Hi there. This is my attempt at Wishfulshipping, my new favorite ship. Cilan hasn't appeared in the English dub yet, so he might be OOC. Iris might also be a little OOC since I haven't had time to really get their personalities. Here's the first one-shot…

He's my nightmare protector

At the snap of a twig they all sprang up. It was a weird sight. Cilan was observing the area, Ash was scratching his head, and Iris was tightly clutching a small object.

Feeling Iris's eyes on him, Cilan turned around to face her. That was when he noticed the object in Iris's arms. It was a stuffed doll of some sort with green hair, eyes, and a black and white outfit. Cilan could barely contain himself; that doll was identical to him! So why did Iris have it?

Iris followed his gaze, her eyes narrowing. She shoved the doll behind her back and glared daggers at Cilan, "What?"

"That doll."

Iris's gaze never wavered, "What doll?"

"The doll hidden behind your back."

Iris shook her head, "There's nothing behind my back."

Cilan sighed and strode up to her attempting to grab the doll. He managed to grab it and gave Iris a questioning look.

Iris blushed, "Give him back. He's my nightmare protector."

Cilan chuckled to himself, "Why does he look like me?"

Iris grinned as she recovered her doll in one swift motion, "That's for me to know. Oh, and take a picture, it lasts longer." She laughed, leaving behind the astonished Cilan.

It's a start. So tell me what you think. Should I do more one-shots? Please review, Arceus will spare you. =)