Kurt Hummel is now friends with David Anderson and Wes Williams

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Rachel Berry: Aww Kurtie!

Kurt Hummel: I know! (Squeal)

Rachel Berry: I'll IM you

Santana Lopez: Dislike!

Blaine Criss: Why the dislike?

Santana Lopez: I don't know, just feel like disliking someone else's joy.

Brittany S. Pierce: I like ducks.

Finn Hudson: Congrats Kurt.

Kurt Hummel: Thank You.

Rachel Berry: Finn- er we need to talk. Can you come over?

Finn Hudson: YES!

Finn Hudson: Finally! Is she going to let me get to 3rd base.

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Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: Dude, your dumb!

Santana Lopez: Have Fun!

Kurt Hummel: He's so naive

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Rachel Berry is now single

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Finn Hudson is now heartbroken.

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Finn Hudson: WTF? Brittany why did you like that?

Brittany S. Pierce: Idk, I didn't even know I was online.

AN- Sorry it's so short. I am working on story ideas right now, so please be patient, I will try to keep up updating