Leprechauns and Lap Dances

Just a little St. Patrick's Day fun. I'm thinking just one more chapter after this one. I don't own anything SPN.

Dean sits there and quietly watches the show. Awesome. Totally, completely, unbelievably awesome. This girl can really dance.

"Careful Dean, your face will get stuck like that dude. Don't forget, we are here on a job."

"I know Sammy. I am on the case. And believe me when I say I have got my eyes peeled."

"Yeah, I can see that man. Maybe you should put your tongue back in your mouth though, you just look creepy."

The show ends and the lights come up just enough for the patrons to move to the bar for their next shot or head to the less than sanitary looking men's room.

Dean still can't believe it. Who would have thought a hunt would lead them to a stakeout in, of all things, a strip club? This may turn out to be the best hunt ever. At least it's got two of Dean's favourite things. Scantily clad women and beer.

"Okay Sammy, so what's the intel on this place?"

"You know, we could have discussed this in detail at the motel if you didn't rush out the door as soon as you heard the words strip and club."

"Yeah, well, I can't help it. I got a bit excited, sue me! I'm good now, thinking with the right head again. So, what are we dealing with? And you better make it fast Sammy, the next show is gonna start soon and I'm sorry dude but there is no contest between you and it."

"I get it man. Okay. Well, every five years men in this town go missing. One each day in the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day. And the only thing they seem to have in common is that they loved to take in a good striptease."

"Is nothing sacred? Can't a man even go out and enjoy the chance to observe the beauty that is the womanly form? Can they not sit and..."

"Give it a rest Dean. Your level of bullshit is making my eyes tear up."

"I do have a way with words bro. It's a proven fact. So these guys, they just stay, watch a show and disappear into the night?"

"Not exactly. They did a little bit more than just watch a show."

Dean's eyebrows lift up at that. "What, exactly, did they do Sammy?"

"I don't know if I should tell you. You may just end up having a bloody heart attack or something."

"You know me Sammy, always putting my own safety on the line to protect the innocent from evil sons of bitches. So, lay it on me bro, what else do you know about these guys? What's it gonna take to figure this out?"

"Well, the men who went missing? They did sit here just like us and watch a show or two but there was one more thing."

"Okay, could you get to the point Sammy, I am not gettin any younger here dude."

"How do you feel about a lap dance?"

Bloody awesome.

TBC...thanks for reading.. :)