So I'm starting a new story. Hope you all like it! I recently discovered and fell in love with Ouran. Pairings yet to be decided... I unfortunatley do NOT own Ouran High School Host Club... oh well, hahaha. So… italic means it's spoken in English while normal is Japanese.

Two young men, so similar yet opposites, stood at the gate into the prestigious Ouran Academy.

The first was taller and more muscular; he had hair the color of chocolate and his eyes were a steel gray-blue color, he was obviously a Caucasian, with wicked large eyes that pierced others and chilled them.

The second, though having similar facial features, went up to the other's shoulder. They shared the same hair, though his was a bit longer. Whereas the taller had a round face, the shorter had an oval face with sharp features, high cheekbones and a shorter wider nose made him look slightly more feminine than the taller one. Both shared the same eyes, though the shorter boy's was warmer.

The similarity only started and ended at their faces, one taller and burlier, the other lean and short. Both wore matching blue blazers and gray slacks, looking great on them due to their eyes that stood out and glinted more than usual.

"Rich, this school is far too rich, it's pink… I hate pink," the taller boy grumbled.

"Our old school looked like a freakin' castle, and you say this is too rich? Take a chill pill bro," the shorter one laughed, his voice almost reaching an alto, but managed to stay tenor. The two oblivious to the stares sent their way. Stuffing his hands into his pockets the short boy trudged forward, ready for classes to start.

"Dude, wait up," the taller dashed to the shorter boy's side, the two made their way to class 1-A.

"Hey, uh, teacher, um we are the new students, Alex and Gavin Wildrick from America," the shorter said, totally unsure of what to do. All of the students who had arrived early stared at the two unblinking.

"Oh, very nice, would you two mind introducing yourself to the class?" their new teacher asked.

"Hey, my name is Gavin Wildrick, I like music, in particular Rock 'n' Roll, I play the drums and do lead vocals for my and Alex's two man band, I like food… uh and science classes, I plan on being a surgeon," the taller boy said, nudging the shorter boy.

"Oh, uh, my name is Alex Wildrick, I also love Rock 'n' Roll, I can play anything with stings, I can occasionally sing, I love food, I am good in almost any subject but math, because it bores me, I am a year older than Gavin," the shorter ginned, proud of his intro.

"Okay, take your seats." The two boys nodded, looking for two seats together and finally settling on sitting behind a brunette pretty boy, Alex then Gavin behind him.

-Al's Point of view-

I became incredibly bored so I started swinging my legs back and forth, a bunch of girl were eyeing me up, which was incredibly troublesome, who knew I'd be popular on my first day? Gavin was playing up his rocker image as he started tapping at his desk to an Ozzy song that he kept singing in the car, if he didn't stop I'd have to make him.

A pink haired boy then walked in, causing me to giggle, though I'd never admit to it, not after all the hard work to cover up the family's true identity, my identity. No mistakes were allowed. I straightened my face, which failed as soon as an identical boy walked in with blue hair, and of course my brother had to open his mouth.

"Dude, are you gay? I mean, I've got nothing wrong with that lifestyle, but God, it looked like someone spilled Pepto-Bismol on your head. So not cool."

And cue our laughing, thank god he joined me. Finally stopping I made the mistake of looking at my little bro and a whole new wave of laughter ensued.

"That's not funny, stop," Pinky tried to stop us; he obviously wasn't made fun of, at least not to his face.

"Ha-ha-ha, Hikaru you're turning the color of your hair, how unflattering," blue haired guy stated.

"And, you, oh god, did a smirf explode on you?" Gavin said again, I was clutching his shirt and burying my face in the creases I created, trying to gain control of my maniacal laughter. He looked down, which caused his smirk to disappear, "What's wrong Al, are you chocking?" He asked. I suppose it was a good question, I had a feeling my face was red from a combo of laughter and embarrassment, and I was trying to catch my breath. He got my face from the folds of his shirt by pocking my forehead, which was a bit annoying, and looked to make sure I wasn't dying. Why did he have to be so protective? Shouldn't it be the other way around, I am older.

"N-no I-I'm fine, thanks," I was slowly calming down, that is until we were bombarded with squeals.

"More taboo brotherly love."

"Eeeeeeeee, so beautiful."

Blushing more than before I let go of Gavin's shirt and plopped back down on my seat. They thought… they thought me and Gavin, ewww. Gavin looked to be thinking the same thing as he glanced at the glaring twins, to me, then to the creepy girls. Deciding to take the same path as me, he sat down, grimacing. As classes carried on, I felt my mind wandering, eyes landing on the blue guy's head, he was diagonal in front of me and his hair put me in a trance, so much blue, it suited him better than pink suited his brother, Hikaru I think is what blue haired called him. I heard snippets of conversations go on around me, the two twins were arguing and that poor brunette was caught in between. Final classes ended, so we followed the mass of students, hoping they'd lead us to food.

Short first chapter, I know. Hope you all like it!

Alex looks like Bill Kaulitz (minus the crazy hair style) I picture a feminine face and hair kinda like Honeys but a bit shaggier and wavy, google him and see.

Gavin looks like Tyson Ritter (but with hair kinda like Takashi/Mori) google!

I decided to pick famous people to show what I imagined, and these were the closest I could find.