The Official FAangirl Newsletter

By: Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: Mature for mentions of sexuality, but mostly for safety. (Canon couples)

Summary: Thank you for subscribing to The Official FAangirl Newsletter, the most comprehensive gathering of information relating to Avatar Aang and his life that you'll find outside of an official biography.

Disclaimer: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is owned by Bryke. I am merely borrowing them. XD

LES: This idea came to me at work, and it tormented me until I could get it written down. I have no idea how long this story is going to be. I'll just keep adding more chapters until I run out of ideas. This is mainly a place to fan-gush about my favorite character, but also lets me making fun of him a little. (I make fun of characters that I love.) I, Sage, am the editor of this publication, but the 'authors' will be different people who knew Aang personally or interviewed him or his friends. The official club is run by three people, who I'm sure you'll be able to quickly figure out who they are. Any "author's comments" are not made by me, but by these three characters.

A Forward from the Editor

Thank you for subscribing to The Official FAangirl Newsletter, the most comprehensive source of information on Avatar Aang and his life outside of a biography. What fun are biographies? They are dry, dull, and usually leave out all of the good stuff.

It is a known fact that those biographies leave out a great many things because many of the interviews that are contained herein are interviews for those biographies that were never published for a great many reasons: mostly because Avatar Aang shut them down because they revealed a little too much about his life.

But as you'll come to see, much of this information are things that we, as FAangirls, are greatly interested in. For example, just what goes on in Avatar Aang's life behind closed doors? What exactly is his relationship to each of the members of his GAang? And, most important of all, what is it like to actually date the Avatar (a question that many of us would love answered.)

If you are looking for an academic study of Avatar Aang's life, then you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for fangirling (and sometimes fanboying) and lots of inappropriate material, then you have come to the right place.

Besides a few comments from my fellow authors, none of the interview material has been changed or altered in any way, appearing exactly as it was at the time it was written, though, for the safety of the people who wrote it and swore to Avatar Aang that they would never publish this forbidden material, we cannot give their names. Therefore, we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude to those who risked Avatar Aang's wrath by providing us with this material.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter and satisfies your FAangirl needs.

~Sage, Editor of The Official FAangirl Magazine

Contributing Authors

Meng: A young woman from Mapaku Village. She met Avatar Aang on his journey to Master the Four Elements and quickly developed a crush on him. She remains convinced to this day that she was meant to marry him because he has big ears and that he'll leave his wife any day now.

Onji: A young woman from the Fire Nation. She had the rare honor of meeting Avatar Aang while he journeyed through the Fire Nation in disguise. If you give her half-a-chance, she'll talk in length about how she shared a dance with him.

Chan: More famously known as his alias: "Foamy Mouth Guy", he is probably the biggest Aang fanboy you'll ever meet. He has been known to spontaneously foam at the mouth if you even mention Aang's name. It creates a rather strange work environment here in the office with him foaming up every three minutes.

Avatar Aang: A Quick Fact Sheet

Nation of Birth: Air Nomad

Age: (as of publication date) 20/120 if you include Iceberg Time

Physical Characteristics: Rather tall, but slim build. A full-body tattoo of blue lines and arrows. Gray eyes. (Onji: His eyes are SILVER!) Clean shaven. (Onji: But he has black hair when it grows out.) (Meng: In a word: handsome.)

Family: No Air Nomad relatives left. He is married to Katara of the Southern Water Tribe. (Meng: Floozy.) He has a small son named Tenzin. (Onji: I've seen pictures of Tenzin. He is ADORABLE, just like his sexy dad!) (Meng: Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it… DILF!)

Major Accomplishments as the Avatar: Learned of his status as the Avatar younger than any other Avatar, at age 12. Mastered the four elements and the Avatar State faster than any other Avatar, becoming fully realized by 13. Ended the Hundred Year war by facing and defeating the former Firelord Ozai singlehandedly. (Onji: What I wouldn't give to have witnessed this…) (Foamy Mouth Guy: And the people of the Fire Nation prove just how loyal they are to their Firelord…) (Onji: Firelord Ozai was a terrible ruler.) (Meng: He's not as sexy as Aang is either.) Heading up the effort to rebuild the world.

(Onji: Can we get to the fun stuff now?) (Meng: Yes, first things first… guess who managed to get a copy of Avatars Gone Wild featuring Aang!) (Foamy Mouth Guy: *foam*)