A/N- I'm going to do a huge jump into the future now! I had some stuff planned for Blaine but couldn't think of anything for Kurt, so I'll just skip ahead and do a flashback. Enjoy!

P.S.- Guess what couple will be reunited soon! ;D

One year later...

"Spencer!" Blaine hung up the phone and ran into his roommate's bedroom, his face glowing. "Spencer, you wouldn't believe who I'm opening for!"

The blonde looked up from her textbook. "Who?"

"Blue October."

"What?" Blaine nodded proudly, and Spencer jumped out of her seat to hug her friend. "Blaine, that's great!" Spencer said, ruffling his thick curls. "You know, I wasn't sure if you would be able to make it without the others. I'm glad I was wrong."

Blaine thanked her and went to his room to indulge in his thoughts. To be honest, he didn't think he would make it without them either.

"Guys, this isn't my fault." Blaine held his hands up in defense. "It's not like I asked for this."

"But you could ask Cunningham to change it," Phoenix said, circling the singer with a menacing look on her face. "He'll listen to you, you're his little star."

"Hey, lay off Blaine." Joe put a hand on the woman's shoulder and pushed her aside. "We're in this together. We're just lucky to have a CD in the first place. Besides, Blaine wrote most of the music. He deserves the credit."

May gave him an incredulous look. "And what are we, trained monkeys? We did just as much work as him!"

"QUIT TALKING LIKE I'M NOT EVEN HERE!" Blaine yelled, glaring at the other band members. All was quiet as they stared at him, and Blaine could only process one thought: He needed a drink. The others watched as Blaine walked to the mini fridge in the corner of their practice room and took a long gulp of beer.

Phoenix was looking at Blaine unconcealed annoyance. "Will you talk to him?"

"What for?" Blaine asked after another long drink and a deep breath.

"WHAT FOR? I'll kill him, I swear to God I'll-"

"PHOENIX!" Joe and May grabbed at her, but the feisty little redhead fought back.

"I'm sick of this bullshit! Either he gives us some credit or-" Her voice cracked and her eyes dropped to the floor. "Or I see no point in being part of this band. Or should I say, this one man show."

Everyone looked to Blaine, wondering what would happen next. He looked Phoenix in the eyes, eyes that suddenly looked very vulnerable... and he shrugged.

Those vulnerable eyes closed as she shook out her curls. When they opened once more, they were emotionless; no vulnerability, no sadness, not even the angry fire that Phoenix usually possessed. They were just... empty. "Fuck it," she said. It was Phoenix's turn to shrug, and she did so just before walking out the door. May watched and called out to her friend, and it wasn't long before she left too. Joe wasn't far behind.

Blaine looked down at that CD. He hadn't even realized he had been holding it. It was an original; it still had 'Tainted Glory' written across the top in Gothic letters. Blaine ran over to his CD rack and grabbed the newest copy. It just had his name printed across the top now.

"I'm gonna miss you so much!" Mercedes hugged Kurt close, practically crushing his ribcage.

"I'll come back and visit, I promise." He pushed away from her and gave his best friend a peck on each cheek. "It's been great living with you, Mercedes." She smiled and waved her hand at him, lost for words. They shared one last hug before Kurt had to climb into his taxi.

"I'll ship everything else out to you soon. Call me as soon as you land at JFK." Kurt nodded and thanked Mercedes, thanked her for everything she had done for him in this year and a half. The taxi driver threw his duffel bags in the trunk, ready to take the actor to the airport. "Give Rachel a hug for me," Mercedes said, her voice faltering.

"I will. I love you, Cedes."

"Oh, I love you too, baby. Good bye."

Kurt wiped away a tear. "Bye." The car door closed behind him, and soon Mercedes was just a spot in the distance. Kurt was ready to go live his dreams, now that he wasn't tied to Ohio. The house had been sold, there were no more gigs for him here, and Candice had transferred him to a sister agency in New York. All that was left were memories. Memories and people. But Kurt could make new memories, he could meet new people. He knew it was possible now.

"Blaine?" Spencer knocked at her friend's door. "Scott and I are going out, call me if you need anything, okay?"

He nodded, but was doubtful that he would need to call her. He was content to stay here, thinking of which song to open with at the Blue October concert. He had been working on a new piece for a while now, but he wasn't sure if it was ready.

But there was no time like the present to test it out, right?

Blaine grabbed his acoustic guitar and strummed a cord. He really hoped this would work.

I've seen her face, I've heard her name
I've lost my place and she's to blame.
And I can't stand it when I'm staring in her eyes,
And she's not looking back
It ain't a big surprise

I've heard music, I've heard noise
I wish that she could hear her voice
The way that I do, when I go to sleep at night
And dream my life away
But she's gone when I awake

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me

The way her hair falls in her eyes, makes me wonder if
She'll ever see through my disguise, I'm under her spell
Everything is fallin', I don't know where to land
Everyone knows who she is
But she don't know who I am

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me

I've see you singin' on that stage,
Looking like an angel and all I do is pray
That maybe
One day you'll hear my song and understand that all along
There's something more that I'm trying to say
hen I say

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
What you're doing to me

Ooh when I say
When I say
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
What you're doing to me

Blaine jumped when he heard another knock at his door. "Spencer! I thought you left already!"

"I couldn't find my keys..." Spencer said slowly. "Was that a song about a girl?"

Blaine shrugged. It had become his signature move for when he didn't know what to say. "I thought it would go over better than if I sang about a guy."

"Well, is it about some guy in particular?" Blaine looked down at his guitar strings. He plucked at one to fill the awkward silence. Spencer understood perfectly. "It's really too bad his name doesn't fit in the lyrics. I bet he would like this song a lot." She walked out of the room, leaving Blaine to strum his guitar in peace.

"Kurt! There you are!" Rachel Berry ran up to her friend and threw her thin arms around him. "I've been waiting for so long!"

"Well I don't really control how fast the plane goes, sweetie."

"I know, I know." She shook off the comment and immediately regained her excitement. "So! Where do you want to go first?"

Kurt laughed. He watched as everyone bustled past, and he suddenly became very tired. "How about your apartment?"

Rachel crossed her arms over her atrocious paisley coat. "Fine. That's not much fun though."

"I need my beauty sleep, Berry. I have Jet Lag and I need to adjust to New York as soon as possible."

"Yes, you do, because..." Rachel paused for dramatic effect, but all it did was annoy Kurt. "I have an audition in two weeks! And you're auditioning with me!"

"WHAT? Rachel!" Kurt threw down his bag so that he could strangle her. "I'm supposed to be getting settled!"

"And what better way to get settled in the Big Apple than to experience its theater district first hand!"

"I hate you," Kurt said s he picked up his bag and started marking towards the exit.

"Will you hate me less if I tell you we're auditioning for Funny Girl? I think you would make a fabulous Eddie."

Kurt pursed his lips and refused to look Rachel in the eyes. "Okay. Maybe I hate you a little less."

Blaine stared at the blank sheet of paper in front of him. He had no idea what to write. He hadn't felt this good in so long, but still, something wasn't right with the world. He picked up his pen, scrawling the only thing that came to mind.

Dear Kurt,

Are you proud of me?

Best Wishes,