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Summary: Her life was a living hell with no hope of ever escaping it. Then he came and changed everything. He put the world at her feet. Follow Naruto as he helps his alternate self out of her misery. A Naruto&Femnaruto fic.




"Demon talking"


some cool Jutsu

Complete silence fell over the small office. Naruto gave a quick glance at the people around him, he saw the shock in their eyes before something else replaced it. Taking a small glance at the Hokage himself, Naruto saw no emotion whatsoever.

"You are joking, right?" Said Homura with a dead-serious tone.

"First of all, I am not joking, My father was the Yondaime. I know this comes as a great surprise to all of you since no one knew about me. I just recently arrived to this village and I-" Tried to explain Naruto before he was cut off by Koharu.

"Nonsense! The Yondaime didn't had a family. You are an intruder and possibly a spy from an enemy nation that somehow managed to enter the village. ANBU get him!"

Before Naruto could react, he was quickly surrounded and restrained by four ANBU. He started struggling trying to break free but to no avail.

Danzō was slightly surprised by the turn of events but was quick to act.

"ANBU take him to Ibiki, he knows what to do."

"Wait!" Shouted Naruto who had stopped resisting and was now facing all of the higher ups of the village.

"I know what I want." He said.

"What? What are you talking about? You have no rights and much less right to ask for anything." Said Homura.

"Your promise." Naruto saw the puzzlement look in the old man's face, he decided to enlighten him.

"You promised me anything I wished for rescuing Naruko and returning the scroll. I know what I want. I want you to give me the chance to tell you my story." He finished.

"That? That has been voided from the moment you told us such lie, ANBU take him away." Ordered Homura.

Before the ANBU could take Naruto away, the Sandaime motioned the ANBU to wait.

"A promise is a promise Homura. Let the boy talk."

"You can't be serious, why would you let him talk? All of us know the Yondaime didn't had any family. You are just wasting time." said Koharu.

"I still want to hear what he has to say. Talk boy."

"Thank you Lord Hokage. This means a lot to me." Naruto took a long breath and calmly started talking.

'Well, here goes nothing.' thought Naruto.

"First of all, I just want you to know that I understand your reaction, I was also greatly surprised when my master told me in a letter, you see..."

Naruto proceed to tell them a story he had been making up since he fist set foot on the village, he wasn't stupid enough to tell them what had really happen to him. They would send him straight to Ibiki for a really painful interrogation. He hoped they would buy his tale and let him wander around enough to find a way to go back on his own, if he came empty handed, he would seek help from them.

"... We traveled around the Elemental Nations for years... I thought our adventures would never end but unfortunately my master died. At a local hospital, I was told it had been a heart attack... After the burial I took his stuff and I found a letter he had written for me. It told me who I really was and why he had been taking care of me for so long... After debating what to do, I decided to come here and look for answers..."

After finishing his tale, Naruto took a look at the people in front of him, he could see the shock in their eyes and their need to ask him every kind of questions. Naruto had to give himself a mental pat in the back, he had outdone himself with his little tale.

"ANBU take him away. Tell Ibiki I need a report no latter than today." It was the Sandaime.

"W-what?" it was Naruto.

The Sandaime looked at Naruto with hard cold eyes.

"What you told us is the greatest load of bullshit I have ever heard in my entire life. I've been Hokage for longer than you have been alive and I can easily distinguish between lies and truths. The way you shift nervously in that spot, your sweaty hands and they way your eyes move from side to side."

The Sandaime stood up from his chair and walked towards the window.

"I'll confess you something. When I first saw you through my crystal ball I couldn't help myself from seeing Minato in you. After you helped Naruko and brought her here, I wanted to learn more about you and when you first told us about you being his son a small light of hope was light in my heart. That was before your tale. Now I want nothing more but to learn why someone like you decided to come here and with what motives. Ibiki never disappoints me."

The Hokage turned towards Naruto to see him one last time. Naruto didn't meet his eyes, his gaze was fixed to the floor. The Sandaime took it as an act of defeat but before he could order the ANBU to take Naruto away, he spoke.

"Very well Sandaime Hokage, since you didn't buy my story, I'll have to show you instead. I'll be expecting you on training ground number four, before I leave, I just want you to know that I have my motives to lie to you all."

Hiruzen was about to talk when Naruto started increasing his chakra level, two of the ANBU restraining Naruto quickly moved away and got in-front of the Sandaime expecting some kind of assassination attempt on their leader while the other two tried to stab Naruto. They were surprised when nothing more than a poof happen. Naruto was nowhere to be seen.

"What happen? Where is he?" Homura questioned.

"He said he would be waiting for Sarutobi on the fourth training ground." Danzō answer.

Hiruzen stated walking towards the door, drawing the attention of the other people in the office.

"Are you going?" questioned Koharu.

"You know its impolite to keep someone waiting."

"Send ANBU, it could be a trap."

"That is why I am going, I am the leader of this village, I can't have some random Shinobi wandering around. It would show I don't care about the village."

Homura walked towards one of the ANBU and delivered some instructions. The ANBU nodded and disappeared in a poof.

"What did you ask him to do?" questioned the Hokage.

"I told him to bring reinforcements, they will accompany you, like you said, we don't know anything about this "Naruto", better be safe than sorry."

Hiruzen nodded and left the office.

Homura, Koharu and Danzō looked at each other before nodding and leaving the office.

Naruko was sitting on a chair on the corner of the lobby. Maybe there Shinobi wouldn't notice her, she thought. She should have known better, a couple of times she noticed some passing Shinobi and the Sandaime's secretary looking her way and muttering something she couldn't hear. Probably something nasty. Shifting uncomfortably on her chair she decided to ignore everyone around her and think about something nice. There was a visible frown when she finished thinking, she pretty much discovered that everything nice that had happen in her life, she could count it with her fingers alone.

'My life sucks...'

Getting rid off the negative thoughts, she reassured herself that while those moments were not that many, they had a great impact in her life and shaped a little of her persona. It didn't took long for her to think about Naruto, without a doubt, meeting him ranked on her top three spots. Now that she was thinking about him, she made a small list about what she knew about him. So far the only thing that she knew was his name, that he was really strong and that he was new to the village. A small idea formed.

'Maybe I can give him a tour around the village and learn a little bit more about him. Maybe, just maybe, we can be friends.'

Her mind toyed with the idea of making a new friend, a new bond but another part of her mind told her not get her hopes too high. It was settled, she would ask him if he wanted a tour around the village.

With nothing else to do again, she just sat there and started wondering why Naruto had told her to wait outside and why they were taking so long, as far as she knew, everything was settled. A couple seconds later she heard the door of the office open and the Hokage stepping out. She got up from her seat and went towards him.

"Jiji!" she hugged him and then looked around, Naruto was nowhere to be seen. Her gaze rested on the office's door and after a couple of seconds a visible frown was adorning her features. She turned towards the Hokage.

"Where is Naruto Nii-san?"

Hiruzen made a face, he thought for a couple of seconds before replying her.

"He left the office. I'm on my way to pick him up." The less she knew the better.

"Uh? Why did he do that? Where did he go?" Naruko was puzzled.

"It's complicated. Just take a seat and wait until I come back."

"Ok." Naruko let go of the Hokage and did as she was told. She saw him leave the small lobby and patiently waited for both of them.

'What's taking them so long...'

It had been a while since the Hokage left and it was starting to worry her. Naruko was brought back from her musings by the sound of a loud grumble, it was her stomach. She decided to go to her apartment and pick something quick to eat. If she hurried up, she might be able to get back before they returned.

The first thing Naruto saw after the smoke cleared was his clone standing a couple of steps away from him. After checking himself for any cuts or stuff he let out a sigh. His variation of the reverse summoning Jutsu was working just fine.

"Did you find it?" he questioned.

"Yeah..." was all the clone said before it poof out of existence.

Naruto closed his eyes as his mind was invaded by the memories of the clone. It show it after leaving Iruka at the hospital and wandering around until it reached the Yondaime's home. It took it awhile to get inside because of the anti-theft seals around the property. Naruto opened his eyes and looked at the bag resting next to him. He emptied its contents and nodded as he saw each item.

Lying on the ground there a couple of kunai, shuriken, paper bombs and ten of the special kunai used in the Hiraishin no Jutsu along with a new Jōnin outfit, his fathers.

Naruto decided to clean himself on the lake next to the training ground before putting on the new outfit. After cleaning his face and removing the dry blood, Naruto removed his battle worn outfit and put the new one on, he felt weird using the same outfit that his father had used when he was alive, he had to remind himself that the one he had been using had belonged to Minato as well. Not a second after he put the last of the kunai in his hip pouch the 4th training ground was filled with ANBU Ninja. Naruto looked around before his eyes caught a poof of smoke. After it dissipated, there stood Hiruzen in his Hokage robes.

"Glad you could make it Lord Hokage." Said Naruto in a friendly tone. Hiruzen didn't like how the boy was using their Jōnin outfit. His desire to crack him open only increased.

"I do not know what are your motives to be here but it has gone long enough. I have no qualms in eliminating you here and now but you have piqued my interest. I want to know why are you here and who sent you. So come with us willingly."

"I think I'll take my chances." Said Naruto before taking a relaxed battle stance.

Hiruzen didn't like how things were looking. Only someone insane would act in such relaxed way... that or the individual in front of him knew there was no way he could lose. Hiruzen disregarded the last thought, there was no way anyone would enter a village and face alone twenty plus ANBU level Shinobi and the Kage himself.

Hiruzen could feel his ANBU tensing themselves for battle, waiting for his order to attack. His eyes caught "Naruto" taking something out of his hip pouch and talking as he did it.

"It has been said that the Yondaime Hokage took on the entire might of Iwa's army by himself and lived to tell the tale. That he was the most powerful Shinobi to have ever existed. I am sure that you have all heard that, well today I am here to show you just how awful things were if you were against him." Finished Naruto as he drew one of his special kunai. He could feel the Shinobi tensing as their eyes rested on the three-bladed kunai. He saw Hiruzen narrow his eyes at the sight.

"So that is all this is about? Uh? You are here to steal the Yondaime's Jutsu. Well, I wont allow it."

"Wrong, I have no need to steal what is mine. Come here and confirm that my story is real."

Hiruzen was pissed, all this farce had gone long enough. He knew that the guy was bluffing. There was no way he knew the Hiraishin. With a nod, all the Shinobi launched themselves at Naruto.

Once Naruto threw the odd kunai in his hand all hell broke loose.

An ANBU with a snake mask was the first one to reach Naruto, he attempted to cut Naruto's throat with a well aimed strike only to have his kunai hit nothing but air. All the ANBU who landed on the spot that Naruto had once stood started searching around. All eyes landed on the sound of a mask shattering. Naruto was standing next to a fallen ANBU Shinobi, his hand posture indicated that he had backhanded the Shinobi with enough force to knock him out.

Naruto once more dug his hand into his hip pouch taking another six of his special kunai. He held three on each of his hands which then he balled into fists giving the impression of having claws instead of fingers.

"Next." was all he said.

The ANBU divided into two groups each moving to Naruto's left and right, Naruto eyed both groups before noticing that three ANBU had remained in front of him. They started making hand seals.

"Katon Renkeijutsu: Karura!" shouted the ANBU in the middle. The three Shinobi breathed a long stream of fire which combined to form a flaming dragon that speed towards Naruto.

Naruto threw all of his six kunai to the groups at his side. The speed he made the hand seals with was worthy of a Kage. Naruto too shouted the name of his Jutsu.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!" an enormous dragon made out of water rose from the lake and at blinding speed crashed with the other dragon. It quickly overpowered the fire dragon and kept going until it crashed with the three stunned ANBU, it dragged them into the lake before dissolving into water again.

Naruto turned to his side only to see a katana one inch away from his eyes. In a flash he disappeared once more. The owner of the katana was highly surprised when he didn't feel the resistance of a skull against his weapon. The whistling of a kunai was all the warning he got before he was forced to block the incoming weapon from striking him on the side of his face. Once he heard the sound of clashing metal he lowered his weapon only to see Naruto materialize out of nowhere in front of him. The ANBU was too slow to block a powerful blow to his gut. As he doubled over in pain, he was send flying upwards by a powerful kick to the chin. Naruto took his falling kunai and threw it at a random direction before disappearing in a flash.

Hiruzen couldn't believe what his eyes were showing him. His ANBU, the most powerful Shinobi in Konoha, were dropping like flies before his own eyes. There was nothing they could do but to keep blocking the seemingly endless supply of three-bladed kunai that kept coming their way. His eyes moved toward the sound of shattering ceramic before catching a glimpse of the same yellow hair that kept disappearing in a bright yellow flash.

Hiruzen brain was on overdrive trying to decipher the pattern in which the boy moved before coming to the conclusion that it was random with no pattern. He then saw an area with a couple of ANBU that hadn't been attacked yet. He timed his attack and as if on cue he unleashed his Jutsu.

"Doton: Doryūdan." A dragon-like head made out of mud formed next to him and started shooting bullets of concentrated mud. Naruto appeared in that instant with the intent of karate chopping the unsuspecting ANBU in front of him. His eyes widened and had to use his kunai to block the projectiles of hardened mud.

Hiruzen saw his chance and increased the firing speed of his mud dragon. There was no way the guy would be able to block the incoming bullet hell. The ANBU that hadn't been knocked out or incapacitated saw their chance as well, they also started to make hand seals. Naruto saw this and gritted his teeth. This was taking too long but he had to keep it up, he had to show Hiruzen that he could back up his claims of being a Namikaze and there was no better way than to use all the Jutsu his father knew. That is if they didn't kill him first.

Naruto was starting to grow tired with blocking the mud bullets and things didn't look that good with more ANBU starting to unleash all kinds of stuff on him. He could easily teleport somewhere else but decided against it, opting instead to use another Jutsu. Dropping his kunai for a second, he made the needed hand seals taking a couple of painful shots in the process.

"Jikūkan Kekkai." Naruto muttered to himself. A spider-like web of seals started spreading out of the kunai. The newly made barrier absorbed the countless mud bullets and a number of fire balls. The ANBU stopped attacking at the sigh of the most powerful Jutsu they had ever seen.

"I-i-impossible." was all that Hiruzen said." a couple of seconds later he canceled his mud dragon Jutsu.

Naruto smirked. "Are you ready?" he questioned. With a single hand gesture he unleashed his time space barrier second ability. The ANBU who were close to the discarded Yondaime's kunai where painfully reminded of their existence when countless mud bullets started coming out of them. There were those unfortunate enough to receive fire balls instead.

The remaining ANBU were quickly dispatched by their leader's own Jutsu. Hiruzen could only cringe at the thought of having used his Shuriken Kage Bunshing no Jutsu instead. He would have killed all his own subordinates.

After examining the battlefield, Naruto saw that the ANBU were not going to wake up anytime soon. Dusting non-existent dust from his shoulders, he started walking towards the Hokage. He stopped a couple feet away from him but close enough to held a conversation.

"Well... it seems like now we can talk like civilized people." Naruto motioned with his arms his surroundings, "Sorry about the mess but it was necessary."

Hiruzen wasn't sure how well he would fair against a user of Space-Time Ninjutsu, much less one that could use the Yondaime's Jutsu. He meet Naruto's eyes.

"Who are you? What do you want?" he questioned.

"There are many things I want." Hiruzen took this as an act of hostility.

"But, what I want the most, is a way to go back home. Being the Rokudaime Hokage is a close second."

Hiruzen was taken back, the stranger was now spewing non-sense. He was officially insane.

"You probably think I'm crazy or something. Look, I know we got on the wrong foot back there... I know it was partially my fault for lying to you with that story... but it was more believable than the truth." Hiruzen narrowed his eyes at that. Naruto knew he had bitten the bait.

"Go on, I'm listening." the Sandaime said.

"First of all, I want you to listen and don't ask questions until I am done. A difficult task I might add."

"You see... I am from the Future..."


"I told you to listen and don't speak until I am done, I told you it wasn't going to be easy, you would have gotten it easier if you had believed my first story. Now listen."

Hiruzen resisted the urge to kill him on the spot, the more rational part of his brain told him that it might be possible, since the guy looked like he was an efficient user of Time-Space Ninjutsu, he might have fucked something up when he was using one of his Jutsu. As far-fetched as it sounded, it was the best explanation he had at the moment, counting on that the guy was speaking the truth.

"Well... lets start by the beginning, shall we?" Hiruzen resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Ummm... where would be a good starting point..." Naruto mused out loud. Hiruzen patience was wearing thin.

"Your real name would be a good starting point." commented Hiruzen.

"You already know it. My name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. Known as Uzumaki Naruto for the first sixteen years of my life."

'here we go again' thought Hiruzen.

"You still don't believe me, do you?" remarked Naruto.


"Fine... I will have to tell you something that would prove it. Lets see... My mother was Uzumaki Kushina." Hiruzen's brow raised a couple of millimeters. That wasn't proof enough, someone who dug enough would have come to that bit of info. Seeing the skepticism on Hiruzen face, Naruto keep talking.

"She was the second jinchūriki of the Kyūbi, Mito Uzumaki being the first." Hiruzen's brow was raised a little more, that wasn't exactly common knowledge but it still wasn't enough to convince him. Naruto saw this and decided to keep revealing tidbits of info.

"The Scroll of Seals, I can tell you what is in there. After all, Tsunade herself let me read it. The Jutsu it contains are: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Shiki Fūjin, Hachimon, Gedō no in: Fū, Gedō no in: Ran, Gedō no in: Kai, Dohatsuten and the worst of them all. The Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei."

"H-how do you know that? Only the Hokage is allowed to see that Scroll!" things had gone from bad to worse in Hiruzen's mind. If the boy in front of him knew any of those techniques, he was in deep trouble.

"Calm down, as I told you before, I come from the future. A future where Senju Tsunade is Godaime Hokage and I'm her candidate for successor."


"So, all the things you have seen up to this point were nothing more than mere illusions? The Hiraishin no Jutsu? The Jikūkan Kekkai? If that's not enough I can perform the Rasengan or do you want me to tell you the events that will happen in the next six years? Throw me into jail and sit tight as you watch all of it come true." Naruto's patience was wearing thin, Hiruzen was a hard nut to crack. Naruto decided to use his triumph card.

"Ok, if this doesn't make you believe me, then nothing will." Hiruzen recuperated quickly from his small outburst and meet Naruto's eyes.

"What are you planing to do this time?"

"It seems that nothing I show you can make you change your opinion of me being a liar. Well this time you won't hear it from me, you will from someone you can't question."

"You mean?..." he let the question floating in the air, dreading the answer."

"That's right. Now behold as I use the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei to bring my parents back from the dead. You can then question them all you like about their motives." Naruto then started making hand seals. He was bluffing by all means, there was no way Naruto would use such a foul Jutsu that violated all laws of Nature, human morals and specially not use it on his parents out of all people.

"That is impossible, there is no way you can do it! Minato has been sealed inside the Shinigami himself!"

Naruto stopped midway his Jutsu. He meet Hiruzen's gaze and let out a smirk.

"Watch me, The Kuchiyose I use has no limits, it has been perfected beyond any seals, not even the Shinigami can stop me." that was also a lie, not even he could get pass the Shinigami.

Hiruzen saw as Naruto kept on making the familiar hand seals. Even if the guy was telling the truth or not, deep down Hiruzen knew he was done for. There was no way he could beat someone with advanced knowledge in Space-Time Ninjutsu, full user of the Yondaime's tech and certainly not anyone who could use a vast arsenal of forbidden Jutsu, specially a perfect Edo Tensei. Maybe if he was 40 years younger. Right down and there, the Sandaime knew that Naruto was not someone he wanted as an enemy.

"Stop. I believe you." said the Sandaime just as Naruto was about to slam his hand on the ground signaling the completion of the dreaded Kinjutsu.

"You do?" asked Naruto with skepticism. The Sandaime gave a nod in response. Naruto let out a sigh and got into a relaxed stance. He walked towards the Hokage until they were face to face and without a word he kneel before him. Hiruzen was surprised by the boy's actions.

"I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you old man. I really didn't want it to go all the way to this but it was the only chance I had for you to believe me. I figured out that if my first story didn't convince you then a show of the skills my father had left me would do the job. It didn't work as much as I would have liked it to, info was my next best choice and it didn't work either, as a last resort I attempted to use that Jutsu but rest easy, I can't do it. I was bluffing." Hiruzen was taken off by the confession.

"You were bluffing?" he received a nod from Naruto.

"Yeah, if it makes you feel better, I can't use any of the Kinjutsu in the scroll either, save the Kage Bunshin."

"Then, why didn't you told us the truth in the first place? Why let all of it grow to this?" Hiruzen was a little angry.

"Would any of you have believed me if I told you I was from the future? Without any proof but my word?" He didn't get any answer.

"I thought so." Naruto got on his feet and walked a couple feet away from the Sandaime.

"Besides, its not like I can go telling people what is going to happen in the next six years or so, you never know where spies are or who is really on your side."

"I see your point. What I really want to know is why you are here? Are you in a mission? Did Tsunade sent you? Did something happen to the village?"

"Well... if I had been on a mission, that would have been the first think I would have told you instead of making stuff up." Hiruzen felt a bit stupid for asking that.

"Certain things did happen but I seriously don't think this is the place to tell you. So..."

"Lets go back to my office, then you can tell me everything. No lies this time." Naruto nodded and started following the Sandaime back to the office. He stopped walking and then looked around.

"What about them?" he pointed at the ANBU scattered around the field.

"I don't sense anyone dead or in need of immediate medical attention. You did a good job."

"So, You saw through it?"

"Not killing any of them? Yeah. I found it suspicious. Come on lets go." both headed towards the office once more.

On the way back, Naruto was a little worried that some Shinobi would try to attack him but after a reassuring look from the Hokage, Naruto relaxed. It didn't took long for the both of them to reach the Hokage tower. After some small talk with the passing Shinobi both reached the office's lobby, they thought it was weird that Naruko wasn't around.

'I wonder where she went.' Thought Naruto.

Hiruzen instructed his secretary to not let anyone disturb them while in the office. After checking that no one else was inside the office, Hiruzen put up a sound suppression seal. He motioned Naruto to take a seat while he took his place as well.

"Well.. then. Lets try this once more, shall we?"

"Yeah. Just ask, I'll answer to the best of my abilities."

"The first question is, Why are you here?"

Naruto meet the Sandaime's eyes and let out a sigh.

"The truth is, I do not know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

Naruto took a deep breath and started explaining his situation to the Sandaime.

"You see... it all began yesterday. My yesterday." Naruto clarified, after seeing the puzzled look on the village's leader. He continued.

"I had just came back from Suna with my Genin, we had been helping with repairs around the village. You see it was destroyed." Hiruzen's eyes widened, how could one of the great five Shinobi nations have been destroyed?


"It was destroyed in war by a single individual."

Hiruzen couldn't believe that, Naruto must have been playing jokes on him.

"Its quite impressive what someone can do with a really big ass bomb..." Naruto added as an afterthought.

"Moving on, that morning I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to challenge my best friend to a fight." Sarutobi decided to ask Naruto more about the war later, it was precious info that would help with the shaky relations between the two villages.

"Why would you do that?"

"I don't want to boast or anything but he is the only one who can give me a real challenge. Here as you see me, I am the most powerful man in the village. You have seen what I am capable off." Hiruzen had to agree, he had seen his Jutsu arsenal.

Naruto continued to tell him about his day until the point where he went to sleep.

"This is where things got weird, I woke up after a nightmare and decided to take a shower and eat some ramen. So far so good. After failing to think about something to waste time on, I decided to take a walk around the village. Again so far so good. Stuff changed when I saw Mizuki jumping from roof to roof shouting about Naruko stealing the scroll, this threw me for a loop since Mizuki had been dead for a while."

"I thought it might have been a prank but when I started seeing a bunch of Shinobi jumping around trying to find her I came to the conclusion that it was some sort of twisted replay from the events that had happen the night I learned the Kage Bunshin, you see Mizuki had also used me to steal the scroll."

"Since I knew what was going to happen, I speed towards the forest, I found Iruka half dead and then went after Mizuki. He revealed some info that made me finally accept that I had indeed travel back in time. You know the rest Lord Hokage." Naruto finished his tale. Hiruzen couldn't believe what the boy had told him and he knew just like Naruto that he needed to know what was it that Mizuki had told him.

"What did he tell you?"

"He told me that Naruko was the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi." Hiruzen didn't understand how that had helped Naruto come into terms about his time traveling experience.

"How did that help you?" Naruto didn't answer, he simply got up, moved away from the desk and still facing the Hokage. He lifted his right sleeve and his shirt, revealing his stomach. Sarutobi was about to ask him what he was doing when something he never considered possible happen.

Naruto's arm grew seals and on his stomach an unfamiliar seal appeared, signaling his status as a jinchūriki.

"On Naruko this should be the Hakke no Fūin Shiki. This is a far stronger seal used to contain the Kyūbi." Sarutobi's eyes widened far bigger than ever and before he could regain his speech ability Naruto continued.

"I guess a small demonstration is necessary."

Naruto concentrated a little and then a sudden flash illuminated the whole office. Hiruzen had to close his eyes and when he opened them he had to suck a deep breath in. In front of him, there stood Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. To make things look even more real he made nine tails out of chakra. The power he radiated was incredible.

"Unbelievable isn't it?" If Hiruzen still had any remaining doubt about Naruto, it was crushed under such display. Naruto quickly reverted back to his original state.

"How? How is this even possible?" Hiruzen slumped on his chair. He was too old for all this.

"Like I told you, I come from the future, a future when I managed to control the Kyūbi." Hiruzen locked eyes with Naruto. He had one last question.

"What about Naruko? I haven't heard anything about her in your story. Is she able to do the same?"

Naruto made a face. Hiruzen took it as if something had happen to her.

"You see... that's the problem. There is no Naruko, just me."

"What?" Hiruzen said in an incredulous tone.

"Don't you come from the future? If you do, then she should be there as well."

"That's the thing, she just doesn't exist, only I do. I was also surprised when I found out about her."

Silence reigned on the small office. After a couple of minutes Sarutobi spoke.

"Have you considered the possibility of you not coming exactly from the future?" he questioned.

"What? What do you mean?"

"What I am trying to say is that you might come from a different reality or dimension, one where you are are our Naruko but in male obviously."

"I kinda get it..."

Hiruzen got up from his seat and walked towards the window.

"For countless eons, people of all kinds have wondered about time travel and different realities. Is it possible? What risk could it carry? All sorts of things. I guess that was the starting point for Time-Space Ninjutsu. As you know, that kind of Jutsu creates small pocket dimensions, like the ones you use on storage scrolls. From there some started wondering about such thing, are there other dimensions apart from ours? If so, are they the same or are they different? What makes them different? Are they products of our decisions or are we the product of theirs? You know all that stuff." Hiruzen took a long look at Naruto.

"You being here proves that there are indeed other realities or dimensions."

"It still doesn't tell me why I am here..."

"I guess only time will tell." Hiruzen took his seat once more. Naruto did as well.

"I will help you to the best of my ability to get back to your time/reality/dimension. I know you want that. I would."

"Thank you Lord Hokage, it means a lot to me."

"Now, lets see about what you will be doing while we find a way back for you." Naruto nodded.

"We also need to find something believable to tell the council."

"What? Wasn't my story good enough?"

"No... but we could use some elements of your story to create a new and better one." Naruto nodded once more and then both started brainstorming about possible scenarios.

"... that brings up the point about Naruko. If we proceed with the fact that you are indeed the Yondaime's son, that would make her your sister."

"My sister huh?"

"You don't like the idea?"

"No, its not that, its just the fact that I had always wanted to have a family. Its awkward that the sister I always wanted will be myself but in female..."

"I see. Well, I know she wants a family as much as you do. I think it would do her good. God knows she has had it rough all her life but meeting you will change it for the better. It will kill two birds with one shot, you will be both her family and her protector."

"Ok, I can't wait for her to call me Onii-chan." Naruto joked.

"Believe me, she will."

"Now... where will you both live? Her apartment isn't big enough to hold two people."

"Well, you could always give us her inheritance. I know for a fact that my parents left me with enough money to live carefree for a couple of years along with Jutsu and their home."

"Ummm... you are right. As her legal guardian and brother you also have access to that. I'll let the bank know about the changes."

"Well that settles things, we just need to let the council and Naruko know your "Official" story."

"Right. Well, I'm out." Before Naruto could leave the office, Hiruzen stopped him.

"Before I forget, please come back when you have finished moving. I would like to talk with you about your past and compare its events with ours, I need to know if they are the same and only then we can start looking for possible solutions."

"Alright." Both left to their respective destinations.

Naruto was looking for possible ways to break the good news to his "Sister" he replayed in his mind possible ways he would have liked for this to happen to him. He picked one just as her apartment came into view. He dropped in front of her door and knocked once. He was greatly surprised when the door fell off its hinges.

"What the... Hello? Naruko? You there?" he called into the dark. After failing to receive an answer he decided to enter the small apartment. Anger boiled through his veins at the sigh. Saying that that apartment looked like a war zone would have been something nice to say. Everything was destroyed, there were huge holes in the walls along with the ever present ugly graffiti. Walking into the kitchen he saw glass scattered everywhere. Broken pots and pans as well as bended silverware, the refrigerator and stove were beyond salvageable.

He left the kitchen and headed towards the bedroom. The sight was even uglier. The ceiling had caved in, graffiti covered the walls along with a dirty mattress which had been torn open and sheets stained with something Naruto didn't want to identify. On the floor next to his feet, he saw the remaining of what had once been an orange jacket. Naruto bended and took the piece of cloth. He was seething with rage, not even in his time the villagers had gone this far. He left the destroyed apartment through the ruined ceiling, once he was out he got into a meditating pose and quickly gathered enough natural energy to activate his sage mode. A quick sweep through the village reveled her location close to the 20th training ground. He got up and made his way towards her.

Naruko was sitting against a tree, she had stopped crying a while back. She had expected the villagers to vandalize her apartment but not to the extent they did. It was inhabitable by all means. Not only did they stole the little food she had but they had stolen Gama-Chan as well. It had her life savings.

She had started to ponder on her situation. Was it really worth it to spend all her life trying to prove her worth to the village when it was clear that they hated her? Would they even respect her for who she was and not for what she might be able to do? The resolve she had made last year came back to bite her, after all, she had promised to stand her ground and take everything they might felt like throwing her way. She wasn't so sure now. If she left, the villagers would be happy and she might be able to find happiness somewhere else. After all, it was not like anyone would miss her, maybe the Hokage would.

The idea was temping but she knew just as well that happiness was not the only thing she might find out there. She might very well walk into an even worse hell. She could end up as a slave or killed off by a Nuke-nin, even worse, she might end up like someone's plaything. That was not a risk she was willing to take, maybe when she was a bit stronger. She let out a sigh, at least here she had the Hokage.

The sound of a twig snapping stopped her from musing longer. She had company. Looking up, her eyes meet an identical pair of blue eyes like her own. A smile quickly spread across her face.

"Naruto Nii-san!" She quickly got up and dusted herself off. She walked closer to him.

"What are you doing here? I thought jiji was looking for you?"

"Yeah, he was. We talked for a bit and settled things."

"That's nice. So, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yeah. Look, I'm sorry for what happen to your home." Naruko frowned.

"So... you saw it."

"Yeah, I was looking for you and I went to your apartment... I'm sorry about it." silence reigned for a couple of seconds.

"Looks like we are both a pair of homeless people." She gave him a questioning look.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I did told you I was new to the village, I still haven't found a place to live. I was hopping you would help me find a place." Naruko frowned once more.

"Why would you ask me to help you? Me out of all people?"

"Well... I have a Sister, about the same age as you and I thought that you might have the same taste. Whatever house you pick, I'm sure she will like it as well." Naruko looked surprised for a moment.

"Oh... I see. I bet she must be proud of having a strong brother like you." Naruko quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

"Sorry, that came out of the blue. Anyways, sure I'll help you out. By the way, what's her name? If I can know of course." Naruto gave her a smile.

"Of course. Her name is Uzumaki Naruko. Sister of Uzumaki Naruto, here present." Naruto pointed at himself. The look of extreme surprise and disbelief on her face made Naruto think that perhaps he had overdone it.

"W-w-wh-a-at?" Was the only thing her stunned brain managed to come up with.

"If you remember, I told you I was new to the Village. You see, I came here to look for my family." He gave her an even bigger smile. "And it seems like I finally found you Naruko-chan or should I say, Imouto-chan?" Naruto dropped into one knee and extended his arms.

"Come here Imouto-chan, your brother is waiting for you."

Naruko didn't move for a couple of seconds but when she did, she launched herself at Naruto, she quickly hugged him like her life depended on it while bawling her eyes out.

"Onii-chan!" she managed to blubber out. Naruto was hugging her as well.

"Do not worry ever again my little sister. I am here and nothing will ever be able to separate us." he whispered into her ear as she kept on crying.

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