Authors note: Unbelievably as it seems -since this story was supposed to be a one shot- I've written a third chapter for Chocolates. Seems like it's a V- day tradition in the making but I might have to stop now since at some point, even I might run out of ideas for this story. I do have parts of an idea for next year but I don't know if I ever get around to file that one out so I'm keeping this one on completed since it technically was since I put up chapter one. It just got extended after being completed. I won't tell you anything about the possibilities for next year now since it sort of get's obvious with Seto's last sentence so just get reading.

No Chocolate at work?

Joey stared at the girl at the reception with his mouth open. "You're kidding me." He screeched.

"I'm serious." She said calmly. "I heard from my younger sister about your Valentine cards in school. She was in your grade so I thought I warn you."

"And he really banned Valentine cards and sweets from work?" Joey asked outraged.

"Yeah." She replied, "Right in the year he took over and enrolled in your old school. Right after the first Valentines day there."

Joey stared, no he glared, towards the elevator Seto always used and wished his boyfriend was right in front of him so he could rip him a new one. Joey hadn't heard about this before he started to work at Kaiba corp. A few monthy after finishing high school. Originally he had started to attend the college in Domino, but he had a lot of trouble keeping up. At first Seto had tutored him but in the end his encouragement had turned into a major distraction and the tutoring was turned into making out which didn't really help Joey, so he quit in the end and took a job offer from Seto. The job wasn't the best but Joey liked it anyway. At first Seto had offered to let him test games but Joey had complained that he could do that in his spare time since it's not really work. Now Joey worked in the mail department and loved bringing the letters around. Especially to bring Seto's mail to him since he always got a kiss then too.

"He can't do that." Joey complained, "I need my chocolate."

"That's what I heard." The woman smiled tentatively. She liked the blond like everyone else since he could stop their boss from kicking them out and not only on Valentines day. When Joey was around, he always would tame the beast, no matter what had gotten Seto into one of his bad moods. "And that's why I'm warning you, after all you just started here and I thought I should tell you. Even though I doubt that he's going to fire you. The boss really loves you, doesn't he?"

"Guess he does." Joey suddenly grinned again. "And even though I love him too, I'll make him regret that rule a hundred times over."

"Just please don't let him get too bad tempered." The slightly older woman asked him.

"Oh, don't worry." Joey grinned, "He'll be furious but he won't fire a single person, I'll make sure of it."

The woman watched how Joey walked away towards the elevator that only Seto used. Well, he used to be the only one but unlike the rest of his employees, Joey actually hoped to get a chance meeting with Seto, no matter his mood.

They're dating for nearly two whole years now but that didn't mean that they had stopped fighting. The fights also still ended in a rather physical way, just now Joey didn't need to worry about losing a fight against his moneybags.

Once Joey was in the mail office he started to sort through the mails to deliver them to the right offices. He was wondering what he could do about Seto's "no Valentines cards" rule. He really wanted to get on his nerves for that one. He loved that day ever since he had the idea to make countless cards and had gotten countless chocolates the year after. Mokuba loved it too, now that he had gotten plenty of chocolate the previous year. Joey had shown him how to make those cards the last time he could.

While thinking about that Joey grinned evilly and got the perfect idea. The woman at the reception had made a valid point. Seto would never kick him out. Which meant he could be the exception to every rule, and with Valentine cards he would be from now on. Joey quickly wrote a note and put it on the copier to make enough copies for everyone in the building. Joey walked around the office building and delivered the letters, including a copy of his note, cheerful as always. Mokuba was one of the few that noticed the note while Joey was still present and read it before he could make a run for it. "Don't you think talking to him might do the trick?"

"Sure." Joey agreed, "I bet he'll change the rule now if I asked him too. But then I won't get tons of chocolates."

Mokuba chuckled but then replied, "Fine, I'm in and promise not to tell him about it. I hope it works for the others though. If too many don't go along, then the ones that do are in trouble."

"Don't worry, kiddo." Joey grinned, "If he fires a single person, he has to fire me first. I'll make sure of that."

"I guess I'll just have to wish you good luck then." Mokuba chuckled, certain that Valentines day will be really fun this year. Not that last year wasn't great, but Joey could have warned him about the sore stomach he got after eating too much chocolate, but then again, Joey seemed to be immune to the effects too many sweets tent to have on someones stomach. And at least this year Mokuba knew to hide some of his chocolate from Joey and save it for later rather then stuff himself with nearly all of it at once.

Mokuba was shortly wondering if he should warn his brother. He would be the only one who won't like Joey's plan at all. He'll probably blow a fuse once he finds out about what's going on around the office that day if Joey really goes through with his plan. During the last two years Mokuba had learned that he could get a hell of a lot trouble if he did go behind his brother back.

The year he had given Joey his brothers diary he'd gotten grounded for a month. Seto must have gone easy on him since it turned out to be helpful but he was still upset since Mokuba hadn't even known how Joey felt. He had a valid point, of course, but even though Mokuba hadn't been sure about Joey's feelings, he had been sure that Joey would never make fun of Seto about his feelings. Even if it was just to prevent Mokuba and Seto from fighting because of Mokuba stealing said diary.

Last year Mokuba had gotten grounded for a month again. That time Mokuba found it a rather harsh punishment, considering that he had only helped Joey to make some extra cards and deliver them to school together with chocolates for everyone. Sure he knew that Joey wanted Seto to get jealous enough for him to make a mistake and make it obvious that they're dating and that Seto definitely didn't want that. But still, it wasn't all that bad. Obviously, Seto had disagreed with him on that account and Mokuba had a feeling that he was currently headed for another month in lock down. He gave a sigh, and hoped that this time Joey could help him around that too and not just everyone else from getting fired.

That evening after work Joey went to Yugi's place. He had moved into Seto's mansion shortly after starting to work with him and now needed a place where he could prepare his plan without Seto finding out about it. "Hey Yug. How are things?"

"Great." Yugi cheered. "I haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah I know." Joey whined, "Kaiba has me all wrapped up in work and stuff."

"Emphasis being on the stuff, right?" Yugi mused with a grin.

"Maybe." Joey admitted with a slight blush. "But I'm here now."

"And what are you planning to do to Kaiba this year?" Yugi asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Joey wondered. He had no idea what Yugi meant and if he had forgotten something important for which Joey might be upset with his boyfriend.

"Don't play innocent with me." Yugi watched him, certain that Joey was planning something and even more certain that it had to do with his boyfriend. "I know the glint in your eyes and your favorite day of the year is drawing closer. It also is sort of getting a strange tradition that you mess with him a little on this special day where you're supposed to be romantic."

"Yeah." Joey laughs. "I just didn't know that you already know that I'm planning something again."

"I know you, Joey." Yugi rolled his eyes. "And that fire in your eyes can only mean one thing. Kaiba did something, and you want revenge and you are hoping for chocolates in the process."

"How well you know me." Joey replied laughing. "You're damn right. Kaiba did something that is so not acceptable. He cancelled Valentines day. Or rather he tried to ban it from work. There are no Valentines cards or sweets or such allowed on that day. How on earth can he do that to me? He banned sweets, that includes chocolates!"

"He should have known that you'd freak out on him." Yugi mumbles surprised that Seto had dared to do that.

"Well the rule is old and he might just have forgotten to change it but I don't care, as long as that rule is there, he's going to get what he deserves for ever starting that rule." Joey grumbles. "Banning chocolate on Valentines day, that's like burning all Christmas trees with the presents on Christmas."

Yugi can't help but chuckle at the over reaction but could sort of understand it too, considering Joey's love for chocolate. "And what are you going to do?"

"I already did the first thing." Joey grinned and passed him a copy of his note.

"You're really going to do this?" Yugi asked. "And what if too many won't go with this?"

"I bet most people will. They all love me to pieces anyway." Joey grinned, "And if not, I can still stop Seto from kickin' anyone out just because of me."

"Okay." Yugi sighed, "I guess you need some space then?"

"Yeah." Joey confirmed. "I got the rest more or less covered already."

The next few days to Valentines day passed quickly and on the 14th of February Joey was all set. He had hidden a bag pack with all the necessities in the mail department where Seto would never find it. While walking past the reception, next to his boyfriend who had given him a ride there like usual, he just said, "Hi and I'll be back later for the plan." He winked at her and noticed Seto's worried look.

"What plan?" Seto asked slightly weary.

"You'll see." Joey replied. Seto was already starting to get a bit grumpy after hinting at white cards and blue hearts all morning. He clearly still hoped for his Valentines day card but Joey saw no reason to give him one right away. Not with that despicable rule still in place.

"Should I be afraid?" Seto wanted to know.

"Would ya be if I told ya to?" Joey wondered.

"You really think you can scare me?" Seto just questioned.

"There ya got your answer." Joey grinned and then gave him a kiss after entering their elevator. "I love you, so don't worry."

"I love you too." Seto purred happy to have gotten the first kiss for the day. Apart from not getting a card, Joey too had seemed unusually distant that morning and he had wondered if something had happened that upset the blond enough to make him question their relationship but now it didn't really seem that way.

Joey had thought about his plan a few times and was now set to ensure that Kaiba couldn't fire anyone without not only kicking out Joey, but also himself. After sorting the mails and adding his hand made Valentines cards that he made at Yugi's place he started to deliver them at Seto's office.

"You're early." Seto stated right after Joey entered.

"I know," Joey replied, "Ya looked grumpy earlier so I thought I get ya all your mails first." With that said he passed Seto the first card for the day. Seeing that he was dating mister grumpy, it might only be fair that he gets his card first.

Seto smiled at him and gave him an even longer and more heated kiss then usually when Joey brought him his mail. "Thanks." Seto purred afterwards, "Unfortunately I didn't bring your chocolates here but I'll give them to you tonight." The look in Seto's eyes made it obvious that he would probably get warm melted chocolate right off Seto's body and he hoped that he would still get that after the stunt he's about to pull.

"Great." Joey grinned, "You know how much I love my chocolate, right?" After that Joey left the room but for once, didn't close the door when he walked out towards Seto's secretary. "And this is for you." Joey said and passed the young woman her self made card in a way that made sure that Seto saw what it was."

"Thanks Joey." She mumbled with a nervous glance towards Seto. "This is for you." and then she quickly passed Joey the chocolate.

"What on earth is that supposed to be?" Seto's voice roared towards them.

Joey looked innocently towards his angry dragon who stood behind his desk and glared at him with all the might of his death glare. "That's me re-claiming my right to get chocolates."

"What do you mean?" Seto still roared.

"I heard ya put it into the blasted rules around here that no one can get or give cards or sweets today since it'd be a distraction." Joey reminded him, since he obviously wasn't thinking about that anymore since he had gotten together with Joey, before his innocent look turned into a glare that matched Kaiba's deathly glare of doom "But I'm so not going to let anyone forbid me to get chocolates."

"Oh right." Seto grinned, "It's against company rules," He turned to look at his secretary who paled, "You're fired."

"And what about us?" Joey asked grinning at Seto. "I just got chocolates and you got a card too and guess what, ya accepted it, even though it's against your stupid rules. If ya kick her out, ya got to kick yourself out and let someone else run this company. But before ya get started, how about ya join me and see how many people you would have to re-hire before firing anyone?"

Seto again glared at Joey, remembering the talk of a plan from earlier with a very bad feeling in his stomach. "Why don't you tell me how many? You know how many cards you made."

"Yeah but I have no idea how many people go along, so you'll have to see who accepts them." Joey grinned and walked into Mokubas office. "Here you go kiddo, your mails and a Valentines card from me for you."

"Thanks Joey." Mokuba grinned after having heard Seto's roar before. He wasn't sure but wouldn't be surprised if the whole building had heard him. "Here is your chocolate. Oh and could you stop Seto from getting me grounded again? I doubt that I'll need to fear getting fired but since I never warned him he might be just as mad as the last two years."

"Don't worry. If he grounds ya, I'll bust ya out whenever ya want to. That's the beauty of having me living with ya guys." Joey calmed him.

After that Joey walked to the next person and slowly worked his way from top to bottom. Slightly surprised that Seto actually stayed close the whole time which had forced him to re-schedule some of his meetings during the day. Even more surprising was, that apart from causing everyone to shiver under his glare, he didn't do anything to stop Joey.

By the time Joey had reached the reception and was about to hand out his last card he had to move the mail card extremely carefully since it was overfilled with chocolates. Everyone in the building had gone along with his plan to re-claim Valentines day from Kaiba. "Here you go." Joey said to the woman there who had given him the information about the hated rule.

"Here's your chocolates." She replied, shyly eyeing the terrifying look on the face of her boss.

Joey eyed the chocolates on the mail cart instead and then looked at Seto with an innocent look on his face, asking, "Can I borrow your car? I'll never get those home otherwise."

Seto glared at him for a moment before he gave a sigh and mumbled, "I give up, I guess no one can stop you from going after your chocolates." After that he added to the woman at the reception, "Do me a favor and make sure everyone knows that the Valentines rule is history. But if I see anyone flirt with my boyfriend or give him cards or chocolates on any other day of the year they'll wish I'd simply fire them."

"Don't worry." Joey said grinning. "Firstly, no one here would ever dare to hit on me since ya made that point pretty clear yourself right after I got here and secondly, I wouldn't flirt back so there's nothing to worry. But honestly, did you see how much expensive chocolates I got? Your top floor alone is better than high school and then all the rest on top of it. And there are more people working here then there where girls in high school so I even got more and some of the girls gave me self made one, this is the best Valentines day ever! Next year I just have to do this again""

"Maybe next year I can top it all by myself." Seto mused with a slightly smug look.

"How?" Joey asked with excitement in his eyes. "Are ya getting me even more chocolates than last year?"

"You'll see." Seto grinned smugly, "Next year."

Authors note: Please don't be mad at me if you guys don't see what Seto has in min for next year, since I only have part of an idea for it. A really small part. But since this story was supposed to end after the first chapter, I guess you can still hope that I suddenly get on a roll again right around this time to write yet another chapter. And like I said, I do have part of an idea and in case I don't get to file out the details, I give you a free spoiler, the idea includes a ring. But if that is better than tons of chocolates will be up to Joey. But I bet that if Seto asked him and Joey would just ask, will I finally get my V day chocolates if I say yes? It won't go over all that well with Seto. But if I get around it, Seto will be prepared to prevent that situation and probably somehow include tons of chocolate in the asking part. Like preparing a pool filled with nicely tampered melted chocolate to swim in and the ring might be in a chocolate box and the question will be written inside with white chocolate or something along those lines. He might also have countless chocolate shaped as roses. Well there really are endless possibilities.

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