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The Amazing Saint Valentine Ch. 1:

The Super Boring Introduction

In the peaceful month of February in the not so peaceful New York City in the even less peaceful Midtown High in an absolutely not peaceful hallway we see two teenage boys standing in front of their lockers, discussing the same thing everyone else was: The school's Saint Valentine's ball. "So, have you asked Clair already?" asked the one with brown hair and a brown jacket.

"Yep, she's going with Alfred." The one with darker hair and a dark blue short-sleeved shirt deadpanned.

"Oh… And what about Elle?"

"She's going with Jake."

"And Melisa?"









"….Raul." He said this particular name with a lot of anger in his voice, clenching his fist and frowning deeply.

"Harry, the ball is in ten days. If you don't get a date by then then what would be the point of even going?" He slammed his locker a bit too hard to make the point.

"Well, excuse me, but not all of us have a date guaranteed like you do. I mean, seriously, Peter, you are not helping!" yelled Harry in exasperation.

"Ok, sorry. But the thing is that I'm your friend, Harry. And as your friend it is my obligation to make sure you won't get excluded from such an important school event. And if need be then I'll…" Peter didn't even have the chance to finish his obviously rehearsed pep talk when suddenly a stampede of super-excited teenage girls came running and screaming like crazy and knocked him to the floor and ran over him like if he was a rug.

Harry, who had the luck of sticking near the locker and out of the teenage-hurricane's way, helped his friend to get back to his feet. "Wow, Peter, are you all right?" he asked.

Peter, who was dizzy and disoriented from all of the stomps and kicks to his head, could only respond with some senseless words like: "Blah di blah, da paiiiiin." and falling back to the floor. After shaking his head and getting back to his feet with the help of Harry, the two friends tried to make their way through the wall of crazy teenage girls and see what was happening. And there it was, the cause of all of Peter's current problems, standing in the middle of all the commotion.

"Hey, hey easy everyone! There's enough Johnny Storm to share." said Johnny with one of his shiniest smiles that made every girl in a radius of two meters faint (and say it was not the one that gets you pregnant- that one's already given him enough legal problems as it is).

Now, for the pointless and super boring introduction explaining his presence here and why is it such a big deal for Peter (the author of this fic takes no responsibility for any major headache you might get for reading this): as all of you should know, Johnny Storm is also known by the name "Human Torch" who forms a fourth part of one of the most famous super hero teams in the world, The Fantastic Four.

Before they gained their powers from a weird accident involving cosmic dust (or was it the flu?), Johnny was a student at Midtown High. Even though he left the school after the accident, he still kept showing up every now and then to impress his former classmates.

Now for his personality, he was the typical smug brat with an ego twice the size of Mt. Everest, but despite that fact he didn't actually mess with the less cooler population like many other popular jerks did (some jocks from the football team for example); the reason for this was that he had the great quality of actually being self-confident, unlike some popular guys who relied mostly of making everyone else feel inferior. So in other words, Johnny Storm was an annoying popular kid but he was not a bully or anything of the sort. So the question now is: what does Peter Parker have against this guy? Well, dear people, the reason have a face and a name, and it is Gwen Stacy.

Gwen was the prettiest girl on the whole school and had managed to catch the eye of every young man there, including Johnny and Peter. Of course she always ignored everyone's attempts to ask her for a date. Even Johnny Storm had failed countless times. So you can imagine how long did it take to Peter to gather enough courage to ask her out. Of course the day he finally did it took him completely by surprise. He was just rehearsing how he would ask her in front of his locker while there was no one in the hallway to watch. After a couple of: "Common Peter, you can do it!" and a vehemently put: "Why can't you just say it? It's that simple!" he said the lines: "Gwen Stacy would you like to go with me to the movies this Friday?" Of course he was not expecting to see Gwen's amused face the moment he turned around; and much less did he expect her to actually say yes. In that moment Peter felt like dancing and jumping and singing and screaming of happiness all at the same time; the emotion was just overwhelming. And that's how the love between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy began to bloom. Of course there was always the idiot flirt, like Johnny, who kept trying to win her over anyways (people has no respect these days). And it's not like Peter was a jealous guy but it really made him a bit mad. With time they began to give up, except, of course, for Johnny. But since he left the school he was not a big problem… Until now…

It's not like Peter was jealous of Johnny or anything. I mean, Johnny was popular, but Peter never cared about popularity; Johnny was handsome, but Peter was also good looking, in his own way. Ah, but Johnny was a super hero! And Peter didn't give a damn about it! Because Peter Parker had one little secret. He was also known as the amazing Spider-Man (you don't say?). Of course it wasn't like he could go everywhere and boast about it like Johnny did because unlike Johnny Peter's family didn't have super powers to protect themselves, nor did he have sick amounts of money to afford a high tech security system to protect them… Nope, all that stood between his loved ones and a painful death was his worn out and filthy mask. And hey, it was doing a good job!

Of course it wasn't like anyone understood that since every Spider-Man hater out there that wasn't involved in any kind of crime only hated him because of that mask. Though understandable, it was still frustrating.

The thing was that he could take absolutely no risks; he could tell absolutely no one… Not aunt May… not Harry… and absolutely not Gwen Stacy. And that's the reason his relationship with Gwen was going through a rough cliff at the moment. And he knew that if he didn't do something about it, someone (Johnny) would try to take advantage of their situation. And the thought just angered him. But he couldn't help the fact that criminals seemed to love making chaos right at the same time they were together. And Peter always had to make some lame excuse to get away and put on his costume. At first Gwen didn't mind that much, what's just a couple of times? Until the "couple" changed to "a lot"; eventually she began thinking that he didn't care anymore. She began avoiding him a week ago, and every time she walked away or refused to talk to him stung Peter like a dagger in the heart.

Well, that's it with the darned explanations. Now let's get back to the story, shall we?

The moment Peter saw Johnny he had to suppress a grunt of annoyance. But he decided that it was not worth his time and walked away to his classroom. It was extremely lucky for him that Gwen had skipped class that day because she had to go with the doctor to take off her cast (she broke her leg for falling down the stairs a couple weeks ago). Anyways he would make sure to call her later.

Harry watched as his friend marched angrily to the classroom (and entered into the wrong one). He knew about Peter's predicament. But something told him that it would pass. Just time would tell.

AN: Ahhhh…. Aaaahhh… *pant*…. Can't… believe… I actually… made it… on time…..!

At first I wanted this to be a one-shot, but then I decided not to do it for two reasons: One, it would be a bit too long and I know how inconvenient long one shots can be: you start readin one of those and half an hour later you're just half of the story. Then le wild mom enters and says: "Darling, let's go see yer grandma!" and then you're like: "But mom, I'm in the middle of something!" and then your mom's like: "NO BUTS! NO ONE EVER PAYS ENOUGH ATTENTION TO YOUR GRANDMA! WILL YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND IGNORE ME WHEN I GET OLD? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CAN B SO HEARTLESS; AFTER ALL I'VE DOME FOR YOU, YOU JUST ABANDON ME!" and blah, blah, blah; you start wondering if u should get the camera to record it and sell it for soap operas ideas, until you end having to go. You turn off yer computer and when you're back you turn it on again and, oh surprise! YOU FORGOT WHERE YOU LEFT AND U GOTTA START ALL OVER AGAIN! THE JOY!