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This is a 75% true romance.


"Do you love him?" he asked, his head pointed toward the ground. He looked defeated.

I breathed in deeply, trying to capture any composure I had left. "Yes," I said simply.

Finally, his eyes met mine. The torture laced in them was so easy to read. "Why him? Why couldn't it be me?"

"You know why."

"No, I don't. I don't understand, Bella." He took a step closer. "Please, explain it to me, because I know you love me. I know it."

A tear slipped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. The broken man before me reached out and captured it with his index finger, trailing the wetness down to my chin, and neck. My skin erupted in gooseflesh; the feeling of his hot skin touching mine still affected me greatly.

"I do love you," I replied. "I always will, but with him, I don't feel like there is an end. I feel like I can go on forever with him and never stop. All I see is him, all I want is him, and I've never felt that way before with anyone, not even with you. With you, I knew there would be a point where we would stop. And I was right. We stopped, you stopped…."

Cupping my cheek in his hand, he took another step closer. Too close. "I never stopped loving you."

I shook my head, overwhelmed by the painful truth. "You never started."

Real facts from this prologue:

It all happened

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