The Things We Do For Cake

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Another fanfic with Toadette and Bowser Jr., ladies and gentlemen. Gotta love these two kids, folks. Gotta love these two.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Toadette yawned as she got out of bed and headed downstairs. She headed straight to the doorway, opening the door to see that she got mail.

"Hey... I got a letter!" Toadette exclaimed with glee as she grabbed the mail, looking through it frantically. She grabbed a letter and began reading it aloud. "Dear pesky plumbers... wait a minute, this isn't the right letter!"

Tossing that certain infamous letter aside, Toadette grabbed another letter, satisfied as she found the right one, which was colored blue. "Here it is! A-herm..." Clearing her voice, Toadette read the letter in a somewhat deeper tone. "Hey, I got some cake. Come over for some." Toadette licked her lips as she rubbed her growling stomach with delight. "Sounds yummy!"

Later, Toadette headed to Bowser Jr.'s small rainbow colored fort nearby the huge waterfalls of Seaside Hill, her hads behind her back innocently as she asked cutely, "...So where's the cake?"

Bowser Jr. stared oddly at Toadette, his arms by his side. "Wait... hold on... you, you actually came all the way here for it?" Him being baffled was an understatement.

Toadette nodded as she giggled, revealing her hands to Bowser Jr. "Duh! Now where is it, silly?"

Bowser Jr. sighed as he shrugged, briefly closing his eyes. "I'm afraid... your effort is fruitless."

Toadette blinked several times, tilting her head to the right. "The cake has no fruit?"

Bowser Jr. slapped his forehead as he wrapped his right arm around Toadette, beginning to explain, "No, Toadette, it means that-"

Suddenly, three angry Shy Guys thieves came in, all wearing black cloaks over their red coats. They pointed at Toadette and Bowser Jr. with freezing guns. "FREEZE!"

"Oh crap, it's the cops!" Toadette screamed in shock as she began trembling with fright.

Bowser Jr. rolled his eyes as he scoffed at Toadette. "No, you idiot, it's just some random goons here to take the cake."