off into the forest with Carlisle to hunt. Rosalie and Esme went into town to grocery shop and Alice and I settled in front of the computer screen to do some internet shopping.

I was surprised when Alice logged onto a furniture website. She laughed explaining that it seemed obvious that I needed to just move in with Edward. She went on to say that she knew we needed a bed even though we wouldn't be using it to sleep.

I felt my face heating up with embarrassment at her reference to my ever growing sexual relationship with Edward, when I froze. I realized that while she was referring to activities other than sleep, she had said we – as in both of us – wouldn't be using the bed that we were ordering for sleep.

I was human; I needed a bed for sleep. My mind raced with possibilities. Was it possible that I wouldn't need to sleep at all much longer?

I had just been thinking of the unsaid inevitability of the fact that I was mated to a vampire. I simply could not exist without him.

My inner feminist rolled her eyes for the hundredth time this week. Yes, it seemed ridiculous but it all did. I, Bella Swan, had fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole.

As long as I just "went with it" I didn't panic but it was taking some effort. When Edward wasn't with me, I always seemed to begin to doubt the incredible situation. I padded my pocket where Charlie's letter was folded. Knowing it was there helped to ground me a bit.

When I focused on Alice again she was clicking through the Ethan Allen collection like there was no tomorrow.

"Ahh Alice, can ask you a question?" I mumbled meekly.

Alice's overly bright response made it obvious that she had seen this coming. Her bounce coincided with her answer, "Sure, Bella."

I could feel the blush coming back. "Just now, you said that we – as in Edward and me – wouldn't need to use the bed for sleep. Did I hear you right?"

"Oh Bella" she exclaimed in response and before I knew what was happening, she launched herself toward me. I was enfolded in a petite but firm grasp as she giggled merrily. I would wager that if anyone saw her they would vote for a Tinkerbelle-like fairy verses a vampire any day.

I waited a beat for her to let go of me and to hopefully answer my question without me asking it.

She eased up on the hug but she didn't volunteer to answer the question I was alluding to…

"Alice, what I am trying to ask is when – when will I not have to sleep anymore?"

It was still a round-about way of asking but at least I got it out.

She bounced some more before she answered, this time bouncing me right along with her!

"Right after school is out for the summer, it seems pretty definite. I see you at the prom with Edward all rosy cheeked and then I see you, well you lying on the bed I just ordered with Edward pacing beside you and then I see you and Edward cliff diving."

"Cliff diving?" I ask.

To me, this cliff diving sounded just about as far-fetched as me being an uber-beautiful vampire!

My question sent Alice into another round of giggles.

"Oh Bella, I love you." she exclaimed.


I heard Alice's conversation with Bella as I neared the house. Part of me wanted to hurry and stop it, another part wanted to let it happen. That part thought, 'let her know that she was one of us, that she would truly be my mate in all things very soon.'

I slowed a bit as I listened and then came to a stop as I saw Alice's vivid flashes – of the prom, of her prone form on a bed in my room and of diving off of a cliff into the stormy Pacific below.

I did want it; I had to admit to myself that I wanted Bella in my world. It looked like I would have her too.

Hearing Bella's response – as she worried more over cliff diving than becoming a vampire – made me realize that she wanted it too. And at that realization, I promised myself I would accept Bella's change.

I would look at it as the gift it was.

I sent up a silent thank you to the universe as I bounded toward my future – Charlie's daughter, Bella.

The End