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Summary: Her life was a living hell with no hope of ever escaping it. Then he came and changed everything. He put the world at her feet.




"Demon talking"


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His reality: War, Love and a Dream.

The sound of Thunder was heard followed closely by a flash of light, it presented a devastated landscape to anyone looking. It wasn't long before the sound of rain invaded that grim landscape. Where the statues of the once leaders of both Uchiha and Senju clan stood, there was nothing more than a pile of rubble. Upon closer inspection of the battlefield two figures could be seen, one resting next to said pile of rubble and another floating in the lake looking at the sky.

"Why Naruto? Why can't I defeat you? Its not fair, I have trained all my life and this is the result? Can't even best the dead-last? How do you do it Naruto? How can you keep up with me after all this time? What gives you all that power? Must be the fox..." finished the figure in the lake with a sigh.

The figure resting next to the rubble looked up to meet the floating body of his opponent and once best friend. His clothes were wet and a small shiver run through his back.

"Its not the fox, its our bonds Sasuke. Seeing you always ahead of me drove me to push past my limits but that doesn't matter anymore. We are both going to die here." the blond's lips turned into a sad smile.

"Its not fair... I will live and you will die here Naruto."

"You keep telling yourself that..." the blond closed his eyes and started talking once more.

"You know Sasuke, its funny when you think about it. You keep taking about your revenge and how you were going to kill everyone who stained their hands with your clan's blood." Naruto stopped when he heard a low growl.

"Is this going somewhere? If so, I suggest you to shut up. I don't need to be reminded about it." the blond ignored the raven and keep talking.

"Madara is pretty much laughing his ass off at how easy it was to use you, you were nothing more than a tool for him. I bet what's left of my life that in no less than an hour, he is coming to rip your eyes out and the Kyūbi out of me."

"Hn" was the raven's only reply.

"Good to know you care. I'm sure your mother is rolling in her grave." finished the blond with a smirk.

Sasuke gave it a little thought, yep without a doubt his parents were pretty disappointed in him. For a brief moment he wondered about where he had gone wrong. Sasuke resisted the urge to slap himself, he knew exactly where he had gone wrong. Had he been that blind to not notice how everything was Madara's fault from the very beginning? Apparently he had. Being a couple of minutes away from death made wonders to one's mind, he could now see everything crystal clear. The way Madara had approach him, how he convinced him into fighting Naruto, he could see everything. While Sasuke was reminding himself of how much his life sucked or what had been his life, Naruto saw his chance.

"What would you do if you had one more chance at getting back at Madara?" questioned the jinchūriki.

"I would take it even if I have to sell my soul. At the very least I would try to take him to hell with me." answer the raven.

"Lets say you get your health back. What will you do? Madara is way more powerful than you could ever wish to be, he hasn't lived this long by being an idiot."

"Lets not dwell in what could have been and it is not." answer the raven and then closed his eyes.

Naruto's eyes widened from where he stood, a couple glances at his best friend indicated that he was going to die at the most in two hours if he didn't received medical attention asap. He decided to speed up his speech before he lost him. He could only hope to word his thoughts correctly without messing up.

"Answer me, what would you do?"

"I guess I could assemble a team to take him down."

"FAT chance. Allow me to remind you that the whole Shinobi world hates you."


"Yea... with that attitude you are going to make a lot of allies..."

"Naruto... what are you trying to tell me? Stop beating around the bush, I'm tired and I want nothing more than to sleep."

'so much for the innocent approach. *sigh* here goes nothing' thought the blond.

"You see Sasuke I so happen to have the solution for all of our problems." started the blond. Sasuke opened his eyes and look to where Naruto was resting.

"And what could that miracle of a solution be?" asked Sasuke with little interest.

"Come back to the leaf with me." said Naruto with a grin.

Sasuke was too tired to even try to slap himself. Even in his death-bed Naruto still followed him with the illusion of him ever going back to the leaf. Instead of replying to the blonds delusional proposition he turned his face back to the sky and closed his eyes. Naruto started panicking, his chances of convincing Sasuke were slipping through his fingers like water.

"Think about it Sasuke! This is your chance, you could be part of our team and bring Madara to his knees! Your clan would be finally avenged. Don't you want to get back at him and Kabuto! I know the bastard brought back the whole Akatsuki, he brought back Itachi from his peaceful sleep or wherever the dead go. I bet all the ramen in the world that he brought back more Uchiha, don't you want to make him pay for defiling your clan's mausoleum? Their honor? That's the least you could do as the last remaining Uchiha." finished the blond with the hope of bringing some emotion from the raven.

A feeling of rage took over Sasuke, he knew for a fact that Kabuto could bring the dead back but he never thought that he would go as far as reviving more Uchiha. The sole act of bringing Itachi back from the dead guaranteed Kabuto a painful and slow death. Another thought quickly invaded Sasuke's mind, what if he brought back his parents? The idea of seeing his parents as nothing more than puppets in Kabuto's hands enraged him beyond relief. He would be damned before he let that happen. He thought about Naruto's offer a little bit. It was tempting but his pride and bitterness wouldn't allow him to accept.

"You have nothing to lose Sasuke. As far as I know, your revenge consisted of killing the village elders and Itachi. You got Danzo, Itachi and we could sort something out with Homura and Koharu." finished the blond.

"Are you offering me those two? What happen to your policy about revenge?"

"I'm not going to lie to you, I'm against such behavior but Tsunade baa-chan has been suspecting of them feeding information to Madara for quite some time now. She just needs one more proof and they will be goners."

"They will be executed anyways, its a win-win for you, I don't see how it benefits me."

"Would you rather let them be executed for treason or would you rather kill them and complete your revenge against the old Konoha."

"Old Konoha?"

"Yes, the Konoha you remember is no more. We are starting anew, there is an opportunity for you to revive your clan there. To make the Uchiha clan what it was supposed to be from the very beginning, to lead it to a bright new future with you as its head. Think about it Sasuke."

"Pretty words and nothing else. How can I be sure that I won't be executed as soon as I lay feet on the allied Shinobi headquarters?"

"We will figure something out Sasuke, I wont let them execute you dattebayo! What do you say? This is your last chance." Naruto hold his breath, this was it.

Sasuke though about all of what the blond had told him. He could kill a lot of birds with one shot. After a couple more minutes the raven look to where the blond was resting.

"You still there Naruto? The blond in question gave a nod.

"You have a deal dobe but its too late. I can't feel my legs or arms."

Naruto look to where Sasuke was floating, he let all of the air he has holding and inhaled the sweet air his lungs were begging for. He slowly got up and made his way to where Sasuke was. He dragged him out of the water.

"How can you still move dobe?" questioned the raven, he could swear Naruto was in his last moments just like him.

"Remember my somewhat of a regeneration skill. teme." said Naruto with a small smile. He could hear how Sasuke growled under his breath about damned foxes.

"Hold on Sasuke, we are out of here." In a flash Naruto and Sasuke were no more.

The war was coming to an end. From the 80,000 starting force of the allied Shinobi forces, less than one fourth remained. The great battle regiment had been decimated, the first to fall was the Second division followed by the First and then the Fifth. The Fourth division had sustained loses of up to eighty-percent and the Third had lost sixty percent of their forces. The Surprise Attack and Sensor divisions were no more. On Madara's side, his entire w/Zetsu force had been reduced to less than twenty-percent. All of the souls summoned by Kabuto save a few had been released of his Impure World Resurrection leaving him to fend for himself. His plans to capture Sasuke with the help of the puppets known as Sasuke's parents had fail. He was under so much stress than a couple of weeks later he was finally possessed by Orochimaru. He hasn't been seen ever since.

After Kabuto's defection Madara finally showed up in the front lines using the Six path's of Pain. While his other six bodies lay waste of the battlefield, he infiltrated the allied Shinobi encampment and kidnapped Kirabi. By the time Naruto, Sasuke and the Shinobi defeated the Paths of Pain it was too late, Madara had finally the Hachibi. On the last week of Spring the remaining Shinobi forces launched an all out attack on Madara's hideout. While the Shinobi keep the w/Zetsu busy, Naruto and Sasuke managed to infiltrate the main chamber where Madara was waiting for them.

The battle between the last two Uchiha and the Kyūbi jinchūriki was so epic that no amount of words could ever hope to describe it and therefore shall not be described.

"Congratulations on your victory Naruto. I hope *cough* you feel great about bringing the world one step closer to destruction. *cough* I give it a couple more years before things go back to how they were." said Madara while a pool of blood slowly formed around his crippled form.

"No, things will never go back to how they were, I will make sure of it." said Naruto who was sitting next to the unmoving form of Sasuke. Both of them had sustained critical wounds and were in need of immediate medical attention.

"You are a fool, not everyone forgives *cough* in this world, the chains of hatred will always be stronger. There is no hope as long as people are different. There are people who hurt others for their own amusement. There are those who desire *cough* power above everything else. They won't search or do it in your presence but *cough* just wait until you're old and die... the gears of war will turn once more and there won't be anything you can do to stop them."

"Here, take this." Madara searched for something in his vest, once he found it he threw two things towards Naruto. They were his swirl-patterned mask and the one that resembled the Jūbi eye.

"Its just a little gift so you remember who I was and how you destroyed *cough* my dreams of peace. Whether you take it or leave it, its your choice."

Madara took a deep breath but it only hurt him. He turned his head towards Naruto.

"I will see you in hell mot..." he couldn't finish his sentence. Death finally claimed him.

Two figures could be seen approaching the alliance headquarters, upon closer inspection one could make out the outlines of two young men, one resting his arm around the others shoulder trying to gain some support. Once they got closer they were identified as Naruto and Sasuke. At the gates of the HQ you could see the Godaime Hokage with a team of medics around her, there were other people around as well, some of the surviving Shinobi and some civilians. Lady Tsunade quickly made a bee line to where Naruto was standing, her personal team of medics following her closely. Just as they were a couple steps away from them, Naruto's legs collapsed and he went straight to the ground taking the Uchiha with him.

"Naruto! Are you alright? What the hell I am I saying, of course you aren't ok. Medics bring him quickly to the Hospital, go, go, GO!" Tsunade stopped talking once she saw Naruto moving a bit, she quickly lowered herself in front of the wounded blond.

"Naruto hold on, we are taking you to the hospital right now." she was just turning around when she heard her fellow blond talk.

"baa-chan, don't worry about me. Help Sasuke first, he needs it more than I do." the blond told her in a raspy voice.

"WHAT! Can't you see the state you are in? You need immediate medical attention, its a miracle you haven't died already by blood loss." after saying that she quickly took the young blond in her arms and started heading for the hospital.

"baa-chan just let me talk, I have the Kyūbi's chakra and its trying to heal my injuries. I can last for a while longer but Sasuke doesn't have anything besides his own natural healing, if he doesn't get some treatment first he is going to die. I don't want him to die, not after all I went through to get him to come back. Please baa-chan help-" the blond couldn't finish his sentence before dropping out cold, he could no longer fight the darkness that slowly took over him.

Tsunade looked at the young man that lay motionless in her arms who she considered as her own son, she looked to where the Uchiha was, he was out cold as well. With a sigh she went over the situation. What Naruto had told her was true, he had the healing chakra of the Kyūbi and Sasuke had nothing. The idea of leaving the Uchiha there and help Naruto instead was really tempting but Naruto wouldn't forgive her if the Uchiha died. With a long sigh she ordered her medics to pick the Uchiha up and take him to the hospital.

"You better not die on me Naruto" was the last thing Tsunade said before heading to the hospital with an unconscious blond in her arms.

When Tsunade and the medics had finished bringing Sasuke out of the danger zone, Tsunade quickly headed to where Naruto was being kept, with another team of medics she quickly began the operation on Naruto. A week later both Naruto and Sasuke had regained their consciousness.

His days in the hospital were boring. He couldn't move and couldn't do anything, this was killing him. He attempted to escape the hospital a couple of times just to be brought back by an angry Tsunade, eventually he gave up. All of his friends had come to visit him, Kakashi, Iruka, Anko, Ayame and her father, some of the people he knew before and after the war also came to wish him good health, Sai and all of the Konoha ten... well eleven since Sasuke was in a bed next to him looking like he had experienced better days.

During his stance at the hospital he had been visited by Hinata the most, aside from Tsunade and Sakura who would stop by and check how his injuries were healing. Hinata would tell him how things were going out in the HQ, how the reconstruction process was going in the leaf and how everything seem to be going back to the way it was before the war. On one of her visits she confessed her feeling for him once more, Naruto told her that he needed some time think about it and that she would get his answer soon. With a new light of hope, Hinata left him to sort out his feelings. Something told her that he would accept sooner or later, she just need to be patient.

After the war with Madara things went back to normal, well... as normal as it can be with half the village you grew up in being in ruins, with eight of the nine bijū running rampant around the whole continent and growing tensions with the other Shinobi nations.

During the following months. Naruto spend a great deal of time helping Sasuke reconstruct the Uchiha compound with the promise that he would get ramen for life if he did. Of course this was a lie but he didn't need to know that. Sasuke as always attacking his weak spots. Most of the time that Naruto spend with Sasuke he keep pestering him to accept Sakura and settle once and for all, Sasuke just ignored him. Truth to be told, Sasuke wanted to see the world. He wanted to travel and meet different types of girls, he needed some variety. After all, Sasuke wasn't going to marry the first girl that told him that she loved him.

It had been one month since Hinata had confess her undying love for him. Naruto had finally sort out his feelings for the Hyūga heiress. He knew that he didn't had a chance with Sakura as she keep following Sasuke like a lost puppy. Deep down Naruto knew that Sasuke was just playing hard to get and that in the end he would marry Sakura. Naruto decided to go find Hinata but knowing his luck he wouldn't get his hopes too high. He decided to go to the Hyūga state and see if he could find her there.

Hinata had waited for Naruto but she was starting to get anxious and doubtful. What if he had forgotten again? Was he just playing with her? She didn't know what to think anymore. When one of her servants told her that the savior of Konoha was outside waiting for her in the garden, she was surprised. She knew that he would come eventually looking for her and that she should be prepared but the news surprised her nonetheless. The servant looking at Hinata gaping for air like a fish, told her to go outside and meet him. It was rude to make people wait, besides if she and him were mean to be together, things would fall in place and at the end of the day she and Naruto would be a couple.

Naruto didn't had to wait long before he saw Hinata coming out of the main house to greet him in the garden. Naruto being as blunt as he was decided to go right to the point, he asked Hinata if she wanted to go out sometime, maybe eat some ramen, go swimming, watch a movie, go shopping if she wanted to, hell even a walk in the park sound nice. Hinata's face was red, here she was looking at the love of her life asking her if she wanted to go out and she couldn't say anything remotely useful. After waiting for a couple of minutes without receiving any kind of response, he decided to go, He apologized for wasting her time and that he understood that she didn't liked him anymore. He was about to cross the state's gates when a pair of porcelain-like hands stopped him, he turned around and saw a smiling Hinata. She told him that she would love going out with him sometime. A week after Naruto and Hinata were a couple.

Life for young 18 year old Uzumaki Naruto couldn't get better even if he wished for it. He had brought Sasuke back, most of the village and Shinobi world respected him. He had a great girlfriend who cared deeply for him, tons of friends and his dream of becoming the Rokudaime Hokage was closer than ever. Naruto had mastered the Flying Thunder God technique, most of the Jutsu his father; the Yondaime Hokage had left him and some of the Jutsu his mother had left him as well. He had also started to learn Sealing techniques, he was good at it but it looked like a joke compared to his father or Jiraiya.

One of his greatest accomplishments was controlling the Kyūbi's chakra much to the beast's displeasure but he still couldn't enter full bijū mode much to the Kyūbi's relief. Every time Naruto tried to enter it, he ended up as a small cartoon-ish looking fox. For the Kyūbi, nothing could be more amusing than to see how Naruto keep failing. If things got really ugly Naruto could transform into his sixth tail state without losing all reason, anything above that was not a pretty sight. His life looked brighter than it ever did.

Naruto, the savior of Konoha and the Shinobi world, the Kyūbi jinchūriki and at the moment the most powerful Shinobi in the whole five elemental nations was bored out of his mind. An empty cup of ramen lay in a small table next to him. He was laying on his favorite couch in the former Yondaime's house, which now by all rights and means was his.

He remembered the battle with Sasuke at the valley of the end. That battle had been the last attempt he would have made to bring him back and one of the few times he had ever being so close to death, if that had failed, he would have given up on him, after all there was so much he could do.

"It took a near death situation to finally convince him to come back." Naruto told no one in particular.

"I have to stop thinking about all of that, in the end everything work as it was supposed to." the blond keep talking to himself.

"Ahhh I have to do something, if this keeps up I'll end up dead... it would be ironic that not even Madara could kill me but an attack of extreme boredom could." he snickered at the thought of dying by extreme boredom.

"Ummm I could train a little bit... nah, I would only be wasting my energy and time. Maybe I could call my Genin and go train some, we could get to know each other better. Maybe we could do some D-rank missions... hell even going after that freaking cat Tora looks appealing... I wonder how that blasted cat survived the whole war, even the most experienced and elite of Shinobi and Kunoichi died in that war but a mere cat managed to escape its horrors without a single scratch..." Naruto keep talking.

"Nah... we just came from a Suna after helping in the rebuilding process, I bet they must be tired and talking with their families or just chilling out with their friends from the academy. Damn it I'm running out of options here... maybe dying out of boredom isn't as crazy as it sounds..." the blond keep talking to himself.

Naruto had obtain the rank of Chūnin sometime during the war, and the rank of Jōnin after training his butt off after the war. Most of the villages had lost a considerable amount of Chūnin and Jōnin so it was necessary to give promotions and the like.

"I know what to do, I'll challenge Sasuke to a fight! He's the only one who can give me a challenge." his head then turned to one of the walls, there in a thin glass container were Madara's orange swirl-patterned mask and the white one as well.

"Well besides him... but Madara is dead now. I wonder why I took both masks, well one its orange and has that swirl pattern and the other... I don't know why... *sigh* I can't just go back and tell him I don't want the masks anymore... whatever they are mine now, I'll see what use I can give them some time in the future." the blonde got up from his spot on the couch and decided to get going, he would go and challenge Sasuke to a fight. Once he left his house he went straight to the Uchiha state there he thought Sasuke was supposed to live.

Naruto's home was a big two story house. The first floor was made up by the living and dinning room, both of them took about seventy-five percent of the space. A small kitchen took another fifteen percent and a small bathroom took the rest. The living room had enough couches and chairs to sit about twelve people, the dinning room had space to sit ten people and the kitchen had everything that was necessary to feed up to six people. The second floor consisted of a master bedroom, three guestrooms, a large bathroom and a small study room which had scrolls and books. The house also had a huge backyard which had everything necessary to practice kunai and shuriken throw, some training dummies and a large building which housed a hot spring. The hot spring had been been given to Minato by the Sandaime as a gift for making it to Hokage.

"TEME COME OUT! FIGHT ME!" Naruto shouted. After a few minutes without an answer he keep going.

"COME OUT! ARE YOU SO SCARED TO FIGHT ME? I KNEW IT! YOU ARE A COWARD!" Naruto waited a couple of minutes, again nothing. He was starting to lose his patience, he started shouting once more.


Naruto didn't got any kind of answer, he lost all of his patience and was about to break into the newly rebuild Uchiha district when he hear the sound of the main gate unlocking. In the main gate there stood Sasuke Uchiha with a while towel hanging from his hips, Naruto could make out the tiny drops of water that fell from his wet hair. It seem like he had just came out of the shower. He looked pissed off as hell.

"Oh, Its only you. The fuck do you want dobe?"

Naruto look Sasuke in the eyes just in time to see his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan turn on. He started to sweat.

"Hey calm down Sasuke, no need to get violent."

"How the hell do you want me not to be pissed when some idiot keeps knocking on my house while I am doing something important? You have ten seconds to state your business before I unleash Amaterasu on you. It better be something worth my time." The blond took a couple of steps back but quickly regained his courage.

"I came here to challenge you to a fight!" said Naruto with a grin.

"You have five seconds remaining, better start running now."

"What? How come my challenge is not worth your time?"

"Time is over, don't say I didn't warn you."

Naruto was just getting his special kunai out when something he didn't though ever possible happen. A small pair of soft and pretty looking hands wrapped around Sasuke's chest. Naruto was about to ask what was going on when a girl's voice stated talking.

"Sasuke! Why did you leave me all alone?" it took a couple of seconds for the girl to notice that Sasuke was talking with someone. "Who are you talking to Sasuke?" the girl let go of Sasuke and moved to the left to see Naruto standing there with a look of disbelief. Naruto could now get a clear view of the girl. She was a couple inches shorter than Sasuke. She was slender, had long black hair, gray eyes, fair skin and long eyelashes. She was really pretty. It took a couple seconds for the girl to notice the guy was Naruto.

"Oh, hi there." the girl said with a smile.


"Why don't you go inside Yūki." it was more of an order than a request.


The girl left both guys and made her way back to what Naruto though was the main house. After she disappeared into the house, Naruto turned to see Sasuke with a look of disapproval. Sasuke just raised an eyebrow.

"What's that look for dobe?"

"Who was she and how long has she been living with you?"

"What? What's up with the sudden interest in my personal life?"

"Just answer me, does Sakura know about this?"

"Pft, how should I know? As for who she is, she is Yūki. You could say she is a close acquaintance of mine, maybe more in the future. She's been living with me for a couple weeks now."

"What! How come none of us has seen her before?"

"You could say she is good at hiding. Anyways enough with the questions. Its getting chilly out here and I still have some business to take care of. Now if you don't mind I have to take my leave."

Naruto was about to protest when Sasuke slammed the doors of the compound on his whiskered face leaving no room for argument. With a defeated sigh Naruto left the compound, his mind going through the possible ways of breaking the news to Sakura.

A small bell rang inside the small establishment, alerting its owners that a costumer had arrived.

"Hello, welcome to Ichiraku, how may I serve you today?" said a cheerful Ayame while packing some ramen for delivery. Turning around Ayame saw Naruto and Hinata, and gave them a big smile.

Naruto was in his usual Jōnin outfit but this one was a little bit different than the ones assigned to Jōnin. Instead of having the red swirls in the back and sides of his flak jacket , his were orange. The bracers in the legs and thigh were also orange, that was as far as differences went. He had decided to roll up the sleeves of his blue shirt like most of the Jōnin and Chūnin did. He had black ninja sandals and black gloves with a metal plate in the back, he also had his black hip pouch and shuriken holster.

Hinata was also wearing her newly assigned Jōnin outfit which was pretty much like the one she used during the war. The village was in need of Jōnin for the new Genin and she made the cut along most of the other Konoha 12.

"Hello Naruto and Hinata long time no see..."

"Hi Ayame nee-chan, its good to be back."

"Hi Ayame-san."

After the small greetings Ayame went into her business mode.

"What would you like to order?"

Naruto and Hinata gave their order to Ayame who promptly left to make the ramen. Hinata turned around to face Naruto, he had just invited her for ramen to talk about stuff. Maybe this time he would ask her to marry him. One could always dream she thought. Naruto was looking at her while she was daydreaming and couldn't help but to wonder about what was she thinking about. He decided to break the silence.

"So... how you been Hinata? I can see you made it to Jōnin." said Naruto with a smile

Hinata couldn't help but to be mesmerized by his smile, it completely made her day a whole lot better. Breaking out of her small trance, she told him how Neji had encouraged her to try taking the Jōnin exam. She had been one of the top 3. Ayame served them their ramen and went back to work on a delivery.

"What about you Naruto-kun? How are Gaara-san and his brothers?"

"They are doing pretty good despise the fact that their whole village was blown up sky high... it makes me angry that that bastard of Kabuto send that Deidara guy to boom it. at least most of the villagers were lead to safety."

"Has anyone found about his w-whereabouts?"

"Nope, he just disappeared from the face of earth. We need to be on high alert, he's not someone to ignore."


After a small chat Hinata finished her ramen and left. She told Naruto that she was leaving for a week long mission to Kiri. Now Naruto didn't had anything to do, his girlfriend was gone for a week and his best friend was busy with some random girl. He let out a sigh and decided to go talk with Tsunade, maybe she could assign him a mission or something.

Once he reached his destination, he went straight to the Hokage's office, on the way he was greeted by his fellow Shinobi and Kunoichi. Once he was in front of the office, he kicked the doors open and went in.

"Baa-Chan, I need your help, I'm bored to death and I need a mission." he stopped talking once a big fat book hit him straight in the face... sending him outside the office. The book was chakra powered. After he woke up from his little nap, he headed straight back to the office.

"Awww, that hurt like hell, why did you do that baa-chan?" said Naruto while rubbing his face, trying to lessen the pain he was feeling. His answer came in the form of an even bigger book, the poor fool just went out the office once more. Tsunade 2- Naruto 0. This time it took a little bit longer for him to recover. Once he came back to his senses he went back once more into the office.

"Ok! Ok! I give up, just don't trow anymore books! They hurt, and they hurt a lot!" said Naruto while waving a small white flag in front of him.

"I hope you learned your lesson." said Tsunade

Now Naruto took a glance around the office, everything looked normal, except for the missing Shizune and the seemingly never ending pile of papers that were resting in front of Tsunade, Naruto flinched a little, this was easily the biggest pile of paperwork he had ever seen. The paperwork was everywhere, the desk had no more space, and a couple of piles were resting in the floor waiting for Tsunade to sign them. No wonder Tsunade was in a bad mood thought Naruto.

"Wow... how long have you been skipping your Hokage duties baa-chan? Where is Shizune nee-chan anyways?" Naruto looked around the room and picked a piece of paper, "Wow this one was supposed to be returned with your signature two weeks ago." he put the paper down.

"I know, you don't need to remind me, all of this paperwork is the result of the war, and the reconstruction of the village after Pain's attack. Even though the war ended a while back, all of this paperwork represents the cost, the deaths and other stuff, a little over the half of the paperwork are just request to send money to repair the academy, training grounds, the hot spring... you get the idea." said a tired looking Tsunade.

"Shizune is out in the hospital helping where she can." said Tsunade, after a couple seconds she spoke once more.

"I must have been drunk when I accepted being the Godaime Hokage..." commented Tsunade after a long sigh.

"Meh... being Hokage its not so bad once you get over the paperwork, I am sure everyone looks up to you. I can bet my life that every young Kunoichi would like to be like you, after all, you are one of the legendary Sannin and the best medic in all of the five elemental nations." said Naruto trying to cheer Tsunade up.

"Yea... you may be right... still, I wish I could just burn all of this paperwork." said Tsunade looking a little bit more happy.

"What did you come here for Naruto? I am sure you just didn't come here to tell me about the greatness of being Hokage." said Tsunade. Sadness taking over once more.

"Ummm, well I came to ask you if you could send me to a mission. Anything is fine." said Naruto.

"Sorry Naruto but there is nothing I can send you on right now. Kakashi took the last of our clients for today. Try again tomorrow." said Tsunade.

"Great... just great... now I don't have anything to do..." looking around, his eyes soon fell on the blonde Hokage once more. "Say, baa-chan, do you mind if I help you with the paperwork? Its not like I have anything more important to do." said the blond jinchūriki with a smile on his face.

"Really? You mean it?" said Tsunade, her mood brightening considerably.

"Sure, like I said, I don't have anything better to do. I'll even do it for free Dattebayo!" said Naruto with a grin.

"Very well, you can get started with that pile over there. Just keep in mind that there are priorities and request that won't be signed." said Tsunade.

"Like?" questioned Naruto.

"Take this one for example, this one request that we send money to repair and improve the academy as well as the training grounds, this one is a level 4 because the academy and training facilities are important but not as important as Hospitals and public buildings.

"This one is a level 5, its a request to finish repairing the hospital and improve the machines and equipment they use." said Tsunade, with a sigh she continued.

"This other is a level 1, its a request to build a hot spring and remodel the shopping district of Konoha, It can wait since we need the money to train more Shinobi to meet the demands of our clients, we need to show that the war did not weaken us and that in due time we will regain our place as the most powerful village." said Tsunade.

"Ok, I see. Very well then, let me get started. The faster we finish, the faster we can go home baa-chan." the blond was about to make some Kage Bunshin but stopped. 'meh... I better not make clones, if I do them, the work will be done in no time and I'll have nothing to do again' thought the blond. With that thought both blonds got to work.

With a long sigh the blond got up and stretched his body, trying to get the numbness out of his system.

Helping the Godaime Hokage had taken most of his day, he started walking and soon he was in front of the window, looking around he could see the sun disappearing over the horizon. He took a glance where the Hokage was, she was just finishing putting the Hokage seal on some of the documents. He had enjoyed working here, all the paperwork had taken all the boredom he was feeling. He had also helped Tsunade a lot, he was sure that if he hadn't come, Tsunade would have blown up all the paperwork and quit. He stretch once more.

"Ummm, Ahhh!" after the blonde finished stretching he sat on his chair once more.

"I think we are done for today, don't you think baa-chan?"

"Yea, it seems like most of the important stuff is out of the way... I would like to thank you for helping me out today, I am not sure what I would have done without your help." said a happy looking Tsunade.

"I am sure you would've blown up the building in frustration and quit right after." said Naruto with a grin.

"You are probably right, anyways thank you again for helping me." said the blonde Hokage. "I am hungry, the tea and food we ate isn't enough... say Naruto, do you want to come with me to eat something? asked Tsunade.

"Really? You mean it?" said Naruto with disbelief in his voice.

"Yea I mean it, why wouldn't I? You can take it as payment for helping me out today" said Tsunade.

"Ok, I'll take the offer, by the way I know this awesome place-" he was cut by Tsunade before he could finish.

"There is no way I'll go eat ramen, I don't know about you but my body needs more than ramen to work." said Tsunade with a tone that said it was final.

"Awww, you didn't even let me finish..." said the blond with a pout. "Was it that obvious that I was going to say ramen?" asked the blond jinchūriki.

"Yes it was, now we better get moving before it gets late. We will be going to a restaurant, the best in Konoha, I want to celebrate that all that paperwork is finally gone" was the Hokage's reply.

"Very well, lead the way baa-chan." said Naruto. With that both blonds left the Hokage residence.

The restaurant was of the Teishuko(1) kind, once seated both blondes ordered, a couple of minutes later their orders arrived, Tsunade food consisted of a fried chicken meal, white rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables and a broiled fish. Naruto's was similar but his had pork cutlets deep fried. Half way though their meal Tsunade started talking.

"You know Naruto, after today's events I finally made up my mind." said Tsunade. Naruto look up to where Tsunade was sitting.

"What do you mean baa-chan?" asked a confused Naruto.

"You know, I been thinking about a successor for the title of Hokage when I retire. Of course you were the first one to come to mind but I wasn't sure if you were ready for the title. Its a whole lot of responsibility, running a village, attending political meetings, deciding what's best for the village, all of that. You know what I mean." Tsunade started.

She took a glance to where Naruto was eating. Naruto looked like he had seen a ghost or something, all color was drained from his face. He was gaping for air like a fish out of the water. Tsunade decided to keep going.

"After seeing you work, all the remaining doubts disappeared. I was... I am sure you will protect the village with your life, just like the Sandaime and your father; Yondaime Hokage did." she continued.

"I am pretty sure you will choose what's best for the village and I know you will learn how to run this village with time. What I wasn't sure about was the paperwork, as you know that thing its the nemesis of all those who take the title." she decided to stop for a couple seconds for a dramatic effect.

"After seeing you today, that doubt disappeared. You kinda seemed happy doing all that paperwork, I am sure that beast won't get to your nerves like it did and does on all of us... so what do you say Naruto? Will you start your training with me to take the Hokage's robes as the Rokudaime Hokage when I retire?" Tsunade waited a couple of seconds for a reply, none came, a couple more seconds and still nothing, she got angry.

"Hey answer me when I am talking to you!" she shouted at her fellow blond.

Naruto still looked like a fish out of the water gaping for air. His mind was set to overdrive, he couldn't believe what Tsunade was telling him. Here she was asking him to take his place in the village's history as the Rokudaime Hokage once Tsunade decided to step down. Did he heard her well, maybe she had asked him other thing and here he was fantasizing about becoming Hokage... no that couldn't be right, he was absolutely sure about what he had heard,. He wanted to scream, he wanted to jump, hell, he even wanted to cry. He wanted to do a lot of things but he couldn't. Here he was looking like a stupid fish gaping for air, he knew that Tsunade was getting angry for his lack of response. He had to answer now, if he didn't Tsunade would probably take her offer away and give it to someone else.

"b-baa-chan, are you se-serious? If this is a joke I swear that I wont forgive you anytime soon." said Naruto.

"Does it look like I am joking? this is serious business Naruto. Now answer me, will you start your training to become the Rokudaime Hokage?" said Tsunade with a serious look on her face.

"OF COURSE I WILL! I WOULD HAVE TO BE MENTAL TO NOT ACCEPT! WHERE DO I SIGN! DATTEBAYO!" shouted Naruto. He was about to start yelling again only to be stopped by a punch on the head by an angry Tsunade.

Several heads were now turning to where the blond pair was sitting, wondering what did the Godaime Hokage said that got their savior all pumped up and happy.

"QUIET NARUTO! I don't want to catch everyone's attention. Now calm down, we will begin your training next week, now finish eating your food." With that both blonds finished eating their food and went their separate ways.

Naruto was currently sitting on the roof of his home, he was way to exited to even try to sleep. He couldn't believe his luck, his life was perfect. First he brought Sasuke back, he had defeated Madara, he had a great girlfriend, the village he grew up loved him and above everything else he was appointed to be Hokage once Tsunade decided to step down. His life couldn't be better even if he wished for it. Looking up to the sky he saw a pair of shooting stars, an idea formed in his head.

"Ummm... they say if you see a shooting star any wish you have will come true, what could I wish for? I don't have anything I could wish for... Still a wish is a wish" he thought for a moment. Still nothing.

"Damn it, if I keep thinking too hard the shooting stars will go away... I could wish for money?... nope I make a lot if it with my job as a Jōnin... long life?... nope I don't want to end up like Madara... Bring my parents back?... Pft I think that is even a little too much for a wish... damn I didn't think coming up with a wish was this hard... whatever I am too old to believe in this." Naruto was about to turn around when an idea came to his mind.

"Come to think about it I always wished to have a better childhood, it may be true that some of my precious people were there to help me during that time but it could have been better. Hmm I don't think a simple wish can change the past but I have nothing better to wish for." closing his eyes Naruto wished to have had a better childhood. After that he decided to get some rest, after all tomorrow he needed to train some and if possible get some missions done with his Genin. With that last thought he went to sleep.

A/N: (1) Meal sets are often available at local eating establishments and family restaurants at a reasonable price. There is a main dish that usually includes rice and miso soup on the side, among other things.

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