Yeah, I know I need to update Misted Horizons and finish my next zanpakuto fic...but I came up with this idea and I had to sit down and bang out the first chapter.

Basically, this is Zoro's Logbook. Zoro records all of the events of the day in here. His sentences are rather short, and the entries do not cover the whole day, as Zoro only records the events he considers interesting.

Other than that, it's pretty straightforward.

Happy reading!

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Zoro's Logbook

Day 1

Woke up. Trained.

Got into a fight with the ero-cook after saying his food was merely 'okay.'

Slept. Was woken up by Luffy who wanted me to play with him. Told him no.

Had to rescue Chopper from drowning.

Had to rescue Luffy after he dived in to try and save Chopper.

Trained. Slept.

Day 2

Was woken up by Luffy. Told him to go away. Went back to sleep.

Was woken up again by Nami. Told her to go away. Was hit in the head and yelled at for being so lazy.

After calling her a witch, had debt raised by 300%.

The ero-cook got involved. Tried to kick me for insulting his 'precious Nami-chan'.

Blocked kick.


Was somehow persuaded by Luffy to go fishing with him.

Caught a gigantic Sea King. Beat said Sea King up.

Ate said Sea King at dinner. Tasted delicious.


Day 3

Docked on an island. Wanted to go to the local sword shop, but was dragged off by Luffy in search of meat.

Ran into Marines at restaurant.

Beat said Marines up.

Accidentally wrecked restaurant, too.

Left island in a hurry.



Day 4

The ero-cook locked all of our alcohol supply in a cupboard. Refuses to tell me the lock combination.

Waited until ero-cook left. Cut lock apart.

Drank all the alcohol.

Polished swords. Trained.


Day 5

Luffy wanted me to help him steal some meat from the larders.


Cut lock on refrigerator open.

Left before the ero-cook could pin the blame on me.

Trained with weights. Polished swords.


Day 6

Heard the ero-cook singing in the shower.

Recorded the ero-cook singing.

Played recording to rest of the crew.

Had a fight with the ero-cook, but it was worth it.

Trained. Training session was interrupted by Luffy falling in the water.

Fished Luffy out.


Day 7

Ran into a herd of Hippocampus today.

Luffy managed to ride on one.

Had to rescue him from drowning when the herd took a sudden dive.

Trained with weights.

Took a nap. Was awakened when a bucket of ice water was dumped on my head.

Had another fight with ero-cook for dumping water on my head.



Day 8

Docked at an island.

Chopper managed to persuade me to take him to the local fair.

Chopper blew most of my money on games.

Spotted a horde of Marines. Had to run away from that girl again. She probably thinks I'm a coward. It bugs me! She looks so much like...agh!

Left island with Marines chasing us. Escaped with a 'Coup de Burst'.



Day 9


Luffy dropped one of Robin's books in the water today.

Apparently it was really old and valuable.

Spent entire afternoon trying to get Luffy untied from the mast.

Managed to untie Luffy. Was hugged in thanks.

Polished swords.


Day 10


Brooke asked me if I could read.

Of course I can read.

Brooke noticed that I don't own many books.

I do own books. But I don't READ them.

I sort of...view them.

It's not like there are many words in weapon books.

Trained with weights.



Okay, so there you have it. That's part one of Zoro's Logbook. Should I continue it?

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