So, um…..hi. It's been a while.

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I have no excuse. Actually, I do. I've sort of lost my muse for One Piece. So this story might encounter long periods of hiatus. Either that, or it'll sound forced/unnatural. I will try to finish it, though. I actually have a good idea of the ending.

Again. I'm sorry. SO sorry. But read away.

In this chapter: The flytrap grows, the hawk is back, and a surprise appearance is made that makes Zoro's head spin...


Day 81

Marines attacked our ship today.

There were a bunch of them. One got through us, but was EATEN by that mutant flytrap.

We should get a bunch more of them and send them to the marines.


The hawk is back. Again.

It's perched on the mast right above the crow's nest.

When I climbed up, it swooped down and tried to maul me.

I was tempted to kill it.

Then I remembered it might be Mihawk's pet. It sort of looks like him.

Sort of. Minus the feathers and beak.

Trained some more.


Day 82

I had a strange dream last night.

The Marines were holding a marshmallow eating contest. All of us entered.

I think I won. How'd I beat Luffy?

When I woke up, my pillow was gone.

Screamed. I did NOT scream like a girl, no matter what the ero-cook says.

It was pretty early in the morning, so I woke everyone up.

My pillow was on the floor.

I hate marshmallows.


Chased off a pack of homicidal albatrosses that were attacking our ship.


Day 83

I was almost eaten by the mutant flytrap today.

It grabbed my arm when I was walking by. It took everything I had to make sure it didn't chew my arm off.

The ero-cook just stood there and laughed about how I was getting beaten by a plant.

Fought with the ero-cook afterwards. Was told off by the witch for disturbing her nap.


Luffy tried to cook today.

He ruined three of our pots. He also set the soup Sanji was cooking on fire.

How do you set soup on fire? I don't get it.


Day 84

Usopp dropping water balloons off the crow's nest today. He wanted to see how big of a splash they'd make.

In the middle of his experiment, we sailed straight into a blizzard. He had to stop to help us sail.

After the blizzard, he decided to resume. Luffy joined him, and they saw me walking towards the mast.

So they decided to drop a water balloon on me.

Unfortunately, the water inside the balloon was FROZEN. So they basically dropped a chunk of ice on my head.

I had to stay in the infirmary for the whole day.

Tried to train. Was stopped by Chopper.

Slept. A lot.

Day 85

The hawk came back. I saw it perched right next to the mutant flytrap.

Sat down to watch the results. Wouldn't it be great if they ate each other?

The flytrap didn't do anything. Which is weird, since it normally eats everything that moves.

The stupid hawk stared at me. I swear, if birds can look smug…

I walked towards it to drive it away.

The flytrap tried to eat me. The hawk attacked me.

My life in a nutshell.


Fought with ero-cook.


Day 86

(This entry is dated in a noticeably different handwriting style.)

My name is Roronoa Zoro. I am a moss-headed jerk with a negative IQ.

I like training, sleeping, and being stupid in general. I fight with three swords because I think it makes me look cool, but I just look stupid, really.

I spar with Sanji, one of my crew-members, but I always get beaten up because he is so much cooler and better than me.

I also have no appreciation for the opposite gender. I must be gay.

Signed, Roronoa Zoro

Day 87

I stop writing for one day and what happens?

The stupid ero-cook steals my logbook and writes in it.

In pink pen. I can't erase it. I can't rip the page out, either. I've got something else written on the back and I might do something to the spine. And I'm running out of paper anyway.

And I will NEVER EVER ask the witch for a loan so I can buy a new logbook. Ever.

I need a new place to hide this.



Day 88

Still haven't found a place to hide logbook.

The hawk is gone, but the flytrap is meaner than ever.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you. They're plotting against me.

(First sign of paranoia/insanity. Talking to your logbook.)


Drove off a pack of Sea Kings trying to attack our ship. Again.

Played poker with Chopper with candy for poker chips. Game ended when Luffy found out and ate all the 'chips'.


Day 89

The flytrap is getting huge.

It's about two-thirds of my height right now. And I can see TEETH poking through the opening. Sharp, pointy, fangs.

You know what's weird? It only attacks me.

Just me.

Chopper is awfully attached to it. He thinks he can make some sort of revolutionary medicine with the leaves/sap/something.

I swear, if it weren't for Chopper I would have cut that thing up a week ago. Let's see how its fangs do against swords.



Day 90

Docked at island.

There were a lot of people in the town square when we got off. When they saw us, they all acted like we were some kind of disease.

Not that that's abnormal or anything.

So we all split up to go buy supplies (ero-cook), clothes (witch), eat (Luffy), and sharpen swords (obviously me).

So I walk into the sword shop and WHO DO I SEE?

Hawk-eye Mihawk.

I swear, I'm not joking.

And here I am, standing in the middle of this really old sword shop gawking, and he turns around and looks at me.

And then we had the most messed-up awkward conversation in the world.


"Uh, yeah?"

"What are you doing here?"

"...I'm with my crew."

"I see you acquired some new swords."


"Hmm, Shuusui? I know that sword."


"And Sandai Kitetsu. Both of them are dangerous swords. It's impressive that you dare to wield both of them."

"Erm, thank you?"

"I must be going now. Take care, Roronoa. I'm sure we'll meet again at the top."


Then he left.

I got my swords sharpened and walked back to the Sunny. But I couldn't find it again. It must have moved.

It took a while, but I found it again.

Went straight to the crow's nest and wrote all this down.




Bet you didn't see THAT coming. XD

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