"Doitsu, Doitsu!" Italy called out, looking for his dear friend. "What is it this time, Italy? I'm not going to tie your shoes again…." The German said irritably. The last time that the scatter-brained country had called out his friend's name with such urgency, it had been for an untied shoe.

"No, it isn't that; I'm wearing Velcro shoes now! I've got something I want to give you!" the Italian said happily.

"Is it a white flag? We're not surrendering to England." Germany said with a slight frown. "Nooo~! It's not that either! It's something to eat!" Italy cried out happily. Thinking about the only dish he'd ever seen the Italian make, Germany replied, "Pasta?"

The Italian shook his head eagerly, saying, "It's St. Valentine's Day, Doitsu! So I made something that my people make just for today! It's a muffin with chocolate and strawberry filling, and it's really, really good! Try it! Try it!"

The German finally looked up from his work, and directed his gaze at the dish that Italy was holding. It certainly looked good, and the aroma from the dish smelled great, too. Sighing, Germany took a piece of the muffin and gingerly placed it in his mouth. His eyes widened as the muffin touched his tongue.

The taste was different, but at the same time it was so good. "How is it, Doitsu?" Italy asked with bright eyes and a large smile. Mouth full, Germany replied, "Sweet. Did you share some with Japan?"

The little Italian shook his head and said, "No, I made it special just for Doitsu!" The German quickly swallowed the muffin and blushed.

[Kiz: Lol, all I did was spell-check it. My friend wrote it for my Hetalia RP group's Valentine's exchange. She said that she hoped you liked it, Koyuki!]