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Hime walked the streets on patrol, watching all of the giggling girls streaming by, clutching boxes of chocolates.

Hime was vaguely aware of the sentiments of Valentine's Day - really, she thought the entire thing entirely stupid, anyway. So girls were supposed to give things to the boys they cared about - who came up with that stupid idea, anyway? She had absolutely no desire to figure out who to give chocolate to, and what kind - really, she was far too busy for those type of things.

Touka had sat her down a couple years ago, right before they entered high school, and explained the whole thing to her in every girly detail - obligation chocolate vs. real feeling chocolate, blah blah blah. Hime had started to tune her out after the first few minutes.

Hime had decided not to mention the chocolates she'd seen on Akina's desk that year, in the pink wrapping Touka had used for her chocolates, the note in Touka's bubbly handwriting - even if the note wasn't signed.

She knew if she didn't give Akina real feeling chocolates, Touka would. Actually Touka would anyway, but she didn't want Akina to accept Touka's chocolates without even knowing about - argh, this was all too confusing.

Luckily the alarm on Hime's phone went off at that moment. Right. Time to meet Kyousuke. Kyousuke.

Kyousuke was the hardest - she knew she should give him something, but - what? He meant something to her, obviously. He meant a lot to her, actually, but - how? And as an assistant, as a friend, as a - Hime shook her head to clear those thoughts that she certainly wasn't ready to look at right now.

She spotted him up ahead. His hands were in his pockets, as usual, his shoulders hunched defensively as he stared off into the distance.

Huh? What was that - the kinetic vision did come in handy sometimes, as she spotted a girl hiding behind a wall, not too far from Kyousuke. A girl that Hime knew - she had been in Kyousuke and Akina's class. And for most of the one year Hime had been in high school with them, that girl had spent all of her time skulking around and staring at Kyousuke, just like she was doing now. God, shouldn't she be away at college or something? And was she clutching chocolates?

Hime stopped and glared at the girl challengingly. The girl shrunk back, her eyes widening in fear. Hime glared harder. The girl ran away, dropping the chocolates behind her.

Hime went to join Kyousuke, hiding what may have been a triumphant smirk. After all, just because she didn't know what type of chocolates she wanted to give him didn't mean that she wanted other girls giving him chocolate.