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Chapter 1: Tossed Out by Pride



" Non Human Talking"

' Non Human Thinking'


Hiraga Saito was having a good day, the night before he had danced with his " Magic using Master." They had were celebrating, along with the school, the successful capture of the rogue criminal that had been terrorizing Nobles. Nobles being humans that have the ability to tap into the power of magic to their heart's content. Those without such powers were considered as commoners and lived a life of servitude towards the nobility that loved flexing their power. This was the world that Saito had found himself in after being summoned by the useless Mage Louise De La Valiel. Though their relationship had an extremely rough start since Saito's upbringing refused the idea of slavery. They had finally found some common ground to stand on. Saito had finally understood why Louise would talk about nobility so much. It was to cover her own shame, during his battle with the earth Golem he had finally seen what pained the proud pinkette the most.

After using a weapon from his home, a weapon he had only used during his time playing video games, he had finally defeated the bothersome Golem and it's creator. With the Staff of Destructing, or Rocket Launcher as Saito knew it, back in the hands of the old Mage Osman things had started to look up for Louise and her familiar. Though Saito felt a shot went through his heart when he learned that there has been other scenarios with summonings bringing things from his world. As much hope as that brought him it was soon destroyed when he learned there was no way to send him back.

Saito couldn't help but shiver as he touched a cold stone that made his bed. He let out a mumble as his complain before hearing the doors of Louise open with such force that the teens thought an attack had commenced.

" Father!" Louise yelled as she sat in her night gowned and looked at an elegant looking blond man. With him stood six of his personal guards.

" Saito!" Louise yelled when she saw her familiar be slammed into the wall of her room by her father's magic. The Gandalfr had finished reaching for his new, yet old, blade but was unable to draw it thanks to the speed and expertise of Louise's father.

" So this is the failure you brought onto this world. You should have informed me about this sooner daughter." The blond and handsome man said with a tone of dissatisfaction.

" Get dressed, I am going to fix the mess you got yourself into." The man said before slamming Saito into another wall. Louise cried with pain as she saw her father throw Saito out the window.

" Valiel-san." Osman said with rage making the high level Duke turn to him.

" I agreed to allow you to take your daughter and create a new contract with a familiar of your choice. However I need agreed to you committing murder on my school grounds." Osman said with righteous fury.

" He was only a commoner... there is a hundred...Ahhhh!" The man yelled in pain as he found the sword Louise bought stabbing through his leg. He fell to the ground clutching the wound that was brought to him from the suddenly flying sword.

" Fuck You!" Saito yelled as he fell to his death. He had used the last of his strength to throw his partner. He knew he could have killed the man but he didn't want to bring more pain to Louise.

" Father!" Louise yelled as she saw his men rush him to the medical room.

" I can't see him!" One of the guards yelled as they looked through the window while hopping to find the one that had hurt their master.

" Louise you are to join me and your father in the medical room." Osman said as a light smile formed on his face. Though he had complete authority he had felt that the Duke was willing to fight him, if it would get him to lay off the fact he had hurt a worthless Commoner. The head of the academy couldn't help but feel a wave of pride fill him since the young man had injured the powerful noble, while once again showing that magic didn't make a person unbeatable.


" Saito-san... Saito-san." A voice filled with tears said making a groan come from the injured teen. A lovely black haired teen was lightly crying as she rested her head on the arm of the incapacitated young man.

"Siesta...?" Saito said with pain making the lovely maid look at him with disbelief.

" Saito-san! Uncle Scarron! Saito-san is waking up!" Siesta yelled making the sound of feet come rushing to the room.

" Are you sure Siesta?" Siesta's cousin a teen named Jessica asked.

" Ugh." Saito groaned after trying to sit up only to feel his body collapse from pain.

" Please rest Saito..." A man that made Saito believe he was in hell said.

" Father\Uncle." The two raven haired teens said with disbelief as the odd man came in. To the girls he carried the same air and pride from before his wife's death.

" What happened?" Saito said after Siesta gave him some water to fix his raspy voice.

" You were attacked by Miss Valiel's father." Siesta said making Saito look at her with confusion.

" What was her father doing there?" Saito asked.

" He wasn't happy with the fact that Miss Valiel had a commoner as a pet. Especially after hearing about the incident with the Royal Messenger. Mr. Osman had some of the staff prepare to get you out of the academy but the man appeared a day earlier. No one was ready which is why he was able to strike you with his magic. I was washing some of Kirche's clothes when you fell into the fountain we use." Siesta said with a blush, she still couldn't' believe the things the Zerphyt woman used..

" Marto and a few of the cooks were throwing out a large tub used for cooking and saw me trying to help you. We took you to the kitchen before hearing some of guards yelling about the attack on Duke Valiel. Marto quickly hid you in a pot of meat they made before the guards came in. We kept you in the kitchen for two weeks and did everything we could to nurse you. When the men that worked for Louise's father finally left Mr. Osman came to us. He gave us your sword and had used some magic to create a copy for the Duke to destroy. After that he prepared a carriage for me to take you somewhere safe."

" You're in the Inn known as the Enchanted Fairies... it's own by my father." Jessica said making Saito look at the large lipped man.

" Siesta and her friends were worried about their beloved Sword. After hearing about everything you've been through there was no way I couldn't help you." Scarron said making Saito accept the man and his odd ways.

" Thanks a lot Scarron-san." Saito said with a smile.

" Nope, you got it all wrong as long as we are in this Inn you must call me... Mademoiselle." Scarron said making Saito develop a sweat drop before he laughed.

" Whatever you say my Mademoiselle." Saito said making the family laugh along with him.

" What happened with Louise?" Saito said making Siesta smile.

" Mr. Osman pushed on the fact that you would constantly ignore Louise's orders. To the Valiel family you are nothing more than a rogue exfamiliar." Siesta said with a hint of sadness.

" Ex Familiar?" Saito asked.

" The mark that showed the bond between you and your Master has been removed by a sacred and expensive ritual." An old and rusted sword said making his partner look at him.

" Derflinger." Saito said with a smile.

" It's good to see you back with the living partner." The blade said making Saito relax.

" I guess from now on it's going to be just you and me." Saito said as he brought his left hand up. He saw the mark that bound him to the pinkette had left.

" That's not true Saito-san..." Siesta said making Saito look at her.

" I'm standing by your side too... doesn't that mean anything to you?" Siesta said with a few tears in her face.

" I'm sorry Siesta... I didn't mean it like that. I guess from this point we're even." Saito said making Siesta smile and wipe the tears in her eyes.

" Actually partner you owe her... if she hadn't done such a great job at nursing you, you would have never survived long enough for the medicine to arrive." Derflinger said making Siesta blush as her family had knowing smirks on their faces.

" Medicine?" Saito asked.

" Osman-san sent us a few vials with some powerful potions. We just used one and you already starting to look better." Jessica said as she looked at his bandaged body.

" It's the abilities he got from the day he became a Gandalfr." The blade said making everyone look at him.

" What are you talking about?" Saito asked.

" You don't know? Times really have changed since the last time I had a partner... I guess this also explains why Louise was such a poor Void Mage." Derflinger said making Saito confused.

" Void Mage, Derflinger I don't think I'm the only one that doesn't know what's going on." Saito said making Siesta nod her head.

" I've heard of many kind of mages since I work at a magical academy but I never heard of a Void Mage." Siesta said making Derflinger think.

" I'm sure you understand how magic comes from the five elemental pentagon." Derflinger said magic the commoners nod their heads.

" Its the source of all magic that nobles can manipulate but I've only seen them use four of the elements. Fire, Water, Earth and Wind... plus I heard they can combine the four elements to make stronger magic." Saito said shocking the commoners... he had actually learned a lot about magic while staying at Louise's side.

" Right, the reason that they only use four of the points on the pentagon is because they can't tap into the fifth. It takes a special type of Mage to reach that power and because of the dangers of Void magic they are blessed with high level Familiars. When Louise summoned you it wasn't no accident, it was destiny. As a Gandalfr it was your destiny to protect the Void magic, just like it was our destiny to meet since I am a blade created by Void Mages for their familiars." Derflinger said and easily brought disbelief to the humans around him.

" Is that why you talk?" Saito asked.

" Yes, I'm suppose to help Gandalfr and their Mages unlock their full potential. I can also help watch your back since I am able to sense the life force of humans, animals and magical beings. Unlike most magical blades I can also disrupt magical attacks but that depends on your skills." Derflinger said making Saito nod his head.

" Okay so Void mages are really powerful and rarer mages but what exactly am I." Saito asked.

" As a Gandalfr you are technically a human and a familiar since it is your duty to serve your master. However human Gandalfr are not suppose to be summoned, a Void Mage can make a contract with a skilled warrior however that seems to be something that has been forgotten over time. There is something special about you Saito. Never before have I seen or heard of a Gandalfr being blessed so much by the Spirit of the Void. Normally a Gandalfr has to train with their weapons before being able to use them in battle but you seem to have a great source of knowledge in weapons and what they are capable of. See as a Gandalfr you have been blessed with super human abilities that are triggered when you are in battle. You also gain very advance senses and reflexes along with the ability to use any weapon as long as it has been made to be a weapon." Derflinger said making an image flash before Saito's eyes.

" Which is why the blade Kirche bought me didn't work." Saito said with annoyance, sure the Germanian blade looked nice but it could have cost him his life.

" Exactly, which was also the reason you were able to use that Rocket Launcher with the skills of a professional." The blade said making Saito close his eyes.

" You're amazing Saito-san." Siesta said with a blush.

" But doesn't this mean he can get stronger." Jessica asked making everyone look at her.

" The blade said that he is suppose to train properly before even thinking about going into battle. He also said that he has never seen anyone with the raw skills that Saito has. If he can take down two mages with his current skills, then how much stronger can he become if he follows the training Derflinger is suppose to give him?" Jessica asked making the eyes of everyone in the room to grow.

" I never thought of that, since Louise and Saito were still in the academy I figured there was going to be no need to rush them into their training. I also wanted to wait for Louise to awaken as a Void Mage, that way you can train in joint battle. Things are going to get hard for her and her new familiar." The blade said with his voice sounding a bit sad.

" Aren't you suppose to be at the side of her new Familiar?" Saito asked.

" You were her familiar not me, and even though she technically bought me she gave me to you as a gift. You're my partner until the day you die, Saito." Derflinger said making Saito smile.

" It's good to hear that." Saito said making Siesta wipe a lone tear as her cousin smiled at the bound between blade and master. She couldn't wonder why so many warriors despised talking blades. She remember her great grandfather had an unusual relationship with an object before his death.

" Will Saito-kun still be able to follow your training since he no longer wears the mark of Miss. Valiel?" Scarron asked.

" The moment she infused him with void magic was the moment he became a Gandalfr. The runes on his hand were nothing more than a warning so that others could see he was the familiar of a Void Mage. Just because she broke the contract doesn't mean the void magic in him is gone. Nor that the Spirit of Void has abandon him... otherwise I would have returned to a very long and deep sleep." Derflinger said making Saito feel good.

" Does that mean I can still use all types of weapons?" Saito asked with excitement.

" Not like before. Before you were a prodigy with your Gandalfr abilities, now you will probably have the skills of a novice... though we can work on that with ease." The blade said making Saito smile.

" I would like that... Siesta. When can I have another potion so that I can start my training?" Saito asked.

" In two hours Saito-san I'll make sure to bring it with some food for you." Siesta said with a smile.

" How many potions did the old Mage sent?" Derflinger asked.

" He sent five since he had seen all the damage Saito took. We already used one." Siesta said before looking at the blade with confusion.

"You should save the others partner. As a Gandalfr you have the ability to use the magic of others to heal the wounds you carry. If the potions were as powerful as they say, you should be fully healed by the end of the night." The blade said making the room fill with awe.

" Why didn't you say that before?" Saito asked with a hint of betrayal.

" We never fought a Mage that threw enough magic around for you to unlock my true form. Plus we must wait for you to unlock that skill as you grow as a Gandalfr." The blade said making Saito sigh.

" And how are we suppose to do that? It's not like I can go around picking fights with all the mages I run into." Saito said making Siesta and her family frown at that option.

" Humans aren't the only magical aware beings." Derflinger said making Saito confused.

" Monsters!" Jessica said with excitement.

" All over the world there is monsters that use magic and have been plaguing us normal people. There's plenty of Guilds that hunt down monsters." Jessica said making Saito look at her.

" Yes and they charge an arm and a leg along with your first three born children." Scarron said with a frown.

" With enough training you can take on most beast with ease." Derflinger said making Saito think.

" That would be amazing Saito-san... I have no doubt you will become a wonderful Hunter." Siesta said making Saito blush.

" Listen to your girlfriend Saito... It's not fair that you are only willing to be a hero for her. The rest of the world needs you." Jessica said making the younger teens blush.

" Monster Hunting... that sounds nice." Saito said with a smile after controlling his blood level.

" Our ancestor was also a monster hunter but he mainly did it while hopping to find some rare items." Scarron said making Saito look at him.

" Rare items?" Saito asked.

" Some monster, and we don't really know why, but some monster carry items in them. It can be gold or something useful to mages, or just something of extreme value to the world. Our Great Grandfather was always trying to hunt down items that were summoned to our world." Jessica said making Siesta nod her head.

" What do you mean?" Saito asked.

" Great Grandfather use to say he came from another world. He used to hunt down anything that came from his world while hopping to find his way back. He died before he was able to reach his dream." Siesta said with a sad voice.

" He's like me." Saito said making the family treating him look confused.

" What do you mean Saito-kun?" Scarron asked.

" I'm not from this world... I come from a place called Japan and in our world there isn't any mages. In fact our worlds seem to be light years from each other." Saito said with a sad voice.

" Light years?" Siesta asked.

" It's a form of distance, my... grandfather said that it is the time it takes for light to travel from the sun to our planet... you really are from his world aren't you?" Scarron said since until his grandfather appearing no one had ever heard about the theory behind Light Years or many of the other things Scarron's family kept as a secret.

" I hope so..." Saito said with a tired voice. Siesta took this as a sign for her and the others to leave.

" Siesta wait..." Saito said making the former maid come to his bed. Jessica smirked before leading her dad away before he embarrassed the teens.

" Can you come closer." Saito said and repeated a few times making Siesta place her ear near his mouth.

" Thank you." Saito said before kissing Siesta on the cheek. The shoulder raven haired teen blushed before leaving.

" It was nothing Saito-san." Siesta said with a blush before closing the door.

" I like her partner, she actually has a body to give you kids and doesn't have a claymore shoved up her rear." Derflinger said making Saito laugh.

" Yeah but I can't help but feel like I betrayed Louise somehow." Saito said before closing his eyes.


A roar came from the grounds of the magical academy in which Louise rested she couldn't help but shiver as the image of her new familiar filled her mind. She understood it was powerful and had amazing abilities since it had heavily damaged the school after it's summoning. She also couldn't forget the large amount of mages it had hospitalized. She feared its power but couldn't help but feel a wave of pride fill her since it had stopped it's rampage when she ordered it to. Though it became a great amount of grief since the demon like beast had only fallen into her position after her father murdered her first familiar. She hoped that when she saw Saito in the afterlife he could forgive her. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep as her familiar remained outside her window always ready to protect her.

" Damn Zero no Louise and her god forsaken Chimera." Kirche said since the legendary beast had easily gotten Louise a large amount of respect, but more importantly to Kirche... popularity.


" Now this is something that our house can use." Louise's father said as he rested in his chambers with his wife at his side. They were reading a letter from Louise's new tutor about the beast she had summoned.

" Who knew Louise had so much potential buried deep within her little body?" Louise's mother said making her father smirk.

" She is our daughter, we should have never doubted her. I can now easily see her become the greatest Valiel in the history of our family." The man said shocking his wife but not as shocked as when she was suddenly pounced by her husband.

" Oh darling." The woman moaned as the man took her for everything she was worth.


True to Derflinger's words Saito had been healed by the next day. Jessica couldn't help but sigh with a bit of jealousy when she found Saito and Siesta sharing a bed. Her younger cousin was completely wrapped around the young man as he used one of his arms to keep her close. She smiled at the look of peace Siesta had as she rested her head on his shoulder.

After getting up and getting ready for their day the two hurried to the first floor to see what they had to do. Scarron had excused them both from work since he worried about Saito's health and he didn't want to push his niece. They easily removed that form of thought since they wanted to thank him properly for everything he had done for them.

After thinking for a moment Jessica came up with a great plan. Since it would allow both parties to get what they want. To prevent Saito from finding work outside the inn she had offered him the job as dish boy since they couldn't find one that kept his hands to himself. Siesta was going to cook along side of her since she knew her cousin didn't want to flirt with anyone that wasn't Saito. Since his new duties didn't start until after mid day Saito used the morning to train. He was also lucky to have gotten in the way of a rampaging Wolf that had broken free from a nearby circus. He defeated the animal and was given a reward since the ringmaster didn't have to buy a new one.

Saito took his small bag of gold and bought himself some clothes. Since his old ones were very worn out. Siesta couldn't help but blush as she looked at Saito's new look. He had brown boots and a basic black pants. On top of that he had a white shirt with a black vest. It made him look like the bastard child of a well known Duke... which meant he looked great in the eyes of commoners. To her shock Saito bought her a gift. It was a bracelet with some charms he recognized from his world. He was able to read the Kanji and smile since it was the Kanji for Angel of Mercy. Which was what Siesta was becoming to him. An angel that showed great mercy to a guy that had lusted for her in more ways than one.

During the next month anyone would be able to find Saito in the woods in the direction behind the Inn he and Siesta were staying. He would train for two hours in using Derflinger and would repeat the same moves over and over. The blade had allowed Saito to strap small fire logs on him to help add weight while Saito trained. The Japanese boy had seen similar training in one of the manga he read while he was back home. It had taken him two weeks, and a hundred pieces of gold to set up a training ground similar to that of the same swordsman he read about, though it was easily at a level that Saito could use. The rest of his time was used in copying training styles and technique he had read on.

" Saito it's time for lunch." Siesta said with a smile as she came to call Saito. The two had grown close in a way that she had wanted since the day he had challenged the noble that had bothered her. She felt a bond to him that she wished would never be destroyed. Saito on the other hand was finding it harder and harder to not have his way with Siesta. He knew he was attracted to her but he also knew the dangers of forcing a relationship.

" Thanks Siesta." Saito said with a smile before grabbing one of the buckets near him and throwing the water over his body. Siesta blushed as she saw the cool liquid run over his growing muscles and the few scars he had from fighting Louise's father made him look like a true warrior. He shook the water off his head before grabbing a towel and drying his face.

" Let's go." Saito said as he removed the logs and re strapped Derflinger on his back. A smile on his face since Siesta already had his dirty clothes.

' I never had someone care for me so much.' Saito thought as he listened to Siesta talk about her day. She would help her cousin shop for the supplies they would need that day.

They heard a squeal and a smirk grew on the growing swordsman.

" Looks like the inn is going to have a special tonight." Saito said before drawing his blade. Siesta quickly ran to the side and watched with awe as Saito drove his blade between the eyes of the large boar that had attacked him. What had her amazed was the fact that Saito skidded on the ground before bringing the charging boar to a stop. It groaned and whined before going dead. Saito pulled out his blade and cleaned it before returning it to it's harness.

" That Boar had a lot of magical energy in it... it must have been feeding on some rare plants." Derflinger said making Saito look at the boar that was the size of a man. He quickly marked a few trees with Japanese words before going to the boar. He got under it and lifted the beast to the best of his abilities.

" Lets get out of here before it gets dangerous." Siesta nodded her head after picking up a bag of gold that had shot out of the beast. She also had a jar of high level and pure lard. She still couldn't understand why some animals in her world did that. Even though Saito had to save them from a few other attacks when she would greet him after his training was over.

" Saito-san your so amazing."The workers of the Inn said when they saw Saito show up with the Large Boar.

" We haven't offered Fresh Boar since we moved to the capital." Scarron said making his daughter nod her head.

" Hopefully it won't attract the wrong people. Siesta hurry and get the skinning kit we got a lot of work to do. Saito go to the potter and buy these things since we are going to need it." Jessica said as she showed why she was the manager of the Inn. Siesta hurried to put up Saito's money and treasure, she then got the Kit they needed and ran out. Saito was handed a list and hurried to the potter. Jessica was setting up a tarp for the soon to be skinned boar while her father used his muscles to move it. The fairies were ordered to help promote the special meat they were going to offer that day. Everyone working in the Inn had a smile on their face as they did their tasks.

" I forgot to give Saito the money he was going to need to buy the things we need." Jessica said before her father caught her arm.

" There's no need for that... I'm sure Saito-kun is going to use this moment to pay us the debt he feels he owns." Scarron said making Jessica frown when Siesta nodded her head.

" Why can't that boy accept the fact that we aren't charging him?" Jessica asked before getting back to work on helping her father skin the large beast. Her family smiling the whole time since they were used to such events happening. To Jessica and Scarron, Saito had become a part of their family through Siesta. They just waited for the day for the two teens to make it official.

" Thanks a lot Mister." Saito said to the owner of the local pottery as the man and his three sons helped Saito carry the jars, pots, and trays he had bought.

" It's the least we can do for a customer that has spent as much as you." The man said with a smile.

' Wonder why they are making such a big deal about five hundred gold?' Saito thought as he led them to the inn he lived in.

' He still doesn't understand how much money he makes from slaying those monsters. I blame Siesta's family since they spoil him.' Derflinger thought before hearing the potters lust over the talking fairy from Scarron's Inn. Saito smiled as he heard people whispering about the rare and extremely fresh meat the Inn was going to offer. He just hoped it was going to be a peaceful night. After learning he could make a descent living hunting monsters the idea of washing dishes was starting to leave him. Though it did allow him to do something else besides smelling of blood and sweat all the time. Not to mention all the eye candy he got to enjoy everyday he stayed there.


" I require you to do this task for me Louise... however your familiar must stay in the castle grounds otherwise your abilities will be told to our enemies." The Princess Henrietta said making Louise bow once more before leaving with the orders she was given. She hoped to do her best for her best friend and leader.


" I Failed." Louise said six hours later as she sat on a fountain. She had lost all her money gambling and had no other way to gain anymore to continue her mission. Her mind filling with images on how the princess was going to destroy the friendship Louise cherished. She could hear her family calling her a failure and see her snapping and using her familiar to hurt them.

" Look out!" A man yelled making Louise look at the direction of a tavern.

" Here comes another one!" Another yelled as they ducked as a Mage was sent flying out of a broken window.

" Don't stop attacking he is only one boy!" A fat and corrupt Royal Official said before hearing the sound of his men getting beaten.

" And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home." Saito said as he stood behind the frightened Mage.

' Impossible... the fight just started and all my men are gone.' The Mage thought before seeing his wand be slashed into two pieces.

" You mages think you're hot shit waving those pieces of stick around." Saito said with rage making the Mage try to run but tripped over the body of one of his body guards.

" Where you going piggy?" Saito asked making the Mage turn with fright.

" I'm not done with you... normally I got no beef with mages, knights, or commoners. To me that's nothing more than tittles some random idiot came up with. What I do got problems is with arrogant assholes that try to force others to do what they want. What I really dislike is when those assholes hurt those innocent peoples when things don't turn the way they want. What I hate most of all is when those assholes hurt people important to me." Saito said as he pointed his sword to the throat of the man.

" Y-Y-You can't do this to me. I work for the court..." The man said as he sweat a large amount of bullets.

" You used to work for the court. The moment you and your men hurt the girls of this Inn your lives belonged to me." Saito said as he focused his rage on the man that started soiling himself.

" I'm only going to say this once and I hope for your sake you follow my words." Saito said as he sheathed Derflinger after flicking off the blood that had gathered on it.

" Leave and never return, find any other job that keeps you away from the people here... and make sure to tell the next bitch to do things right... otherwise I'm coming for you and your men before I skin his sorry ass." Saito said making the man nod his head.

" Seeing as your a monster in human form I advice you to leave everything of value you carry. Otherwise I'm going to throw you in the oven with your big brother." Saito said as his right hand pointed to the kitchen behind him. The massive skull of the boar was on top of the kitchen entrance as a trophy of Saito's amazing kill. The man quickly did as he was told and his mages followed since they didn't want to feel anymore pain. They had a few light and painful scratches but they knew things could had been worse since Saito wasn't aiming to kill.

" Saito?" Louise said with disbelief as she popped her head through the broken window.

" Saito-san!" Siesta yelled with tears as she rushed Saito. Louise flinched when she saw Saito take her into a hug.

" Saito that was amazing." Jessica said as the young swordsman was embraced by different fairies.

" Saito-kun I can just kiss you." Scarron said making the large crowd laugh as Saito struggled to keep the man from showing his appreciation.

" Not bad partner, you were able to strike them down before they were able to finish their chants." The ancient blade said making Saito smirk.

" Don't cry Siesta... or is it you don't have any faith in my skills?" Saito said after Scarron put him on the ground. The former maid had instantly returned to his arms.

" I was just worried Saito-san." Siesta said with a blush.

" Don't you guys want to see these love birds make up!" Jessica said with a smirk making the two teens blush.

" Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The crowd chanted making their blush get darker.

" If you don't kiss him, Siesta, I will." Renee said making the former maid scream a No after she tried to explain they weren't like that.

" I.. I.. uh..." Siesta tried to apologize only to have Saito kiss her. Her eyes grew with disbelief as she saw Scarron controlling his head while she felt Jessica's hands on hers. Whistle and cat calls followed as the two drowned in the kiss. Before they knew it Saito had his arms around Siesta's waist as her hands were on his chest.

" Everyone let's have some fun, tonights celebration is thanks to Saito!" Jessica yelled as she pointed at a large table full of money and many other things.

" Saito..." Louise said as a lone tear was in her eye. She felt betrayed and a thousand more emotions as she saw the young swordsman walk towards the table of goods. The whole time Siesta not only stayed by his side but she refused to stop being in contact with him. They looked like lovers that had developed a relationship for years.

" Saito-san look." Scarron said as he brought out a metal case.

" I've never seen anything like it." Renee said as they looked at the brief case with locks.

" I think its a summoned item." Scarron said making everyone look at him with disbelief.

" Mages are known to have them since they are rumored to contain amazing power. I don't think it was ever opened since it has two locks... and all that damage." Jessica said as they looked at the dents, scratches and burns the metal case it sported.

" Saito?" Siesta asked as she noticed Saito was frozen as he looked at the item being displayed before him.

" It can't be." Saito said making everyone look at him.

" It's a deluxe carrying case from my home... it's just like the one that Leon carried." Saito said with awe as he passed his hands over the case.

" It must have some powerful magic if it kept mages out." A man said and got a few nods.

" It's not magic. The Case is made of a specialized material to keep it safe from outside interference. It was designed to keep everything in it completely safe." Saito said before gulping and placing his hands on it.

" How do you open it?" Jessica asked.

" You have to know the code to unlock both of the locks and then there's a trick before you actually open it... I hope this works." Saito said before setting the ten slots on number zero making the people around him confused. He took a deep breathe before hearing two clicks, his face filled with disbelief as he opened the case.

" It's a pistol." A man said making Saito shake his head.

" This isn't just a pistol... it's a Blacktail a very advance handgun from my home." Saito said as he lifted the gun.

" It's also been modified... a lot." Saito said as he began to mess with the weapon like if he had own it his whole life.

' In fact it's the same version I had before I sold it when I played Resident Evil 4.' Saito thought as he grabbed a clip and loaded into the gun.

" Thirty shots... man this thing packs some firepower." Saito said as he placed it's harness on his body. It was the same as the one that Leon used. He had to remove Derflinger first so that the Gun's harness wouldn't get in the way of Derflinger's sheath.

" There's enough bullets in here to load it ten times." Saito said as he looked at the bullet boxes that were strapped to the case.

" Saito-san look." Siesta said as she pointed at the edge of the case.

" Four more clips and each loaded." Saito said as he slipped the clips into their pouch.

" That's a total of 360 rounds... man this is going to make monster hunting way easier." Saito said with excitement as he quickly closed the case.

" I'm glad you feel that way because tomorrow we're leaving the capital." Scarron said with a serious voice making everyone look at him with disbelief.


GatsuBerk: Hope you enjoy it. It might be a late warning but it will have a weak crossover with Resident Evil 4... but nothing major. Will update Soon... Ja ne!