This is a small one-shot. I might post a sequel yet not sequel of Fantastic You tomorrow. It's about the girls having to go to school! It won't probably be a one shot for I need something to do. Okay. This is set in FEBRUARY(!) of course!

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Third Person P.O.V.

It was the night before Valentine's Day and the girls were so excited.

"Dad! Dad!" Their voices rang through the hall as they ran to where their father was. Agnes jumped into Gru's lap, who was on the couch, and Margo and Edith bounced onto the couch on either side of him.

Gru chuckled. "Yes, my keetens?" he said in his russain accent.

Margo smiled hugely. "Tomorrow's Valentine's Day!" the girl said, excitement all through her voice.

Gru's face of amusement went slightly confused. "What ees thees, Valentine's Day you are talkeeng about?"

The girls looked at each other. "Oh no," Edith grumbled. "Okay. Lesson time!" She said, louder this time.

Gru smiled slightly at his daughters. "I'm teasing," he said. "I know what thees Valentine's Day is about. I have a question, though. What ees the beeg deel about thees... holeeday?"

Margo's eyes sparkled with excitement. "It's a day about love and friendship. Everybody tells everybody of their love for him or her. It's great!" Edith and Agnes nodded in approval over the words she had spoken.

Agnes smiled brightly. "And you get candy!"

Edith and Margo turned slightly red. "You mean everybody else does," Edith muttered.

Gru looked at them. "What do you meen?"

Edith shrugged.

Margo looked at her sister, then answered. "The other kids always forgot about us when they handed out valentines and Miss Hattie always gave the younger children a lollipop. Yeah. We (I mean Edith and I) almost never got candy."

Gru nodded. It made hims ad to think how poorly these girls were treated. Tomorrow was going to be the best Valentine's Day for them! He was going to make sure of it, too!

Margo slid off the couch. Edith did too. And finally Agnes and Gru got up. They went to the bedroom the girls shared and did their nightly routines. When it was time for Gru to go to bed, he kissed the girls good night and left.


Gru had just dropped the girls off at school and was waiting in line at the market. Yes, everyone. Shocker. He was waiting. The girls had taught him to have patience. When it was his turn, he quickly gave the check-out lady the money and took the bag. Inside the bag was chocolate for all of them plus some other mini things.

He returned home and put three bags out. One said Margo, one said Edith, and another said Agnes. He wrote three notes for all of them and put it into the bags. He got them from school once he was done and listened to Agnes chatter alllll the way home.

Once they arrived, he told them to go into the kitchen. They did and saw the bags.

Margo and Edith read their notes, and with Gru's help Agnes did too. They smiled and hugged him, not even searching their bag.

Gru looked at them, surprised. Any other child would have dug into it right away. "Aren't you goeeng to look?"

"What you have already given us is enough," Margo said.

Gru hugged them. He was glad he had daughters like them. He was glad he had them forever, and that he was spending one of the best Valentine's Day's ever with them. And nothing could change this perfect day.

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