That voice. It's so heavenly. Whose voice is this?


She sounds so… wait, this is…?



I looked up to see Matsumoto sensei standing before me. She held a ruler firmly in her delicate hands.

"Toshiro, I hope you weren't sleeping during my lesson."

I gulped. My friend Kurosaki Ichigo glanced at me wondering how I'd get out of this. The rest of the class also had their eyes on me. Crap.

"Um… no, Matsumoto sensei."

"Okay, what was I talking about then?"

I breathed out.

"You were talking about the Cold War and how their political struggles made the entire world like a chess board?"

Matsumoto sensei stared at me somewhat surprised. I smirked. She always tries to get the better of me, but I was too smart. She had her arms crossed and smiled slightly.

"Well then, I'm glad you paid attention Toshiro. Now if the rest of you were like him…"

I sighed closing my eyes as the teacher lectured the rest of the class. She knew I was smart and wasn't hard on me much. That's why I was her favorite. How do I know this? Well…

Why don't I go back a few months before? I just moved to Karakura town with my granny and cousin Hinamori Momo.

"Here Toshiro. This is your room."

"Ah. Thanks Momo."

Momo helped me carry my stuff into my room. I sighed organizing my things. As I did this, I looked out my window to the house next door. What I saw in the room next door made my mouth drop.

I saw a beautiful woman with a curvaceous figure sitting in front of a mirror. She had blue eyes, full lips, long and wavy straw berry blond hair, and a creamy skin. What stood out to me the most was her large breast that could be barley contained by the white shirt she wore. This woman was stunning.

"Toshiro, hey what are you doing? Granny called you over five times already."

I was snapped out of my daze by Momo. I looked at her blinking a few times.

"Okay, well, get down stairs. Granny's making dinner."

Mom left my room leaving me alone. I looked back out the window to see the woman standing up winking at her mirror. I noticed her large breast jiggled slightly. I then shook my head and went down stairs.

The next day, I arrived at Karakura high school. Now I didn't care if I was the new kid. I just went to my class and waited for the teacher to show up.

"Hey, you new here?"

I looked up to see a somewhat tall orange haired kid standing next to me. What stood out to me was his scowl. It looked cool.

"Yeah. I'm Hitsugaya Toshiro."

"Kurosaki Ichigo. Welcome to Karakura high."

Ichigo was my first real friend here. Since I didn't know anyone else, he kind of became my friend here. Well besides Momo that is.

"Good morning class! Take your seats we have a new student."

Now I had no idea who my teacher was. So I immediately blushed seeing her.

Despite wearing more concealing cloths, there was no mistaking that the teacher was my neighbor. And our rooms were across from each other. Yeah. Talk about weird.

"Oh? Hey I know you! You're that kid that moved in next door."

I kept blushing red. The woman kept staring at me with her ice blue eyes. She smiled sweetly causing my blush to deepen.

"Well I guess you're the new student. Hitsugaya Toshiro? I'm Matsumoto Rangiku. Call me, Matsumoto sensei."

She then blew an air kiss at me. All I did was mumble nervously. What I didn't notice was that Ichigo smirked right behind me.

Later that day, I sat in my room working on the assignments. Momo and Granny left to get groceries and I was busy here. Then the door bell rang. Wondering who it was, I ran down to open it. but it seemed the day wasn't done giving me surprises.

"Ano, Toshiro do you mind if I borrow some sugar?"

Standing before me was Matsumoto sensei. She wore a revealing night gown which showed off her curvaceous figure. I had a good view of her long legs and slim waist. But what stood out was her large breast which was shown off well.

I could feel my face heast up, and a bulge form in my pants. I got nervous staring at this woman.

"S- Sure. Let me…"

"Oh thanks Toshiro!"

Before I realized it, my teacher grasped me in a firm hug. She pressed my face into her large breast. I swear my face couldn't get any redder.

I knew I'd like this teacher.