Ryoma growled as she was—rudely—woken up by an erection being pressed into her all the way. Opening her eyes she saw Keigo smile in triumph as he stayed as still as he could. "Morning, my beauty."

"Let me sleep." Not that Ryoma was getting to sleep any time soon. She was wide awake and the feeling of her—recently married to—husband inside her was driving her crazy.

"No. Today's the day of love, I can show you many different ways of how I love you." His stupid smirk got even more devious than it normally was when Ryoma bucked her hips trying to get a little friction. But unfortunately Keigo had thought of that already and had her hips pinned to the bed beneath her. "Want me to tell you how you'll be spending your day today?" Keigo's nose traced her neck and shoulder, sending shivers down her spine in the most delightful way.

"Just move Monkey King." Ryoma whined, she hated waiting, and she was sure Keigo was about to lose control even without her egging him on.

"Fine." With a chaste kiss, Keigo began making love to his feisty little wife.

Tying a purple silk robe around his body Keigo opened the door for a maid to come in with two carts of food, asking him if Mrs. Atobe Keigo and he needed anything else. Giving a negative to the maid, he turned and made his way to the gigantic bed and climbing on and crawling up to the golden eyes barely noticeable from under the blanket.

"Breakfast time." Keigo sang cheerfully as he ripped the duvet from his wife's naked form and gathered her in his arms and brought her to the table set up by the carts. "What do you want to start with?"

Having the dishes uncovered to her one by one, Ryoma wasn't sure which to chose, but she decided to let Keigo pick—it would delight him to no end, and save her from his lecture if she decided to eat something he wanted to save to later. "You can choose."

"Perfect! We'll start out with Pancakes." Keigo pushed Ryoma gently into a chair and began to feed her the fluffy warm dough.

Ryoma resisted the smile that was coming to her face. Really, was Valentine's Day to show the other person you love them, or to beat the holiday that was recently before? Keigo always insisted on pampering her on holidays—even if Valentine's Day wasn't technically a holiday. His pampering was over the top and always had her too full of energy at the end of the day from doing nothing, but it was nice once in a while.

"Open." Keigo held a syrupy piece on pancake on the end of the silver fork—actually made from platinum gold—and grinned madly when a drop of syrup landed on the curve of her breast. "I guess it's time for me, huh?"

Sighing Ryoma sat back and let her husband do as he wished, after all this was her way of saying she loved him. Today was about Keigo pampering her, and she'd let him—as long as he didn't get elephants for them to ride throughout the house again.