Normally, Masaomi Kida considered Saint Valentine's Day to be a sort of golden time for the sport of flirting. Girls were more susceptible to romantics on February 14th, and Masaomi could use lines that generally wouldn't have worked on any other date. In fact, the blonde was pretty darn proud of some of the lines he'd crafted especially for the holiday.

This year, however, he had Mikado Ryugamine.

Not that that was a bad thing; far from it, in fact. As much as Masaomi liked girls (well, hitting on them, anyways), something about Mikado was, well…not to be cliché, but irresistible. Maybe part of it was the fact that they were best friends, and had been for years. However, Masaomi couldn't really bring himself to care enough to give the reason much thought. The point was that he had asked and Mikado had said yes, right?

Erm, but back to February 14th. Alright, so Masaomi hadn't been expecting anything huge from Mikado since he was so shy (he'd been surprised at the box of chocolate he'd received earlier; Mikado had been blushing enough to cover every girl in the country), but sitting around at his apartment while the dark-haired male worked industriously on homework wasn't really what he'd had in mind. Come on, no one was doing their homework today! They were all taking care of their significant others!

"Kida-kun? Are you okay?"

Masaomi jumped, startled out of his wall-staring. "Oh, yeah, I'm totally fine."

"You seem kind of…angry about something…" Mikado began tentatively, flipping the page in his textbook.

"Hm…" Was it a good idea to voice his concerns to Mikado? Eh, it couldn't hurt... "Mikado, could I ask you something?"

"Ah, sure, Kida-kun…"

"So, this isn't really a question, but I've noticed that it's usually me that, you know, starts couple-y things, like holding hands and hugging and stuff…and I mean, that's fine with me if you just want a romantic relationship, but you never make any moves to, well, kiss me or anything, and if you don't want to, could you just…tell me?"

"Y-you want to kiss me?" was the first thing Mikado replied with, flushing, after a short stunned silence.

"Well, yeah. I thought it was obvious." Masaomi scratched the back of his neck to hide his anxiety.

Mikado shook his head. "No, I mean…I thought you didn't want to."

"What? What gave you that idea?" asked the blonde dubiously, thinking back to the time they'd spent as a couple.

"Well…you never exactly made any moves to kiss me either, Kida-kun…a-and I'm sorry about the other stuff."



"You mean this whole time we haven't done anything because we both thought the other didn't want to?"

"Um…yeah, it seems like it." Mikado was blushing again.

"…Well damn," Masaomi said, and reached over to lock lips.