This is just something that came to my mind, probably while I was sniffing Sharpies. XD Anyway, this plot basically feeds on the Rule of Funny, breaks the fourth wall with reckless abandon, and is officially the second FMA/EEnE crossover ever! The first scene comes from one of the omake comics, and then things go crazy from there. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I own Fullmetal Alchemist and all of its characters (so all the crap that happened in that show was my fault!) I also own all of Peach Creek and the entire Cul d'Sac, and all of the characters in Ed Edd n Eddy! They're all mine! Too bad I don't own sarcasm (Dur-hur).

The Truth was feeling particularly bored after losing three rounds of Connect Four to Alphonse's body. Insisting that Alphonse was cheating, the latter pointed out that he couldn't have cheated in a game of Connect Four. Truth-kun sighed.

"What am I supposed to do now? It's not like I can rip off your brother's remaining limbs,"

"You could restore my soul back to me,"

"Nice try, but you have to pay a fee for that,"

Alphonse pouted. The two said nothing for a while. Then, Truth got a brilliant idea. Well, depending on what can be called 'brilliant,' but an idea nonetheless.

"What if I let in some idiots from another world and see what happens," Truth pondered. Alphonse looked at him sideways.

"How am I supposed to make a good scam when you keep messing everything up!"

Ed just stared blankly back at Eddy, not sure what to say in reply. Then suddenly, his concentration was broken as he jerked his head to the left. His eyes became wide like saucers as a grin grew on his face. He pointed his finger in the direction he was looking.

"What an idiot!"

"Look," Ed said, mesmerized by whatever he saw.

"Ed?" Double D asked, a bit concerned. "What is it Ed?"

"He's lost it," Eddy repeated, throwing his arms up.

"Or, he might just be hallucinating," Edd suggested. "It wouldn't be the first time this has happened to him. Remember the Halloween special?"

Eddy went pale in the face. "I'd like to forget that,"

"Besides, I've recently theorized the potential hallucinagenic effects of certain foods, for instance Chunky Puffs*,"

"In English, Sockhead!"

"Ed could be seeing things that aren't really there as a result of consuming Chunky Puffs,"

Eddy pondered the thought for a while, before finally saying, "That's stupid,"

Ed, meanwhile, was wandering closer to the seemingly empty space, fascinated beyond doubt. While the other two Eds bickered amongst themselves, Ed examined the imaginary whatever up and down before shouting "BOING!"

The others whipped their heads around to see. Eddy merely rolled his eyes, while Double D tried to figure out what Ed was making such a big deal over.

"It's a portal to an alternate universe, in which a door has been opened between our world and theirs," Ed explained to the others. Granted, it wasn't unusual for him to come up with ideas from all the Sci-Fi B-movies he watched. But then, he did something shocking - he flung open a pair of doors to open up a pure white space.

"Hello Gate," Ed greeted happily. The other Edds came running over to see what just happened.

"Ed, you ripped open a hole in the fabric of space!" Double D exclaimed, not sure whether to be horrified or excited.

"Way to go Lumpy!" Eddy congradulated. "Now I can charge kids to see the rip in space or whatever Sockhead just said!"

But none of them had time to think over what they would do, when a pair of long, spidery arms reached out and grabbed the trio. Two thirds of the group were thoroughly freaked out, but Ed shouted "Full speed ahead! Prepare for launching, alien universe!"

*Hooray for WMG on TV Tropes!

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