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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Forgotten World

Chapter 2

Welcome To The Forgotten World

Aaron awoke slowly from his deep sleep; his eyes scanning the area he was in. Never before in his entire life had he seen a land like this before. Something about the grass below him, the trees he was leaning against. Even the wind that blew across his face seemed to be different from the wind from his world. He couldn't put his finger on it, but this land seemed kind of…magical. He slowly got up, noticing a sharp pain on his back, but pushed that thought away as he slowly moved to the unconscious figure across from him.

"Arlisotli," He shook the girl a little, but she didn't respond. "Hey Arlistoli!" Again the girl didn't respond. "Fine if your going to be like that, then we'll have to do this the hard way."

Thinking quickly, he turned around and grabbed Arlistoli by her hands and pulled her up to his back. "Did anyone ever tell you your heavy?" he asked the unconscious girl as he started to walk away from the tress.

What the heck happened? Last thing I remember, I was in the library with Mr. Randell and Arlistoli and I wrote Mr. Randell's and my name in this small book I found earlier. The next thing I knew, I woke up in the middle of a forest with no clue where I am, a sharp pain in my back and dirt all over me. Could this day get any better?

Suddenly, the sound of thunder filled Aaron's ears as he started to feel rain hit his body.

I just had to ask didn't I?

As he turned to leave the small clearing, his eyes spotted a small leather book near the tree he had awoken next to. Looking around to see if anyone else was nearby, he noticed that he was the only person in the clearing, unless you count the sleeping girl on his back.

Something about the small book in front of him seemed to want him to pick it up. It gave off a strange magically feeling that screamed for him to grab it. Deciding to go with what the book ask, he picked the small book up and placed it in his pocket. "I guess I should take this with me. If anyone is looking for it, I can give it back to them later." Before heading in a random direction.

Nearby, leaning against another tree, a teenage figure smiled. His hair was set into a faux-hawk style that matched colors with his brown; boot cut baggy pants that were held up by a belt with a golden loop at the front. His white over-shirt had black around the sleeves that extended to black stripes on the way down each opposing side. A white collar hung loosely around his neck that had gold trimming where the two sides of it came together in the middle, extending to where they brake apart at the bottom. Attached to his back was a silver greatsword that appeared to be made of diamonds. It shone in the light as the figure walked away from the tree. "Finally, I found you," he mumbled before disappearing.

Xx A Small Clearing A Little Off xX

"Hey Akio, do you think August was able to finally find him, kupo?" A teenage girl asked her companion as she laid on top of a fallen tree trunk, swinging her left arm back and forth.

She had long coal black hair that was barley seen, over the blue newsboy cap that had a feather in the side of it. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, with a white ribbon that stopped around her back. She wore overlapping metal plates that were attached to a layer of chainmail that covered her upperbody.

Hume Paladin for Clan Phoenix: Yoni

Leaning against the tree, was a white shield, with a flame design that crept from the bottom, and a light blue sword, whose blade was a zigzag design that met at the point with a green handle.

"I'm sure he's close to finding him by now Yoni. As soon as he finds him, he'll send us a signal and we'll go and meet up with him and capture the target. That was the plan. Remember?" A tall, male gria with blue wings answered back. He had dark blue hair that matched color with his blue eyes, which watched the girl's arm swing back and forth. He wore black and gold armor, but was barely visible under his blue cloak. On his back, was a large, one edged sword with a red design on the blade.

Gria Dark Knight for Clan Phoenix: Akio

The black haired teen, know now as Yoni, let out a sigh.

"Maybe he forgot about us and went after him on his own, Kupo." She jumped off the trunk, grabbing her sword and shield and walking over to her partner. "Why don't we just go and look for him?"

"Finally!" A bangaa shouted, jumping from a bush and landing in front of the two companions. He wore plain leather armor that was covered up by a white cloak with a hood. On both of his hands was a pair of gloves that had metal covers over his fingers. "I've been looking for you two for the passst ten minutesss."

Bangaa White Monk for Clan Phoenix: Pike

"What is it Pike? Did something happen?" The dark knight asked his companion. He rose from his spot and walked over to the white monk.

Said white monk simply shook his head. "I'm guesssing you guysss didn't sssee the sssignal then." The other two members shook their heads as well. "Auggie just sssent the sssignal out ten minutesss ago. I thought you guysss would have been there by now ssso I headed to catch up to you guysss. But when I got there, Auggie wasss ssstill chasssing the theif. He told me he could take care of himssself and to go find you two."

Yuni turned to look at Akio. A devilish smirk was plastered on her face.

"Oh boy, now the real action begins. Come on you guys, Kupo. Hurry up."

The two companions looked at each other for a moment.

"Ssshe's going to get hurt in the end, like lassst time. You know that right." Pike said, chasing after the paladin.

Akio turned to look at the other two. "Don't remind me." Before fallowing them both into the forest.

Xx Back With Aaron And Arlistoli xX

Okay I could have sworn we have past that tree three times already. Aaron thought to himself, passing the same tree he was thinking about. Arlistoli was still asleep on his back. I swear to god, this girl can sleep through anything. If I have to carry her anymore, I think I might just leave her in the middle of the forest and see what happens. The teen chuckled to himself, placing the sleeping female against a tree.

His eyes scanned the area he was in currently. Trees covered the majority of the area with a few exceptions, including the dirt path they had come from. Thankfully, the rain had stopped awhile ago, leaving Aaron with some wet clothes and the feeling that he would be getting a cold soon.

Next time I go to a different land, I'll remember to pack a jacket.

He turned once more to the sleeping girl, feeling a sharp pain explode from his back. "What the hell?" He wondered. Removing his shirt as best he could, he noticed that the pain was only coming from his back and not, anywhere else. I wonder if something bit me while we were walking. He wondered. Trying to look at his back, which was much harder then it sounded. He noticed that there was some circular design on his back, but from where he was looking, he wasn't able to see all of it. As soon as I find a mirror, I'll find out what this thing on my back is.

"Okay, maybe I should just leave you hear for now and see if I can find some village or something." Aaron said, looking at Arlistoli one more time, before turning away. "I'll be right back as son as I find someone that can help us, I promise."

"Well, well, well, look at what I found?" A cold voice said, coming from behind one of the trees. The figure suddenly appeared from behind the tree, dressed in white clothes, with a purple cloak covering most of his body. On his head was a bandana of the same color. He smiled at the boy as he moved closer to him, twirling a small, golden knife in his hand. "A loner puppy, away from his clan maybe?"

"Hey there," Aaron smiled at the figure giving him a slight wave, oblivious to the way the figure looked at him. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are would you?" He asked.

"Why, were in the land of Ivalice. Just outside of Targ Woods to be exact." The figure replied confused at why someone would ask such a weird question like that.

There were a few moments of uncomfortable silence between the two, the wind blowing past them, sending chills up Aaron's spine.

"So is that girl over there okay?" The figure said, motioning to Arlistoli behind Aaron, who was still asleep.

"Oh her? Yah she's fine. She just fell asleep awhile ago." The teen replied.

"That's good," The figure started. "It would be a real shame if my capture was sick or dead."

"Yah I guess that would be a real sham- wait what did you say?" Aaron asked, taking a few steps away from the purpled cloaked figure.

"I just said it would be a shame if my capture was sick or dead. I don't think anyone would buy her if she were dead. Would you?" The figure matched his step backwards, by taking one forward. "People like her would make me a very rich person."

"What are you going to do to her?" The teenager asked in a concerned tone. Stepping between the two figures.

"Like I said before boy, I'm going to sell her to the highest bidder." He took a step forward but was blocked by the browned haired teen. "Move aside boy. I'm going to get my money, one way or another. I don't need some boy blocking me from what I want." Aaron didn't move, but instead, moved his arms in front of him, trying to stop the cloaked figure. "I said move!" He shouted, swatting his hand across Aaron's face. Upon contact, Aaron was thrown across the area, only stopping when his body hit the tree.

Damn it, so much strength in one hand. And he only swatted me away as if I was a fly.

"Surprised?" the figure asked. He pulled his arm up, the one he had Aaron with, showing that his arm was covered in a metal gauntlet that went up to his elbow. Along the gauntlet, were strange shapes that seemed to glow in the sunlight. "Thanks to this little thing here that I stole from the Cameo museum. I now have the strength of about ten Bangaa. A mere Hume like you could not hope to hurt me now."

Ignoring the pain spreading through his body. Aaron quickly rose to his feet, noticing that his field of vision was currently blurry, and charged at the clocked figure, catching him off guard as he tackled him. The force of the blow was enough to push the cloaked figure back a few feet, but not enough to knock him over.

"Little brat!" He mumbled. "That actually hurt!" Without waiting, the figure ran at Aaron, raising his arms up in hopes of blocking the attack. The moment the fist connected with his arms, he felt something snap in his arms as he was thrown backwards. He expected his body to hit a tree, but was surprised when two arms grabbed him before he could hit the tree.

"Are you okay?" A figure asked. Aaron could barely make out what the figure looked like, due to his vision quickly disappearing, but he knew that the figure was male and probably older then him.

"Please…help Alris…toil" He managed to say between gasps for air. His whole body was killing him and he felt his left arm was probably broken and one of his rips might have broke as well.

He heard the figure chuckle. "I'll take that as a yes then." Turning around, he walked over to another figure that appeared and handed Aaron to her. "Yoni can you please take look at him? See if you can find out what's wrong with him."

Aaron felt himself being laid out on the ground as a new pair of hands grabbed him. These ones felt more gentle then the last pairs of hands, these ones were most likely feminine.

A bright green light grew on the female figures hands as they roamed over his chest and arms. "He seems to have a few broken ribs, some eternal bleeding and I think the bones in his left arm is broken. Other then that, he seems to be in pretty good shape, Kupo."

"Can you fix him?" The male figure asked.

The female figure; now know as Yoni smiled at the other figure before returning her attention to Aaron. "Look who you're talking too. Give me a couple minutes Akio and he should be good as new, Kupo."

"Very well then." Akio started, removing the sword from his back. "I'll take him on by myself for now."

"If you can that is." The cloaked figure said. "I don't think you understand who your dealing with?"

"Oh I know who you are really well." Akio mumbled. "You're the master thief Law Rockbane, otherwise know as The Midnight Theif, who is known as the man who stole the magical gauntlet from the Cameo museum of ancient relics. You have been also known for abducting young woman and selling them for the highest profit. You also have a bounty on your head of about 25,000 Gil. A bounty my clan attends to receive."

Law slowly moved backwards from the male Gria. Something about him and the way he looked at him sent chills down Law's spine. He knew for a fact that he could take him on, and would probably be able to kill him, but there was something stopping him from attacking him. "Well?" Akio asked. "Are you going to make the first move, or do I have to?"

"I don't think you'll have the chance to attack me before I do." Law replied, trying to give him a grin.

"Oh it's not me you have to worry about," Akio slowly raised a finger, pointing it in the direction of Law. "It's those two you have to worry about."

Law barley had time to react before he heard the bushes behind him, rustle.

"…Earth…Render…" The moment the words were spoken, the rocks in front of the bush suddenly shook as chunks of rocks shot forward towards Law, who quickly managed to jump out of the way in time. His body skidded across the ground as a white cloaked creature jumped from the bushes.

Damn, a sneak attack. I should have seen something like that happening. It looks like these guys might be more of a handful that I took them credit for. I'll have to take them out before they can create a real problem.

Grabbing the knife from his side, Law charged at the cloaked figure swinging the knife back and forth. The cloaked figure managed to jump back in time, just before the knife swiped across his chest. Unfortunately, he backed up into a tree, stopping his movements for a few short seconds. "Damn it." He mumbled.

He closed his eyes, anticipating the strike of metal against his flesh. Instead, the sound of metal clanging was heard. "Geez Pike, can't even stop a thief by yourself," A figure said. Causing the white-cloaked figure to open his eyes. Standing in front of him was a teenage Hume, holding a shining sword in his hands, which was used to stop Law's knife.

Hume Soldier for Clan Phoenix: Augustus

"What took you ssso long Augussst? I honessstly thought I wasss going to die there." The white-cloaked figure asked, removing the hood of his cloak to reveal, a lizard like creature underneath.

The brown haired teen smiled sarcastically at his lizard companion. "You know what they say about hero's always arriving just when their needed."

"Yah well, your ssstill late anywaysss." Pike whispered. "How are we going to defeat thisss guy anywaysss?"

"I'm still trying to think of that one myself." There was a snapping sound as August looked down at his sword, seeing that the sword had many deep cracks running along the blade. "We need to hurry up or were toast."

"Then let me handle this." Akio said, obtaining the purple-cloaked figures attention. He walked closer to the figure, swinging his sword back and forth as he did. "I'll take him down right now."

"And how do you suppose you do that. If you haven't noticed, I'm way stronger then you will ever be and there's no way to defeat me." Law smirked, removing his knife from August's blades. "What are you going to do, ask me to stop?"

Akio simply shrugged, swinging the blade back and forth. A large circle started to appear below him as red energy started to circle around his sword. The heat from the energy, started to singe the grass below him as he stopped swinging his sword. "Hell's…Fire." The second he said those words; he swung his sword across his body, causing the red balls of energy to move across the field in zigzag motions.

"…Shit…" Was all Law was able to say before the fireballs connected with their targets. Resulting in a large column of flame that burst from where Law had been a moment ago. As the column of flame disappeared, it revealed an open area with no signs of a body or even any signs of Law's clothes.

"Damn it. Looks like he managed to get away. He must have had a teleportation crystal on him. There goes my 25,000 Gil." Akio signed, moved over to Yoni, who was still working on Aaron's body. "So how's he doing?" he asked.

The Paladin sighed as well. "I managed to heal his broken arm and ribs awhile ago, Kupo. He's still got some internal bleeding but I've managed to heal most of it. It should be fine in a little bit, but I would suggest that he probably get some sleep though, Kupo."

Akio looked down at the sleeping teen, noticing the pained look on his face. "I'll have to admit, that teen tried to protect his friend, knowing he had no weapons or magick on him. That takes some courage."

"Ssso what do you sssuggessst we do then?" Pike asked, noticing Arlistoli, who was still asleep. "Thisss one ssseems to be under a sssleeping ssspell. Ssshe ssshould be up sssoon, but we ssshould head back to the town and let them ressst. We'll asssk them what happened when they wake up."

The dark knight looked at Aaron, then to Arlistoli. Sighing to himself, he grabbed Aaron by his arm and slung him over his shoulder. "For now, we will head back to Targ Town. As soon as they wake up we can ask them what happened. Is everyone okay with that?"

The other members nodded their heads while Yoni heading over to Arlistoli and picked her up, placing her on her back. The others looked at each other for a moment before heading north, back to town.

Xx Law's Location xX

"…Da…mn…it…" Law muttered, staggering down the dark street. His body had been badly damaged in the ensuring fight. His left arm was completely gone, now just a bleeding stump that dripped blood where he walked. His left eye had a huge gash going across it, removing his ability to see through it. "…I can't…bel..ieve…I…los…t…to…tho..se…peop…le." He had stopped walking and was now leaned up against the wall. He was about to move again when he noticed a figure standing in the middle of the street. "Who…the…hel…l…are…you?" He asked.

The figure didn't answer him. Instead, he took step forward as Law gripped his knife handle harder. "Answer me!" He shouted, throwing the knife as hard as he could.

Just before the knife touched the figure, he disappeared and reappeared in front of Law. He didn't have time to react as a fist entered his chest and exited his back, gripping the now dead heart. The figure watched as Law dropped to the ground in a heap, his knife clattering as it hit the ground behind him.

"I must thank you Law." The figure said, removing the gauntlet from the now lifeless corpse. He placed it on his hand as he grabbed a sucker from his pocket and placed it in his mouth. Looking down at the empty eyes, he smiled to himself before turning away. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this gauntlet…you have my thanks for that." He disappeared in a flash of light, leaving the only things on the street, a dead body and, a sucker wrapper.

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