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Kida groaned tiredly and rubbed his throbbing head. He tried to move but noticed the sleeping informant lying next to him nude. The blonde panicked and tried to move again but the man's arms were wrapped tightly around him. After Kida figured it was no use, he stopped struggling and stared at the ceiling while recalling last night's events

Kida stared warily into those red eyes after realizing what he had just said. The informant couldn't help but grin widely at him.

"What's wrong Masaomi?" The man brought his face closer to the teen's. "You were doing a fine job. Why are you hesitating now?" Izaya was so close that their foreheads were touching.

Words didn't come out of the blonde's mouth. Kida continued staring into the man's eyes trying to absorb everything that was going on. From the reflection of himself through the informant's eyes, he saw how helpless and pathetic he was. The tears had stopped falling but were still welling up in his eyes. He took deep breaths but he still felt his face getting hot. His wrists felt sore and let you a whimper when he tugged on them.

"N-no more…"

Izaya's ears perked when he heard the blonde's plea. The way Kida looked and how he sounded was just extremely adorable in the informant's eyes.

"~Oh, I don't know." Izaya sat back. "This is working out better than I had expected."

'Working?' Kida repeated the word in his head. 'Hang on a second', Kida said to himself. "Izaya-san, what are-ahh!"

"Exactly." Izaya interrupted by thrusting into the small frame. "Masaomi, do you not see why I'm doing this to you?"He kept his eyes on his prey. "This is all merely part of a plan I've come with to help you get over Ryuugamine-kun."

Kida's widened and he swore his heart started racing again. His body had also involuntarily squeezed Izaya's member.

"Hahaha!" Izaya couldn't help but laugh. "I suppose I spoke too soon." The man brought his face closer to the blonde's again. "But I must admit. It feels exhilarating inside you right now. It's almost unbearable."

"You're disgusting." Masaomi shot a glare at the informant.

"And so are you." Izaya spoke darkly. He pulled out his signature pocket knife and placed the tip at Kida's bare chest. "Your body is telling me that it's enjoying this. It likes me Masaomi~" The raven slowly brought the knife down to Kida's navel area.

"I-I hate you…"

After that, Kida couldn't recall what had happen next. He noticed that his wrists had been untied but now had bruises. A scar was left on his torso from the knife. He was still too tired to think but it was useless. There's no way he could fall asleep with a man as dangerous as Izaya Orihara sleeping next to him. Regardless, Kida released himself forcefully and in turned woke up the man.

"Hmm… You could have been a bit gentler Masaomi." Izaya groaned as he sat up in his bed. He blinked a couple of times to find that Masaomi was no longer in the room with him and was already in the bathroom. He chuckled to himself. "Last night was lovely!" Izaya said so loud enough so that the blonde could hear him through the door. "We simply must do it again!" He stopped when the door slammed open.

Masaomi was in his jeans and wore a white sleeveless shirt. He gripped his signature white hoodie at his side. "This isn't fucking funny." The blonde held back more words that would probably get him into a bigger mess than he already is.

Izaya smirked at the work he had done. There were hickeys on various parts of the blonde's body. It's no wonder Kida was angry.

"Relax Masaomi. This is all part of the plan."

"Shut up! I don't want your help!" Kida finally said. After a few moments of silence, the blonde took off without another word.

"Masaomi? Are you okay?"

The blonde lifted his head from the desk and saw his two friends looking over him with concern.

"…Huh? I mean yeah. Of course I am." He flashed a smile and stood up from his seat. He flinched slightly from the pain on his back side.

"Are you sure?" Mikado asked again.

"Yeah haha… You see…" Kida began. "There was this really cute girl I saw yesterday. And I tried to get her number but it turned out that she wasn't single and her boyfriend started chasing me all over Ikebukuro." The blonde ended with a laugh.

"I see." Mikado sighed. "I thought something like this would happen to you eventually. You can't just go and flirt with every girl you see."

"Yeah I suppose you're right." Kida smiled. "So are we hanging out today or what?"

"I have something I have to take care of so I'll leave you two alone." Anri replied as she stared at the ground.

"Huh? Like what?" Mikado asked. "If you need company, I can go with you. We can all hang out some other day. Right, Masaomi?"

"Yeah… That's fine. I'm still kind of tired from yesterday so it's fine with me." Kida assured.

"Okay then. Feel better man. See you later." Mikado said as he walked off with Anri.

When Kida arrived at home after school, he stopped in his bathroom and vomited. It was a good thing no one was home. He head hurt and he was dizzy the whole way walking home. When he thought about Mikado, the mischievous informant's voice would just happen to echo in his mind. And when he thought about his voice, he thought about him, and when he thought about him, he thought about what they did. It was just one thing after another. Another secret he had to hide from his best friend.

"Shit." Kida felt sick to his stomach again and threw up in the toilet again before flushing it. After doing so, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like a total wreck. He rinsed out his mouth and then his face with cold water. Once he left the bathroom, he went back to his room and noticed his phone lighting up. He opened it to find there were two text messages. One from Mikado and the other from Izaya.

Kida's eyebrows furrowed but he shrugged when he opened up Mikado's text message first.

"I felt bad for having to cancel out today. It feels like we haven't been talking much lately. I know you're always busy but you and me should hang out like old times. Let me know when you're free."

A sigh escaped Kida. He opened up the next one from Izaya.


Have you thought of me lately? I'm sure you did. Don't forget, I've already claimed you. This is all going according to plan. If you truly wish to overcome your feelings for Ryuugamine-kun, then meet me again. I'll be waiting.

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