The Shy Guy leader slapped Bowser Jr. across the face, having no patience whatsoever. "Come on! We don't have all day. Literally, this is like a thousand words, we got much better things to do."

Bowser Jr. gritted his teeth, spitting at the Shy Guy leader. "Excuse the author for trying to put an effort into actually writing today! Not only is he writing a lot, but he also has his English class in college!"

The three Shy Guys paused as they looked oddly at each other, then back at Bowser Jr.

"Wait... this author goes to college?" The Shy Guy on the left stated, rubbing the back of his head.







"...That's... that's..." The Shy Guy on the right started, snickering as he held his right hand on his stomach. "So pathetic... so sad!"

They then laughed heartily.

"This is getting us nowhere..." Bowser Jr. groaned as he closed his eyes, shaking his head. He then heard a cry, looking up, to see Toadette swinging from the forest, landing in front of him and the Shy Guy thieves, much to his surprise. "What the - you came to rescue me, Toadette!"

Toadette winked at Bowser Jr. as she turned to the Shy Guys, pointing at them. "I'm going to give you something to chew about!" She then opened up her front pouches, tossing pieces of chocolate cake at the Shy Guys. The Shy Guys stumbled backwards as they fell into the raging cold water, falling down the waterfall as they screamed!

"Our cake! Not even one slice..." The Shy Guy leader muttered as he and his two comrades disappeared under the thundering waves.

Bowser Jr. laughed as he was freed from the rock by Toadette, giving her a hug followed by a high five. He turned to the waterfall, his hands on his hips as he looked down and laughed proudly. "Yeah, well eat it, dirtface!"

After the waterfall crisis, Bowser Jr. and Toadette were walking down southwards, the sun setting, causing the sky to create a beautiful red orange view.

"So... about that cake you promised..." Toadette mentioned as she giggled, winking at Bowser Jr. as she had her hands crossed behind her back.

Bowser Jr. sighed as he tossed his hands in the air. "Oh come on, first you get all prissy, then you get depressed, now you want me to bake you a cake?"

Toadette squealed with delight as she bounced up and down, doing so in Bowser Jr.'s face, being highly energetic. "Yes! I'm totally warrant of it! Gimme cake, gimme cake, gimme cake!"

"...Oh boy." Bowser Jr. groaned as he face palmed himself, knowing that this wouldn't end well.