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Now it was time for Lovino to look confused. Antonio smiled gently as he wiped some more tears of his little treasure's countenance.

"On one of my journeys to the Americas a long time ago, I was introduced to a new drink I had never before tasted in any European country. The natives called it chocolate and it was a most precious drink for them. I wanted to bring this drink to my people and so I asked how this beverage was made. It turns out this drink was made from the seeds of a native plant, these seed are the cacao seeds, or cocoa as you know them. Well Lovi, the powder made from this seeds is bitter to the taste, but you already know, you tried it first when I brought it over to Europe remember?"

Romano nodded though he still didn't understand what the connection was.

"Well… the sweet, delicious chocolates we can eat now are made with the same cacao, and aren't chocolates just deliciosos?"

Romano nodded again.

"The thing is Romano, my sweet little Romano, you are just like chocolate, you might be bitter at first, but once people get know the real you, you're the sweetest person ever."

"Everybody says that about Feli…" Romano interrupted unbelieving of what he was hearing yet his face was a little flushed.

"But it's different. Feliciano is sweet, but to me he is sweet like… like honey. Honey is very sweet, always sweet but I get tired of it, I can't even eat it just like that. I like to put some in tea or pastries sometimes, but you don't see me just eating spoonfuls of it just like that. Chocolate on the other hand has its bitterness to it, it's like a special unique trait that only chocolate has and it blends perfectly with its sweetness to make the best darn treat ever. I never ever get tired of chocolate just like I never ever get tired of you. I love you with all of your special traits, you are you and no one can ever replace you Lovi. I love you for who you are and I do want you, but I want all of you, your body, your thoughts, your breaths, your heart, your soul, each and every part that makes you, you."

Lovino buried his blushing face on Antonio's chest. He just didn't want the tomato bastard to see how unaffected he was by his words. No one had ever told him anything even close to what Antonio has just said to him. No one ever loved him as he was, he had always been criticized and ostracized for being…well himself. But Antonio loved him for it? How could it be possible? Should he believe him?

The way Antonio held him, the way he always looked at him, the way he always cared for him, even the way he made fun of his sometimes told him that he should, that he could believe him, that he could trust España. The memories for his nightmare faded into oblivion as he breathed in Spain's scent, earth and spice as usual. He allowed his arms to circle the other's waist even if his didn't reach all the way around like Antonio's did. He was still crying but only because… because he was happy. Antonio noticed and made him look at him concerned.

"Please don't cry anymore amor mio" He whispered softly "I don't want to see you in pain ever again, when you're in pain it hurts me as well… I would never forgive myself if I let anything hurt you again Romano…"

He wanted to say "Shut up tomato bastard" instead he cried a desperate "Besame Antonio" He wanted to push him away, instead he leaned even closer. He wanted to head-butt him, instead he inexpertly crashed his inexperienced lips against the older man's and stole a kiss. He didn't want to, but he needed the contact so much it was suffocating him. Why must he need to feel this damn tomato lover's touch, this darn happy-go-lucky man's love? He couldn't as of yet understand, but he didn't have to… at least not now.

Lovino's kiss was desperate and full of a fire Antonio didn't know the younger nation possessed, he responded with more calm, taking things slowly, enjoying every second his lips where in contact with those of his amado niño, su pequeño tesoro. He tasted sweet, like cherries and chocolate. He smiled inwardly as his mouth danced over Lovino's. After what seemed like an eternity, Lovino finally broke their kiss. He was flustered and his checks were a burning red.

"Like a sweet tomato" The Spaniard said smiling at his love's face. As expected, Romano pouted and told him to shut up and 'I don't look like a tomato damn you!' Suddenly he opened his eyes widely and, for the first time since he had woken up in the hotel, noticed his surroundings. They were in a hotel suite, and not just any suite, it was on one of Italy's most exclusive and expensive hotels. He knew it because… well he had to, it was in Rome after all. But that wasn't all, aside the sumptuously luxurious room, the floor was covered in rose petals, red and white and vases full of the same flowers sat on the many tables, stands, dresser… everywhere. He also noticed the soft piano music playing in the background.

He looked at Antonio utterly perplexed. "What… what's all this?" I mean… this is the St Regis Grand Rome and… all these… flowers…"

Antonio grinned his trademark smile. "This is… well… the reason why I wasn't home all day. I wanted to give you something special because you are special to me Romano. Would you let me take care of you tonight, please?" The Spanish man offering Lovino his arm.

Lovino didn't know what to say, his face went scarlet but there was no point in hiding it now anyway. He took Antonio's arm and let himself be guided to a grand balcony, a rather small circular table in the center dressed with wine colored cloth. Rose petals making a path to said table. On the table sat the finest silverware and glassware and there were candles of different sizes on either side of an exquisite arrangement of white roses tainted with red, delicate gypsophila and white lilies.

The brunette couldn't help gasping as he realized the meaning of the carefully built arrangement. Flowers were an important, almost essential part of his culture and their meanings were well known to every Italian who prided him or herself of being so. Antonio couldn't have made such an arrangement just randomly. The lilies and roses said 'I want to be with you because in you I can taste the heavens' and the seemingly small and unimportant gypsophila prayed 'my love is everlasting'.

"I trust you're hungry my sweet tomato" Spain said smiling as he led Lovino to the table and helped in on to a chair.

"Well… I… I am… there was nothing edible in the house moron… and I wasn't just gonna eat pie all day now was I?"

"That's good" Antonio laughed, "because I've prepared all your favorite dishes just for you!…well I'm eating too, but that's beside the point. What do you wanna it first Roma?"

They sat at the table and eat the delicious food Antonio had prepared, Romano ate quietly as always but this time he would smile shyly once in a while as Spain recounted all the trouble he had gone through to prepare everything for that night. He told him about how hard it was to wake up and just leave Roma alone without even stealing a single kiss from his sleeping face and how Roma had pouted when Antonio left his side, to which comment Lovi replied 'Did not!' and called him a tomato face liar and stuffed his face with linguini. He also told him about the pie and how he'd burned his hand. Lovino called him an idiot but would occasionally glance over to his hands trying to see which he had burned. He told him about the chocolates and wanting to share them with him, Romano almost choked on his glass of wine remembering how he'd eaten half the box by himself while watching TV and then hid his face as he regretted throwing the other half away.

"Ahem…about that" Lovino said avoiding all contact with the green eyes that looked at him expectantly. "Well… um… you see…um bastard.."

"Ah! Don't worry Lovi, Gil told me all about it, and I have another box that I bought so I could still share with you just in case."

I swear I'm gonna kill this moron one of this days… Lovino told himself. But not today, not today….

"So how did you like dinner?"

Meh… it was kind of ok "It was great thanks" Damn it! why was his mouth working against him now! And had he just said thank you to the grinning moron in front of him? Damn it. Damn it!

Antonio looked surprised, but he soon relaxed his gaze and proceeded to ask the next embarrassing question.

"And how did you like the flowers Lovi? Aren't they just beautiful?"

Ok, so maybe he did just decide on that arrangement by accident…

"Do you know what they mean?" ….Or not.

"Er… could… could we have dessert p-please?" Lovino ushered avoiding the question. Antonio smiled gently and agreed with a soft 'por supuesto amor mio' that sent shiver's down Lovino's spine and made him blush even more, if that was possible. Antonio brought another food cart, but this had a single platter on it. The Spanish man put the plate carefully in front of Lovino and kneeled down beside him.

Is he trying to mouth feed me? The boy wondered. I… guess I'll let him… just today.

Lovino closed his eyes as Antonio lifted the cover off the plate. When Lovino's eyes opened there was a generous slice of cherry pie looking at him from the table topped with whipped cream, another cherry and… a ring?

The Italian stared a the plate, then at Antonio, then at the plate again. What in the name of Holy Rome was going on? The Spaniard smiled as he took the cherry, slid off the ring from the thin stem and plucked the fruit into his mouth licking his fingers after putting the stem on the side. He took a fork and cut a bite size piece of the treat and some of the whipping cream and offered it to Lovino who was completely dazzled he even opened his mouth allowing for Antonio to feed him the pie.

He came to his senses as he savored the combination of rich almond crust, fluffy whipped cream, and tangy cherry filling that just melted in his mouth. He allowed Spain to feed him more of the delicious dessert forgetting for a few moments about the strange appearance of the ring on his pie. The slice of pie was gone after a few uninterrupted minutes, time which Spain had spent watching Lovino's face as he enjoyed his favorite dessert. It was a magnificent sight to behold and he felt blessed fro being able to witness it. But time was precious and there was still more to do.

When Lovino opened his eyes after enjoying the last bit of pie he found Antonio watching him intently, no need to repeat just how red his face was or how nervous this look on Antonio's face made him.

"W-what is it?" He couldn't even bring himself to speak a single curse or insult

"You're so cute Italia Romano" Antonio said still on his knees. The way he said it made Lovino tremble, just a little. Unlike all the other times when he called him, he wasn't grinning like a fool, he was simply smiling openly not taking his eyes away from Lovino's face for even a fraction of a second. Lovino averted his gaze unable to meet Antonio's and he noticed that the man was still kneeling down; he'd been kneeling down the entire time! And… he was holding the ring. He wasn't planning to… No, he couldn't be… no way… no freaking way in hell!

Antonio held his chin up so he was forced to look him in the eye. He panicked. He wanted to run away. He wanted to push Antonio away like always, but he didn't. he sat there motionless and speechless, holding his breath.

Antonio smiled again softly and took his left hand with his right. "Lovino Vargas" He repeated the Italian's name. "I know I'm not the best person in the world, I know I have flaws and make mistakes all the time. I know I can't always tell what you're thinking or how you're feeling. And I know I will sometimes do things that will hurt you without meaning to, and maybe even willingly on occasion."

A fleeting cloud of guilt dulled the emerald stare for a second as he pronounced those lines and he clutched Lovino's hand a little harder.

"But I also know that I love you with all my heart and soul and I want to be with you forever, not until death do us part, but even beyond the grave. I want to be by your side for all eternity. My love is everlasting and I want to share my life with you because in you I have found my heaven."

Lovino didn't even notice the tears until Antonio gently wiped them off his face again.

"Mi querido niño, I'm nothing more than a common man, but I would feel like the King of Spagna and the entire universe if you, mi muy amado tesoro would marry me." This said Antonio slid the golden band on Lovino's ring finger and kissed it.

Lovino didn't know what to say or think except that Antonio did know exactly what the flowers mean and he had picked them deliberately. He was shocked, taken aback, and damn, damn happy. But he couldn't say a thing for what seemed hours, Antonio was still smiling; Lovino knew he was waiting for an answer.

Y-yes… yes damn it you stupid stupid tomato bastard!… or at least that's what he really wanted to say instead he said something really stupid.

"You have whipped cream on you face idiot" And he launched himself into Antonio's arms kissing him for the second time in the last few hours. Antonio hadn't expected the kiss and so was unprepared for the sudden 'attack'. He lost his balance falling on his back with Lovino on top. Lovi didn't seem to mind as he was too busy showing Antonio his answer. When their lips parted Lovino was looking at Antonio with an expression the tanned man had never seen. His little tomato didn't seem so little, he was a full grown man though he still conserved the childlike features Antonio loved so much, but there was a glow in those hazel eyes of his that could easily set the entire place aflame.

"Lovi…" Antonio half whispered holding Lovino close to him

"Hmm" Was the reply

"Te amo"

Lovi kissed him again softly. I guess I could kinda get used to this…maybe

"Anche io vi amo… my tomato bastard" Lovino murmured against the other's lips keeping as close to Antonio as possible.

"By the way Lovi…" Antonio said to his ear "Happy Valentine's

So yeah, this fic wasn't supposed to be all dark and stuff... it had actually started as a stupid idea of mine because I wanted to write something for Val's day and was craving cherry pie... of which I had acquired none v.v But in any case...

The original idea was for a light and fluffy kinda humorous fic where Antonio is planning to surprise Lovi with a super Romantic date to sweep the boy off his feet and so he leaves little presents around the house to lead him on, starting with the Cherry pie and the chocolates... but then I don't know what the hell happened and when I realized Lovi was having the nightmare about crazy!Spain and then everything just went on a crazy tangent and well.. this is what came out... And Damn it Lovi feels so OOC at the end... Gawd... but I just couldn't resist... But Gil was awesome even with his short appeareance...

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