-Temptress of the Night-

A Story in Three Parts

Part I: The Child

Chapter 1

There's a storm tonight. The weather in the realm of Makai is not unlike that in the human realm, and tonight is one of the worst storms in several years. But despite the torrents of rain and the raucous thunder and lightning, a woman races through the storm.

-?- "*pant pant pant pant*" The woman is undoubtedly pregnant, about ready to give birth at any moment. She hasn't the energy to fly. She ignores the pain of her contractions as she arrives at the door of the Aensland castle and begins to pound relentlessly on it.

-?- "Please! PLEASE HELP ME!"

-Belial- "Who is she?" Belial Aensland, head of the clan and one of the Makai rulers, rushes down the hallway with two of his servants.

-Lucien- "We're not sure, my lord."

-Mudo- "She seems like just a peasant, lord. I was uncomfortable allowing her into the castle, but Lucien assisted that we-"

-Belial- "I did not inquire about your petty arguments, Mudo."

-Lucien- "The woman appears to be a succubus, sire."

-Belial- "Bah! I detest those whorish creatures. Have her leave the castle at once."

-Mudo- "I told you, Lucien!"

-Lucien- "B-but my lord!"

-Belial- "What?"

-Lucien- "The woman is pregnant. In fact, she's about to-"

-?- "!"

-Everyone- "…!"

-Mudo- "Th-that was…!"

-Belial- "Where is she now?"

-Lucien- "We brought her to the infirmary, sire."

-Belial- "Take me to her."


-Doctor- "Try to breathe, Miss, you have to breathe!" Belial swings the doors open and enters the infirmary.

-Belial- "How is she?"

-Doctor- "Not good, sir. She's well into labor, but…"

-Belial- "What?"

-Doctor- "She hasn't much longer to live."

-?- "*pant pant pant pant*" Belial slowly approaches the woman.

-Belial- "Succubus…I am Belial Aensland, leader of the Aensland clan. Why have you come here to my castle?"

-?- "…Co…come closer, please…"

-Belial- "…" He leans closer to her, as she brings her lips to his ear. She then whispers more softly than any living being.

-Belial- "…This is what you ask of me?"

-?- "It's my only request, lord."

-Belial- "…Very well. I shall care for your daughter."

-?- "Hah…thank…y…" She slowly closes her eyes. ….

-Belial- "Is she…?" The doctor checks her pulse.

-Doctor- "*sigh* My lord, I'm afraid she ha-"

-?- "!" Her eyes open again, as an eerie black light comes pouring out of her eyes and mouth. The people surrounding her are immediately blown back to the walls as the woman slowly rises from her place. She screams an unintelligible language as the others look on in horror. But Belial Aensland simply watches. And waits. Before long, the woman is enveloped in a ball of the black light and vanishes, as if she had never been there. The room remains in silence. Everyone remains quiet. That is, except for…

"Aaaaaahhhh! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

-Belial- "…" He slowly picks himself up and makes his way to the center of the room.

-Lucien- "My lord!" He ignores the warnings of his servants and approaches the small infant naked and crying on the floor. He carefully picks it up and cradles it in his arms.

-Baby- "Ah…ha-hah!" The baby reaches out for its newly adoptive father.

-Belial- "Hm…a girl, are you?" He immediately remembers someone. A woman from his past. Someone very dear to him.

-Belial- "How does…Morrigan sound?" The girl smiles.

-Belial- "Hm. Morrigan Aensland."