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You know with school being so uptight at times there were always those days when we had fun in class that I cherished most. Like today for example.

"Watch out Toshiro! My planes going far!" Matsumoto threw her pink paper plane across the class and zoomed past everyone. Everyone gasped watching it fly off through the air and landing at the waste bin on the classroom's end.

"Awesome Sensei! But now prepare for my paper plane!" Keigo said drawing out a green plane. With all of his witty strength he lunged it forward sending it flying but then redirecting back into his eye and yelping backwards.

"That guy... he has bad luck." Tatsuki said putting her hands on her hips. Then Ishida stood in front of her with his own blue plane.

"Obviously Keigo needs to master the art of fine paper craftsmanship. Like me!" The cynical genius of the class expertly threw his plane causing it to zoom straight forward. But the plane continued going so fast that it then hit the opposite wall crashing downwards.

"That was not a good plane at all." Ulquiorra said. Then did we notice Ishida sulking in the corner to himself.

"Does he always get overly depressed at these things?" I asked. Chad nodded.

"Ah Ishida kun it's alright! It's just a paper plane!" Inoue tried calming our nerd patting his back.

"Well then now it's my turn! It's plane time!" Ichigo pulled out his own crisp black paper plane and threw it with great force. It zoomed across the classroom before crashing at his desk.

"Nice one Ichigo! That went sooooo far!" Rukia said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah? Like you could do better Rukia!" Ichigo retorted. Rukia smirked as she pulled out her own paper plane with Chappy designs drawn on.

"Watch me fly strawberry!" Rukia told him coyly. I watched as she threw her plane zooming into the air. It glided and spun around three times

"Wow Ichigo. You've just been pwned." I said slyly. My orange headed buddy didn't look too pleased with my remark.

"Well Toshiro, I haven't seen you make a plane. Why don't you try." Ichigo told me looking down at me. I hated it when he used his height to an advantage like that.

"Hey yeah Toshiro! Why don't you make a plane? I've got a light blue paper that seems to match your style!" Matsumoto butted in between me and Ichigo. It's funny how she always usually got me to partake in these little activities.

I got the paper and began to gold. Back in my old school I'd make paper planes all the time out of boredom so it was easy. I held it upwards and positioned myself. The rest of the class including Matsumoto Sensei all had their eyes on me as I concentrated.

Then I threw my plane which glided in the air. It curved around to the other end of the room. But to my shock it didn't stop there spinning around and gliding back towards me before I caught it between my fingers. Everyone behind me gasped surprised at this.

"Wow Toshiro that was awesome!" Inoue said jumping up.

"Ha I knew you were good at this Toshiro kun!" Matsumoto got me into a hug and pressed my face into her chest much against my will. No matter how many times she did that I blushed, I wasn't used to it.

"Yeah, yeah. Lucky one Toshiro." Ichigo said scratching his hair.

"You're just jealous strawberry." Rukia said poking Ichigo in his side. Some of the others laughed at this.

"That was really impressive Toshiro! I'm jealous myself!"

I heard a new voice in the room as I and Matsumoto turned around. Standing in the doorway of the class was a dark skinned woman with long purple hair dressed in a casual orange gi and black pants. To be honest her attire was so casual I wasn't sure who she was at all. But Matsumoto seemed to know this woman all too well.

"Ah! Yoruichi! What are you doing here!?" Matsumoto let go of me bowing her head to my confusion. The woman Yoruichi then sat on my desk raising her legs.

"I was strolling by when I spotted your class off task from usual studies." she said sticking a young out. Everyone seemed tense when she spoke.

"Ah... well Yoruichi you see..." Matsumoto poked her fingers together mumbling. This was so confusing.

"Um, Matsumoto Sensei, who is this person?" when I asked this everyone shrieked. Keigo then grabbed my shoulders frantically.

"You don't know!? Ah Toshiro how can you have been here for months and not know! That's Shihoin Yoruichi the school Principal!" The madman told me. I looked over back to Yoruichi who held a playful grin.

"I heard you were Hinamori's cousin. You're Karakura's new student just before Ulquiorra right?" Yoruichi said sliding down the desk still eying me.

"Y-Yeah. I moved in with Momo and y granny kind of recently. Sorry for not knowing who you were madam." I told her respectfully. Yoruichi however waved a hand with a Cheshire like grin.

"It's alright. I'm more interested in these little planes of yours. Why don't we have a competition me and you Toshiro?" Yoruichi said putting a finger on my cheek. It was kind of like the annoying poke Momo would do when she proved me wrong on something.

"Ah Toshiro! Yoruichi is a master paper plane flyer! You could increase your skills like this!" Matsumoto informed me pumping her arms up. Were they being serious? I mean this sounded like some corny plot in a weird slice of life manga.

"Toshiro, I'll cancel class for the rest of the say so you'll compete with e. What do you say?"

Just when Yoruichi said this the whole class stood with their hands raised high.

"Toshiro you can do it!" Keigo hollered.

"Yeah besides we can all watch!" Mizuiro said.

"Che. Yeah right you guys just want to skip class." I told everybody who didn't deny it.

"If I said I was genuinely interested would you do it anyways?" Ulquiorra said blankly. You know he was so monotone that I couldn't tell if he was serious or just wanted to get this over with.

"Oh come on Toshiro! It'll be real fun, and I'll be your coach!" Matsumoto told me staring me straight in my eyes. Did I mention how she nearly got me to do whatever she asked?

So now I, Matsumoto, Ichigo, and Rukia stood next to Yoruichi with the rest of the class behind us. I don't know why but I was getting nervous. Yoruichi seemed calm from my point of view.

"Don't let her get to you Toshiro! Yoruichi might be a master at this but I've got faith in you!" Matsumoto cheered me on. I eyed her up and down noticing immediately her change of attire.

"Matsumoto, why are you wearing that?" I pointed. She had changed her regular teaching attire to tight sweats accentuating her curves.

"Well I'm your trainer silly! I'll give you all the best encouragement you need!" Matsumoto said posing with her right arm in the air and her legs bent. Her breasts bounced as my face reddened. Leave it to her to give me encouragement like this.

"Just don't let Yoruichi intimidate you. She can do that pretty well." Rukia informed me patting my back. Good thing I could count on her to be somewhat sane.

"Yeah Toshiro don't lose! I've got 10,000 yen bet on you!" Keigo yelled in my ear. Funny that's exactly like the bastard.

"Okay Toshiro let's begin this!" Yoruichi jumped up and clasped her hands. I walked over to where she stood. Then a small dark haired woman dressed in a fancy business attire and skirt walked over towards us. Ichigo had told me her name was Soifon and she was always nearby with Principal Yoruichi for some reason.

"Yoruichi sama, Toshiro, I will explain the rules of this contest." Soifon pulled out two sheets of paper off of two tables set up in front of us.

"You each are given three papers. There are three courses depending on speed, distance, and performance. Now lets have round one begin!"

Right behind us the class cheered with most of my friends cheering me good luck and whatnot. Ishida and Inoue though strangely were holding up a makeshift sign of me and the good luck kanji.

Okay when did this suddenly become Rocky? Who takes these things so seriously?" The first contest deals with speed. Which of the planes will go farther? Yoruichi sama, good luck."

You know I could swear Soifon was blushing.

"Alright watch my speed! Ready Toshiro?" Yoruichi asked.

"I'll do just fine." I said confidently. I could see Matsumoto cheering with everyone watching. I could do this.

"Okay now, release the planes!" Soifon called out.

Yoruichi and I threw our planes in the air. They flew far across the schoolyard. Our planes were neck and neck. Mine got as far as Yoruichi's sped closer. They continued neck and neck

I watched as Yoruichi plane fell undermine on the street. Soifon clicked a button as I turned around.

"That is time. Hitsugaya Toshiro... wins." Soifon said blankly. She looked somewhat annoyed as everyone else cheered.

"Good job Toshiro! I'm so proud of you!" Matsumoto then hugged me.

"That's a nice one Toshiro! But I'll win next round." Yoruichi said winking at me. Now that was odd.

"The next course will deal with distance. Which plane shall go farther? There is no time limit. Let's begin!" Soifon called out. Yoruichi and I stood parallel from each other.

The principal threw the plane quickly. Mine followed swiftly behind hers. They sped off in the air and rose higher and higher. I was being competitive hoping that my plane would get farther than Yoruichi's.

My plane zoomed farther and farther. Yoruichi's plane got close to mine and actually pushed it up. It then landed on the ground while mine crashed landing behind it.

"Yoruichi's plane got farther than Hitsugaya's. The winner of the second round is Yoruichi sama!" Yoruichi jumped up at Soifon's words. Why'd she add the "sama"?

"Toshiro what the hell!? Don't lose this one for me!" Keigo grabbed my shoulders whining.

"Shut up Keigo! Does it look like I care about your money making scheme?" I asked blatantly.

"It's okay Toshiro! You just try your best!" Matsumoto cheered. Her breasts bounced up and down while she jumped which I, Ichigo, and Keigo noticeably glanced at till Rukia showed up.

"Oi you pervs, quit looking at her!" Rukia then performed a high jump kick to Ichigo and Keigo. Somehow I was spared of this punishment.

"The third and final round will be a contest of style. Whomever performs the best tricks will win the contest. And by win, I mean Yoruichi will defeat Hitsugaya kun." By now I'd figured out Soifon was very loyal to Yoruichi and that she didn't like anyone who challenged madam principal.

I just stood there with Yoruichi as the class murmured behind us. Matsumoto was looking at me confidently as she cheered.

"You'll do great Toshiro! I just know it!" My teacher jumped up and down causing most of the male students to stare at her unashamedly. I just sighed wanting to get this over with.

"You ready Toshiro?" Yoruichi asked stretching her long body.

"Yeah I guess." I said neutrally.

"Good! then I'll start." Yoruichi said folding her paper into a plane. Her tongue stuck out catlike as she threw her plane into the air.

Everyone watched as her purple plane flew around and spun itself. However I noticed it go up higher and higher by the moment. Then Yoruichi's plane glided around to stop threw the air and land on top of Soifon's head.

"Ah! That was so amazing Yoruichi sama!" The woman cried out. I heard Ichigo say something about being way too into this but I brushed the comment off.

"Ah Toshiro it's your turn now! If you do well, you'll win!" Matsumoto announced behind me. It was funny how she could be so cheery like this.

I stood up straight and folded my paper. For some reason I started to get nervous. Everyone including Matsumoto was watching me. I guess that would be something I can add to my list of things that I never thought could happen to me.

"Okay I guess this is my turn!" I launched my plane curving it up to the air. Everyone watched as it soared up into the sky.

My plane kept going higher and higher until I realized that it could be at least twenty feet up. It began to fall a bit and descend. I gulped knowing that it hadn't done any tricks.

"It would seem Hitsugaya can't beat you Yoruichi sama." Soifon said behind me.

"Crap. Yoruichi will annoy Toshiro about this more than ever." Ichigo said glancing up at the sky.

"Yeah... that's how she is alright." Matsumoto said peering upwards.

My plane though, still dropping from the sky, began to curve around. It spun in a twist formation looking as if it'd crash on the front. But to my surprise it begun to flow up and spun upwards and fall back.

Then the plane looked as if it'd go farther. I saw it move around the courtyard and then turn back to me. It then zoomed past me and hit Ichigo in the eye.

"Ow! What the hell Toshiro!?" Ichigo yelled. I laughed however at this as I heard Yoruichi clapping.

"That was great Toshiro! Looks like we know who the winner is!" I heard the principal say as she raised my hand up much to the shock of the rest of the students there.

"Ah Yoruichi sama are you sure?" Soifon asked.

"Oh come on Soifon, this kid was good." Yoruichi responded. I heard everyone behind me yell as my friends cheered (minus Ichigo who rubbed his sore eye).

"Awesome! Pay up everyone, you guys all owe me big time!" Keigo yelled out as he stuffed his pockets with loads of yen. I scowled at his foolishness.

"Toshiro won yay Tatsuki! Let's celebrate!" Orihime cheered hugging her best friend.

"Orihime chill out! It's just a paper plane contest!"

"A paper plane contest everyone took so seriously." Ulquiorra commented on the side.

"Ah Toshiro you won! That's so great!" Matsumoto then lifted me off of my feet and held me in a large hug.

"Way to go Toshiro! And don't worry about Ichigo, he's fine. Just grumpy." Rukia told me dotingly.

"How do you know what I'm thinking Rukia?" Ichigo asked annoyed. I shut my eyes as our rabbit obsessed friend kicked Ichigo in his shin causing him to fall back in pain.

Later I began to walk on the streets for home. Principal Yoruichi had let everyone out of class since she was "in a good mood". I had no clue making paper airplanes would get me so much attention from everybody today. What the hell was everyone so scared of Yoruichi for though? I guess it'd be a weird mystery at this school atop many more.

I didn't think about it too much. I just kept walking home on the usual route home. Man it was a long day. What sucked was that I was so tired and that at the same time it was hot. Seriously! It was about 90 degrees out here. I couldn't handle warm weather like this while walking.

Funny thing about this moment was how I learned luck could come by anytime.

"Hey Toshiro, need a lift?" I froze at that moment looking to my left to see Matsumoto Sensei. She was inside of her car on the drivers side with cool air blasting out from her car.

"Matsumoto Sensei, what are you doing here?" I said somewhat surprised.

"Well gee, we live next door silly. So it's not coincidence that we take the same way home." Matsumoto responded. I blinked.

"Oh I see. So you're headed home then?" I asked my usually bubbly teacher.

"Yeah I'm not going out with my fiends today. Just thought I'd go home and take a nice hot bath." Matsumoto daydreamed for a moment making me blush at the thought of that. Though she then shook her head and called back. "Hey do you still want a lift?"

Matsumoto stuck her head out of the cat. At that moment my teacher looked like a angel.

"Thanks Sensei! I owe you one!" I thanked her as she winked at me.

"Don't mention it. Just get in." Matsumoto said. I wasted no time in hopping in.

It was nice. Getting a ride home with Sensei was a real life saver.


Yoruichi: Ah Soifon look at this *hands binoculars over*

Soifon: What is it Yoruichi sama?

Yoruichi: It seems Rangiku's giving a ride to Toshiro.

Soifon: So?

Yoruichi: Isn't it obvious? She knows he likes her.

Soifon: What! But that's-

Yoruichi: I think she thinks he's cute.

Ulquiorra: Why are you two stalking Hitsugaya?

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