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Construction paper of various shades of red lined the dorm room floor of Zero Kiryuu; the vampire hunter, ex-human, and Day Class guardian. A frustrated grunt fell from his lips as his fist came hard and fast against the desk after having yet another poorly shaped heart float to the ground around him. That had been Zero's tenth attempt within the past five minutes at creating a somewhat decent representation of the symbol of love, and yet he had failed once again.

He just didn't understand it. It didn't seem all that hard; Yuuki had been making them for days on end with no problem, being able to cut hundreds of hearts to decorate the halls and rooms of the Sun Dorms earlier this week. Yet, when he wanted to make one simple symmetrical heart, the normally simple task seemed nearly impossible for this recognized vampire hunter. He had considered giving up, cleaning up his room, and forgetting all about this total failed mission; but when he thought about who this heart was intended for, he picked up another sheet of pale pink paper, a pair of scissors, and set to work…


"Zero-kun!" Yuuki yelled. She had arrived at Zero's dorm, prepared to decorate the Guardian's living space with all the glitter and streamers she could possibly cram into the small space when she found him with his head on his desk, napping like a small child. She had tried to wake him up, to bring Zero back from his land of dreams, but nothing she has tried had worked.

Zero started to mumble in his sleep, his eyes moving quickly across his eyelids, traveling into the deeper part of the REM sleep cycle. His soft, low-pitched voice rung out into the room, "Yuuki-chan…"

His voice trailed off with a longing tone that left Yuuki confused. "Yes, Zero-kun?…" she questioned hesitantly, hoping that he had awakened.

Yet again a hushed whisper fell from the lips of the silver-haired teen, "I love you…"

Yuuki's mouth feel open in shock and surprise. She couldn't believe what her best friend of seven years had uttered in his sleep. Zero-kun… loves her? She was baffled, confused, and… elated? When Zero said he had loved her, her heart swelled in her chest, her big mahogany eyes filled with tears, and an overwhelming sense of happiness washed over her, leaving her with a bright smile on her face.

She walked over to his bed and laid out her various supplies, being cautious as not to wake the sleeping beauty at his desk. The butterflies that had awakened in her stomach when Zero unknowingly confessed his feelings hadn't died down with his silence but continued to flutter widely with joy.

Trying to be as sneaky as possible, Yuuki collected various colored streamers in her arms and hastily strung the colored paper to and fro, across the room; creating a sky of numerous stains of bright saturations of colors against the ceiling, calling anyone who sees it to smile with a childlike amusement.

Yuuki let out a bell-like laugh, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Zero shift in his seat; her laugh stopped short. She didn't want him to wake and catch her invading the privacy of his room.

Yuuki quickly picked up the paper hearts she cut out and decorated and started to hang them up all around the room. After about ten minutes of rushed and hushed decoration, Zero Kiryuu's dorm room was covered in an explosion of pink and red and buckets loads of glitter. Yuuki smiled and stood back, admiring her handy work when another voice spoke out into the room, "Oh Yuuki…"

Yuuki's face flushed crimson, the skin of her cheeks matching the shade of the many decorations in the room.

Yuuki sighed; there was only one thing left to do…


Zero woke groggily, slowly lifting his head from his desk, one of his failed attempts at creating a heart clung to his face. Zero, not fully awake, let out a loud yawn, stretching his arms above his head, trying to relieve all of his muscles of the stiffness he had inflicted on them.

He carefully removed the heart from the side of his face, looking at it with a quizzical expression. He focused on the wording that was scrawled onto the deep red heart. This wasn't one of his hearts, it was symmetrical and looked as if made by a tracer.

Zero scrunched up his eyebrows into the middle of his forehead and studied the heart further. He own heart stopped. It was Yuuki's handwriting. When was she in my room? That's when he noticed the various decorations around the room, taking in all of the various streamers, glitter, and shades of red. He shook his head and chuckled to himself; that girl was always so full of energy and kindness.

He glanced down to the heart in his hands, finally taking the time to notice what was actually written on the paper.

His jaw dropped to the floor, and his face flushed with embarrassment, but yet her couldn't find it within himself to be upset. He quickly jumped out of his chair and hurried off to find Yuuki-chan, letting her heart flutter to ground to lie next to his.

"Dear Zero-kun,

Happy Valentine's Day! ;D

Love, Yuuki

P.S- Did you know you talk in your sleep?Oh, and don't worry. I love you too ;D"

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Happy Valentine's Day!