Jazz let out a choked sound of fear, garnering Danny's attention. He snapped his head in her direction, a dark gleam in his eyes.

"Now what do we have here?" He strode towards her, ignoring the way she scuttled backwards, "My darling sister, so glad you finally stood up for me," His lazy grin turned into a snarl, "Who knows what could have happened?" His fingers sharpened to claws as he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her from the ground, "Maybe I could have been tested on, tortured, shot at by my own parents." With every word, he tightened his grip on her neck, ignoring as her fingers scrabbled uselessly at his iron grip. A spasm wracked his body as his eyes flashed green for a moment and he dropped her. He yelled, sending an ectoblast at her and baring his fangs when she managed to dodge, "He's still here!" throwing more ectoblasts her way as she ran up the stairs, tears streaming down her face. "You can't hide sister! I will find you!" Sobs wracked her body as she stumbled into the street, clutching the sparking remains of a phone in her hand. She pushed a button and held the device to her ear as she sprinted down the sidewalk, doing her best to ignore the laughter sounding out behind her. After what seemed to be an eternity, someone picked up.

"Hello, Sam speaking." Jazz cried out,

"S-sam! He, he's, dad's invention-!" Sam, becoming worried with Jazz's incoherent babble, snapped at her,

"Jazz! What happened?" Turning the corner, Jazz let out a hoarse laugh,

"Code Three is what happened Sam, and I don't know if-" The rest of Jazz's sentence went unheard as the phone fell from Sam's senseless fingers, Code Three. The trio had come up with that after Danny's dark future was revealed, in case Danny ever turned. If Jazz was telling the truth, then they were practically doomed. Coming back to reality, she grabbed her phone and the ecto-gun she hid under her bed, racing for the door,

"Where are you Jazz?" she asked, thumping down the stairs,

"I'm on the corner of main and fifth, but I'm running, so-" Jazz's phone gave one last pathetic spark before breaking down completely, and Sam, fearing the worst, hesistated for a moment before continuing on. Tucker needed to be told. Typing in a number she knew by heart, she continued on her way to Jazz's location,

"Hey, it's Tucker-"
"Code Three Tucker! Now shut up and get to main and fifth! Jazz is waiting!" Hanging up without another word, she sprinted the last three blocks to her destination. Heart pounding, she heaved in breaths as she frantically looked around for the older girl. 'Where is she?' The thouht was the only thing on her mind as she spun around, trying to get a clue as to where the red-head could have gone. The ground rumbled, giving her only a moment's notice to dive for the floor before something exploded out from where she had been standing. Rolling to standing position, her gaze darted around the quickly emptying street corner, 'Where is h-' Danny's body flew up through the floor, hands circling around his neck as he became solid once again.

"Sam, my dear old Sam," He purred, malice dripping from his voice, "Now what are you going out here? Surely not looking for my traitorous sister." Sam gulped as best she could through the chokehold,

"D-Danny," She choked out, "What hap-h-happe-" Her question was cut off by Danny as he smirked and loosened his grip a bit,

"I was freed." Setting her down lightly on her feet, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Now run Sam, for all you're worth." She took off without a backwards glance, praying that Tucker wouldn't be caught. He neck pounded in tune with her heart now and she grimaced, Tucker might not be as lucky.

Tucker stared at the phone in his hand for a minute before running to his computer, he needed to see what exactly had happened at FentonWorks. After hacking into their storage, he viewed the tape, horrified at what had happened. None of them had expected the elder Fentons to react so...badly. Leaving the video, he began desperately searching the for the blueprints for this Personality Flipper-fyer. Jazz had made a big mistake when she smashed it, it was their only chance to get the old Danny back. Pushing his irritation to the back of his mind, he tucked a fenton thermos in his pocket and left the house. Running to the Fenton household to securing said blueprints, he sprinted down to the lab, knowing the adults always had spare parts made for all of their inventions. After looking through the beat up filing cabinet in the corner, he began sifting through them as quickly as he could, cursing the fact that Jack was too disorganized to put them in there either alphabetically or chronologically. A pained moan distracted him from his search and he looked up to see Jack and Maddie still attached to the wall by Danny's odd shield-like projections. He turned back to the papers in front of him, a frown creasing his forehead. If they were still up there, then Danny was stronger than what they had thought. Eventually finding what he needed, a smile broke out across his face, now they finally stood a chance.

As he ran to find exactly what he needed to roughly replicate the original device, he heard Maddie's voice,

"T-Tucker? Is that, is that really you?" Sifting through a box of odds and ends, he replied dispassionately,

"Yeah." Moving onto the next, the collection of gadgets and gizmos in his arms only grew,

"What are you doing here? Have you seen Danny?..." As he stood to dump his load onto the nearest lab table, he paused to swipe whatever was on it onto the floor,

"No. But according to Sam he's completely berzerk. Now I have to try to figure out how you two messed him up." On the wall, Maddie frowned,

"What do you mean? He was already-"

"No." Tucker said, interrupting her as he squinted at a small device in his hand and held it up to the light before finally turning to look at her, " He was fine before. Better than fine actually. Then you two had to go and find out and now we're all in danger. Thanks by the way," He added sarcastically, "I don't know how we would have managed without you." Disassembling the Fentons' inventions for their parts was painstaking and time consuming, but eventually he got a pile of the necesary pieces. As he looked at the blueprints and tried to fit everything together, Maddie spoke up again.

"We needed to fix him. The ghost that was overshadowing him was going to take control and I was going to lose my baby!" Tucker didn't even try to muffle the snort,

"Maddie, you lost him a long time ago." He could practically feel her confusion,

"What do you mean?" Working tirelessly to rebuild the badly named invention of Jack, he continued the conversation,

"What's his favorite color? Or movie? Or even the first girl he ever dated?" Her silence spoke volumes.

"Exactly," He continued, tinkering with a screwdriver, "You never really knew him after the portal accident. Heck, I don't even think you did before that."

"See!" Maddie burst out, "It was the portal accident that changed him! I would still have my Danny if it wasn't for that!" Tucker slowly put down the half-assembled gun in his hands and steadied himself on the table,

"The portal accident didn't change Danny," he said, "It defined him. He could finally be himself, be someone, fulfill his dreams. He wasn't a geeky, scrawny kid who would graduate with average grades and fade into the background as just another statistic, he was...himself." Tucker looked up at the couple on the wall, "And if you can't realize that, then you have no hope of ever getting him back. Not that he would take you after what you did." After a minute or two, the Personality Flipper-fyer duplicate was finished and he bounded up the stairs, thanking God for Jack's simple mechanics and leaving Maddie to think about what he'd said as jack finally roused.

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