~Next Few Days~

Bunny got into the habit of going to school the past few days, much to her dismay. Although she woke up late sometimes and had to sprint just to make it to school, she managed to make it on time.

And, every time she walked out of school, she saw Darien waiting for her on his motorcycle, relaxed and at ease whenever he saw her. She always told herself that she wouldn't be seduced by his charms, but every time she saw him, all of those promises went away. That, and her friends egging her to going with him. She suspected something going on, but every time she came to an answer, it quickly slipped away.

She didn't see that thing for a few days, but she didn't let her guard down. She made sure Sammy was okay, checking up on him whenever she got the chance. The way that thing talked about her brother put Bunny in distress and in uneasiness.

"Bunny, we're going to meet up at Crown's. You should join us," Lita told Bunny as they sat down for lunch outside.

"Really? I'd love to go," Bunny smiled.

"And Darien will be there," Mina grinned, nudging Bunny in the ribs.

"I-I don't care if he's there or not!" she sputtered, remembering the kiss he gave her. She hadn't asked about it, but she didn't know why.

"Yeah, right," Amara grinned with amusement.

"Hey Bunny, don't forget to return my comics," Raye told.

"Oh yeah... Right..." Bunny replied in a murmur. "I'll return them soon," she mumbled.

"Hey sis," Sammy leaned in to his sister's ear. "I think Darien likes you,"

Bunny blushed. "Don't be stupid, Sammy."

"I'm not kidding!"

Bunny snorted. "How is school going for you?" she brushed away the subject, not wanting to let it get to her mind.

"Good," he nodded his head, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"Making good grades?" she asked in a motherly tone.

"Yep," he replied.

"Is anyone bothering you?" she asked. When she told him that he should sit with his own group, his expression made her a little worried.

"I'm good," he mumbled, with a bit of uneasiness.

Even though he said that, Bunny could see straight through his lies. His mask wore away, and she could see that something was bothering him.

"I need to use the bathroom," he told her, and quickly got up, leaving.

Bunny set down her lunch. "Amy, I know I'm his sister, but I haven't seen him in years. Is anyone bothering him?"

Amy furrowed her eyebrows with worry. "That's what I'm worried about. He's usually silent about these types of things. But other than that, he's pretty happy being around us."

"Sammy's a good kid," Amara leaned against the trunk. "And I'll beat up anyone who says different,"

"Amara, that's a bit too drastic, isn't it?" Michelle giggled, leaning on her girlfriend's shoulder.

"Sammy hasn't told me of anything," Hotaru whispered a bit shyly.

Bunny noticed that Sammy spent his time with Hotaru, so it would be natural that Hotaru would know something. But, she didn't even know.

"But really, he's very nice. We just don't want him to be sad or mad..." Lita said.

Something in her tone made Bunny uneasy. The way she said it... it sounded as though if that were to happen, something bad would happen. Bunny felt it in her gut, as well as another bad feeling in her heart.

"I'm going to check up on him, make sure he's okay," Bunny stood up, wiping away some crumbs.

"But he's in the boy's bathroom," Mina said.

Bunny looked at them, and it seemed as though they understood her expression. It was like a message that they understood from her.

She quickly ran inside as the feeling inside her grew. She hoped to death that it wasn't that djinn. If it was, she wouldn't know what to do. She didn't know how she could, but she felt his presence inside one of the bathrooms, and she put her ear to the door.

She heard some hitting, some punching, and some name calling.

Thunder and lighting caused her to become scared and fearful - was it not sunny outside a few minutes ago? She quickly opened the door, and saw her brother bloodied, on the floor and wheezing. Three guys surrounded him, but when she looked in, they looked at her.

Her anger sparked. Her instincts took over. "What the hell!?" she screamed, running over so fast that they had no time to process it. She fought the guys, punching them with moves she never knew she had, and slammed them against the wall so hard that they fell on impact. She grabbed a guy by the collar, and growled at him. "Don't you dare touch my brother, again!" she screamed, and punched him in the jaw, knocking him out.

All three guys ended up on the floor, looking much worse than Sammy, who just sat up with shock. Bunny also stared in shock, unknowing that she could do this. 'Well... this will be an interesting story...'

"I cannot believe a person from such a high-class family could do something like this..." the principal sighed greatly, rubbing his temples. Bunny and Sammy sat inside, while the three guys waited outside, being tended to their wounds. Sammy had an ice pack placed on his eye, which seemed to stop swelling pretty quickly. "And on your first days of school!"

"Sir, they were beating up my brother," Bunny spoke up. "What do you expect me to do?"

"Tell the teacher!" the principal told.

"He's my brother, though. And besides, those boys need to learn their lesson!"

The principal just sighed, as if annoyed. "I will deal with the punishment of those three boys later. As for you, Serena, I will not tolerate such violence like this. But because this was in defense, I will not expel you. I will suspend you for..."

But his eyes flashed, and he paused in his speech. Bunny sensed something off about him, but she couldn't continue the thought, as he began to get his mind together. "Well... since you seem like a good student, I will let you off with a warning." he rubbed his head uneasily. "Just go... before I change my mind," he commanded, drinking his coffee.

Sammy quickly left, and Bunny sensed he was angry. She quickly followed him out of the office, and spotted those three boys. They shrunk at her slight glance, but she paid no attention to them. They weren't worth her attention.

"Sammy!" she yelled after him.

"Thanks for embarrassing me," his voice was cold as he continued to walk. "Now I'm going to be the laughing stock of my whole class because I couldn't defend myself!"

"Hey!" she shoved him to the locker roughly. "I just saved those guys from kicking your ass! Why the hell didn't you tell me about this?! How long has this been going on?"

"Because it wasn't your concern!"

"I'm your sister! I'm the only family you have left, of course it is my concern! I don't want you to die from being picked on! Did you even look in the mirror to see how bad you looked?"

"I can take care of myself!" Sammy said.

"I don't care if you can or can't! I'm your sister, and I made a promise to mom and dad on their death bed that I would protect you!"

"I don't need protection!" he walked away.

"Don't walk away from me!" she yelled at him.

"You're not my mom! You can't control me!" he yelled back.

Bunny sighed, grasping her hair and falling back against the lockers. Was she wrong to try and save Sammy? Why was he even mad at her in the first place? The thunder trembled her body, and she flinched every time she heard it.

A few tears fell down her eyes, not wanting to have this kind of relationship with Sammy. Sammy was her only family, and she didn't want to lose him just because she stood up for him.

~Last Bell~

Bunny walked out of class without Sammy beside her, but she did see him hanging out with the girls. Bunny sighed uneasily, and Molly just gave her a curious look.

"Is something wrong, Bunny?" Molly questioned.

"No, it's nothing..." she sighed with a pout.

"It's about Sammy, right?" Melvin questioned.

"How did you know?"

"I'm an intellectual genius," he grinned in a nerdy way.

"It's all over school how you beat up the boys to help your brother," Molly answered, crushing Melvin's pride.

"Wow, kitten," Amara appeared suddenly, putting an arm around her shoulder. "I didn't know you had it in you," she grinned.

"I didn't mean to," Bunny pouted. "They were hurting my brother..."

"And you didn't even get suspended," Amara smirked. "Wow, pretty amazing. I'll have to make sure to not mess with you,"

"It's nothing," Bunny shrugged it off, and looked up to the sky. It was cloudy and grey, and the remnants of the thunder and lighting were still left over. She became nervous with this kind of weather, but she took a deep breath and calmed down. Bunny walked out the gates, and a whistle caught her ears.

She looked to see Darien waiting there as usual, as if he had nothing better to do.

"I'll see you later, Bunny," Molly walked away with Melvin at her heels.

"Why are you always picking me up?" she questioned Darien as she walked closer to him.

"Because I want to," he smiled, but no response from her made him suspicious. "Something happen between you and your brother?"

"Is it that obvious?" she asked, blowing a piece of her hair away from her face.

He grinned. "You two have a sibling bond that is easily readable."

She just pouted, and when she saw Sammy walking by himself, her worry took over. "Sammy, you're not walking alone."

"And why do I need someone to walk with me?" he questioned, looking at her. "I can walk by myself! I don't need protection! I don't need to surround myself around girls! I don't need anyone!" he walked off.

"Sammy, she is your sister," Darien called out.

"But she isn't my mom!" he yelled back.

Bunny sighed with hopelessness.

"Tell me what happened." Darien told her, putting his helmet on his lap and resting his arms on top of it. The way he looked made Bunny blush and her heart beat faster.

"Bunny, when you're done, meet us at Crown's!" Raye called out as the group started to walk away.

"Alright," she nodded.

He sat there, looking at her with curious eyes that lured her in. She decided that he wouldn't do anything unless she told him. She explained the situation, what happened, and while she did, all the while students started to disappear. Darien listened very intently and with much curiosity.

"Are you serious?" Darien questioned with raised eyebrows. "Why the hell didn't he tell me this?"

"I don't know..." Bunny ran a hand through her hair. "And now he's mad at me for kicking their sorry asses..."

He chuckled a bit. "Well, you did what you thought was right. You protected him, and as a sister, it is your job to protect him."

"Yeah, but now he's pissed at me," she mumbled with a pout.

Darien's expression softened. "I'm sure he'll forgive you. Sammy just needs some time, and he'll be alright. You've done nothing wrong," he softly touched her arm, but she brought it back. The memory of the kiss he gave her swam through her eyes, and her blush returned to her face.

"What's wrong?" he asked, creasing his eyebrows.

A painful ache in her heart brought Bunny to her senses. 'Sammy's in danger...' that was her thought, and she did nothing to deny it. She knew he was in danger, she just didn't know where.

As the sensation grew more painful, she spotted a white van driving a bit recklessly towards them. As it passed by the two of them, she felt Sammy's presence inside.

"Sammy..." Bunny breathed as her eyes widened.

Darien seemed to understand her. He quickly mounted his motorcycle and started it up. Bunny quickly jumped on, not caring if she had a helmet or not. Darien accelerated sharply, and merged into traffic recklessly.

Bunny held onto him, but she kept her eyes on the white van. Darien sped up, desperate to get closer to the van. He needed to get just close enough. He quickly sped up his motorcycle, and within a few seconds, he got close enough to the van where Bunny could jump on it.

"Can you jump?" he yelled.

"Speed up to the side of the van! I have an idea!"

Bunny didn't care whether or not Darien saw, but as Darien sped up to the right side of the van, she sent a bolt of magic at the side. This action disintegrated the metal with a hissing noise accompanying it, revealing djinn inside the van. Sammy laid with a cloth against his mouth, looking pale and weak. Bunny leaped from the motorcycle to the inside of the van, doing her best to dodge the magic of the djinn.

"Stupid angels..." they cursed profusely. Bunny dodged their attacks using swift movements and evasive maneuvering.

"Let my brother go!" Bunny commanded, but they just laughed at her. She swung her arm, but a djinn grabbed it and twisted it, causing it to crack.

She cursed at the pain, but the pain was dulled because of her adrenal glands. She summoned her magic to create a barrier, but she wasn't skilled in these kinds of arts, so it failed. The djinn just laughed at her mistakes. But as they laughed, Bunny used this moment to knock them on the floor, and create a magic rope to bind them. She turned around to see Sammy, who was breathing softly and smooth, and tears came to her eyes.

"Sammy..." she breathed.

A djinn knocked her to the floor, and burned away the rope. It ensnared her with a long cobra, which hissed at her and bit her, injecting a poison that made her feel weak and powerless. The djinn put the chloroform cloth on her nose, causing her to become dizzy.

"I'm so glad that you were raised by humans," the djinn laughed maniacally. "You are a weak, pathetic angel who can't even protect herself!"

Bunny gritted her teeth, and bit the snake, pouring her magic into the bite. The snake made a screeching noise, and disappeared. But she was too weak... she couldn't do it alone.

The djinn grabbed her by the collar, and threw her out of the van. Bunny screamed as she skid on the rough asphalt, feeling her skin bleeding. The rain did little to douse the pain, and the thunder and lightning caused her to panic. A black lightning bolt electrocuted her body, but the pain was still numbed, much to her fortune. As her body stopped skidding. she picked her weak body off the floor and started to run.

But, she was so weak and still dizzy from the chloroform, that she ended up just watching the van drive away. Bunny cursed as tears fell to her eyes, but just then, she heard the vroom of a fast engine coming her way. Suddenly, a hand picked her up, and she felt a fast wind against her body. She looked up to see Amara driving, Michelle in the backseat, and the girl with magenta eyes picking her up.

"Are you okay?" she asked.


"I'm Trista, by the way," she smiled.

Bunny gave a confused look - this was not the time for introductions. "I'm Bunny," she breathed.

Amara sped up the car, making her way to the gaping hole in the van. Bunny was feeling very woozy, and her vision was dizzy, so she couldn't see well. And yet, taking deep breaths relaxed her a bit from panicking about the current situation. Trista threw Bunny back inside, who felt her head slam against the other wall.

"The hell?!" the djinn growled at her. "Stay out of this, stupid angel,"

"I won't," Bunny huffed. She attempted to throw some punches, but it was all futile, for they dodged it with such ease and comfort that they looked bored.

But Bunny couldn't do anymore, because from that snake bite, she felt her energy being drained. She took a deep breath, but she fell to the ground in the process. The djinn zapped her with lightning bolt, draining her of her energy. They cackled and laughed at her.

"He'll be so glad..." the djinn whispered, picking Bunny up and choking her.

Just then, four hand bashed through the metal and grabbed the djinn by the neck. Bunny was released, and she fell to ground, gasping for air hungrily. She looked over to Sammy, and got on all fours. She crawled over, and inspected her brother with tears in her eyes. He didn't look like he was hurt badly, except for his pale face.

"Sammy... it'll be okay," she whispered, hoping he would hear her.

Just then, she felt something doused on her body and the inside of the van as well. She looked over at the choking djinn, who were grinning in amusement. "Time to put some light on this," fire erupted from his hand, and Bunny realized that it smelled like acetone... just like ten years ago. She widened eyes, and gathered Sammy in her arms.

But she was too late. The fire immediately roared and she felt the van swerving around. The djinn disappeared, and the gaping hole was blocked by a wall of fire.

Bunny panicked. It was just like the accident that fateful day. Everything was perfect - the weather, the burning vehicle, the swerving of the vehicle... the consuming fire... She coughed as the smoke choked her lungs.

"Sammy!" she attempted to create a barrier to protect herself, but it was weak and vulnerable. She hugged her brother, feeling scared and fearful... her parent's faces haunted her eyes, and a destructive noise crushed her ears.

The van then crashed into something that felt like a building, and Bunny squeezed her brother tighter in her arms. She felt the building collapse on the van, so thinking quickly, she jumped out of the van and fell onto the floor. But as she looked around, she realized that it was a building full of gaseous and flammable elements. The building caught on fire, and it was only a matter of time before it would explode.

Bunny quickly gathered herself and was about to get up when the ceiling collapsed on her legs. She screamed in pain as the flames grew hotter and much more dangerous. And yet, they never touched her. Bunny clenched her teeth, and grasped her brother protectively. She took deep breaths, and started singing in the burning building. Singing always helped to calm her down, especially when she was alone. She shed some tears, but she remained calm and waited for the explosion to occur.

She sang when her parents were dying, she sang when she saw her brother being taken away, she sang when she was alone in her room... with only the darkness to be her comfort back at her old home.

"Bunny!" Bunny heard a familiar voice, and looked up to see Darien running through the building. He moved away the rocks as if it was paper, and ran over to her with worry and fear in his eyes.

"Get out of here!" she begged, "The flames-!"

Darien didn't listen to her. Instead, her picked her up bridal style, and quickly ran through the building, easily dodging the falling ceiling blocks. The flames avoided him, and he quickly ran out. As he did, the building exploded in a burst of white fire and scorching heat. He landed softly against the ground, but he still held Bunny delicately, as if he was afraid to lose her.

"Idiot..." he cursed, hugging her tighter. "Don't do that ever again,"

Bunny slapped him on the arm. "Don't call me an idiot! Who's the one that ran into a building about to explode?" but then she saw his expression, his saddened, fearful expression. She stopped talking, and he turned his face away, as if ashamed to look that way.

"Bunny!" through the rain, Bunny could see the girls running up to her. "Are you okay?!" Raye questioned worriedly.

"I'm alright," Bunny nodded, and looked at her brother.

"How's Sammy?" Lita asked.

"He's good..." she wiped away the tears that fell down her face. She almost lost Sammy... she almost lost him...

"It's okay, Bunny," Mina put an arm around Bunny.

"I know..." she whispered. She looked up through the pouring rain, and saw that djinn were still there, looking at them with looks of disgusting.

"You filthy goody-two shoes," what seemed to be the lead djinn cursed at them. He used his magic, and from the fires of the building erupted a fire snake that roared at them.

"That is enough!" the two men Bunny saw yesterday appeared. As soon as they did, the snake vaporized from the rain. "Your fun is over,"

The djinn just grinned. "You better train that little egg. I can see death in her future,"

"Enough," the man with red eyes commanded him, and as if he said a magic word, the djinn vanished.

Bunny took a deep breath, and collapsed to the wet grass, feeling so depleted of energy. Her body shook, and her vision became a blotchy black. The pain she took from those djinn returned, and she bit her lip to avoid screaming in their faces. Sleeping seemed so simple now...

"Bunny," Amy raised Bunny's face. "Stay with us..."

But she succumbed to the ease of rest, and closed to her eyes.

'Bunny...' a man's voice called out to Bunny, who opened her eyes to see that she was in the orphanage she spent a year of her life in. She sat up, and stretched her body. 'Bunny...' the man's voice called out once more.

"Who's there?" she questioned fearfully, standing up from the bed she used to sleep in. But she received no answer.

The orphanage was empty and dead; no children roamed the building, and that made her uneasy. It was dark and quiet, and the moon barely glowed through the window curtains. She remembered each of the rooms clearly and the cracks in the hallways, as if it were the palm of her hand. Bunny remembered spending her time in the orphanage, either singing or attempting to remember her life before the accident.

Somehow, in the accident, she had forgotten specific events before the accident. Her parent's faces were fuzzy, and whenever she tried to remember something specific, she got something fuzzy. Either that, or her head hurt her. The doctor said that she had a mild form of amnesia, and that's what scared her. Not being able to remember...

'I must talk with you...' the man's voice whispered, and Bunny recognized the voice as the man who always reached out for her.

"Go away!" she commanded.

'It is of utmost importance that you listen to me,' Bunny walked through the halls toward the voice.

"What do you want from me?" she asked, wishing she had a weapon to use to help her relax. She started humming to herself.

'Your brother,' the man answered.

"L-Leave him out of this!" she yelled, getting closer to the man's voice. "He has nothing to do with this!"

'He has everything to do with this, my daughter...' he told her, and Bunny froze. Could it have been a djinn playing tricks on her? Could it be trying to get her brother? Or was he saying true?

"D-daughter?" she asked. He didn't sound like her father. Not like she remembered what her father's voice sounded like. "Stop lying!"

'I am not lying, and if you would only let me see you, then things would be easier...'

"Go away! If you plan on having my brother, then go away!" despite her confidence, her voice was shaking. And then, the orphanage became black.

Bunny gasped for a breath of air, and sat up. She gritted her teeth at the sudden pain, and then looked to see that Luna was sitting next to her with a smiling face.

"Hey Bunny, are you feeling okay?" she asked with her blue eyes sparkling.

"Y-Yeah..." the events of what happened earlier suddenly popped, and she sat up quickly. "Is Sammy okay?" Bunny questioned as a blanket was put over her wet body.

"He'll be fine, dear," Luna put a reassuring hand on Bunny's shoulder, sitting on the couch next to her. "The chloroform knocked him out good, but he will be awake with good rest."

"Okay..." Bunny nodded, holding her head delicately.

"Here, let me tend to your wounds," Luna got out an emergency kit out, and wiped away the dried blood that coated Bunny's body from skidding on the asphalt. She then inspected other wounds, but instead of putting gauze around it or a cast, she lightly put her fingers on her wounds and instantly, her wounds were healed. No pain seemed to leave a trace, and it amazed her.

"Is everything okay? You were out for some time, and you were talking in your sleep," Luna gave a concerned motherly glanced.

"I'm fine..." she whispered with her teeth chattering.

"You need to eat something," Luna murmured, getting up to get Bunny some food.

Bunny wrapped the blanket closer to her body, sneezing occasionally from being in the cold.

"Hey Bunny," Raye and the girls walked in with Luna, who put a giant plate of food in front of her. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm alright," she smiled.

The girls sat on the sofas, surrounding Bunny. Just then, the two men walked in, not bothering to sit down; they stood around, looking around the room, making Bunny feel a bit uneasy and worried.

"Hello Bunny," the guy with caramel eyes nodded at her. "We have met before. I am Gabriel, and this is Michael."

Michael nodded before he started to walk around. "You have no reason to be uneasy with us," he said with not much care. "Your friends just have some questions for you."

"So Bunny, what happened?" Mina asked. "All we know is that Sammy was abducted."

Bunny took a bite from some food, and then started to talk. "Well I was talking with Darien when..." was she supposed to tell them that she felt Sammy was in danger? Would they think she was crazy? "When I saw Sammy being abducted. I chased after them."

"Did you actually see him being abducted?" Gabriel questioned her.

"No, I... felt him being abducted." she whispered.

All of them nodded as if understanding of the situation. Just then, Bunny was stuffed with some food by Mina, and she quickly chewed it down to prevent herself from choking.

"You two have a special bond, you know?" Michael said. "You can sense him when he's in danger, you protect him... it's quite amazing," he smiled lightly. "Actually almost got you expelled, had it not been for my magic touch," he grinned.

Bunny looked at him with a confused glance, but then remembered the pause in the principal's speech. He seemed like he was debating something... was that the work of this guy?

"Do..." Bunny started. "Do any of you know what is going on? I asked both of them a few days ago, but they didn't answer me. What is going on? Why was my brother abducted? Why do you guys seem so at ease? How do you guys know about that... thing that keeps attacking me?" her voice was desperate and pleading. She wanted an answer, and she wanted it now. The seemed to know.

"Bunny, do you believe in angels?" Lita asked in a polite voice.

'Angels again...' Bunny thought to herself. 'The djinn keep calling me an angel, and the girls just asked if I believe in angels. Does that mean...?" the gears in her brain moved, and the wires connected themselves. She widened her eyes.

"Wait..." she stood up, letting the blanket fall to the couch. She paced around with a bit of panic. "Are you guys saying...? Those djinn called me an 'angel,' and just now, you guys.." she took a deep breath, still attempting to keep herself up. "Are you guys saying...? You're trying to tell me...? I'm an...?

"Yes, you are an angel," Luna smiled delicately. "Isn't that wonderful?"