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Chapter 12: Francis the Fragile.



" Non Human Talking"

' Non Human Thinking'


A lovely teen with violet colored haired watched with worry out her window as the moon began to rise. She feared for the life of the young man that was now bound to her magic. Although she had not known him long she had been with him more than enough time to learn about the type of person he was. It upset her that her oldest friends would say such terrible things of the young man they had placed into a position of servitude.

' She calls him a dog, and used to beat him. At first I found it silly and figured they would grow past her insecurities. But now I see that the problem has and will always be Louise. He is a young unwed man, of course he would find different women attractive. Especially when he is being driven away by beatings and harsh words...' Henrietta, Princess of Tristain thought. ' Not to mention Louise has so little to offer when it comes to womanly charms. ' The Princess couldn't help the giggles she released for the little jab she made to her best friend.

She let out a sigh and once again prayed that everything would turn out for the better for her people.


" Guiche!" Kirche suddenly yelled when the Mage had been strucked by a thrown mace. He was fortunate that the weapon had hit him with the handle instead of the heavy and spiked end. The blond earth user fell to the side thanks to the blow and looked upon the face of his attacker. Before the man could start his gloating he had been cut down by Emanuel.

" You need to get off the ground before someone tramples you." Felix said as he helped Guiche up.

"Thanks." Guiche said as he stood and quickly chanted a spell to protect Kirche and Tabitha from a sudden wave of arrows.

" They had a second group double back and cut off our escape." Emanuel growled as they began to fight off enemies from two different sides.

" Can you bring down the stones over the exit?" Felix asked the blond he was now guarding. It was no surprise that the Fire and Ice mages had delivered the most damage to their enemies, but Guiche had been the one to set up their defenses when the enemies had gotten the jump on them. His bronze Valkyries had been great reinforcements, and there was the fact Guiche was the only Mage Capable of shifting the castle to help them chase down Duke Francis of Tarbes. It's why the Two KI knights had been doing their best to keep an eye on them.

" I need a minute to finish my spell." Guiche said making Felix nod his head. He unleashed three arrows on a group of charging men before quickly strapping his bow to his back. Then he brought out a short sword that had been hanging at his side.

" We'll give you all the time you need." Emanuel said as he swung his halberd to cut down two men.

" Hurry before that bastard attempts to make his escape." Felix said making the playboy of a blond to start chanting.

Tabitha opened her eyes and spun the top of her staff for a moment making a blast of wind to knock a group of men away.

' I should have never left Flame with Sylphid to help stop any runners.' Kirche thought as she felt fatigue creeping up on her.

' I can still sense your power... I spent too many years warning Tarbes of your arrival to not know you are still watching us. I may not see you with my eyes but I can still taste your tainted magic in the air.' Jacob thought as he jumped from an attack and unleashed a river of flames on the man foolish enough to face him.


" How is he Lady Montmorency." Richard the Knight Captain said as he went to check up on the young man that had been leading their charge to freedom from the corrupt Duke.

" My spell is finished, his wounds and his dehydration has been treated. But I don't understand why he has yet to get up." The blond Mage with freckles said with worry.

" He is low on KI. Its dangerous to go into battle without a stable amount flowing through ones body." The man said as he looked at the sleeping Saito.

" Then that means your power taxes the body just as much as the mind?" Montmorency asked.

" Not just our power, it could also become your own." The Knight Captain said making the water Mage to look at him with shock.

" Jacob said it before that Ki is an inner energy that exist in all humans. Even you and your fellow mages can learn to use KI." Richard said making Montmorency to look at him with disbelief.

" How is that possible?" The female blond asked.

" KI grows in all humans from the day we start walking, its easier for warriors to tap into it since our physical strength is much greater than that of regular people, and especially mages." Richard said making the water Mage confused.

" I've seen a few mages your age pass through my village. They preferred to use their magic to glide over the ground instead of using their own two feet to walk. It is one thing to use your abilities to make the world better, its another to grow lazy and have magic do all your work." Richard said making Montmorency blush, since there was many things she stopped doing thanks to magic.

" Then is it possible for Saito to teach us how to use KI?" Montmorency asked making Richard shake his head.

" Mages are dangerous enough with their magic, giving them the secret to KI would make them into mortal gods." Richard said making the blond to fill with shock.

" That isn't true." Montmorency said in defense of her fellow nobles.

" Saito spent a lot of time with the next generation of nobles. The majority of those in your school happen to be heirs to great estates. Other than Lady Tabitha he never found one person willing to see past the dividers you mages have set up. He has seen first hand how you nobles have so little value for the people working for you..." Richard said as he saw his words affecting the blond. " Lady Montmorency when was the last time you ever thanked a person, when was the last time a Noble has thanked you for anything?" Richard said making the blond look at him with shock. She tried to answer him only to find no such events coming to her.

" Would you like to know the reason why Jacob the Combustible has made his home in Tarbes?" Richard said making Montmorency nod her head with hesitation. She had found it weird that the tall and clearly powerful fire Mage allowed himself to be treated as an equal by the men of Tarbes. She could understand why the man accepted Saito, since he was swordsman skillful enough to take most mages down. But she had seen the Knights of Tarbes were clearly amateurs in KI unlike the Raven haired knight representing the Court of Tristain.

" That because he was raised a Commoner." Richard said making Montmorency to fill with disbelief. " His mother had been a servant to a Noble, but when she learned of her pregnancy she fled in fear of the man's wife killing her out of jealousy. His mother had never wanted a relationship with that man, but she was not given much of a choice thanks to his magic." Richard said making Montmorency to close her eyes from the pain the woman was more than likely put through. It was no secret that some mages found pleasure in being with women of commoner origin. Some even went as far as saying that using such women didn't mater to noble blood.

" Jacob grew up in Tarbes like any other person in it. We knew about what happened to his mother, we knew who his father was and we didn't care that he accidentally cast a fire spell when a rogue pig nearly trampled him. He is a member of our village and he loves it just as much as the people loves him. Lord Osman had heard rumors of a rogue Fire Mage in our village. The man paid for Jacob's studies and his expenses during his time in the Academy. Once he graduated Jacob had been given the chance to join the main army of Tristain. He was even offered a teaching job by Osman." Richard said making Montmorency look at him with disbelief.

" But he cast those opportunities away. His mother needed him, the years of abuse from the Noble had weaken her. Jacob settled down in Tarbes and opened a shop offering goods that normally take years for commoners to obtain. He leases us tools we need, furniture other commoners dream of owning. But most importantly he protects our people from Nobles that wish to prey on our people. If Saito hadn't gone to save Siesta during her kidnapping from the academy, Jacob would have burned the man and his estate down." Richard said making Montmorency unable to believe his words, yet a part of her knew that such a thing was possible. It wouldn't be the first time a noble was born from a man already married.

" Why are you telling me all of this?" Montmorency asked.

" You're young... I wouldn't want you to walk down the same path as some nobles." Richard said making Montmorency lower her head in shame. " You can still learn, you can still open your eyes to the truth of the world. Isn't that right Saito?" Richard said making Montmorency look at the Raven haired teen with shock.

" Every one has the chance to change... if they take it or not is up to them." Saito said as he stood up while grabbing Derflinger.

" Are we finally going to end things partner?" The enchanted blade asked.

" There will never be an end, Tarbes is only the beginning." Saito said as he walked towards the castle with his blade ready for action. ' After all I still have that mission Hime-sama wanted me to take.'


Louise was not comfortable. She felt vulnerable as the ship traveled through the air. Ward had left after being approached by one of the Albion sailors. He had promised to met her later at their cabin...leaving her to eat her dinner alone. She wondered what her friends were up to and hoped only the best for them.

" As soon as we land you must hurry and gather the others... I have located the Prince." Ward said to a group of men, they nodded their heads and prepared for the battle that was to come.


" This way!" Jacob yelled as he lead the group of mages and the two KI Knights through the castle of the Duke. They had finally finished facing the mercenary army and were now rushing through the halls in hopes of pinning down the Duke.

" Rest." Tabitha said as Guiche and Kirche were no longer able to continue.

" Go on Jacob.." Emanuel said as he stopped running.

" We'll keep an eye on them." Felix said making the Fire Mage of Tarbes to nod his head.

The red haired man ran for all he was worth. He could hear the older Mage coming to a stop. He reached past a corner and glared at the man that had nearly starved his people.

" Jacob." Duke Francis of Tarbes said as he saw the younger and more fit man reach the room. Jacob instantly frowning at the large dinning hall they were in. Once again a large number of Knights waiting to fight anyone opposing the local tyrant.

" Hello Father." Jacob said with venom in his voice. His eyes narrowing as the Duke raised his wand and pointed it at him. The Fire Mage doing the same as knights began to charge him in hopes of ending the life of the red haired man.


An explosion shook the castle walls as the resting teens looked towards the direction Jacob had run to. The two knights wishing their friend the best of luck in the battle he refused to back away from. They knew how long the fire user had wished to put an end to the Duke, never being allowed thanks to the man's protection from the Court. But now that Saito had been given the all clear, Jacob would fight to his dying breathe to liberate his home from the dark man that had been plaguing the lands under his rule.

" Five more minutes." Tabitha said as they rested. The sounds of crashes, men in pain and explosions continued to fill the air as the fight between the two stronger mages grew.

" Hopefully Jacob will last that long." Guiche said as he tried his best to regain his strength.

" I don't think we are going to be given a chance to help him." Kirche said as they saw a wave of charging men.

" Damn it." Felix growled as he armed his long bow.

" How many men did he had working for him?" Emmanuel said before charging the group. His halberd quickly slashing out at the closes spear man.


" I must admit Jacob you have grown greatly since the last time I saw you with your mother." The Duke said as he looked upon the panting Fire Mage. He had some light cuts and bruises thanks to the earth magic of the Duke. While the man showed no sign of injury, he had used his men as living shields to dodge Jacob's attacks.

" Never speak about my mother... you don't have that right." Jacob growled as he launched a fire spell only to have the Duke block with a few tiles of stone.

" And why not?" The Duke said with arrogance. " I never drove her away, I never rejected you.. it was her that separated us son. She was that one that left me." The man said making Jacob glare at him.

" She had no choice... if she had stayed your deceased wife would have killed her." Jacob said making the Duke frown.

" I would have never allow such a thing to happen... I loved your mother." The man said making Jacob smirk.

" I'm sure you did... but she never loved you... she wanted nothing to do with you... yet you refused to see things for how they were." Jacob said making the man fill with rage.

" You know nothing about what you speak."

" I know everything." Jacob said as he blasted a ball of fire at the man that had forced his mother into being his bed warmer.

" She hated you, being with you made her sick, to her dying breathe she wished for your death." Jacob said making the Duke attack him with the tiles that had been protecting him.

" Lies!" The man yelled as he unleashed his attack.

" How does it feel for a noble to fall in love with a commoner? How does it feel to have everything you could ever want but never gain the love of the woman you admired? Jacob mocked his father making Francis shake his head.

" She loved me, it was because of my parents that we couldn't be together. They forced me to marry someone else. The only people I have ever loved was your mother and my children."

" She was your nanny!" Jacob said making the eyes of the Duke to grow, " You're parents bought her after your birth, paid for her to learn to care for you when she was only three. Her sole duty was to make sure you didn't kill yourself... there never was any love. She pitied you, that's why she treated you like a normal human being. She wasn't giving you any special attention, all she did was acknowledge you as a person. But that wasn't enough for you." Jacob said before having to dodge a large stone the Duke had sent at him.

" Shut up!" As he sent a stone fist at his son.

" Make me!" Jacob yelled as he countered with one of his strongest fire spells.

" She loved me. She belonged to me... with her I was happy. I always gave her everything she wanted." The man yelled as the two attacks exploded making them have to dodge. The older Mage grunted as his body was unable to keep up with Jacobs speed. The Duke clutched at a wound he gained from the exploding attacks.

" You don't get it do you?" Jacob said making the Duke glare at him. " She never wanted you, the only thing she wished for was for you to let her go. To free her from the slavery your parents forced her into. I'm just glad she never directed her dislike of you towards me while I was growing up. I wouldn't have blamed her if she did." Jacob said making the Duke turn his head away.

" She wouldn't have done that, your mother was an angel. Claire, she loved you more than anything else in this world... she loved you so much that she gained the strength to leave me." Duke Francis said with pain.

" Why couldn't you have forgotten about us? Why did you have to try to force yourself into our lives? Because of your obsession my mother died." Jacob said making the Duke frown.

" That was never my intention, when I lost my wife during the child birth of our second child. I finally thought we would be free to live together as a real family. I had even hoped you two would have accepted my daughter as part of your family. She loved you like a real brother. Just like I know your brother would have had he not been a still born." The man said making Jacob feel some pain.

" And she loved my mother like if she had been hers. My mother had no problem with me being with Crystal... but you twisted her mind. Because of your delusions your wife learned the truth." Jacob said making the Duke grow some tears.

" I didn't know she was going to target you three... I didn't know she had plans in case she died before me... I didn't know her heart was so black that she would poison her own daughter." Francis said making Jacob shake his head.

" It doesn't matter now...because it doesn't explain why you brought so much pain to so many people. It doesn't explain why you turned your back on the crown of Tristain." Jacob said making the Duke glare at him.

" I did it for you." The man said making the eyes of Jacob to grow.

" The court refused to make your mom marry me. I wanted to raise you as my son, you were the proof of our love. And you're the only thing I have left of my Claire. I told you and her many times to stand by my side, all you had to do was agree and I would have done anything you wanted." The Duke said making Jacob shake his head.

" So you kept doing more and more things to upset us in hopes of getting what you wanted... all those people you hurt never mattered to you." Jacob said making the Duke to laugh.

" The only ones I ever cared about was Claire, Crystal and you. You were all I needed." The man said making Jacob raise his wand.

" And now your selfish greed has driven you to lose everything. It ends now father" Jacob said making the Duke to laugh and block another fire ball.

" You're wrong Jacob... Reconquista has promised me power... the power to bring back your mother and sister. If I have to destroy Tristain to have them back in my life then so be it." The Duke said as he narrowed his eyes on his son. " If I have to beat you and lock you away until you come to your senses then I will... don't worry son... Daddy will make everything right." The man said before attacking with new strength.


" There's too many!" Guiche yelled as they were pinned down by the armed men attacking them.

" Kirche." Tabitha nearly screamed as her friend was knocked down thanks to a knight and his shield. The blue haired Mage quickly jumped back with a wind enhanced jump. She cursed her reflexes that saved her but made her abandon her friend.

" I'm out." Felix said as he went for an arrow only to feel nothing in his quiver.

" They're tired and weak boys, killing them will be easy... just make sure to save the girls for later." The man standing over Kirche said as he licked his lips.

' No... someone save me... Flame... Guiche...Tabitha... Darling.' Kirche thought as she saw the man move his sword in a way that would allow him to cut her clothes. Fear filling her soul as the man's desire radiated what he planned to do with her.

" Get away from her you bastard!" A voice yelled as glass shattered making everyone to look at the person making his way in. The eyes of everyone grew with disbelief as Saito threw Derflinger into the chest of the man over Kirche. He landed on the ground and rolled to ease his momentum. He soon stood with a discarded spear in hand before using it to fight his way through the enemy warriors.

Before reaching the enchanted blade Saito threw his new weapon into the torso of an archer. Saito quickly drew Derflinger out of the corpse it was stabbing and gave it a light spin.

" You're still low on power partner... you're going to have to do take them out the old fashion way." Derflinger said making Saito glare at the force fighting his friends.

" Is there really any other way to do these kind of things?" Saito asked his blade before charging the twelve men in front of him. A swords man attempted to slash at him only to have Saito jump over his attack. The man filled with disbelief before having a serious Saito stab his blade into the man's throat.

A spear man tried to catch Saito out of the air only to have the Japanese teen grab his spear and redirect his attack. Once it was safely out of the way Saito broke the wooden staff and threw the metal arrow tip into the man's eyes.

Saito hit the ground and then twisted from an Ax tempting to cut off his limb. Saito quickly rose to his full height while slashing the man from shoulder to kidney. He then spun and blocked a sword before kicking its owner in the gut. The man stumbled back allowing Saito to jump back and grab the falling Ax. He then threw it with a single hand making it slam and bury itself into the chest of the two handed sword user.

Saito then parried a mace heading his way before thrusting into the shield of the man attacking him. The mercenary soon lost the smirk of confidence on his face when Derflinger cut through his shield and easily stabbed his gut. Saito used his impressive strength to cut Derflinger free and have it slash nearly in half a twin blade user.

Saito had to duck as two arrows flew at him. He quickly charged the two men and killed a club user while reaching them. The man had been so slow in attacking the Gandalfr that he had been killed while Saito ran. The Japanese swordsman making it seem like he hadn't even bothered acknowledging the danger of his last victim.

Saito slashed two arrows out of his way allowing him to have Derflinger in a reverse slash position. With a quick flip of the wrist, the one sided blade was ready to attack. Saito brought his right arm back and cut into the two lightly armed archers. They yelled in pain after Derflinger slashed into their chest with ease.

Saito then turned and blocked two men attacking him at the same time. The Gandalfr narrowed his eyes before twisting and forcing one man off balance. Saito disengaged their blade lock making one attacker stand before the other. With ease and accuracy he drove Derflinger into the both of their chest. Saito kicked their Impale bodies before charging at the last opponents he had to fight. The man dropped his weapon and fled making Saito frown for his cowardice.

The raven haired swordsman turned to help his friends only to find them with no one to fight.

" They fled the moment you started slaughtering that group." Emanuel said making Saito look at him with a bit of shock.

" You killed then all in less than twenty seconds." Felix said since he had been keeping count.

" Darling..." Kirche said making Saito turn to her. He quickly spun Derflinger making blood fly off it before heading to the Germanian girl that refused to break their stare.

" Are you okay?" Saito asked with worry.

" I'll be fine Darling..." Kirche said making Saito sigh in relief.

" I'm sorry you had to see me like that... I never wanted you guys to see how..."

" Amazing you can get." Kirche said making Saito look at her with shock.

" What?" Saito said since he was going to say vicious. Sure he had fought in front of her before but his killing had been overshadowed thanks to the fighting going around them. This time apparently all attention had been on him as he finished off the second group that had captured Kirche.

" Oh Darling I always knew you cared." Kirche said as she pulled Saito into a hug when he helped her to her feet.

" I'll explain everything later." Saito said to the two teens of Tarbes making them nod their head. They had been a bit caught off guard as Kirche looked at Saito with love.

" Is everyone okay..." Montmorency said as she popped her head through the window Saito broke.

" Saito made it just on time... how did you guys reach us so soon?" Guiche asked.

" Sylphid gave us a lift." Montmorency said making the blond want to hit himself.

" Jacob." Tabitha said making the eyes of the group to grow. They quickly started running in the direction he had gone while Guiche helped Montmorency off Sylphid back.


" Xavier what happened to the others?" John asked a young knight with a shield and spear.

" They charged the Fortress while the injured were to return to Tarbes... along with a team to escort them." The green haired teen said as he looked at his partner. He was a two handed sword user with orange hair. One eye blue and the other green.

" It was Saito's orders..." The young man said making John nod his head.

" I understand, no reason to look so down Samuel. You two are known for your defensive fighting style. There be no better guards than you." John said making the two knights to sigh.

" True but Saito is still fighting..." Xavier said as he stabbed the bottom of his spear into the ground to make it stand. He was the tallest of their age group, easily being physically the strongest. Which is why he had taken the fully body shield Saito had found, along with a spear that had grater range than standard weapons with the same design.

" I doesn't feel right letting the others go own while we're stuck here." Samuel added as he looked at his fellow knights being treated by their people.

" I knew you guys have been spending a lot of time with Saito but I didn't think his stubbornness was going to rub off." Jessica said making the two young knights to look at her with shock.

" They sound just like Saito... ready to carry the burden of the world." Siesta said with a giggle.

" I guess we kind of do." Xavier said with a chuckle.

" Well he was our teacher for a few months. We tried to learn as much as possible during his time in the village." Samuel said making the two attractive cousins to giggle.

" We know, but you boys need to rest, you might not be fighting now and hopefully the gods will not ask you to start again. But it would do everyone a lot of good if you are fully ready." John said making the teens sigh before they walked off to get something to eat.

" It's a little odd seeing them separated from the others." Jessica said as she saw the two teens walk by.

" I know, The Dragon Brothers, and the Demolition Duo... they were the four that trained the hardest with Saito." Siesta said as she looked a the students of her crush.

" Add Saito and you got the Squad of Storms." Jessica added making the villagers around her to chuckle and giggle.

" You need to remember girls they're still missing a Water KI user to complete their storm." Alice said with a jocking tone making the people around her to laugh again.

" True... They have fire covered thanks to the Dragon brothers, Earth is Samuel's element, Lighting because of Xavier and Saito is the wind that gives the storm life." Jessica said making many nod their heads.

" I still can't believe none of the knights of the village had an affinity towards water." Siesta said making one of her brothers stand up.

" I'm a water type... Saito promised to train me to master my element." The boy said making the villagers to give him some support.

"Johnathon you still got a lot of growing up to do before you can become a knight. For now you have to keep helping me with the farm." John said making his son deflate and a few adults to laugh.

" Just because there isn't a knight their age with a water affinity doesn't mean there isn't a water KI user that could fight at their side." A voice said making Siesta narrow her eyes.

" Liliana you know more than anyone else that Richard would never allow you to fight." Siesta said making the teem to glare at her. She was Siesta's cousin, who had been dumped on Siesta's family because she wasn't like normal girls.

" Saito doesn't care that I'm a girl. And neither does the princess or did you forget about her Gunpowder Squad." The teen similar to looks to Jessica and Siesta said with a challenging tone to her cousin. She had long silky black hair braided into a single pony tail. The only difference was that she wasn't blessed with the chest the females of her family was famous for. Although it didn't mean there wasn't guys that found her attractive. When Saito met the third cousin he was shocked to see a girl so close to resembling the girls of his world.

Liliana was a girl ready to fight for equal rights of women, she wasn't the type to bend over and let a guy do anything he wanted. She questioned the system and refused to do something she didn't like. Which is why her traditional parents had sent her from the Capital to Tarbes since John and Alice didn't mind her rants. Scarron had offered to take her in, but Liliana refused to allow me to drool over, her much less touch her without her permission.

" That's enough you two." Jessica said as her words made her cousins step away from each other. She hated being the oldest since that meant she had to be the responsible one. " Siesta you need to stop thinking Lily is going to try to steal Saito." Jessica said making Siesta frown. " And Lily its true that Saito had no problem with you learning to fight, the problem was that you refused to follow the proper steps." Jessica said making Lily frown.

" Its true dear, Richard had agreed to train you, but only if you started learning from the beginning. Not to mention your training had to be modified since Saito had recommended for you to use two short blades and some throwing daggers because of your greater speed than most of the guys in Tarbes." John said making Lily frown.

" That doesn't change the fact that Richard didn't train me." Lily said as she pouted.

" Lily you punched the face of the recruiter of the Gunpowder squad during your interview." Alice said making her niece to blush.

" He was undressing me with his eyes." Lily said as she covered her chest with her hands.

" He was suppose to check your body build to see if you were ready for basic training." Siesta said with a bored tone.

" You weren't there Siesta, besides I told them to wait for Saito before sending a recruit. I know they would have taken me in if he had been allowed to give me some training." Lily said making Jessica shake her head.

" Saito told you what to work on, he even gave you two short swords and some throwing blades to start practicing." Siesta said making Lily glare at her.

" Yeah, but if you hadn't been dragging him everywhere he could have trained me properly before leaving.." Lily said making Siesta clench her fist.

" Saito showed you the Katas and Stances, he made me write them down. He guided you into learning how to throw blades... you didn't need him watching over your training. You didn't hear Emmanuel, Felix, Samuel and Xavier crying about their lack of one on one training." Siesta said making Lily glare at her.

" They already knew how to use their weapons I didn't." Lily said making Siesta upset.

" You just using excuse to make Saito spend more time with you." Siesta said making Lily laugh.

" And you keep trying to tie him down. How is he suppose to know if he truly loves you if you don't let him interact with anybody else?" Lily said making Siesta step into the face of her cousin.

" You're just jealous that Saito always picked me over you. No matter how much you begged him he always preferred to be with me than you." Siesta said making the blue eyes of Liliana to grow.

"That's enough you two." Jessica said as Alice and John separated the two girls before anything else happened.

" I don't know to be jealous or pity Saito." Xavier said making Samuel nod his head.

" Wait until they start seeing him with that Germania chick, then the answer will come to you." Samuel said making Xavier chuckle. They remember seeing Kirche fuss over Saito when he took down the Orcs.


Emmanuel and Saito burst the doors of the dinning hall open as their group charged in.

" Jacob!" Felix yelled as they saw their friend lying on the ground with some stones around him. The dinning hall was a mess as the only man standing was the Duke.

" Now all I have to do is dispose of you trash and I'll be free to regain the ones I love." Francis said with a sinister grin.

" I'll create an opening you guys get Jacob and protect Montmorency as she heals him." Saito said as he glared at the Duke that had been cruel to the village that was kind to him. Even if they had been in no position to offer much help.

" Please be careful Darling, Jacob was a Square Class Mage but he was defeated by that man." Darling said making Saito smirk.

" It will take more than a wave of a wand and some fancy words to beat me." Saito said before charging the man.

" We will see about that." Francis said with a challenging tone as he sent stone daggers at Saito. The Raven haired teen jumped into a slide on the fancy dinner table. His speed and the fine silk like sheets on the table allowing him to escape the Duke's attack.

" Stand still worm." Francis growled as Saito kept dodging his attacks but was unable to move closer.

' Is this what fighting a real Mage is like?' Saito thought as the Duke's experienced showed he wasn't going to be a push over.

*Knights of Gaia!* Francis yelled as he summoned his stone knights to fight Saito. Only to feel some shock as Saito not only dodged his attacks but defeated his knights with ease.

" Flames of my heart engulf those that would chain me." Kirche chanted as she gathered her magic.

" Wind of sorrow cry out my will to those that would listen." Tabitha spoke as her magic power leveled out with that of Kirche.

* Fire Storm!* The two spoke as one as they launched a spiraling stream of magic. Kirche's attack had a dragon head in the front roaring to strike her enemies. Tabitha's jet stream had the face of a beautiful woman that resembled an older version of herself. The two attacks continued to spin faster and faster before fusing together. It merged into a single river of flames that formed a large dragon, but this one had arms with deadly claws, and great impressive wings.

" Such flames." Montmorency said with awe, as they could feel the intense heat coming from the attack.

' I knew they were stronger than most in the academy, but I didn't think the gap was going to be so big.' Guiche thought as he watched his friends fight.

* Provider of life, giver of peace, embracer of death. Shield me from the evil of this world and nurture my spirit. Guardian Gaia!* Duke Francis chanted before a majestic shield of stone rose before him. The Combined Fire and Wind attack collided with the shield making an impressive explosion that shattered the windows of the dinning hall. A great wave of heat flew over the humans of the room making them wish they were any place but there.

Saito had quickly jumped over a table and kicked it over to make a barricade when he saw what Kirche and Tabitha was doing. ' How much power did they put into that attack?' Saito thought as the flames began to disappear.

" It looks like the others are going to be okay." Derflinger said as Saito looked at them hiding behind a nearly destroyed wall of earth Guiche had made. Saito's eyes nearly popped out of his eyes when he saw the earth had instantly harden from the flames trying to reach the academy mages. Saito was glad to see Emanuel and Felix helping Jacob behind the wall of charcoaled dirt. He quickly turned towards the count and saw many things set on fire with no plans of going out any time soon.

" To think some children would push me to use a defensive spell that only my son had forced me to use. I never imagined such pretty girls could contain such power. When this is all over I will have you give my son an heir." Francis said making the teens confused, except for Emmanuel and Felix. Jacob gritting his teeth since he was too beaten to do anything else.

" You're overrating your power Duke." Saito said as he jumped over a flaming table and held Derflinger in a defense stance.

" It is you that is underestimating me, Gandalfr." The Duke said making the eyes of the teens to grow with shock. " What does a Familiar think he can accomplish agaisnt the blood he was meant to serve. To think such ungrateful trash like you would be allowed to exist in our world." The man said making Saito grit his teeth.

" You talk a lot for a guy that doesn't have anything important to say." Saito said before charging the man.

Francis launched a wave of stones at him. Only to have Saito cut a clean path through them before charging ahead with new speed.

* Pit of Despair!* The Duke yelled making the stone floor open in front of him. Saito smirked before going into a flip. He over jumped the gap and was ready to slash the Duke in half. The man fell back and attempted to spear Saito with a spiral of stones. Only to have Saito twist in the air and cut the man's attack in half.

Saito hit the ground with a roll and ended behind the Duke. The man rushed to his feet and attempted to chant a spell only to have Saito back hand him with Derflinger. The Enchanted blade causing the man to go flying into a table and drop his wand.

" Like I said you overrated your power." Saito said as he walked towards the man. The Duke tried to reach for his wand only to have Derflinger slam into the stone between his limb and the wooden stick. The man falling on his ass from the shock of nearly losing some of the digits of his right hand.

" Don't kill me." Francis pleaded to the Japanese teen as he pointed his Blacktail to the Duke. If Saito fired a single round the bullet would find itself between the eyes of the man.

" I won't be the one to kill you." Saito said making the eyes of the Duke to grow. The man quickly turned to the one person that has wanted his death the most.

" For the liberation of Tarbes." Jacob said as he pointed a fire spell to the fallen Mage. Francis filled with disbelief as his son blasted him with a fireball. The blast making him fall into the hole he had created. They could hear his scream of pains before Guiche forced the hole to close. The blond didn't want to hear the man burning much less actually smell him. Its the reason he was grateful he was born an earth Mage instead of a fire one.

' For my mother.' The red haired man thought as he lowered his wand.

" We need to reach the others so that they can start sweeping up the castle for any stragglers." Saito said making the group he fought along side with to nod their heads. Thanks to their exhaustion the group took half an hour to reach Richard and the rest of the Knights of Tarbes.

" You guys head back to the village, we'll take care of the rest." Richard said making Saito nod his head as the knights helped the mages to horses.

" Remember Richard, they only get one warning. Don't risk the lives of your men by showing too much mercy." Saito said making the man nod his head.

Saito quickly got on Dante as Kirche and Tabitha rode on Sylphid. Guiche and Montmorency sharing a horse as Emmanuel and Felix would take Jacob and a few injured knights back to the Tarbes thanks to a wagon they took from the fortress.

The group rode in silence as they reached the village of Tarbes. Saito cursed the destruction and bloodshed the Duke had caused. He did his best to ignore the state of the village as he lead the group to the shelter he had helped build.

" Saito!" Siesta cried out as she ran to the black war horse. The people of Tarbes following her along with the knights protecting them. The Academy Mages filling with shock as they saw the impressive and hidden shelter the village had built. They saw four soldiers with riffles on some towers and a few ground troops that they don't remember seeing before. The place was surrounded by four impressive walls made of wood, the thick walls had some vines growing up the logs to help conceal it from a distance. Guiche easily noticing that only those properly taught the way to the shelter would safely find their way.

" Who would have know we were actually going to use this place?" Lily asked as she turned from the sight of Saito holding the crying Siesta.

" It was always an option... I just glad we got it ready in time." Saito said as he did his best to give Siesta some comfort.

" If it hadn't been for you we wouldn't have bothered making it." John said with pride in the boy that more than likely was going to marry his daughter.

" It was your money that paid for this shelter." Alice said with a smile.

" I once read about villages having places in case they were attacked. I figured that you guys deserved once just as much as any other place." Saito said making the villagers like him more.

" I'm glad its here. Normally we would just flee into the forest and more than likely wait out whatever attack happens." John said making Saito frown.

" While being forced to watch as our homes gets destroyed." Alice said with a sad tone.

" But now every citizen of Tarbes has a place to be safe, and enough gold and supplies to get back on our feet." John said making Saito smile.

" Everyone worked hard to build the shelters its only fair they gained some money for their work." Saito said making Siesta nuzzle her face in his chest. He had removed his armor since it had been weighing down.. It was nos strapped at Dante's side.

" You just wanted another reason to waste money." Siesta said making the people of Tarbes to chuckle.

" Maybe but it was a good investment." Saito said as he strengthen his hold on the former maid in his hands.

" How are Richard and the others?" Xavier asked.

" They're finishing up." Saito said as he lead Siesta to a chair. He eased into it while Siesta helped him without anybody knowing it. The Japanese teen knew he was burned out. The temptation for sleep was starting to win, but he wanted to make sure everyone was going to be fine. He had nearly been running on fumes during the end and now was more than willing to submit to the needs of his body.

" Jacob and the others need to be checked on. Samuel and Xavier I want you to take that wagon back and make sure they are going to be okay." Saito said making the teens nod their heads.

" Leave the rest to us, you get your sleep man... you look like crap." Samuel said with a jocking tone making Saito smirk.

" Do you want me to bring you something to eat or drink?" Siesta asked as looked at the tired swordsman. She had propped Derflinger on the wall next to Saito.

The Raven haired swords man patted his lap making Siesta blush. She let out a light smile as she sat on his lap and felt him wrap his hands around her body.

" Let me hold you... I'm so tired..." Saito said making Siesta hum a lullaby as she allowed the man she loved to find comfort in her touch. She ignored the near silent crying he did, while squeezing her body to ensure himself she wasn't going to leave him.

" You're not a monster Saito-san... you did the right thing." Siesta said as she heard his sorrow and guilt escape his mouth with a pain filled whisper.

' I'll never stop loving you.' Siesta thought as she grabbed one of his hands and kissed it to show her love.

A few girls watched with anger and jealousy as Siesta adjusted herself to allow Saito's head to rest on her chest and for the former maid to hug the tired swordsman.

The academy mages ate and sleep together that night. They helped each other through their first taste of war. The people of Tarbes thanking them and providing them anything they might need to help them recover.

The people were glad to hear that Jacob had some light wounds and nothing fatal. He would only need some basic sleep before being ready to walk.

The soldiers stationed at the shelter making sure that nothing would endanger their people. Especially the young Swordsman that had lead their village to freedom. It had taken a few hours of rest before John had made Siesta lead Saito to a bed. The man not making a scene as his daughter slept along side of her crush. He found a smile on his face as they embraced each other to find the comfort they needed.

' They are just children but at the same time far greater than I could ever hope to be at their age.' The man thought as he went to find his wife and children to spend time with them. He was grateful their god had spared their lives, he was also thankful Saito had used one of his Elixirs to heal Jessica. Especially when he knew lesser me would have never done the same.

He hoped that the world would provide a better future now that Saito would fight for such things to happen.


" Stupid Dog." Louise yelled as she woke up from her nap. She was clutching her wand as she looked around the room for signs of Saito snuggling up with the big breasted maid she hated. Her eyes blinked in confusion as she found herself in an empty cabin with no one to punish.

' By the Founder, why am I still thinking about that perverted idiot?' Louise thought with some pain as she looked a the moon that seemed so much closer.

' I should make Anima beat his face in for leaving me for that...that maid.' Louise thought with anger before a smile grew on her face. 'I like that... I'll have Anima hurt him for hurting me and then I'll take back that dog. I don't care what the Court says, he belongs to me. I summoned him and I never discarded him.' Louise thought before going to sleep with dreams of educating Saito into big a proper Familiar. Which ended with him pleasing her in ways she had never considered before.