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Dean opened his eyes groggily, body feeling slightly aching, but very clean. Oh the benefits of having an angel lover were already rubbing off on him, he thought, smiling.

"And if you are not careful, you will become spoiled with them." Said angel replied, continuing his lazy stroking of Dean's spine.

Looking up, Dean met the warm blue puddle eyes of Castiel, and he unconsciously leaned in to kiss his full lips. The kiss was chaste but lasted longer than need be, and when he pulled back they were both slightly breathless.

"I agree with your feelings, Dean, if you did not hear me last night." Castiel commented offhandedly, arm coming behind his back to stretch and crack it. Dean watched him with a small smirk, before thinking about what he had said.

"What did I say last night?" he asked, puzzled.

Castiel turned to him with a small smile, leaning forward to kiss Dean's cheek.

"I love you too. Now come, we should get dressed before Gabriel and Sam arrive." Castiel made a motion to get up, but Dean's heavy hand came down on his chest, keeping him against the bed.

"Dean?" Cas inquired, looking up at the Winchester expectantly. "Is something the matter?"

Dean pinned Castiel down, body towering over the angel's as he remained silent. Castiel brought up a hand to his warm face, wondering if he made Dean angry by saying that.

"Dea—" he began, wanting to apologize.

"Say it again." Dean mumbled, eyes steely and a vibrant jade green and digging into Castiel as though he were a mere man instead of an angel.

"Say what again, Dean?" Castiel asked.

"Say it."

"That I love you?"

Dean's shaky breath and nod gave him the rest of the information he was lacking.

"I love you, Dean Winchester."

He placed a kiss to Dean's temple.

"I love you."

Another kiss to his forehead.

"I have loved you since I gripped you tight and rais—"

"Will you shut up with the teasing and the perdition shit and fucking kiss me already?" Dean growled out, forcing his lips onto Castiel's.

Oh yeah, he could get used to this.

Sam walked into the local diner, sitting down and ordering a black coffee. Gabriel had kept him up all night with endless rounds of foreplay and sex and he just felt like crashing in his own bed. Metaphorically. He asked Gabe to send him back to the motel and the archangel did so reluctantly, a small pout on his face.

"Practically stuck at the hip for life… yeah… sorry Gabe." He grumbled to himself. As his order came around, a waiter without a face just like all the others, placed his cup down, but didn't leave. Sam expected the man wanted to make sure the order was okay, so he grabbed the porcelain mug and took a big swig… before choking it all up.

"What the hell?" he asked incredulously, looking down at the thick brown liquid in the cup. It was… chocolate sauce?

"Like it sir?" a voice asked, and Sam looked up to see his waiter has turned into none other than Gabriel.

"I repeat, what the hell Gabe." He grumbled. "I just wanted my coffee."

Gabriel sat in the booth, honey-colored eyes looking forlornly at the tall hunter.

"I didn't want you to leave today."

"Well I couldn't stay there forever."

"But still, why didn't you ask?"

"Ask what?" Sam inquired, grabbing a napkin to wipe off the chocolate sauce stain that was forming on his upper lip.

Gabriel quickly leaned over the table, mouth smashing onto Sam's and effectively transferring the treat to the angel's lips as well.

"Ask me to come with you." He replied casually, licking around his mouth.

Sam let out a huff of breath. He was trapped.

"Yeah, you are."

Gabriel looked up through his eyelashes, face flushing sheepishly.

Sam chuckled, licking a bit of chocolate from his own face.

"Since when did you get nervous?"

"When I thought you didn't want me."

Sam looked at the archangel with a raised eyebrow, but quickly realized he was being serious. His large hand fell over Gabe's, and he rubbed his thumb over it.

"I'll always want you, Gabe."

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