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Chapter 4

It was 15 minutes past 11 when I pulled into the parking lot outside of Dr. Cullen's office. Yanking my keys from the ignition, I jumped from my car and ran the rest of the way to his office door. Tanya was waiting for me, surly as usual, waving me inside with her perfectly manicured fingernails. How I hated her.

When I walked in the door I was slightly out of breath. He was waiting for me behind his desk, his face hidden behind his interlaced hands.

"You're late Isabella." His voice sent a shock through my spine. It held a warning.

"I know Dr. Cullen. It won't happen again," I answered meekly. He raised his face to mine finally, arching a brow.

"Oh I know it won't," his voice was almost a whisper as he stood and slowly started stalking towards me. "I'm going to make sure of it." His look smoldered, and I was finding it harder and harder to breathe. I didn't realize I'd been backing away before I felt myself pressed against the door. Raising his arms to rest on the wall at either side of me, I found myself trapped under his gaze.

"You've been a bad girl Isabella," He whispered into my ear. I could feel his hot breath against my skin, and I shivered. "Do you know what happens to bad girls in my office?" He ran his tongue along the inner shell of my ear, and I let out an involuntary moan.

"No?" I squeaked. I felt him push me against the door with his hips, grinding his erection into the apex of my thighs.

"They get spanked," he growled, biting down on my ear.

I woke up slowly, not wanting to leave the dream for my cold, empty bed. This had been happening a lot lately, and by that I meant every night. With my next session looming before me, I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to face him after all of these dreams. Apparently I had a thing for domination I didn't know was there before. Or maybe it was just that anything Edward Cullen did to me, I'd find incredibly hot. It was probably a bit of both. I dragged myself out of bed, dreading the classes ahead, but looking forward to seeing Rosalie afterward. When I'd called her yesterday to say I needed clothes, she was overjoyed, saying it was about time I admitted it. In all honesty, I think she was more excited than I.

It really was a beautiful day. It showed the signs that spring was here, with a soft cool breeze to soften the sun's rays. Everyone's mood seemed to be lightened when I went to class. Everyone's but mine. Leave it to me to take a day like this and ruin it with my mood.

At one point during Biology, I noticed Mike preparing to speak to me, and I hastily cut him off with a glare. I didn't want to be bothered today, and despite the nice weather, I felt it was probably just a buffer for worse things to come. It seemed the professor was also in an uncommonly nice mood, dismissing us from class two hours before the norm. I'm not going to lie, while the weather may not have made a dent in my mood, this certainly did. Actually, on my way to the mall, I think I may have even cracked a smile.

I arrived with a good hour to spare before Rosalie said she would meet me, and decided to kill time in the Borders attached to the mall. I was contemplating buying a new copy of Jane Eyre to replace the disgrace I called a book at home when I saw him. Jake. He was standing in the comic book section, looking overtly large among the bookcases. I was almost to safety, hidden behind the nearest row when I heard his voice, sending my heart to flop uselessly at my feet.

"Bella? Is that you?" I tried to ignore the surprise in his voice as I faced him, feigning a look that matched his own.

"Jake," I whispered, making my way to him slowly. I nodded to the comic he held in his hand. "Still reading crap I see," I joked. He raised a brow at the book in my hand.

"I think that's strictly based upon opinion Bella. Some of us actually like to be entertained," he said sardonically.

"Ha. Ha." I tried to keep my countenance composed as I realized how much I'd missed this. It was always so easy with Jake. He was one of my best friends, and I'd lost that when he'd left me. I heard him clear his throat, and realized I must have visibly zoned out for a moment.

"Well I never thought I'd see you here," he spoke quickly, looking around nervously. I tried to ignore it.

"See me where, a book store? Jake, you obviously don't know me well." I laughed quietly, and he smiled.

"No, I meant the mall smartass. Shopping was never really your thing, much less around large crowds of people."

"True," I nodded. "Rose is meeting me soon. I've finally admitted to myself that my wardrobe is in serious need of refurbishing. "He let out a booming laugh.

"Oh you've just realized? Does that mean I get my clothes back now?" My smile dropped as his words caused a painful twist in my chest. I knew he hadn't meant it that way, but his words just felt so final. I heard him clear his throat again, and I looked up to see him giving me a pained look.

"Sorry Bella, I didn't mean it like-"

"Jakey, there you are!" My eyes followed my ears on this one, leading me to a stunning brunette that was currently running her way over to Jake. I practically felt him wince from beside me.

"Sorry Brittany," he whispered. Of course her name was Brittney, what else would it be?

"Bella this is Brittney, Brittney, Bella," he said, motioning between us. The glint in her eyes changed as she looked me over, and I had the distinct impression that she knew who I was. She stuck out her hand to shake, her nails transforming into talons.

"It's so nice to meet you," she bit out, obviously meaning the opposite.

"Likewise," I smiled back, hoping she knew I meant the same.

It would have been so much easier if she'd just been blond, but now I couldn't even hate her for that. Instead, I had to face the fact that I hated her because she was obviously here with Jake, and also because she was fucking gorgeous. Bitch.

I watched as she slowly curled her talons around his waist, turning her sickening smile toward his face.

"Can we go Jake? You promised you'd take me shopping," she pouted. I had the distinct feeling that I was going to hurl. I gave him a knowing look, remembering that Jake hated shopping almost as much as I. I was about to say my goodbyes when I noticed his face pale at the sight of something behind me.

"A book store, why am I not surprised?" I heard her say. She sauntered up slowly, flicking her long blond hair over her shoulders. "Jake," she said, her blue eyes narrowing. "I didn't know you could read."

"Rosalie," I chastised, not really feeling bad. She always knew how to make an entrance.

"It's nice to see you to Rose," his smile hinted otherwise. "Still a peach I see."

If this wasn't so awkward for me, and if I wasn't so damned upset, I probably would have laughed at the situation. Unfortunately though, I was upset, and it was damned awkward.

"Well as much as I loved catching up, I'm going to go." I said frantically, refusing to spare another glance in his direction. A few moments later, Rosalie caught up to me, a strange look clouding her otherwise beautiful face.

"You okay?" She asked cautiously.

"Fine," I said quickly, and for now, I was. There would be time later to be upset, but here, in public, shopping for clothes; now was not the time.

"Well you should be," she scolded. "He's not worth it. Besides," she continued. "Did you see her? She's a mother's worst nightmare."

I rolled my eyes as she led me into a store. "Stop trying to be so nice Rose. She was hot. I'm not blind, and you're not nice either, so let's not pretend." She stopped walking abruptly, so much so that I found myself crashing into her back. She turned around quickly, grabbing me by the arms and looking me in the eye.

"Bella, don't you think for one moment that she's better than you," she whispered. "You are an intelligent, beautiful woman, and that trash has nothing on you."

The look in her eyes was so sincere, that I almost believed her. Then I realized she had to say those things, because she's my best friend. Still, while it may not be true, it was nice of her to lie. I smiled back at her warmly.

"Thanks Rose."

"Hello ladies. Can I help you with anything today?" The speaker was a sprightly looking girl, with a short mop of black hair standing on all ends. I was about to reply with my usual 'no thanks we're just looking' when Rose budded in and answered for me.

"Yes, actually," she pulled me into her waist. "Bella here is in need of a new wardrobe," She narrowed her eyes and leaned into the girl. "Desperate need," she whispered.

"I have to admit, there's nothing better than being spoken about like you're not here," I said sarcastically, and the sprite laughed.

"Well I'm Alice," she said, already picking out tops. "And I'll gladly help you ladies with anything you need today." I looked at the pile of clothes currently growing on her arm.

"Um, don't you need to know my size?" I asked. She laughed like it was a silly question. "I guess not then." I looked at Rosalie and she shrugged.

Moments later, and without lifting a damn finger, I found myself in the dressing room with a stack full of clothes.

"I want to see all of it," Rose shouted. What was it with girlfriends? Could they never trust your own judgment? "I don't trust your judgment," she answered.

Well, if anything, at least she was honest. I tried on clothes with lightning speed, leaving the decision up to Rose and Alice, who was quickly becoming the most helpful pest in the world. I already had numerous outfits put to the side, when I decided that was probably enough.

"No way," Rose replied to my pleading look. "Not before you get a couple of dresses, skirts, just something remotely feminine."

"Why the hell would I need a dress?"

"Well you'll need one for Friday night," she mumbled. My eyes widened in response, already dreading what was to come.

"Rose," I said carefully, dangerously, "what's happening Friday night?"

"Oh nothing," she refused to look at me.

"If this is another blind date, don't fucking bother. You know how the last one turned out." She whirled on me then, glaring daggers.

"How the hell was I supposed to know Jim was a closet Dom? It's not like he broadcasted the fact that he liked to give spankings to women in chains." She threw her hands in the air in frustration, truly believing it wasn't her fault.

"Actually it wasn't the Dom part that had me running," she gave me a look. "I'm not averted to a little submission now and then. The real problem… well, that you should have guessed."

"What, pray tell, was the problem then?" She asked too sweetly.

"He was a science major," I said, like it was obvious. She scoffed. "A science major who hated English. First of all, don't hate English, or I hate you. Second of all, don't like science, because then you're a fucking idiot."

She rolled her eyes heavenward, clearly asking for assistance. Alice was trying not to laugh beside her.

"This is different Bella. Its Emmett's brother. We can double. Besides, I want you to meet Emmett," she pleaded.

"I already know him Rose; you've only mentioned him a thousand fucking times this past week."

"Oh just shut up and do it Bella. It'll be fun," piped Alice.

"You're fired," I glared. She laughed lightly before skipping out of the dressing room.

"Seriously Rose, I'd really rather not do this. Besides, I have to work on Friday."

"You're volume on Friday, which means you'll get out around 8ish, just enough time to run home and get ready before we meet at J's at 9:30."

I said nothing. I knew she was going to force me into it, one way or another.

"If it's any consolation, Em's brother will be nervous as well. Apparently you guys both share some post-traumatic stress over past blind dates. It'll be a great starting place to bond."

I didn't have the chance to reply, Alice walked back into the dressing room, two dresses in tow.

"Great. What now?" I bit out. The last thing I wanted to do was try on a dress.

"Oh just try it," Alice warned, as if her tiny self was in any way threatening.

Moments later, I walked out in a blue wrap dress, and they both sighed dreamily.

"Perfect," rose whispered.

"Great, can we go now?" I bit out, not even bothering to look at the dress, simply throwing it on top of the 'buy' pile. "If I stay any longer, I'll probably have a mental breakdown, and my therapist won't be pleased," I joked. Rose stopped me before I could leave the room, looking me in the eye.

"You're seeing a therapist?"

I sighed. "Yes, and he's totally fucking hot." She laughed in response. "It's not funny Rose, it's horrible. He's trying to figure out why I'm crazy, and I'm trying to figure out what he looks like naked." At this point she was bending over, trying to catch a breath.

"Get a hold of yourself," I muttered. When she did, she looked at me seriously.

"Bella, I think it's great. Not the hot therapist part, that's funny, but the fact that you're going. That's a really big step for you," She said sincerely.

Well shit, I hated when she got all nice out of nowhere. It always caught me off guard.

"Thanks," I mumbled, making my way to the counter where Alice was already ringing up my clothes.

"So who is he? Maybe I've heard of him."

"Who? My therapist?" She nodded. "Oh. It's Cullen. Edward Cullen." I watched as her face drained of all color, only to be replaced quickly by a devilish smirk.

"What?" I asked, wondering if she knew him. "What's wrong?" She turned her smirk my way.

"Nothing," she said quickly. "Nothing at all."

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