FINALLY! Sorry it took forever to update this thing, but I've finally got the chapter out and done! Hopefully, chapter 9 won't take this long. I had a lot of fun doing this one, actually, but I have to warn you; I'm a sucker for moe, and yes, this contains some moe. If you don't like moe, you might not like this chapter.

"So, okay, could you tell me...what's the deal with your arm and stuff?"

Edward stared blankly at Eddy for a moment, but before he was about to answer, someone had burst through the wall.

"MAJOR ALEX LOUIS ARMSTRONG AT YOUR SERVICE, MISTER EDWARD ELRIC!" boomed a man who radiated pink sparkles.

"Um...who is this guy, and why did he just take off his shirt?" asked Eddy.

Oh dear. The debris he's left behind! thought Double D

"Are you a vampire mister?" Ed asked.

Does he really have to shout? thought Calla.

Aw, dammit! Not again. The janitor sighed as he mopped up the chunks of wall behind him.

Ed pouted as he boarded the train, glancing back over from the major to the three idiots following him. If he could do alchemy, he'd turn his metal arm into a blade just to hack his throat. No, it's not that bad, he thought. It could always be worse.

"So, uh, Major," Ed finally spoke up to Armstrong. "Where's my brother Alphonse?"

This, he should not have asked.

Meanwhile, over where the Eds sat, Eddy and Ed had started singing "I'm On A Train" while Double D and Calla resisted the urge to kill them.

"So Double D," Calla finally spoke up.

"Hm? What is it Calla?" he asked.

"You had a shady past, right? What exactly happened back then?"

He looked at her sideways. "Um...I don't know what you mean,"

"Remember...Eddy said something about you not being innocent. What could've happened that he'd say that, anyway? You seemed like the clean one in the group,"

"What..." Double D tried to think back to what Eddy had said. 'Since when are you innocent?'...that was what she was referring to? As in, that statement?

"Um...well...Oh my," Edd went pale when it occurred to him that Calla had mistakenly taken Eddy's words literally. "Calla, what Eddy som...something's really for something I can't explain to you at this age. Maybe when you're older, perhaps," he stammered, his face bright red.

"It was that bad?" Calla asked in amazement. Edd facepalmed.

" He was making a remark about...something that was inappropriate to say in front of a child your age,"

Meanwhile, Ed and Eddy were belting out a rewrite of a song the author hasn't actually heard much of.

"You can't stop me monkey-farmer, cause I'm on a train!"


"No Ed, it's I'M ON A TRAIN I'M ON A TRAIN!"

"GENTLEMEN!" Edd finally shouted. The two immediately fell silent. "Please. Do you really need to keep annoying the passengers on this train like this? Besides, this is absolutely juvenile. Enough already!"

With that, both Ed and Eddy stopped even speaking. They were just staring at the seat where Edd was, mouths hung open. Edward thought he was about to cry after seeing that. Thank God! Edward said mentally. Wait...oh HELL no! What did I just say?

After a few minutes of peace and quiet, Ed and Eddy started up again with "I'm On A Train". Calla started hitting her head against the window, and Double D just wanted to hide in his hat, just rolling his eyes at the two other Ed boys. Finally, Ed (Elric!) decided to grab Eddy by the ankles and use him as a baseball bat to smack Ed. No one had a problem with it.

Why Ishbala? Why must you put me through this? Calla groaned mentally. At least now they weren't belting out that awful song, so she just stared out the window, watching rolling green hills between the villages. It had been a long couple of days, and she'd only now realized that she didn't sleep all that time. She quickly dozed off and fell asleep.

"So, um, Edward," Double D spoke up. Ed turned to face him.


"Um..." he began, not sure how to word it. He'd had this question on his mind for a while now, but he didn't know exactly how to ask about it. Think Eddward, just let the words flow...
"Edward," he repeated, now feeling silly. "I was just...wondering...about you and your brothers' bodies,"

"Oh," Ed looked away for a moment, blushing a bit. "You mean, what happened to them?"


"Well," Edward began, "It's a long story actually. Kind of involved, but, let's just say we committed a taboo regarding the laws of alchemy. The price we paid...was that, I lost my right arm and left leg, and Al..." Ed winced when he thought of his brother. Even now, it was hard to bring up that day. "...lost his body. I had to fuse his soul to a suit of armor, and his blood seal connects his soul to that armor," he explained. "Since he's wrecked though, and I'm the only one who can reconstruct his body without breaking the seal, and...well, I can't do alchemy unless I have two hands,"

Double D was surprised to hear all this. It seems like these two have been through a lot together, he thought.

"You sure sound like you've been through quite a bit, mister Fullmeta-"

"Please, it's Ed...uh, or Edward. Or maybe Fullmetal. Yeah, something," Ed said, facepalming.

"Yes well, Edward, you sound like you've had quite a bit of trials throughout your life," Edd said, a bit awkward. He thought about it, and as it turned out, him and the other Eds had been through a lot themselves. Okay, maybe not as much as the Elric brothers, but they still had some hard times. At least for Ed and Eddy; poor Ed always lost out to Sarah for his parents' support, and Eddy seemed to have a horrible time with his family as well. Compared to them, Edd felt...kind of sheltered. Suddenly, he felt something leaning into his arm.

"Hey, look," Edward pointed toward Double D, and Edd saw Calla asleep next to him.

"Aww," Double D couldn't help but say. She was curled up on her seat, her knees tucked up to her chest, laying her head up against his arm. For once, she looked...peaceful, like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

"Aww, she looks so cute! Teh little dickens," Ed whispered, peeping over at her from his seat. Eddy shushed him, but stared down with a big smile on his face.

"Heh, been a while since she's slept like that, huh?" Edward asked. Alex was close to tears seeing it all.

"Hm, yeah, guess you're right," Eddy replied. "She didn't get sleep all that night Lumpy over here had that damn chicken stuffed in his shirt, and then we pulled another all-nighter. are we not tired?"

"Coffee, Eddy," Edd said. "We had coffee,"

"Well, that explains everything," Edward mumbled to himself. "Now I know why they were being idiots,"

Finally, the train stopped. Armstrong, Fullmetal and the Eds stepped off the train, with Edd holding the still sleeping Calla in his arms. It amazed Eddy how such a weakling who had trouble breaking a glass bottle, could hoist a small child without much apparent effort. Whatever the reason, it was still a touching sight to see Calla sound asleep, her glasses lopsided on her head. Somehow, she didn't look nearly as precocious now as she did when the Eds first met her, maybe because of her lopsided sunglasses, maybe because she almost looked like she was sucking her thumb, or maybe just having her eyes shut. At any rate, it was friggin' adorable.

So adorable, in fact, that Ed didn't watch where he was going and tripped on something on the ground, landing on Edward Elric and making him fall over too. Lastly, Eddy ended up tripping. After three domino-Eds, Double D lost his balance directly in front of the dogpile, and ended up knocking the wind out of Calla's lungs.

She gasped (well, jolted was more like it), and after getting over the initial shock, she groaned. "Of course," she muttered.

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