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"No." He stubbornly crossed his arms and his chin jutted up. "You listen to me. You're just jealous."

Clary scoffed. "Jealous of who? At least I don't throw myself at guys that I can see already has a girlfriend!" She scowled, shouting the last part.

Jace shook his head. "Nuh uh. It's 'cause I'm hotttt," he said, confidently.

Oh, for the love of-

"Jace," Clary tried to reason with her boyfriend in a slow, calming voice. "When you give off the impression that you're single, girls are bound to shove their boobs up in your face."

Jace shook his head. "It seems you have joined Simon on the dark side of envy..." He turned his back on her, and pressed the PLAY button of Isabelle's iPod dock, and turning the volume of his stepsister's mini music device up.

"For the love of God..." Clary groaned and shook her head. "Not this again..."

Jace grinned crookedly at her, and began to..model and flip his hair to the song. How embarrassing for her.

This is why I'm hot (hot)

This is why I'm hot (hot)

This is why

This is why

This is why I'm hot.

Clary bit her lip, and shook her head. How the hell did he manage to look sexy while dancing to that stupid song...?

This is why I'm hot (hot)

This is why I'm hot (hot)

This is why

This is why

This is why I'm hot (hot)

Really, how on Earth could he be enjoying himself?

Magnus came up from behind her, and shook his head, shedding rainbow-colored glitter onto her. "How incredibly sad for you," he said in a voice indicating he was not the least bit sympathetic for her crisis. "You were better off with the leech."

Clary shook her head. "Or maybe I should've stuck with Damon and Stefan, and forget about those two."

Magnus smirked. He shared her little crush on the two vampire actors. "True that."

I'm hot cuz I'm fly (fly)

You ain't cuz you not


This is why

This is why

This is why I'm hot (hot)

Jocelyn walked in the Institute library, and choked on her coffee when she saw her only daughter's boyfriend jerking his hips and flipping his hair to an old rap song.

"Clary," she hissed in the Shadowhunter girl's ear. "What the hell is the future father of my grandbabies doing?"

Clary winced. "Embarrassing me for accusing him of cheating on me."

Jace looked over at the three of them and winked. Then began to sing along:

I'm hot cuz I'm fly

You ain't cuz you not


This is why

This is why

This is why I'm hot (hot)

This is why I'm hot

I don't gotta rap

I could sell a mill sayin' nothin' on the track.

"Is that my iPod he's listening to?" Izzy demanded, her arms crossed. "'Cause I told him that the next time he did that, I'd show you his Beanie Baby collection."

Clary spun around. "His what?"

Isabelle coughed. "Nothing." She added under her breath, "Asshole had better hope that isn't my Dock..."

I represent New York

I got it on my back

N***as say that we lost it

So Imma bring it back...

Alec elbowed his boyfriend. "Isn't that your guyliner Jace is wearing?" He asked, pointing at his stepbrother.

Magnus squinted. "That son of a bitch..."

I love the dirty dirty

Cuz n***as show me love

The ladies start to bounce

As soon as I hit the club.

Jace grabbed Clary around the waist and picked her up, and started spinning her around, still chanting the lyrics.

He stopped the song, and dropped his girlfriend. "Believe me now?"

Clary rolled her eyes. "I still don't think-"

"SHE BELIEVES YOU," the traumatized voices of Jocelyn, Magnus, Isabelle, and Alec yelled.

Jace smirked. "Wonderful. Now let me show you a song about how Simon feels-"

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" blared from the iPod.



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