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Please Don't Kill Me

By: Teen Titan Shocker

So there he was running through the hall. He could almost feel her shadow behind him. He could still remember that morning…


It was the day, Robin and Star were sitting on the couch awkwardly but you could see the content in each of their eyes. "If only I could find Raven. She said she would be meditating because of the empathy powers sensed too much love, but where?" a confused Beast-Boy thought. Yes he was looking for Raven because she was the only one of his friends who he had not yet given a present to yet. He was running down the hallway at full speed the only problem with that is that he ran into her giving her the present in the process. They collided, their lips slightly touching as they did so.

"Hey Raven… Happy Valentines? Please don't kill me."

She looked stunned but answered "This is a holiday of love so you have 2 minutes to run. It started 1 minute, 30 seconds ago."

Well that was longer then he had hoped for but at least he got his kiss. He turned on his heel, morphed cheetah, and then ran for his life. So there he was running through the hall. He could almost feel her shadow behind him. He was coming to a door that was stuck, he couldn't get through so while he tried to pry it open in elephant form she caught up; she pushed him up against the sealed door and held him by the collar "Please Raven, Just don't kill me!" Then she did the unexpected and kissed him. Yes she had kissed him! He couldn't believe it either until it caused several lights to explode and the whole door to fall. With them in the same kiss that had caused it to do so.

"I see you got Raven her present. She apparently enjoyed it." That was Robin but Cyborg—my best friend—was death glaring me.

"You break her heart, I break your neck. Got that grass-stain?" That of course was Cy in big bro mode. It was the same talk for Robin. It was the moment of truth, time to see what Raven had to say.

"This is a one-time thing. We aren't dating, you never kiss me again." Well that's the end of that present. Wait, isn't only nice to give people presents on St. Patrick's Day? I wonder if she'd believe that I'm 1/5000th Irish? I could wear one of those "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts, and I have anoter kiss… time to start planning.

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