Okay, so for those of you who don't know, this is a remake of my original story, 'Angels and Demons.' I remade it because I screwed up my original story, and I want to retell it using my own ideas and my own... thing. I just feel really ashamed of that story, and so I've decided to remake it. It was just dragged on and wasn't going anywhere...

There is a lot of change in this story. I finally have a solid plot, which I will stick to. I have taken out four main characters in the last story and have used them as minor characters in this story.

I hope you guys enjoy the remake!

"I'm home," a girl's voice murmurs as she walks through the doors of her home with sadness. No one replies to her voice. "Figures," she mumbles sadly as she adjusts the strap of her bag with disappointment.

The girl has long, flowing platinum blonde hair that could also look gold at another time. They were tied in two buns, and they flowed down her back. Her face is pure and airbrushed, clear of any blemishes. There are a few scars, but nobody is perfect. Her eyes are a sparkling and beautiful, crisp blue with thick long eyelashes to get the dust away from her eyes. She is thin and delicate, but not sickly thin.

"Hello, Ms. Serena," a servant appears, smiling at her.

"Just call me Bunny, Sebastian." the girl named Bunny smiles at the butler. "Where's mom and dad?" she questions with a tilt of her head. Her curiosity got the better of her every single time.

"Your mother and father have left due to an emergency. They send their apologies that they are not able to be with you." Sebastian tells, but Bunny sighs. "But, while they are gone, the maids and chefs will attend to your will."

"Alright, thank you," Bunny thanks. "I'll be upstairs doing my homework." Bunny leaves without another word, and pouts.

'They are never really home, are they?' she thinks to herself, reaching her room. 'Their mind is set somewhere else... Even if they seem as though they are at home, they don't really acknowledge me, do they? Even if I died, they probably wouldn't notice.' she jokes to herself. Instead of walking to her room, Bunny decides to go to the game room, which is pretty useless for her. But, she stays there just to watch something to get her mind off of the subject of abandonment. She decides to do her homework; the only way to get her foster parent's attention is to fail something at school, which cause them to completely shut themselves from her. If she disobeys their rules, she is completely shut off.

Her foster parents are nice enough, but up to a point. Her real parents disappeared when she was seven years old. It was after a car crash, a horrible car crash that slightly disable Bunny. She had a third degree burn mark that marred the area around her left wrist, and spread along her arms to her shoulder. It is now a darker color than her actual skin tone, as well as a bit of a red fleshy color and wrinkled a bit. The lower half of her back also suffered; when she tried getting Sammy out of the car, the flames attached to her clothes, and started burning her back. Thankfully, her brother was not harmed in that accident. But, when she tried to find her parents, they were nowhere in sight. Not even their bodies could be found.

Bunny flips the channels nonchalantly as she got out her water bottle and drinks something, quenching her thirst. She continues on with her homework.

Before long, she finishes it up and just aimlessly watches the mindless television. She looks out the window, and sighs to herself with a look of longing. 'Sammy...' she thinks to herself. 'If only I knew where you were, I would come and get you...' she gets up and walks over to the large window. She looks out to see the city below her.

Her foster parents live the life of luxury; but Bunny doesn't care. Money and luxury never mattered to her before, and it certainly doesn't matter to her now. All the money in the world could not be the replacement of the emotions she never received from her foster parents.

She likes being here, despite the fact she rarely spent any time with her foster parents; but, her heart longs for Sammy. She misses her brother, the one who always made her smile with his bright emerald eyes. She misses her parents, who cannot be found anywhere. Sure, the police issued a missing persons' case, but there were no leads and no clues. It became cold after a few weeks.

She squishes her face against the window, watching as her long eyelashes brush against the window pane.

"Ms. Serena," the maid appears out of nowhere.

"Yes?" Bunny looks up with surprise.

"Dinner is ready," she bows.

"Okay," Bunny nods, following the maid down the stairs into the dining room.

Bunny never wanted much, just some food. But, she always needed something sweet at the end of every meal. No exceptions. So, once Bunny sits at the long dinner table alone, she starts to fill her plate with food. Even if she is upset or happy, or whatever emotion she is capable of feeling, Bunny always needs to have food. It's her favorite thing to do in her downtime: eating. Mainly eating sweets is her favorite downtime.

After eating dinner, she fills her plates with sweets and continues to eat. Only when she feels bloated does she stop eating. She thanks the chefs for the delicious dinner before going back upstairs. She sits in the game room alone, with the television as her only source of sound and comfort.

Bunny looks down to her hands after some time. A sudden hum perks her ears, and as she takes a deep, slow breath, she sees a soft white orb glowing in the palm of her hand. It reminds her of a miniature sized sun, but she is able to look at it despite it's brightness. She blows against it softly, and as she does, the orb diffuses from it's spherical shape and flows through the air, twinkling and soon disappearing afterwards.

Bunny always knew she was born different. That she possesses some sort of other worldly power not known to anyone else. That this power she has is somehow connected to something bigger. Occasionally, she summons this power just to see it, or sometimes just to relax herself. She doesn't know how it works for her, but taking a deep breath and focusing helps to summon the power within her.

She stands up and takes all of her school stuff; she walks into her room and lets her stuff fall to the floor. She quickly takes a shower to wipe all of the dirt and all of the day's worries off of her body. She puts on some pajamas and then lays down on her bed. She stares up to the ceiling, not able to go to sleep.

Bunny stays awake, wondering how long she would have to be here. Her life ever since she has gotten adopted is nothing but just repeat of the day before; repetitive and boring, she longs to go out and explore the world. But more than anything, she wishes she could find her brother.

Her brother wasn't just any brother that a normal family had. Her brother was special to her; he always made her smile, he was always nice to her, and he always depended on her. He was someone that Bunny could teach all she knew about life to her little brother. But now he is gone, off with some foster family who she didn't even know was good enough to take care of her brother.

If Bunny could, she would leave this family if it meant she would find her brother. This family she has is very nice, but not very good at taking care of a child. She didn't even know why they decided to take her up if they weren't ready to raise her. Instead, she was raised by the maids and servants, and disciplined by her foster parents.

Bunny moves on her side, feeling a bit of discomfort where her third degree scars are. They don't usually hurt - she doesn't know if they are supposed to hurt as scars - but whenever she puts pressure on them, it hurts.

She decides to close her eyes and attempts to go to sleep.

~Next Day~
~Bunny's School~


The bell signals that school is finally done for the day. Bunny puts her stuff away and makes her way out of the school. As she looks around, she can see groups gathering together, friends socializing with other friends, and couples making out with each other.

Bunny averts her eyes to the floor. It wasn't that she had a difficult time making friends or people didn't like her; she just chose not to make friends here. Mostly all of them are fake people just causing drama. She does her best to stay out of drama and in the back of the classrooms, where no one really notices her.

As she walks out of the doors to her classroom, she briskly makes her way back home. Once she makes it back, she checks the mail and walks past the gates. As she looks through the mail, she happens upon a blue letter with her name written in a beautiful blue ink. On the upper left hand side, she sees the name 'Sammy.'

Her heart stops at the moment she reads that name. Quickly, she runs towards the front door, taking notice how her parents's cars are in the driveway. As she opens the door, she hears the first floor television on. That would be her father. She can hear a woman talking on the phone as if there is no tomorrow. Her mother.

"I'm home!" she greets with a loud voice, walking into the living room where her father sits, reading the newspaper as he watches the T.V.

"Hello Serena," her father never really got into the habit of calling her by her nickname, telling her that formality is everything in succeeding in life.

"Hello father," she greets back. He wants her to refer to as father; dad sounds too informal for him.

"How was school today for you?" he looks at her. His hair is a dark blonde color slicked back with gel, while his eyes are a dark brown. His skin is darker than hers, like a tan color.

"It was good." she replies, sitting on the couch.

"Are you making good grades?" he pushes his glasses up as he reads the paper, giving her a stern glance before doing so.

"Yes I am," she replies calmly, yet her nerves are becoming excited.

"All A's?"

"Yes sir,"

"Good," his lips curve at the ends and his hard brown eyes soften. She smiles to herself, glad that he is proud of her. "If you keep this up, you will surely succeed in life, Serena."

"Thank you, father."

"Serena," her foster parent stops her.

"Yes?" Bunny stops midway standing up.

"Please sit down," he puts the newspaper down, and takes his glasses off. "Your mother and I have something we want to talk to you about,"

As if on cue, her foster mother walks in the living room and sits next to her father. She has wavy black hair that falls in curls, and her eyes are a lighter brown than that of her father's. Her face is a shade like Bunny's, and a few freckles beautify her features.

"What is it?" Bunny asks, with a bit of worry.

"Well, Serena," her mother starts. "Tonight we have invited a guests and their son. We thought about arranging a marriage for you, and this young man seems like a suitable match for you."

Bunny widens her eyes with disbelief. Her hands shake with shock. 'Wait - what?' she thinks with fear. 'No! They can't do that! I'm nearly seventeen! I still have more years before I want to marry! I don't want an arranged marriage!'

"Now, this isn't going to be a marriage." her father explains as though it is the weather. "Both of you will get to know about yourselves as you get together with one another. We think this would be a good thing for you to participate in, and we expect you to be on your best behavior tonight. These people are important, and they determine your future."

Bunny's breath stops shorts. She is unable to speak, for her throat has closed up on her. She cannot believe what her parents are saying.

"An... An arranged marriage?" Bunny questions, astounded. "But mother, father, I am only seventeen! I have plenty of years ahead of me before I want to marry!" she stands up. "Why do I have to meet them now?"

Her foster parents raise their eyebrows sternly.

"Serena," her mother stands up, putting her hands on Bunny's shoulders. "We are doing this for your own good. You will make us proud." she stares into Bunny. "Won't you?"

Bunny slumps her shoulders in defeat. She knows how this will end if she talks back. They will shut off from her; everyday, save for yesterday and a few other times, they acknowledged her. But, when she was young and disobeyed, they shut themselves away from her. She hated those time. She felt so alone and so abandoned...

"Do not slump," her father tells her sternly. "For a lady of such high standards, it is unacceptable," Bunny straightens up her shoulders.

"What time do they arrive?" she whispers, holding back the tears.

"At six-thirty. Wear your nicest clothes for them." her mother orders her, taking her hands off of her. "You will make us proud,"

Bunny doesn't meet their eyes. "Yes mother. Yes father," she whispers. "If you will excuse me, I will be upstairs doing homework."

"Meet us down here at 6:15, so your mother can make sure you are well dressed," her father tells her, picking up the newspaper and putting his eye glasses on again. "Tardiness is unacceptable in this household."

"Yes father," she murmurs, going upstairs. Once she is in a safe and far place from everyone around her, Bunny falls on her bed and lets a few tears escape.

'Why?' she thinks to herself, sobbing. 'Why would they do that to me? Do they really want to get rid of me that much? Do they really have no consideration for my feelings? Why are they doing this to me? What did I do to them?' she thinks, rolling on her back.

Her foster parents did not really know how to properly take care of a child, nor did they really want to have a child. At first, they believed having a child would be an enjoyment, someone they could pass their teachings onto, someone who was a proper role model for society. But clearly, they had not been raised right.

Bunny hiccups, wiping the tears away. Her foster parents... they could truly be nice to her. But they choose not to be. Instead, they are stern and unapproachable for Bunny. Their punishment is worse. Total abandonment until she begged for forgiveness and promised to never do it.

She takes deep, steady breaths, attempting to calm herself down. Despite the fact that her foster parents never really liked having a child. Despite the fact that her foster parents have no consideration for her feelings. Despite the fact that her foster parents just cared about themselves.

With shaking hands, Bunny carefully opens up the envelope inside of her messenger bag and takes out the paper inside. She reads the letter inside as her heart starts beating heavily against her chest.

'Dear Bunny,

how are you doing? It has been too long of a time that we've been apart! I miss you so much that I can't even explain it on this piece of paper! I wish I could see you right now. I really miss you... But, if you're wondering, I'm doing amazing at my foster family's home! The mom and dad are really nice and polite; the mom is a docter, the dad is a painter, and their daughter is a super genius! She is smart, but she is also funny, shy, and an amazing friend! Her friends are also cool! You would really get along with all of them!
You might wonder why I am just now writing a letter to you. Well, all these years, I've been attempting to write letters to you. And yet, each of them cannot explain the feelings of loneliness I am feeling for you. I really miss you Bunny. Each and every day, I hope that you are doing okay. Is your foster family as great as mine? Bunny, I know you might be having fun at your family's place, but I was wondering if it was okay for you to come and live with me? Of course, you don't have to. But a visit might be nice? I really miss you, big sis. I hope you take up on my offer to come and visit me. Of course, you don't have to. -With lots of love, Sammy.'

Bunny had tears in her eyes at the end of reading this letter. Sammy is okay. He is okay. Sammy is happy... She sighs a breath of relief, clutching her chest and steadying her heart beat.

She rereads the last paragraph. There is a desperation, a tugging of her heart, a sensation inside of her that tells her she needs to go and find Sammy. She needs to make sure that he is alright. She needs to protect him from harm, should any come to him. Her heart tells her to reunite with Sammy.

But, her mind tells her otherwise. What would her foster parents say to this? Would they even let her go find her brother? They did not care for her. They didn't even want her after a few weeks of having her. But no... it wouldn't be right. Besides, she needs the proper papers about herself, and god knows where those are.

Bunny looks at the envelope, and takes notice that Sammy has sent this from a city a bit far for her liking. More than five thousand miles for her liking. More like not in the same state as she is in, or the surrounding states for her liking. More like other side of the country. She does have a car to drive, but if she were to drive, would her parents track her down using the car? What would happen if she left? What if her parents take her back and force her into this marriage? She has a credit card they gave her for specific emergencies, but they could also track her down. What is she to do?

She clutches her head, unknowing of what to do. She desperately wants to see Sammy. If she were to go, she didn't believe her foster parents would track her down.

She takes a deep breath, making her decision as she goes to get ready for the party tonight.

yes, i know.

nori, isamu, and satoru weren't in here. but they will be in here later on in the chapters, like way later on.

yes, her foster parents don't abuse her - physically. I decide to take a more emotional approach to this story; this original story is more of a physical abuse while in this new story it's more of an emotional abuse. if she disobeys them, she is shut off from them, and they expect a lot out of her. they never really liked her, they disregard her emotions, and kind of put her down, so this is kind of on the lines of emotional abuse.

well, when I started to write this, I became excited. I don't know why. I finally have a clear and concise plot line that I will not stray from.

I hope you guys enjoy this first chapter. please tell me how you think! I will appreciate it!