Hey juys! Here's the second episode to Tales of a Teenage Boy. I think it came out very well. References to the Annoying Orange and Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion are made.

{Cut to outer space, with The Moon, a planet and Earth. Homestar Jr. is running around Earth. The only land on Earth is the poles and outline of United States. Earth turns into a blue shirt with a star on it.}

Here comes Homestar Junior! {pan out to show Homestar Jr. in the field}
He's wearing blue and on the scene! {Cut to Homestar Jr. running in front of a green screen with a camera filming}
He's so smart, and he's got the charm! {Cut to Homestar Jr. taking a test that only asks one question: "1 + A = ". He scratches his head with his pencil.}
Homestar Jr., don't you know what I mean? {Cut to Homestar Jr. on bass guitar with Palm-Palm on drums, Specs on her electric rhythm guitar and Milestone on keyboards. They perform on Bubs' in front of a cheering crowd}

{Cut to Homestar Jr. running over a hill, silhouetted.}

(Homestar Jr.!) The stories of him!
(Homestar Jr.!) The kid with a whim!

{Cut to Homestar Jr. standing in the field. The characters appear when the singer introduces them}

He's got a girlfriend, her name is Specs! {Specs hugs Homestar Jr. and kisses him.}
His best bud Palm-Palm, sister Homezipan too! {Palm-Palm bounces in and Homezipan giggles.}
Know-it-Ally, Milestone, Monocle, Star Bad {each appear from thin air}
There's Jack-Jack and there's Violet Blue! {Jack-Jack clowns in and Violet skips in}

{Cut to a closeup of the silhouette of the ten characters, which quickly moves away from the viewer. The background is yellow.}

(Homestar Jr.!) The tales to enjoy!
(Homestar Jr.!) Tales of a Teenage Boy! {The words "Homestar Jr." and "Tales of a Teenage Boy" appear in the center of the screen and soon fly out of view. The silhouette becomes outlined in black, and then becomes fully colored. The group slowly moves closer to the viewer and the screen fades to black shortly after three seconds.}

{A picture of Homestar Jr. dressed as a ninja with an angry look and Baddette raising her fists shoots out into a background of blue and yellow beams of light spinning slowly. The title appears (on top of the group and under them) and says "Homestar Jr.:" "Teenage Ninja". Japanese rock music plays in the background. Cut to a dark blue background with the words "Animation by The Brothers Chaps" and "Vocal Styles by Matt, Mike, Missy, Zack, James, Blake and Danni" in white.}

{The title card fades into the gym. Homestar Jr. and Baddette - in karate attire - circle each other, hoping to make a move on the other.}

BADDETTE: Give it up, dork kid! You're only good for books and nothing more!

HOMESTAR JR.: Oh, I can be an athlete, Baddette, any time I want!

{Cut to the audience, consisting of Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Pom-Pom, Bubs, Homeschool, Know-it-Ally, Violet Blue and Miley Homey.}

MILEY HOMEY: Come on, Homestar Jr.! Kick her butt!

STRONG BAD: Come on, Baddette! Beat him to a pulp!

KNOW-IT-ALLY: Oh, I know the lad can do it!

{Cut back to Homestar Jr. and Baddette.}

HOMESTAR JR.: You forget... I have backup in mind!

{Cut to a blank wall where Palm-Palm, Specs and Homezipan jump in with karate gear.}

SPECS, PALM-PALM and HOMEZIPAN: {karate moves and yells}

{Cut to Baddette, who grins.}

BADDETTE: This'll be easier than anticipated!

{Baddette, Specs, Homezipan and Palm-Palm leap into action. Specs fights off Baddette, who throws her against a wall, smashing Specs' glasses.}

SPECS: {clutching her head} Argh! My glasses!

{Cut to Homezipan who just stands there while Baddette throws her into the air, and Homezipan lands on her head.}

HOMEZIPAN: That was fun! {giggles}

{Baddette pounces on Palm-Palm, but she flies back into a trash bin. The crowd laughs, while Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat look on in shock.}

HOMESTAR JR.: Thanks, buddy! I coulda been in a worse situation!

{Unknown to Homestar Jr., as he speaks, Baddette charges up behind him ready to give the final blow.}

HOMESTAR JR.: What could have gone-

{Homestar Jr. yells as Baddette punches him high into the air through the roof. Some roof rubble falls onto the floor.}

BADDETTE: Have that, loser!

{Cut to Homestar Jr. (bandaged up with black eye and leg cast), Marzipan, Rosemary, Coach Z and Specs in Marzipan's living room.}

MARZIPAN: Let me guess... you were fighting with Baddette to improve athletic skills.

HOMESTAR JR.: That's right! I was hoping to one day be a karate master!

ROSEMARY: Look, we know you're only thirteen years old, having become a teenager last month, but being a karate master probably isn't best for you.

COACH Z: It causes injury and could porsibly kill people!

SPECS: It wasn't your fault, Homestar Jr. I shouldn't have agreed to join you as backup.

HOMESTAR JR.: Homezipan got it worse. She didn't even fight back!

{Record scratch}

MARZIPAN: {shocked} What?

{Homezipan walks by on crutches with leg casts, a torso cast, a bandaged head, dry blood on the corner of her mouth, and a black eye.}

HOMEZIPAN: {as she walks by} Pain... cry... damage... teeth... groan... {trails off}

MARZIPAN: I see what you mean.

{Cut to Homestar Jr. - fully healed - leaning on the brick wall. Bird chirps are heard in the background. The text "Friday - Winter Break" appears for four seconds and disappears. Palm-Palm bounces in.}

PALM-PALM: Hey buddy. I'm really sorry about that challenge on Monday.

HOMESTAR JR.: It's not your fault. I wish I could beat Baddette in a karate fight.

PALM-PALM: Why not be a ninja? They're those dudes from Asia that are good fighters! They are heard to have walked on water, catch an arrow from midair, and catch a sword between their hands!

HOMESTAR JR.: {jumps up} Why didn't I think of that before? Let's go!

{A samurai sword slashes at the screen to reveal Homestar Jr. and Palm-Palm in a Japanese-style classroom with Pom-Pom and a forty-something ninja teacher.}

KIYON: {in a strong Japanese accent} Konichiwa, my young friends. I am Kiyon. I am an 88th Level Ninja Lord, and I learned in the finest ninja classes of Tokyo!

HOMESTAR JR.: I'm Homestar Jr., and this is my best friend Palm-Palm.

KIYON: {to Palm-Palm} Ah, your father told me all about you. I will teach you, Homestar Jr., on becoming a ninja! Are we clear?

HOMESTAR JR.: Yes, sir!

{Cut to a montage to heavy Japanese rock music. We see Homestar Jr. in a black karate suit without his hat and Kiyon fighting with dull samurai swords. Then they battle Pom-Pom with nunchucks. Kiyon vanishes in a cloud of smoke and reappears, Homestar Jr. follows. Homestar Jr., Kiyon, Pom-Pom and Palm-Palm each stand on one foot on rocks. Palm-Palm catches a fly with chopsticks. Cut to sunset with the four battling each other with dull swords. Cut to black and the music stops. Fade in to show Homestar Jr. in a dark blue ninja suit with a black mask, a white star on the ninja shirt, and Homestar Jr. is wearing his hat.}

HOMESTAR JR.: Thanks for the lessons, Mr. Kiyon! By the way, if Baddette is a ninja, what level is she?

KIYON: Baddette, my friend, is a Sixth Level Ninja Lord, while you, my friend, are an Eighth Level Ninja Lord for a teenager! Your next battle with her is on Thursday, so be prepared!

HOMESTAR JR.: Yes sir!

{Homestar Jr. vanishes and reappears in Marzipan's living room. Marzipan enters and gasps in shock.}

MARZIPAN: Homestar Jr., where did you get that suit?

HOMESTAR JR.: Took lessons from a Japanese teacher, Kiyon. He's an 88th Level Ninja Lord.

MARZIPAN: Are you serious...?

HOMESTAR JR.: Very! {disappears and reappears behind Marzipan} See?

MARZIPAN: {thoughts} I must be outta my mind!

{Cut to the kitchen. To Japanese rock music, Homestar Jr. chops up a loaf of bread to slices with a half-size sword, dices up the cheese, meat, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles and throws the slices into the air, and makes sandwiches. He tosses the sandwiches into the air and they all land onto each plate. Homestar Jr. throws a bag of chips into the air, and with one kick, it explodes and chips rain into bowls. He pulls out cups and a bottle of tea, puts pressure on the bottle, tea flies into the air and lands into the cups. Homestar Jr. then sets up the table and sits down. Music stops. He takes off his hat and mask and sighs.}

HOMESTAR JR.: Making lunch ninja style is hungry work. {takes his cheese, meat and tomato sandwich, takes a bite and leans back}

{Cut to Homestar Jr. in the school hallways in his ninja outfit. He opens his locker in ninja style, much to everybody's amazement.}

MILESTONE: Whoa, that was awesome!

KNOW-IT-ALLY: Oh, how did the laddie learn to do that and where'd he get the outfit?

HOMESTAR JR.: {turns to face her} From 88th Level Ninja Lord Kiyon.


VIOLET BLUE: Makes me wanna fight like a ninja.

HOMESTAR JR.: You should take lessons from him, Violet. Tell 'im I sent you.

{Cut to Specs and Monocle having seen what happened.}

SPECS: Oh my God, Monocle! Did you see how Homestar Jr. did it?

MONOCLE: Yeah, he looks more meaner than ever! By that, I meant more tougher.

{Cut to Homestar Jr. at his computer, the Tandy 700XP. An email pops up and he reads.}

Well, well, well, Ninja Dork Kid!
I wish to meet you with Baddette, The Cheat
and Strong Mad in the field this evening at
9:00 exactly! Show up after 9:05, and we'll
be long gone! But dare show up at or before
8:59, Strong Mad will deal with you in very
hideous fashion!
Crapfully, Strong Bad

HOMESTAR JR.: Humph. My parents will be in bed at 8:55, and that gives me time to get to the field by 9:00.

{Cut to Homestar Jr. still in his ninja outfit asleep in his bed. The clock reads 8:59. Homestar Jr. wakes up.}

HOMESTAR JR.: One minute. I can transport to the field a few before 9:00!

{Homestar Jr. gets up, puts on mask and hat, and vanishes two seconds before the clock changes to 9:00. Cut to to field where Strong Bad, Baddette, Strong Mad and The Cheat are waiting. Homestar Jr. pops into view.}

STRONG BAD: Ah! Perfect timing, too!

THE CHEAT: {agreeing Cheat noises}

BADDETTE: What can you do?

HOMESTAR JR.: Obvious ninja stuff. Climbing walls like a spider can, hang onto the ceiling with a lack of arms. What am I here for?

STRONG BAD: To challenge you if you're better!

HOMESTAR JR.: Bring it! {Japanese rock music begins}

{The Bads try to nab Homestar Jr., but he jumps into the air and lands behind a tree.}

BADDETTE: Get him!

{They run to the tree, but Homestar Jr. hides behind another.}


{They run to the second tree, which Homestar Jr. abandons for a third tree.}


{Every time Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat and Baddette try to get Homestar Jr., he runs off behind a tree, and before they touch him, he hides behind another. At one point, Homestar Jr. jumps up onto branches of a tree and leaps onto another like a vineless Tarzan.}

THE CHEAT: {frustrated Cheat growls}

BADDETTE: He's too tricky! {raises a fist} No one can beat me! But what does he have that I don't?

{Cut to Homestar Jr. standing on the tallest tree. He zips a shuriken at each of his enemies. Strong Bad's, Baddette's and Strong Mad's pants fall off, showing their underwear and The Cheat is shaved halfway down. The Cheat gasps and jumps in shock and covers where his private parts would be with his paws.}

STRONG BAD: {lowering eyelids in dismay} Well... crap.

BADDETTE: {growls} Humiliated by a kid...

{Cut to Strong Sad, holding a video camera, and laughs upon what happened.}

STRONG SAD: Hey Strong Bad! Look who can't fight now!

{Strong Bad, Baddette, Strong Mad and The Cheat are too embarrassed to beat up Strong Sad. Homestar Jr. grins and disappears into his bedroom, and goes to bed, calling it a night.}

{The next morning in the school hallway, Homestar Jr. closes his locker when Know-it-Ally, Specs and Palm-Palm walk up.}

PALM-PALM: Hey dude!

SPECS: Hear the news?

HOMESTAR JR.: What news?

KNOW-IT-ALLY: We heard ye fought off Strong Bad and Baddette last night! Aye, it was pretty sweet!

HOMESTAR JR.: Yeah, I bet they'll pay me out, and I'll put a stop to their games!

{Cut to the gym. Homestar Jr. and Baddette - in their ninja attire - circle each other, hoping to make a move on the other.}

BADDETTE: You humiliated me, dork kid! And I'm angry!

HOMESTAR JR.: Cause you've got a temper the color of your hair? {snickers}


{Baddette pulls out two swords. The crowd gasps. Homestar Jr. pulls out two samurais the two opponents engage a sword battle. Homestar Jr. slices one of Baddette's swords in two, breaking it, and cuts the other as well. Baddette drops her broken swords and pulls out two nun-chucks, which Homestar Jr. slices off. Baddette pulls out her stars, which are cut to bits by Homestar Jr.'s.}


HOMESTAR JR.: {now on the wall like a spider} Try me!

{He leaps off the wall and kicks Baddette to the ground. The crowd cheers, but Baddette pulls out a third sword, like she's about to slice Homestar Jr., but suddenly Violet Blue (dressed in a dark blue ninja suit) blocks her attack, and fights off Baddette.}

BADDETTE: Two of you! That's a foul!

{Cut to Kiyon and Coach Z in a small coach booth. Kiyon chuckles. Cut back to Violet Blue and Baddette fighting, and Homestar Jr. joins Violet, blocking Baddette's sword attacks. Palm-Palm bounces in with a ninja outfit on and sends Baddette flying into a trash bin butt first. Cut to a blank wall which Homestar Jr., Palm-Palm and Violet Blue land in front of, with ninja-like poses. The crowd cheers wildly.}

HOMESTAR JR.: Violet, where'd you learn that?

VIOLET BLUE: From Kiyon.

{Kiyon walks up with Coach Z and Marzipan.}

KIYON: Great job, Homestar Jr.! I knew you had it in you. Being a ninja is fun, but it can also be very dangerous.

MARZIPAN: I think you should stick with other sports like football.

HOMESTAR JR.: Okay, mother.
VIOLET BLUE and PALM-PALM: {simultaneously} Yes, Mrs. Runner.

{Cut to Baddette in her trash can. She growls angrily.}

BADDETTE: I'm never gonna hear the end of this! I'll get that kid one day... {growls} One day...

LOL! Poor Baddette. Not even the toughest girl can win sometimes. I liked the part where she went nuts trying to beat that little ninja. What did you like best?

BTW, this is actually episode 8, and Homezipan's Valentine Trouble is episode 7. The true first six episodes should be up soon.

Bye! HI-YAH!