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It was two weeks before Valentine's Day and Mokuba was scared already, as were all the employees of his older brother. Seto already looked more than just grumpy. 4 employees had been fired so far and everyone knew that until Valentine's Day was over and the talk about it afterwards had stopped, it would only get worse. Seto Kaiba hated Valentine's Day with a passion no one could really understand. He got tons of cards and chocolate from all his fangirls, so why did he get so upset? Granted, he didn't tend to go out on that day, seeing that most of the girls didn't even know the real him, they only saw his fame and fortune. But Mokuba still didn't get why he hated it so much. Seto used to not care at all until a few years back when he enrolled in Domino high. That year on Valentine's Day he became the Valentine's killer as everyone at work now called him. He even made a rule at the office that no valentine's cards or presents were allowed in the building with the reasoning that it was a distraction from their work to give and read cards or eat chocolate during working hours.

Mokuba gave a sigh, he had to bring some more papers to his cranky brother and knew that Seto would find something to complain about, even to him, if he wasn't out there fast, but at least he could talk back. Seto would never fire him. But he hadn't even entered Seto's office as he already heard his screaming and moments later Seto's new secretary that had just started the day before, because his old one had been fired, ran out of his office in tears. Great, Mokuba thought, now he has already fired 5 employees and it is still two weeks till Valentine's Day. If he keeps that up we'll have completely new staff by the time ValentineĀ“s Day is over.

Mokuba walked in and put down the paper on his brothers desk and said, "Here are the papers you asked for, big bro."

"Took you long enough. Did you play some games in between?" Seto asked looking pissed like always these days.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I'm a kid and like to try your new gaming systems, so deal with it or do your stuff alone." Mokuba said. He hadn't really played but seeing that his brother was thinking he did, why not give back that it was only expected of a boy his age and he should just be happy that he helped at all.

"Sorry." Seto said but didn't sound sorry at all, he actually sounded upset.

"What is wrong with you, big bro? Why are you so cranky?" Mokuba asked for about the hundredth time over the last weeks. He refused to give up, even though he knew from the last few years that Seto wouldn't tell him what was so bad about Valentine's Day.

"You know. I hate this time of the year, this so called special day that only exists so the shops can make some profit from everyone buying chocolate or stupid valentine's cards and talking about love." Seto said, sounding like he was about to throw up.

Mokuba gave a sigh. This answer explained just about nothing, Valentine's Day was always like this, even before it had started to make Seto cranky. But Mokuba knew that if he dared to point that out he would only get a silent Kaiba death glare from his brother until he would leave him alone. So he avoided that by saying, "If you say so." And left his cranky brother to fire some more poor innocent employees. Mokuba really felt sorry for them but there wasn't much he could do for them.

Seto watched as his brother left the room. He knew he was a bit unreasonable but he really hated this day and he couldn't stand having to hear about how great last years' day was and what his employees would do with their loved ones this year and all that kind of rubbish. Not when he already knew what the guy he was in love with would do.

Why was he even in love with that stupid guy? Oh yes, he had been so adorable on the very first day Seto had been there. He had been asleep when Seto had walked in, the teacher introducing Seto to the class and telling him to sit down on the empty space that happened to be next to the sleeping youth. The teacher noticed just then that said boy was fast asleep. The teacher had walked up to the sleeping teen and more or less screamed his name, Joey Wheeler.

The blond's head flew up and he gave a little surprised scream and fell backwards with his chair to the ground, he looked around a little sleepy and sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes. Seto had stared at him. His eyes had an amazing shade and the blond messy hair looked cute with his sleepy face. After a while the blond looked at Seto still rubbing one eye a little sleepy and gave a little yawn before he said, "Take a picture, lasts longer ya know." Before he stood up, picked up his chair and sat down, yawning one more time.

He had been unbelievably adorable and his eyes fascinated Seto Kaiba. Unfortunately it hadn't been long until they had been closed again.

But it wasn't all that had made Seto fall in love. After that little encounter, Seto had just admired his charm and maybe had a tiny crush but during lunch time Joey had a fight with someone. They went all out and broke even one of the tables in the cafeteria. Joey's shirt got soaked with the drinks that had been on said table before. It had taken the teacher some time to split the two fighting teens up. Afterwards the teacher screamed at both, while Joey just stood there, his fist still trembling with anger. His eyes focused on his opponent and his shirt wet and clinging to his strong muscular body. Much more muscular than his wide shirt and his slender form had let on before. The teacher had given them both detention and while the other just complained that it wasn't fair since Joey had started it, Joey just asked, "When?"

"Today." The teacher had said.

Joey grinned and said, "Too late, already have detention today for sleeping in class and by the way I'm booked for detention for about half a year but I could hang ya on at the back."

Seto had been impressed, this guy had the most adorable face, fascinating eyes, a sexy body, and was cool and wild. He had fallen for him more and more ever since by watching him. By the time the first Valentine's Day that he spent in Domino High approached Seto had decided to let the blond cutie know about his feelings, in the hope that he would have a chance with him. Seto had bought a rather plain but nice card that had a print inside, saying nothing but "in everlasting love". Seto doubted that Joey was the frilly hearts kind of guy so he had gone with something simple and plain. And also bought him some fancy chocolate since everyone knew about his incredible appetite as well as his love for everything that was sweet. Seto had been all set for about three weeks in advance.

But Seto had never given him this card. Because two weeks before Valentine's Day the flirting had started. Every goddamn girl in the whole school was flirting with him. And they all talked with each other about one thing, his cards. And as the day arrived, every girl in the whole school had gotten a valentine's card from Joey. But not just some randomly bought one, no a hand made one and everyone said something different like 'I love your new hair colour, the lighter shade really brings out your eyes.' or 'I saw you in the mall the other day and loved the blue skirt, you looked hot in it.'

Every girl had gotten a different card. Emphasis being on girl. Seto had gotten nothing. And never dared to go and give Joey his card or the chocolate since Joey already had gotten something from all the girls in return.

Ever since that day Seto hated Valentine's Day, there was nothing worse than seeing all the girls starting to fuss over the blond that he wanted. Seto still had the card from that day in his room, well hidden under his bed. Together with his notebook which he refused to call a diary. He didn't even write into it daily. Only when he was really upset or angry about something and only because it really helped to vent some of his anger.

While Seto thought about this, he luckily didn't know that Joey was starting to craft all the valentine's cards for this year. Joey loved Valentine's Day and the girls loved him around this day, because he made some handmade Valentine's Day card for all the girls. The first time they had been a bit upset that he had made some for others as well but since he had put so much effort into it they were happy to have gotten it anyway. And that way no one would go empty handed. Every girl got at least one card.

Little did they know how Joey made them, he took 10 papers at once and cut hearts out from them, then the same again since he needed many of them for all the girls and then he sticked them all on some stupid paper that he had folded into a card and added glitter to some, frilly stuff to others and feathers to the rest, not caring in the least who got what. Of course it was all colored papers and colorful glitter and all. And then he sat down and wrote some stupid line on it, like he loved the skirt he saw her trying on. Not that he would know if that girl had done so recently, but what girl wouldn't try on a skirt in a mall every now and then, so she should fall for it. Only a few had something where Joey actually noticed something, like a hair cut or new hair colour or one girl that had bragged about her ridiculously hideous shoes. Oh well, Joey thought, as long as she gets me chocolate I'll say I love those ugly sneakers. After all, that was the only reason why Joey did this. The chocolate. Joey had thought in his first year of elementary school that if he would get something that made a girl feel special, she might give him something the next year, maybe chocolate instead of just a card. But since he didn't know what girl would give him chocolate, he just gave a card to every girl. Hoping to at least get a little bit of chocolate the next year and he was impressed with the amount he had gotten and of course had all the cards ready to go again. Ever since that year, every girl in his school got a Valentine's Day card from him and every year he got tons of chocolate. And tasty chocolate on top of it, the kind of chocolate that was more than worth it to have to write some stupid sappy lines and make some ridiculous looking cards.

There was only one card he really put some effort into. After finishing his mass products as he called it, he made one card that looked much more plain because it was for someone who wasn't the frilly kind. But he made a real effort to cut the heart in a perfect shape and colored the paper in an ice blue himself. And then he wrote the same lines he always wrote into this card for a few years now.

'Dear Kaiba,

I would say I love your new hair cut,
but you never change it since it is already perfect.
I would say I love your new clothing,
but for my luck you always wear the same sexy clothing.
I would say I love your eyes,
but you're worth so much more than a cheesy pick up line.
I would say I love your character,
but even though I love bad ass guys, I fear you might doubt it.
So all I can say is that I love you.

With love,
your secret admirer.'

Joey put the card in a white envelope, the only white one, the others were red or pink. Seto's card was always different from all the others. It was just for him, for his strong and beloved dragon. Just that he never had dared to write his name under it. But he still made sure Seto got it every single year, ever since he had seen his blue eyes for the first time. He remembered it like it was only yesterday. He had fallen asleep in school like always and as the annoying voice of the teacher had sent him falling to the floor, he had looked around and there he was, the new kid. He didn't even know who he was at that moment just that his piercing blue eyes were gorgeous. But of course Joey had ruined any chances he might have had by saying: "Take a picture, lasts longer ya know." How stupid was that, to blur that out just because he couldn't think of what to say? Joey was sure that Seto would always hate him for it. And later that day Seto had even seen him fight and getting his shirt all ruined. Joey was sure that he had looked ridiculous. And all because that idiot he had fought with had said that the new kid looked like a freak. A lot of the other kids had already known who Seto was that day, and the guy was most likely just jealous but Joey had been mad about it and just punched him without warning.

Nowadays it was even worse between him and his secret crush. Ever since Seto had ripped that stupid card of Yugi's grandpa they were just fighting and bickering instead of just ignoring each other. Seto hated him, that much was sure. Still he had to send Seto a card too. It felt just wrong to send some stupid card to every single girl but not to the one he loved. But he never dared to sign that one, Seto would make fun of him for all eternity.

A week later Mokuba was proven right with his prediction. Seto's mood was decreasing by the day. And like every year Mokuba had no idea why exactly that was. He just knew that nearly a quarter of the staff was new. And switched twice, since now they were Seto's favorite target. Or rather they tended to still get something wrong or needed more time since they were new. And right now Seto had no patience at all. But Mokuba swore to himself that this year he would find out the cause for his cranky mood. And for the rest of the week Mokuba looked through everything his brother had, his computer at work, his laptop, his paper work. Anything that might repetitively cause his mood to go sour.

One day before the big day he found out the truth. Mokuba found the diary under Seto's bed. And after reading only a few pages Mokuba knew what the problem was. Seto wanted not just any valentine's card, he wanted one from Joey and he wanted Joey to stop sending one of his self made cards to everyone else. Seto Kaiba was simply jealous. Mokuba couldn't believe that it was something this simple and small that had caused so many poor people to lose their job. He had to do something about it. The only problem was that Mokuba had no idea if Joey was into Seto. He had thought a few times that during their fights there was some sort of strange tension and that there might be some sort of feelings on both sides but he had never been sure with either one. But now that he was sure with his brother being in love, he had to find out. Mokuba grabbed the diary and ran out of the house to the game shop of Yugi's grandfather.

Once there he first asked the spiky haired duelist if he could spend a night or two over at his place during the next few days, since Seto would kill him if he found out what he was about to do. Yugi, of course, agreed and to Mokuba's luck Joey was there too. Mokuba handed him the diary silently and said, "Here, you have to read this and please tell me that you'll make another one of your valentine's cards. You have to do that or Seto is going to kick out everyone at the office and it will be a pain to work in all the new employees."

"Another one?" Joey asked confused but took the book and started to read. His eyes got huge after a little while and he took out the card that was in it, the one Seto had once upon a time gotten for Joey. The blond smiled before he said, "Wait here." And he ran. Mokuba hoped that Joey hadn't read too much or he might get into a shock. Mokuba himself had stopped reading at the part where Seto wrote about how he had seen Joey under a shower in PE and all the little dreams he had gotten from that. And Mokuba really wanted to forget what little he had read, since he never wanted to know what perverted thoughts and dreams his brother could have. One thing was for sure now, Mokuba would never use the pool they had in the garden ever again at least not if Joey and Seto got together. But even now he probably couldn't use it without getting reminded of his brother's dreams about a naked Joey in there with him...gross.

While he had been in the shop Joey hadn't gotten around to read that but he did once he was home and alone, he read the whole thing. All the pages and so it took him some time. Joey noticed quickly that Seto wasn't writing in it everyday, he just wrote down when something really bugged him. And all his little fantasies and Joey loved to read about the later ones. He never knew that Seto could be this perverted but he loved it.

Joey took the card he had made for Seto and wrote on the envelope 'To Seto, From Joey' and put it into the diary, hoping that Seto would read it, if not he could always give him a hint and let him find it later on, on Valentine's Day. Then he ran back to the shop to hand Mokuba the diary with the words, "No worries kid, just put it back where it was. There's a surprise for ya big bro, I bet he'll enjoy it."

"Are you sure?" Mokuba asked, still sounding a bit worried.

"Yeah I'm sure, just let me know tomorrow morning if ya think he found it or not." Joey said with a grin and Mokuba agreed and walked back home, happy that Seto still was at work and he could hide the notebook where it was before Seto noticed that it was gone.

The next morning Seto was still cranky and said nothing during breakfast and Mokuba assumed that since Seto didn't say anything about the diary, that he hadn't found his little surprise from Joey and sent Joey an SMS to let him know.

Joey then decided to let him stay cranky a little and enjoyed himself with giving out valentine's cards and receiving lots and lots of chocolate right in front of Seto all morning. It was fun to watch his face go more and more sour and it was the first time that Joey really noticed that he looked really pissed whenever a girl gave him chocolate or a card. He would have to mention to Seto at some point that as soon as he was home all the cards ended up in the bin, he just kept the chocolate.

During lunch he decided to give Seto a little pointer to look for his card, just to make sure he would find it. He sneaked up on him from behind while Seto was actually just drinking something and then whispered, "If ya really want to get me into a maids outfit or doggy costume, ya have to wear it yourself first. Just to warn ya, little pervert." And then he walked off laughing at the fact that Seto had spit his drink all over the table. His face was priceless and Joey would give all the chocolate he would get that day to know what was going on in his head right now. Well, maybe not all the chocolate, but a lot and that alone meant something.

Seto stared after the blond as he walked away, laughing his head off and right to the next girl, giving her a valentine's card and getting more of this stupid fancy chocolate. Why has he said that? Seto wondered. He can't know what I wrote in my little notebook, can he? No, it is impossible, it is always under my bed. Well hidden, how could he have gotten it? It must be a coincidence. Still Seto had a bad feeling about this. Unfortunately he had a meeting right after school and no time to get home and check, it would have to wait till the evening.

Joey on the other side was surprised that he didn't hear anything from Seto and decided to just get over to his mansion about an hour after school ended. Just to see if someone was home. He wanted to make sure he wasn't leashing out on the kid for showing him his diary. Mokuba was the only one of the brothers to be home, so Joey asked him if he cold show him where that diary was to see if the card was still in it. And sure enough, it was. Joey just took the diary with the card and asked Mokuba, "Can ya get me to Kaiba's office?"

"With that?" Mokuba asked pointing at his brother's diary that Joey was still holding on to.

"Sure. I've got to make sure he gets his valentine's card on Valentine's Day, right?" Joey said with a wicked grin.

"He's going to kill us both, you know that, right?" Mokuba said worried. He had still no idea what Joey had written in the card and was worried that he was only messing a bit with his brother considering how he grinned.

"No he won't, not when I distract him." Joey said.

"And how?" Mokuba asked.

"By kissing my soon to be boyfriend silly." Joey answered with an even more wicked grin on his face.

"Please tell me you mean Seto, because otherwise I fear for that soon to be boyfriends life." Mokuba said, sounding a little more hopeful now.

"Sure I mean him. Don't worry kiddo, he'll owe ya for giving this to me. And so do I." Joey said while messing up the younger boy's hair.

"You could start paying me back by stopping to mess up my hair." Mokuba mumbled, trying to look annoyed but he was too happy for his brother to really look mad at Joey.

A little while later the two walked into Kaiba Corp. And even though Joey was walking in right after Mokuba the security was about to kick him out until Mokuba said, "He's with me." Mokuba had to say it three more times at different places until they finally reached the top floor.

"Man, this place is even safer than Fort Knox." Joey joked as he stepped out of the elevator. "Do ya know if he's alone?"

"He should be at a meeting." Mokuba said and asked the secretary, that sat at a desk right next to the door to his brother's office, for confirmation on his brother's whereabouts.

After she confirmed, Joey asked, "And after the meeting will he come back and have some time in there alone or will someone be with him?"

She looked at Mokuba first to make sure that she was permitted to answer this to the blond. After a nod from Mokuba she said, "He should be alone until an appointment in about one hour."

"Great," Joey said, "We'll just wait in there then, come on kiddo." Joey walked right into Seto's office, followed by Mokuba.

Mokuba stared as Joey dared to sit down on Seto's chair behind the desk. "He is so going to kill you." Mokuba mumbled and waited close to the door, "Just to warn you, I'm out of here as soon as he's in. If you survive this, let me know when it is safe to go home again. I'll be at Yugi's place, probably sleep there too."

Joey just laughed and said, "You worry too much kiddo, I've got him under control. I'm sure of it."

"And how can you be that sure?" Mokuba asked, he knew that Seto loved Joey as well as that Joey loved Seto too and that Joey wanted to get together with Seto, now that he knew about Seto's feelings. But being this cheeky still wasn't a good idea.

They waited for about half an hour before Seto opened his office door and walked in, his eyes on a clipboard. After he walked in a few steps Mokuba sneaked out of the door behind Seto and closed it. Seto turned at the sound in surprise but since the door was closed already, he didn't see anything. He decided that it must have be a draft anyway, since it could hardly have been anything else and he turned his head again. Now he saw the blond teen sitting in his chair.

"Hey moneybags, how was that meeting of yours?" Joey asked with a wicked grin on his face.

Seto glared at him and said, "I have only three questions that I want answered before I kick you out. First, how did you get in here? Second, what are you doing here? And third, why the hell are you in my chair?"

"First, through the door, second, I wanted to give ya something back and third, because it's comfy." Joey said, still grinning his wicked smile.

"I doubt you just could walk in without help." Seto said walking over to Joey, "And what did you want to give me back?" Once again Seto had a very bad feeling about this, remembering the words Joey had said in school.

Joey confirmed this feeling by lifting his little notebook high enough to be seen over the edge of the desk and then dropped it onto it. Seto had just reached the other side of his desk and started to walk around it. Joey stood up and walked around the other side, assuming that it might be safer to stay out of Seto's reach until Seto knew about his feelings too. Joey did however still grin at him in the same way.

Seto sat on his chair while Joey stood on the other side, walking slowly further along the length of the desk. "You should have a look inside." Joey said with the same grin.

Seto picked it up, unsure what to say to the blond. He had read the whole thing that much was sure and that also meant that he knew everything. Or at least nearly everything, this wasn't his first notebook, the older ones were burned, Joey couldn't have had them. So he didn't know how Seto had fallen for him. But that didn't matter, it was bad enough that he had gotten to read this one. Seto looked inside and saw a white envelope where before had been a red one. Obviously Joey had taken out the valentine's card he had gotten him a few years back. It was even before Joey had become friends with Yugi. Seto turned the envelope and saw 'To Seto, From Joey' He stared at it, wondering if this was a joke on Joey's part?

"Aren't you going to read it?" Joey asked, still with that grin. He kept walking but very slow now, hardly moving at all but he had reached the other side of the desk and was now walking closer to Seto but still too far for Seto to reach out for him.

Seto opened the envelope and noticed that he had seen this card before. A plain white card with a perfect blue heart on it. He opened it and saw the same text he had read every year since he went to Domino High. He couldn't believe it that Joey could possibly have been the one to send him an anonymous card every single year. Even though the heart was perfect, it was still obvious that the card was hand made since it was normal paper that was too thin for a bought card. He looked up and saw that Joey was now standing right in front of him. "Why?" was all Seto could get out.

"Why what?" Joey asked, looking down on Seto while standing very close in front of him.

"Why did you give me one too, why did you not sign, why did you this time sign the envelope but still have secret admirer inside? I mean, it isn't secret anymore when you write the name on the envelope, why did you write that you love me? I never heard any of the girls say something about that in their cards, why is mine so plain, why did you wait here to give it to me instead of giving it to me in school like all the others? ..." Seto had so many more questions.

But he never got around to ask them because Joey sat down on his lap, one leg on each side of him and he kissed him. Seto couldn't believe it as Joey's red lips where suddenly on his own and he was too stunned to react. "Why don't you just shut up and kiss me?" Joey asked after stopping the kiss, just to start it again. It took Seto another moment before he finally reacted and moved his arms around Joey, pulling him even closer. He returned the kiss passionately and soon was playing with his tongue in Joey's mouth, tasting the sweetness. It tasted just like chocolate.

"Did that answer your questions?" Joey asked after they had to break apart for air.

"Most of them." Seto said, moving his fingers through Joey's blond and wild hair.

Joey chuckled a little before asking, "Ya really are a talker, aren't ya? So what questions do ya want me to answer?"

"Why all those cards to the girls and why was mine different and why did you never sign that one..." Seto started to ask.

But Joey interrupted, "Slow down, one after the other. Okay? Your card is different because I doubt that you'll want a girly one, like I gave to the girls and I never signed it because I thought you could never like me and would just make fun of me. And I sent all those other cards because I thought if I send one card I might get something from that girl next year but I could never be sure who would give me chocolate. So I thought I just send many cards to increase the chances of getting chocolate and guess what, ever since I started that I got so much chocolate that I have enough for a week and it is the cheapest way to get it! This year I got chocolate that is worth more than 40 times the money I had to spend to make those silly glittery cards."

"You do this all just for chocolate?" Seto asked in surprise.

"Not just chocolate, the best kind of chocolate. I even got some homemade chocolate today and some white chocolate and I got some pralines filled with caramel and my favorite kind with coffee and while we're talking about that, did ya drink coffee a little while ago? Because ya tasted like coffee as we started kissing and at the end more like chocolate cappuccino but since I had some of my tasty chocolate I guess it got mixed up and...do ya have more questions or can I get more off your tasty chocolate cappuccino flavoured kisses?" Joey finished with a seductive look.

Seto looked deep into those amber colored eyes. "First, yes, I had coffee and I could tell that you already enjoyed some of that chocolate you love so much and second, yes I do have more questions, tons actually but most can wait, just two more, and you can kiss me as much as you want to. First, why did you only complain about the maid outfit and the dog costume, I thought the tying you up part would be harder to talk you into, even when together. And second, are we together now?"

Joey looked into his blue eyes before leaning in, to kiss first the corner of Seto's mouth and then slowly working his way to his ear before whispering, "First, I think that we should take it slow but I guess that eventually you'll have an easy time talking me into that one, since I have to admit it sounded rather interesting." Joey started to loosen Seto's tie and unbutton the top three buttons of his shirt before starting to make a love bite that could just about be covered by the collar of his shirt.

Seto moaned and just let Joey do what he wanted for a while. But after a few moments he asked, "What about my second question?"

"Do you really still need me to answer that one? I wrote that I love you, I'm here kissing you, and I said that I want to take it slow, so have a guess." Joey said with a wicked grin still on his lips.

"That would be a yes then I assume." Seto said with a happy smile on his face.

"Wow, genius, you figured it out." Joey said with amusement in his voice.

"I have to work soon, do you have time tonight?" Seto asked, unwilling to just let him go.

"You said two questions and I get to kiss ya." Joey said with a pout and Seto chuckled and kissed him for a while before repeating his question. "Duh, it's Valentine's Day." Joey answered and Seto looked disappointed until Joey added, "Sure, I have time for my boyfriend."

"Great, how about dinner then? I could pick you up at around eight if it's not to late for you? I have to work till then." Seto said.

"What's the magic word?" Joey asked in a teasing voice.

"Please." Seto said grinning.

"Actually, it was dessert but since it is you and you already said the word dinner I accept your 'please'." Joey said and started to kiss his new boyfriend until Seto's secretary got the scare of her life as she interrupted the two to inform Seto that the businessman he was expecting had arrived. Of course she didn't inform him after seeing her boss kissing someone and rather left the room with a bright red face, mumbling an apology.