~At Night~

Bunny snaps her eyes wide open, feeling very strange. She sits up with widen eyes, feeling very dizzy and disoriented; she feels something inside her. It is unlike anything she could ever imagine, a feeling she could not describe, a sensation that prickled her skin, a sort of intrusion that makes her feel uncomfortable.

She clutches her chest tightly, and quickly swings her legs over the bed. To her surprise, she feels as though she is losing feelings in her leg. She quickly stands up and attempts to walk, hoping that this feeling, similar to a numb feeling, would surpass. But it doesn't surpass her. The loss of movement continues to spread towards her hands, and then her neck.

Just then, another force controls her legs. It forces her legs to turn around. The feeling of something inside of her grows stronger, and she fights against it. It backs away, perhaps with shock, but starts to fight. Bunny gasps, wanting to clutch her chest with the hand she has control of. Her vision becomes blotchy as the intrusive feeling inside of her grows and grows. The thing inside of her forces her body to turn around and face the door.

'Abbadon...' the voice sounds as though it is seeking whatever it is saying. An image of Sammy flashes against Bunny, and she panics.

Her vision continues to blank her out as she fights against the thing inside of her, wanting control of her body. She doesn't know why, but she is afraid that this being inside of her wants something in this house. She fears that this being will hurt Sammy.

'I have finally found him...' a humming male voice thinks. Bunny fights him away, using everything she has to take control of her body. But this thing inside of her will not give up. Her breaths then start to become quick and forced as she makes herself move to the bathroom instead of the other room where the thing plans on walking to. Her brain begins to lose focus, but she forces herself to stay awake. She reaches the bathroom, and locks it up. She looks at her body, her body that is jerking with different movements she is unable to control.

She looks at her own eyes, and inside, she could see something else inside of them. Another controlling force, another being attempting to take her place. It fights her and nearly knocks her out, but Bunny uses all the force she has and punches the mirrior, shattering the very large reflection. Focusing on the pain helps Bunny to stay awake, and she decides then to use her power. She promised herself that she wouldn't ever use her powers without a logical purpose; but since this thing inside of her wants her body, she summons her power and her supernatural abilities and forces the being inside of her away. Instantaneously, the thing goes away, and Bunny nearly collapses.

She inhales a breath, and forces herself to stand up. She waits for a minute, and is thankful that she finally forces it away. She takes a deep breath, and relaxes. Bunny looks at the mirror in horror, wondering how she would tell this to Sumi and Giovanni. Hesitantly and with not much assurance, Bunny places her hand against the place where her fist was, and takes a deep breath. She then acts on instinct, unknowing of what she is doing, unsure of how she has done so, and without any remembrance of how she can do it. The mirror suddenly repairs itself as a low hum sounds in her ears, turning a thousand shattered images of herself into one single image.

Bunny looks with shock, and sits down on the edge of the bathtub. Taking deep breaths, Bunny calms herself down and questions what has happened to her. Bunny faintly remembers this feeling before... she faintly remembers this happening to her after her fifteenth year of existence, when her mysterious powers came to her. It occurred not very often, but Bunny can remember it. The feeling went away and became almost lost in memory in her sixteenth and seventeenth year. Until now, when it came back with such a powerful force upon her.

'What happened?' she questions herself. 'It was like... someone was taking control of me... like I couldn't control myself... what was that?'

Bunny holds her head with her hands, and stays there for a few minutes.

'This never happened to me back at... my old home.' she thought for a minute, and looked at her phone. Over the past days, she felt the need to call her foster parents to let them know that she was okay. But she knew that they didn't care about her. Still, she wanted to call them.

Outside, standing on the guest balcony are the two figures that watched Bunny a few days ago. They silently assess the situation that just occurred, but do not say anything for a while.

"I told you it would be dangerous for her to be here." one of the figures breaks the silence.

"But he does not know where he or she is. Therefore, they are safe. For now." the other replies.

"No, but now that he has finally made a connection with her, a nearly full connection, he will be back."

"She will have to be trained then. She must learn of her existence, and then be trained. Whether she will want to accept it or not is not a choice."

"Now that there are stirring revelations, she should be informed; as well as her brother."

"Yes she should. But for now, let her have her rest. Bringing this sudden profound information to her might not do well for her..."


"Did you have a good sleep, sweetie?" Sumi questions as Bunny walks into the dining room with a bed head.

"Yeah," she suppresses the lie as last night's memory came into play. She was scared of what happened, of that controlling force inside of her. She felt dirty and nasty from it, and after she took a shower to brush off all the mirror shards last night, she still felt gross.

"Bunny, while you were out with Sammy and Amy, Giovanni and I took the liberty of enrolling you into school." Sumi smiles genuinely.

"Really?" Bunny's smile fades into a straight lip line. She never really liked school, but she had to graduate in order to succeed in life.

"Yes; all the arrangements have been made for you, and we have your uniform." Giovanni responds, drinking coffee.

"Uniform?" she moaned deeper. 'A great way to start my new life...' she told herself as she sits down at the dinner table.

"You had a fun time yesterday?" Luna asks politely.

"Yes, I had so much fun with all the girls." she responds, placing the napkin on her lap in a force of habit. "This city is an amazing place, and the girls really made me feel welcome."

"That's great," Giovanni says with a lack of empathy, turning a page of the newspaper nonchalantly.

"Where's Amy and Sammy?"

"Oh, they are probably sleeping in," Luna smiles, as if oversleeping didn't faze her.

Bunny nods, and looks at the food in front of her. She gets an uneasy feeling in her stomach, and her burns start to become uncomfortable. She didn't know why, but she still feels weird from last night. The 'possession' she experienced apparently did something to her stomach, and so she didn't feel hungry.

"On second thought, I'm not really hungry," Bunny stands up.

"Oh, but you must eat, dear." Sumi looks up.

"I'm just not feeling so well."

"Well, it'll take time to adjust the different environment; it's probably affecting your bodily systems." Luna murmurs.

"Yeah, that must be. I'll be in the guest room."

"Oh Bunny, I got all your school supplies for you as well, so tomorrow you will be prepared, okay? And just go to the front office to pick up your schedule."

"M'kay, thanks so much Sumi," Bunny thanks, leaving the dining room and walking through the halls of her new home.

She looks at her scarred hand, and gave a confused look; it looks much better than it did hours ago. The red patches of soothed away, the red streaks are starting to disappear, and it isn't hurting as much.

'This is becoming weird...' she tells herself, and then perks her ears up to hear some fighting. She looks around curiously, and walks toward the source of the sound. As she walks, she hears the clashing of swords, the releasing of arrows, and punches being thrown. Bunny sees that the source of the noise is at a wall, a plain wall with nothing. She frowns, and puts her ears against the wall.

All of the sudden, a hum resonates in her ears, and before she knows it, her hand is emanating white trails that all lead up to a geometric figure boxing in the trails. A part of the door juts in, creating a handle for Bunny to pull from. Shocked and amazed by this, she quietly peaks through the door and widens her eyes.

Inside, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina are in sports wear, in a large place that looked to be a kind of gym. But it wasn't any ordinary gym: this 'gym' had swords, daggers, spears, bows and arrows, and any kind of weapon imaginable. There is weight lifting equipment up to more pounds than a football player could lift, boxing equipment, and different types of arenas where one would swing from hoop to hoop under burning fire, battle and dodge spiked objects, and balance perfectly to not fall into a pool with what looked to be sharks.

She became awe with what was going on: inside, the girls were fighting each other with swords, as if practicing, and lifted heavy weights. She could see a light glow surrounding their bodies, a glow that gave them an ethereal look to them.

"Hey Buns," a voice perked in her ears, and turns around quickly to see Darien standing there, smiling at her politely.

"Darien!" she became surprised. "What are you doing here?" she asked, feeling a blush on her face.

"Oh, I came by for a visit. I get kind of lonely, so I visit here along with the other girls. It's another kind of hangout spot we have, you can say."

"Really?" she questioned with a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Yes. So, what were you doing here? Sneaking around?" he grins mischievously.

"No! No-of course no!" she lies, rubbing the back of her neck uneasily. "Why would I do something like that?"

"Hmm, your dilating pupils says something different; along with your nervous laugh. And by the redness of your cheeks, I can easily deduct that you are either lying to me, or you are blushing at my presence."

Bunny's face becomes a darker shade of red. "Don't flatter yourself so much,"

"Hmm... well, either way, I can tell that you are lying, and that you find me attractive."

"I do not find you attractive!" she lies.

He chuckles a bit. "The way you aren't using contractions tells me something different, Buns." his smiles makes her heart beat ten times faster.

"My name is Bunny! Bun-ny!" she tells him with a pout of her lips.

"Really?" he tilts his head with a blink of his eyes. "I like Buns better. It's like my own version of a nickname for you,"

"Hey Bunny, hey Darien!" Lita greets, walking from behind Bunny. Bunny creases her eyebrows, and looks towards the door - or, the wall that held the door.

"We were just harassing some chefs," Mina tells, and Bunny realizes that they are out of their gym clothes. She frowns, distinctly remembering them working out in that death gym.

"Is there something wrong, Bunny?" Raye questions.

"...No, nothing," she hesitates. She knew what she saw, but she suspected that they knew she saw what they were doing.

"Bunny and I were just befriending one another," Darien smiles.

Bunny just narrows her eyes at the girls, not believing in what they told her.

"Oh dear, what happened to your hand?" Amy questions.

She looks at her right hand. "Oh... I... um...slammed my hand against the shower door." she lied.

"What? Was the shower door made of cracked glass?" Darien questioned.

"Well... I'm a clumsy girl." she rubbed the back of her neck uneasily. "I.. uh tried to get it out while it was still jammed, and I ended up... well, this happened."

The girls didn't believe her, and she knew that they didn't.

"So... what are you guys doing here?" she quickly changed the subject uneasily.

"Oh, Amy's house is our hangout spot." Lita replied. "It's big, huge, and has everything we need."

"Oh Bunny, I heard my mom telling my dad that they enrolled you." Amy said.

"Yeah, they did." she pouted.

"Perfect!" Mina smiled. "We can show you around the school tomorrow! That'll be so fun!" she threw an arm around Bunny, who slumped over from the heaviness and hardness of the punch.

"Mina!" Raye helped Bunny off of the ground. "I know you're athletic, but be gentle with Bunny!"

"I'm fine..." she mumbled in a daze. "Thank you Raye,"

"What are we all doing here?" Sammy appeared out of nowhere.

"Just socializing, Sammy," Darien laid his elbow on Sammy's head. "You wouldn't understand; this is for older people,"

"Of course I would understand!" Sammy pouted, getting Darien's arm off his head.

"Well, I'm going to go eat something," Mina stretched, putting her arm around Bunny once more. "Come on, let's go eat something."

"Well, I'm not really hungry-"

"Why?" Mina snapped, looking at Bunny. Everyone else looked at her as well, and it started freaking her out.

"I'm... just not feeling hungry. Is there something wrong with that?" she questioned quietly.

"No," Raye replied, putting her thick black hair in a loose pony. "You just need to eat. It's good for you; especially since it's breakfast."

"Oh..." she was pushed along with the girls. "Well... okay."

'Something is going on between all of them; I have to figure this out.' she thought in her mind.

"Give me a minute," she slipped out of their grip. "I have to call my parents," she told them with an uneasy smile. She then ran into the bathroom, locked the door. In truth, she just used that excuse to get away from them. Something weird was with, and she knew it. She just couldn't put her finger on it. She looked at her reflection, and examined herself. As she stayed in the bathroom, the idea of calling her parents became more considerable. She became anxious as she called their number. She knew what would happen, but she wanted to let them know that she was okay. Maybe it was her guiltiness inside of her that made her call... or maybe because she had the hope they actually cared...

"Hello?" her father's voice picked up the phone, sounding distressed and angry.

"Father?" Bunny answered, sitting on the edge of the bathtub. "It's me, Serena, your daughter."

"Serena?" he questioned.

"Yes, it's me. I just wanted to call you to let you know that I'm okay, and that-"

"I have no daughter." he said simply, and that stopped Bunny.

"...What?" she questioned with a stutter of her words.

"No daughter of mine would run away from my house, take my car, steal the things I bought for her, or believe that what she had wasn't enough and had to runaway to get what she wanted. That is no daughter of mine." his voice is bitter.

"But... father, I-"

"You have really disappointed your mother and I, Serena. I can't believe we actually decided to adopt you. We took you in when you had no one, we gave you food, shelter, everything you needed to live, and you just decide to leave us. You had a bright future for yourself!"

"That was a future decided by you!" she raised her voice as tears watered her eyes. "That wasn't a future I wanted. I didn't want to marry a sleeze! I didn't want to inherit the company! I didn't want to marry just because of money! All of that was because of you!"

"We did that for you!"

"No! You did it for yourselves!" Bunny yelled, and widened her eyes. She never talked back to her parents. "You just used me to your advantage... Everything I did for you -making all A's, attending your parties that you hosted, not do the things I liked, not date any boys... I abandoned the things I loved to do and did the things you asked me to do because I loved you! Because I thought making you proud was something I could do to fill the empty hole in heart! Because I thought you loved me..." tears fell down her eyes as her clogged emotions came out.

"How can we love something that we didn't even have from the beginning? You were younger than ten when we adopted you. How can we love you if you aren't ours?"

"I didn't expect you to love me! I expected you to at least appreciate what I did and at least like me! But that wasn't enough!"

"Don't ever call this number again, Serena. We never want to see you again."

Bunny held herself, and then said, "I never said that I wanted to see you. Oh, and I hope you appreciated the car I stole, because it's now at the bottom of a cliff with all it's parts in different places!"

Bunny slammed the phone against the floor, stomping her feet against it. Then she summoned her magic with all her anger. Fireballs were shot at the phone multiple times, and the final blow sent an explosion that rocked the entire home. Bunny quickly used her magic to stop all the rocking, and placed the phone in a shield as it had a mini earthquake in the shield.

Bunny let the tears fall, but not for long.

'You have nothing keeping you there.' she told herself, and wiped the tears away. 'It's okay now. You can begin a new life.' she smiled to herself a little before walking back out.

Walking into the kitchen, everyone looked at her.

"What is it?" she became nervous.

"Why are your eyes red?" Luna asked.

"I... I just got soap in my eyes." she lied again, sitting at the table next to Sammy.

~Next Day~

"Are you ready for school, sis?" Sammy questioned as they walked outside of their home with Amy.

"Ready as I'll ever be..." she mumbled miserably.

"Oh Bunny, it won't be that terrible." Amy offers a reassuring nudge. "You'll have us in your classes."

"How do you know?" she questioned, fiddling with her uniform uneasily. It felt restricting and it clung to her body; it felt weird. Using her magic, she loosened the strings in the outfit and in the corset, finally breathing a sigh of relief.

"My dad told me that he enrolled you in all advanced classes. But he said that you were fine with that-" Amy stopped short when she saw Bunny's face.

Bunny had her mouth agape, with shock. "Your dad definitely hates me, Amy."

"He doesn't hate you," Amy said uneasily. "He just... believes that you have academic potential, like me. He says that there are certain qualities of a person with a high IQ."

"Yeah, qualities." Bunny mumbled sarcastically. He reminded her of her foster dad.

"Don't be sad Bunny." Sammy linked his arm with Bunny's. "The school is pretty cool."

She shrugged as they met Lita, Mina, and Raye.

"Hey guys," they all greeted one another.

"So, are you ready for your first day of a new school?" Lita questioned Bunny.

"Nope. But, no one ever is."

"That's the spirit!" Mina pat Bunny on the back roughly.

"Damn, Mina. Do you weight lift?"

Mina looked at the girls nervously. "Yeah, you could say that."

Bunny rubbed her back uneasily, continuing to walk with the girls.

"So Bunny, for lunch, we always sit together outside under the tree."

"Always?" Bunny questioned.

"Always..." Sammy nodded, as if annoyed by that fact.

"Well, why don't you sit by some other people? Like boys your age?" she questioned.

But then she saw the look on her brother's face, and instantly felt guilty for asking that question. She could read her brother's emotions and this thoughts, as if it was on a big sign in bold print.

"Forget about it," she wrapped an arm around her brother protectively. "Besides, eating with family will be like old times, right?"

Sammy smiled. "Yeah, it would be."

The six of them continue to talk with one another as they arrived at school. Bunny left the group to go to the office and get her schedule.

The lady at the front desk quickly gave Bunny her new schedule, and went back to smacking her gum and texting on her phone.

She left the front office, and quickly went to her first class of the day.

As she walked through the halls, she looked to see four girls. One of the girls had sandy blonde hair cut short, navy blue eyes, a fit athletic body, and a tomboyish look to her. She had her arm wrapped around a girl shorter than her, with turquoise hair falling down her back, sea-green eyes, and a delicate face. Walking beside them was a girl with beautiful long dark green hair, her skin a few shades darker than Bunny's, and eyes a piercing magenta. She looked very regal and queen-like. Walking beside her was a short girl with very pale skin and deep purple eyes. Her hair was black, but reflected purple highlights in her hair.

Once Bunny looked at them, the same thing happened to her a few days ago. She gripped the wall for support, and held her head in pain. She saw their faces, but they weren't exactly their faces. Dreams raced through her eyes, and darted through her eyes quickly. She saw that man again. He reached out for her once more, but she used her magic to get away from him.

Just when she thought was about to fall, a gentle hand helps her up. She looks up and sees that it is the girl with magenta eyes.

"Are you okay?" her voice is delicate and polite.

"Yes..." she breathed, and felt something being forced into her body. She knew that it was magic being put into her body to calm her down; she didn't know how it worked, but she knew that her head pounding started to go away. "Thank you... I just have a massive headache."

"Oh, would you like some medicine?"

"No thank you; I'll be fine." Bunny looked back at all of them, and the dreams began once more.

She widened her eyes, taking in a deep breath and quickly walking away.

'It happened again... they must have some affiliation with the other girls.' She gave a quick glance and saw that the girls were looking at her. She turned around and focused on finding her class.

When she got to the room, she handed in her schedule, which the teacher looked at and gave back to her.

"Sit next to... uh Molly. Sit next to her. Molly, raise your hand!"

A red head turned around and raised her hand. Her hair was a curly red, her face was peach with a few freckles, and her eyes were a greenish turquoise.

"Yes, you will sit by her," Bunny nodded and went to her desk.

"Hi! I'm Molly, you must be new here!" Molly had a sort of accent to her voice. "What's your name?"

"I'm Serena, but everyone calls me Bunny. Yeah, I just came here a few days ago."

"Really?" Molly's eyes lit up. "Where did you come from?"

"Alright class! Settle down!" the teacher yelled as the bell rang.

"It's nice to meet you!" Molly whispered.

Bunny smiled back. 'Finally... someone normal.'