It was still raining harshly down on the local pub as Piplup was retelling his bizarre adventure. Dewott and the other Pokemon were listening closely as Piplup sighed, drinking another glass filled with beer.

"So as you can see, things weren't going my way, much to my dismay." Piplup muttered as he played around with his glass, looking into it as he sighed, "With my girlfriend dead and with a possible threat following me, I had no choice, but to find the nearest place for help..."

Piplup was holding the dead body of his formerly alive girlfriend, Chikorita, heading to a wooden sign that pointed towards the east and west. To the west was the pub, while to the east, was a gym filled with fighting types, as well as a huge sprawling forest behind it. Not taking chances, Piplup decided to head to the gym. Upon entering the gym, Piplup dropped his jaw in disbelief as he found many fighting type Pokemon training against each other, as well as a few non fighting type Pokemon blatting it out. Looking down at Chikorita, Piplup gulped as he closed the door, turning away as he was then grabbed by a male Mienshao, who looked down at him curiously.

"What's up, blue one?" The Mienshao asked Piplup, who was squirming to break free, "You seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Well, it's the matter of my girlfriend." He sighed as he looked down at her, shaking her head, "We were going to head to the beach, and suddenly, next thing I know, I accidentally kill her..."

All of the Pokemon inside the gym gasped as they stopped fighting each other and surrounded Piplup, all shocked at what they heard. Meinshao dropped his jaw in disbelief as Piplup gulped, feeling that he was in deep water this time.

"...And you dion't get pummeled?" The Dewott bartender asked as he handed several clear glasses to a pair of Accelgor coming in, turning to face Piplup again.

Piplup sighed as he drunk down his glass, handing it to Dewott while replying, "Hey, I'm not finished yet. Anyway, just when it seems like I was going to get the daylights knocked out of me..."

Piplup continued squirming as he felt tension coming to him. Meinshao stared at Piplup angrily, but then shrugged, shaking his head. Piplup did a double take, as he was surprised at Mienshao's reaction. The Meinshao then patted Piplup on the head, reassuring him to not worry.

"It's all right, small one. Bad things can happen at any given moment," The Meinshao responded as he gave Piplup a banquet of bright red roses, taking Chikorita's dead body from him. "We'll find a place to rest your fallen one."

Piplup sniffled as he rubbed his eyes, feeling gratitude as tears began to form. "T-thank you..." Bowing, Piplup took the banquet with him as he exitted the gym, heading to the wooden sign. Now only one thing was left for him to figure out... which way should he go?