Everything reminds you of a puzzle.

You scream whenever someone opens a box.

Cruise ships make you cry.

Every time someone thanks you, you say "That's what a gentleman does."

You always drink tea.

When you move to a new town, it takes you a few months to realize your neighbors aren't robots.

You think of apples whenever you see a tall building.

You insist that people call you "Professor".

You see a bee and wonder about what Beasly's life story REALLY was.

giggle when you see someone in a blue hat, and follow them around.

11. You cry when it snows.

12. The prime minister suddenly annoys you to no end.

13. You're afraid of elevators, and start screaming "PHONY TIME MACHINE!" Every time you ride one.

14. You're afraid of ferris wheels.

15. …And look for Luke to hold onto when you spot one.

16. You call your grandma "Granny Riddleton"

17. …And bought her a dollhouse for the "Forgotten puzzles"

18. Trains no longer impress you because "They're no Molentary Express"

19. You've taken up fencing.

20. You call people "amigo-kun" and mix eight different languages whenever you speak.

This is just based on Curious Villiage, Diabolical Box, and Unwound future. It won't really spoil much, and if it does, it will be very vague. Any suggestions for the next installment?

This update's puzzle: If Lemons+Umbrella+Kites+Elephant= LUKE, what does Cats+Luck+Icecream+Vampire+Emotion equal?