I'm sure KeepSmilingOn would like to know that 90% of reviewers for chapter 2 were responses to her contributions, all agreeing that Clive is awesome. (And I agree. Clive is the best.) And the answer to Chapter 1's puzzle was Clive, actually! To all of you who answered Anton, I completely get why. I honestly thought the same thing afterwards. Me. Yeah. *shame*

41. Whenever you see a plane, you wave, hoping Remi/Emi is in it and will see you and wave back. (rAwrXdiNo3)

42. You have a habit of pulling on people's faces, JUST to make sure they're not Don Paolo... (rAwrXdiNo3)

43. You start making up your own puzzles.

44. You actually hoard all the gold-plated coins in your house, hoping that they will be able to help you get out of a puzzle pinch later on.

45. You wish that your current / future boyfriend will have all those nice qualities Layton possesses.

46. You actually wish Hershel were your boyfriend, what with you feeling more comfortable calling him by his first name, and you know that only people close to him get to call him by his first name.

47. You still ship the Hershel and Claire pairing despite item number 45. (Now that's some dedication!)

48. You record / download all the anime cutscenes so you can watch them on repeat (or even listen to them while working on something else, whichever your fancy is).

49. You create a fan-made music video with your collection of cut scenes.

50. You actually consider learning how to play the piano.

51. Or learn to sing. Or compose an orchestra.

52. You always meddling into other people mysteries & secrets.

53. You tell your apprentice all about gentleman, gentleman, and gentleman until he got bored.

54. You're capable of hugging kids especially girls. (Because Layton hug Flora and and Katia, and Luke in fact.)

55. You're so poor, until you decide to collect coins, but spend it just for puzzles.

56. Seriously, are professor or a detective?

57. You work your face off to get all of the "Top Secret" bonuses.

58. Once finished with 57, your file corrupts and all gameplay is lost, so you cry for hours.

59. You decide to replay it anyway.

60. …Those cut scenes were too good. You want to watch Bill Hawkes fly out of the Laytonmobile again and again.

Yes, 57-60 happened to me LITERALLY 5 SECONDS after I unlocked "Movies". And yes. I cried like a baby.

I promise, I'll update "Professor Layton and the Pudding Addiction" in the next week, hopefully tomorrow. I've been working hard to make it nice, long, and cracky. Happy birthday to anyone whose birthday it is, and if you sneezed while reading this, bless you.

Auf Wiedersehen, Amigo-kuns!