Title: Sense of Demand

Rating: R

Summary: A year after Calypso's rage, Elizabeth had been working on a project to make the cove a better place. Jack had been looting and pirating in the Caribbean Sea, his father's words still ringing in his ears.

Beta: The wonderful and lovely florencia7!


"Silks?" Jack thought for a second. "That'd make a pretty penny. Where did you get this information, Gibbs?"

Gibbs smiled. "Been spreading 'round the ship like wildfire. Don't know if it's true or not..." He stopped and closed his mouth.


Gibbs stayed silent.

Jack leaned forward in his chair, staring intently at his first mate. "Where did this delightful recommendation come from?" Jack pried.

Gibbs shifted in his spot, looking uncomfortable. The Captain knew the answer already, but if on the off-chance it was true, it would be a great opportunity. Jack looked up at his friend and sighed.

"Keep heading to Panama. I'm not falling for their tricks." Jack lifted his rum bottle to his lips, but couldn't bring himself to drink. There was a constant unsettling in his stomach. "This is not going to happen again, Joshamee. Keep a sharp eye out. No more drinking. Keep a loaded pistol on you."

"Aye, sir."

"Keep the three amigos apart." Jack frowned. "Hate to say it, but I might want to rush them before they rush us. Against my morals to kill in cold blood, but a man has to protect himself."

"Aye, sir. Let me know what you decide. I'll get Jim to help me spread the word. Gibbs left the officer's cabin.

Jack sat there in silence, scared out of his mind.


There was a constant dripping noise in the distance. Every tw oseconds, a drop. By the time the sixth one fell, Jack started laughing. He laughed so hard that his bare back scraped against the rock wall behind him, aggravating old wounds.

"Oh... oh... that's really rich. You, help me?" Jack continued chuckling.

"I know." Jim took a step forward, a key in his hands. "I deserve it."

"Help me down, son. Then we'll talk." Jack said, calming down.

Jim stepped forward again and unlocked Jack from the bloodied chains. Very carefully, he helped the Captain lower his arms. Jack moved them about carefully, his muscles sore. He looked around the cave dungeon fully, stepping close to crevice Jim slipped in. Suddenly, Jack could feel very strong magic rush against his skin. He shivered, and goose bumps appeared on his skin.

"Magical wards, huh?" Jack kept his back to the young boy. "So is there a talisman or something to help you through?" He clasped his hand together and stretched them forwards.

"I have it ri-"

With all his might Jack swung his fists around and hit Jim on the side of his head. The pirate crumpled to the ground, out cold. Jack reached over and grabbed his shirt off the floor and slipped it on, wincing at his stiff muscles.

He bent down and started sifting through Jim's pockets, eventually finding a small faggot wrapped with a feather.

"That looks odd, it must be it."


"I have the frenchman scrubbing the crow's nest, the stupid one peeling potatoes and the ugly one cutting ropes." Gibbs reported.

"Good." Jack gripped the spokes on the helm. "Gibbs... we are nearing the port. Prepare the men, I want the three fishmongers."

"I don't think that is the riht usage of the wor-"

"Just go Mr. Gibbs." Jack commanded, rolling his eyes.

As old Gibbs left to go down the stairs, Jack saw Young Gibbs come up. The knot in the Captain's stomach tightened but he kept a straight face on. Jim looked a little worried... but then again, he always did.

"Captain, sir. You told me to report to you if something was going on."

Jack blinked, waiting for the young men to continue. "Well?" he demanded.

Be careful with demnads. The end result comes quicker, and you might not like it.

"Oh!" Jim looked over his shoulder, as if to see anyone was eavesdropping. He turned back to his Captain. "They are angry, sir."

"I already knew that."

"You might not want to leave them on the ship, once you get to where you are going, sir."

"I knew that too." Jack saw Jim as unhelpful. "They want mutiny."

Jack sighed, feeling agitated. "Mr. Gibbs you are repeating things I already am aware of. Are you going to be helpful or not?"

Jim looked uncomfortable and took a step back. "I do. Want to be helpful."

"Then keep watch. Report to me with any news." Jack dismissed the boy.

All alone, he gripped the helm's spokes tightly. He looked over the sea.

"I'd sell my sould again to get out of this mess." Jack turned the wheel towards west. "But the damn eunuch wouldn't take it."