Bunny woke up in a jolt, sitting up straight and gasping heavily. She held her head, feeling beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

'What the heck was that?' she took a deep breath.

Those djinn... the memory of their faces seared into her brain. Their evil look... the maniacal grin on the leader's face... the insanity, the madness... a chill was sent down her spine, and she clutched her sheets protectively.

'So that's how Darien got his scar...' she breathed, taking the blankets off of her body, and swung her legs over the bed.

Her legs were wobbly as she stood up, but managed to be stable as she walked out of her room. She passed by Sammy's room, where he rested from his capture a few days ago. She entered the room and walked over to his bed, where he was still a bit pale, but looking better than he did a few days ago.

She sat beside him, and stroked his hair gently. "Sammy," she whispered.

She couldn't believe that her cute, adorable brother was an angel of destruction, capable of destroying life itself. The thought caused her skin to produce goosebumps, and she took a deep breath.

"You're late for school, you know," she heard Luna's voice from the door. She looked at Luna, then looked at the clock.

'Shit!' she cursed to herself.

"Don't worry about it," Luna grinned. "You've been to school billions of times - you won't miss out on anything important, you know." she walked closer, and sat on the bed. "Sammy will be okay. But, they really did internal damage to him, and it will take time for him to rest."

"I know..." she murmured. "I'm just worried about him." Bunny stroked his caramel locks. "Luna... I remembered what happened before the accident."

Luna's eyes saddened, but her smile didn't vanish. "It wasn't your fault."

"Yeah, but they all got hurt because of me..." Bunny sighed, getting up and walking out of the room. "It's how Darien got those scars on his face,"

"Darien just wanted to make you happy," Luna put reassuring hands on her shoulder. "He believed that magic, even though you couldn't use it, could make you smile. He wanted you to see it before you were to be put in an orphanage. He just forgot the fact that magic leaves traces, and that is how they traced you."

Bunny just blew strands of her face.

"When your parents realized that you could were traced so quickly by the djinn, they quickly acted. They got into an accident, and you guys were put in an orphanage. But their bodies... we cannot find them. No angel knows where the two of them are."

Bunny sat on a stair. "But... I'm still responsible for their death. Had I not been using magic that day... had I been smarter... had I done better to protect Sammy."

Luna sighed, sitting next to Bunny. "Bunny, you were human raised. You were raised like a human, so it's only natural that... Look, none of this is your fault. We've been predicting this for the past hundred years. None of this is your fault. And you can't do anything about it now. The only thing you can do is train, okay?"

Nothing that Luna said reassured Bunny, but she accepted the advice and nodded, like she had always done for years.

~Few Days Later~

"Are you ready for flying lessons, Bunny?" Mina asked as they walked home from school. Darien and the guys were getting off from college at the moment, so that's why the girls were walking by themselves.

"Wait, flying lessons?" Bunny stopped and looked at the girls.

"Yeah, Darien said you'd be flying today," Raye said, looking at her.

"Are you serious?" Bunny's blood pressure rose. She wasn't an exact fan of heights.

"Well, we can't tell lies," Lita joked, nudging Bunny in the ribs. "Besides, it could be fun with Darien, yes?"

Bunny blushed at Lita's words. She remembered Darien in her memories, but she still didn't remember all of it. She knew that he was in each of her lifetimes, but she couldn't remember much. She was still new to this whole angel thing, but little by little, things became easier for her.

"Don't kid around guys - Darien's no fun anyways," she pouted.

Amy smiled. "You were always a horrible liar, you know?"

Bunny turned red.

"How's Sammy doing?" Mina asked, changing the subject.

"He's alright," Bunny replied. "By tomorrow he'll be able to go back to school. His internal injuries have been healed, so he should be alright right now."

"What does he think happened?" Raye asked.

"He thinks he fell down the stairs as he was going home. His memory has been slightly altered." Bunny said.

"When do you think he'll find out the truth?" Lita asked cautiously.

"He'll probably find out about it soon. It'll be hard for him to believe that he is an angel of destruction, and he'll probably want to deny it, and hate himself, but he has to accept it." Amy whispered.

"That's what I'm afraid of..." Bunny murmured. She could protect her brother from djinn. But could she protect her brother from knowing that he is angel of destruction?

"What, you don't trust me?" Darien asked as he looked up at Bunny, who was on top of Amy's home.

"It's not that!" she yelled, hopeful he could hear her. "It's just... My wings aren't developed! And I don't think that this is the proper training took to develop my wings!"

"Well, how else are you going to strengthen them?"

Bunny huffed, and took a step back. She felt the slits in her back, and cringed a bit. She could her wings hiding inside the slits, and it just felt weird. Nevertheless, she opened them up, and felt her clothes rip as they released into the air. She turned her head, and saw that they were a bit small compared to the wings in her memories.

"How big are your wings?" she asked nervously.

Darien just smiled, and released his wings.

Bunny gasped because of their beauty. His wings were big, feathery, and a beautiful white color. She stared at them, for they were so beautiful and just so majestic to look at.

"Enjoying the view?" he smirked, and Bunny blushed. She turned away to look back at her wings. She flapped them, but she was unable to lift herself up. She flapped them harder and harder, and was able to get herself about a few inches off the ground. But as she was in the air, a powerful gust of wind pushed her off the building.

"Ahh!" she screamed, flapping her wings in a panic mode. But, because her body was angled incorrectly, she started to fall to the ground.

Darien quickly jumped in the air and gently caught her. "You should learn to trust me more often," he mumbled as they gently landed on the ground.

Bunny blushed quickly after getting out of his arms. "I-I've only met you," she murmured, rubbing the back of her neck.

Darien looked at her with saddened eyes, but just replaced it with a smile. "Well, I suppose flying lessons won't do for you - your wings need to grow. So, let's get started on your magic lessons," he grinned, placing an arm around her shoulder.

Bunny smiled a bit. But, as she started to walk, her legs collapsed on themselves. Her body became numb, her vision became blotchy black, and she felt as though she was leaving. The last thing she heard was Darien screaming out her name.

Bunny opened her eyes as her ears were filled with haunting noises and screaming voices. She saw a reddened black cloud that doubled as a sky, and as she sat up, she realized she was laying against dried and rotting bones.

Bunny quickly got up in a panic, and ducked as ravens and crows pecked at her.

"Man, are you hard to get a hold of or what?" a man's voice ran through her ears, and she looked to see that she was no longer standing on bones. She was standing inside what appeared to be a palace. A palace that filled with light colors and a heavenly atmosphere. The ceiling had a mosaic work of angels flying in the heavens. But the walls that supported said ceiling showed a different place. The landscape was a dark red, with smoke and fire in the distance. But the walls were quickly shielded by white colored walls.

Bunny looked forward, and saw what appeared to be an ordinary looking man. But he was different, and she could tell. His skin was translucent and glowed against his black hair. His eyes were a familiar blue color that seemed to emit a light, and his body was lean and fit. He sat on a white throne with a large eighty inch TV on the other side where the door was. It revealed the life on Earth. The palace was also decorated with angelic sculptures, and a large chandelier hung above her.

She looked back at the man, who was wearing a long black trench coat under white clothing. There was a glow around him, like the one the girls had that day she saw them.

"Who are you?" she asked nervously.

"You don't remember?" the man asked.

His voice was familiar, and Bunny realized he was the man in her dreams. She gasped, attempting to back away.

"Of course you don't," he sighed, as if tired. He sat on the throne, rubbing his temples. "It seems like every angel has forgotten me now."

Bunny remembered the setting outside, and looked at the man closely. A memory inside of her sparked, and she gasped a bit. "Luc-Lucifer?"

"Bingo!" he said, crossing his legs with a grin.

"I thought you would... look a little... lighter?" Bunny murmured uneasily.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow. "What? Just because I'm the Light-Bearer, my hair has to be a golden color?"

"No! Not at all!" Bunny laughed uneasily.

Lucifer just rolled his eyes. "Sit, we have much to talk about." he stood up, and a chair appeared under Bunny's legs. "Have something to eat," he walked down, and as he did, a feast fit for a king appeared at a table in front of her.

"How are things up in Earth?" he asked as he poured himself some water. "How is the new general of the Seraphim army operating?"

"Um..." Bunny just looked at him with a look of lost in her eyes.

Lucifer just sighed. "Oh yeah, you were raised as a human. Gabriel and Michael shouldn't have done that, if you ask me. But, the memories will come soon, in due time." he drank the water.

"Am I in Hell?" she questioned.

"Yep you are."

"Does that mean I'm dead?"

"Nope, I dragged you down here." he said simply, as if this was not much of a bother.

"Why?" she asked with a panic

"To give you important information," he said, eating some fruit. "Damn, this is a good apple." he gazed at the apple for some minutes. as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. "So, before we get to the serious topics, how are things on Earth?"

"Fantastic..." she mumbled uneasily. "I'm... I'm just learning about my origins and remembering everything..."

"Let me guess, Michael and Gabriel have told you that I'm insane after telling you the history of us, right? That I'm not in my right mind?" Lucifer just scoffed. "Well, have them be stuck in Hell for years on end - see how they react. This place can change you. I'm not insane - I just see things in a different way now. Just one visit from me and I get a reputation of being insane."

Just then, something came crashing from the door.

Bunny was thrown out of the way as it bounded for Lucifer. She looked up, and saw a mangled looking being licking Lucifer. It's fur had patches of skin showing, it's ear was cut off, and it was a large hunchback with a bit of deformities in it's body shape. It looked like it was supposed to be a dog, but it was different looking. Bunny didn't want to say hideous, because it kind of looked cute. In a weird sort of way.

"Aww!" Lucifer hugged back the thing. "Whose a good hell hound? Whose a good hell hound? Whose my cute little dog?" Lucifer grinned, rubbing the thing called a hell hound on it's tummy.

Bunny just stared in complete shock and surprise. She started to believe that what Michael and Gabriel said about Lucifer must have been true. The hell hound whined in happiness, and shook it's body as Lucifer stopped. When it's blood red eyes looked at Bunny, it growled at her. It's eyes were large, round orbs of bleeding death.

"Easy," Lucifer said, patting his head. It reached nearly Lucifer's height. "She's a friend."

The hell hound sniffed her for a few minutes suspiciously, then licked her with it's huge tongue.

"This is a hell hound," Lucifer patted him. "My own creation,"

"Really?" Bunny backed away a bit. "It's... lovely."

"Hey, he might be mangled and ugly in your eyes, but in mine, he's a beautiful thing that I have created." Lucifer grinned.

Just then, the hell hound coughed up something from it's mouth, and nudged it towards Bunny. Bunny looked at it, and saw that it was a decapitated head.

"Here, I'll take care of that," Lucifer picked up the head that was coated in saliva, and threw it out of the palace far away. The hell hound bounded for it, and it became silent.

Bunny was just still in shock, and all she wanted to do was get out of here. She felt herself going insane at the moment. She didn't know why she was here, or why Lucifer brought her down here. She started singing to herself to make sure she wasn't going insane.

"Hey, calm down," Lucifer lightly touched her shoulders, and set her on the chair.

"Can I please go back?" she asked, breathing heavily.

"No, I still have to tell you important information."

Bunny fidgeted with her fingers uneasily, starting to hum to herself.

"You think I'm insane as well," Lucifer just smiled with unhappiness. "This place changes you, Bunny. This place is actually where you were born."

Bunny looked up with widened eyes. "What?"

"It's about time someone tells you the truth since Michael and Gabriel keep it from you," his face became serious. "I am your father, and your mother, the woman you see in your memories, is your mom."

Bunny just stared at him. "Please tell me I'm not going insane at the moment."

"Nope," he poured a weird substance into a glass. "Drink this - it'll calm you down."

"You are my father?" she asked, drinking it hastily.


"Wh... wh... wh..." she kept on blathering, unable to form words.

"It happened before you were born. Your mother and father were supposed to bring you into this world, but they knew that Iblis was planning something. They could track you down because of your blood line. So, your mother came to visit me because no one suspect the birth child of the prince of hell."

"Wait - what?" Bunny was taking in a lot. She looked at Lucifer, and noticed that he did look like her. His blue eyes were the same as here, his facial structure matched her own, his long eyelashes... Lucifer looked much similar to her, and that's what scared her a bit.

"Do you know what happened to my mother the day she died?" Bunny asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry, Bunny. I do not know," Lucifer replied truthfully. "It's like she disappeared..."

"Why are you my father?"

"You are the birth child of me and your mother so it wouldn't be as easy to track you down by the djinn." as he said that, something changed in him. It seemed like he was lying, for there were tell-tale signs of it.

"Both of us knew that in your lifetime, Iblis would try to get to Sammy through means of tracking you. This would make it harder for them to track you. But Iblis..." Lucifer took a deep breath. "There are things you must know about him."

The room became darker a bit.

"Iblis... I knew him in Heaven. He was a nice djinn, a bit prideful before our Fall, but he was cool with everyone. Yet, that event changed everything. He disobeyed God, we got sent out of Heaven, I was 'promoted' to Prince of Hell, gave you my position, and I've been in Hell ever since, watching over and ruling it. Though I haven't been out of here, I've seen everything. I've seen Iblis." Lucifer's blue eyes darkened. "All the years of anger, hate, and resentment of humans have changed him. He has been changed more than you can ever know."

"How?" Bunny asked, starting to feel cold.

"He has gone beyond insane." he said. "His mind is corrupted with evil and hatred. He hates humans, much like humans hate Mondays. He will stop at nothing to see the annihilation of humans. That is why he wants your brother. Your brother can destroy this human race if Iblis gets to him. He doesn't care what he has to sacrifice, he doesn't have anything to stop him, he has no laws, no boundaries. He has been tempting humans into sin, and has also been tracking the both of you down. He is beyond help, Bunny."

"What are you trying to say?" Bunny asked nervously.

"Iblis doesn't care about anything. All he cares about is the destruction of humans. He doesn't need a reason to why he wants to destroy them." Lucifer's eyes stared scaringly into hers. "He just wants the world to burn."

That stopped Bunny's heart.

Lucifer said nothing. "It's a very scary thought." he laughed bitterly. "Nothing binds him, not even God's laws. He has free will. He can do whatever he wants. He just wants to watch the world burn in it's own destruction..."

"What do we do to stop him?" she asked.

Lucifer did nothing to answer. Instead, he just walked around, and waved his hand. This turned on the TV, showing Bunny's current room on Earth. In it, Darien, the girls, Luna and someone beside her, along with Sammy were surrounding Bunny's body. Darien was shaking her awake, and he looked like he was going to have a mental breakdown.

"Your friends care about you a lot," Lucifer smiled wistfully, but sadly. "The only ones who care about me are Lilith, the demons and my hell hounds. As of the moment, I have no other angels besides Lilith."

"I-I care about you!" Bunny said, not wanting to see his sad face. "You... I was..." Bunny remembered her life on heaven, being the right-hand woman of Lucifer of the Seraphim army. "You... You were my superior, and I looked up to you!" she remembered that fateful day they were cast out. The look on Lucifer's face when he was to be put in Hell. "I was sad for you. But I couldn't do anything to help you."

Lucifer just smiled with nothing happy in his face. "You were my favorite, you know? My favorite angel to train. You were fun, full of life, and amazing. Plus, you had an amazing voice. Well, I suppose it can't be helped. Other angels can't necessarily visit me; they have to be brought here by me. And I didn't bring them, so that is my fault. But it's for their own good. No angel can handle being in here - with Michael and Gabriel, they nearly had a mental breakdown just by being in here for a few minutes. Though, I suppose since you were born here, you have a good resistance to pure insanity." Lucifer joked. "I guess since God thought I could handle Hell, he put me here."

"Why did you try to take over my body - how did you even do that?" Bunny asked.

Lucifer shifted uneasily at that question. "Because I am your father, we have a blood connection. I could take possession over you."

"But why?" she asked, fearing the answer.

He looked at her with serious eyes. "I'm not going to lie to you. I attempted to take possession of you because I want your brother."

Bunny widened her eyes. 'No... that can't be true.' "Wh-Why?" her mouth became dry.

Lucifer walked over to the wall, which disappeared to reveal the hell landscape. "I see thousands of souls sent here every single day, Bunny. Humans have been sinning more than ever now. They are turning away from God. It seems like Iblis' challenge is coming true. I want to help God with that."

"By doing what?"

"By bringing about a plague unto humanity." Lucifer stated, unfazed. "This plague... it will not kill humans. It will simply cause them to fall into sickness and in pain so much that they look towards God. They will pray to God, they will seek out his help. God answers everyone's prayer, and when they become better, there will be a much stronger belief in God. People will gather in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, just to pray to him. And with your brother's power, we can put an end to Iblis by using all of his magic and mine to send him out of here. I am a powerful angel, might I add, so this would work."

Bunny just stared at him with shock.

"Iblis' plan, however, is much more disturbing. A plague he would bring would wipe out 3/4 of the population. He wants humans to go insane - he wants them to destroy themselves. If he gets his hands on Abbadon, the result of this would be disturbing."

"But... your plan is just as horrible!" Bunny said.

Lucifer just lowered his head. "I know it is. But I'm tired of this. Seeing thousands upon thousands of souls being tortured in hell. Hearing their screams, wanting so desperately to help them, but knowing that you can do nothing because of their sins. The sins of humans has to stop. You can help stop Iblis, Bunny." Lucifer looked at her. "I just need either you or Sammy, and we can stop Iblis as well as help humanity. You can call upon Sammy's power, use it because of your relationship... we can end this, Bunny. The combined power will send Iblis back to his dimension for good; or even better, his form will be so damaged that he will be unable to produce a human form to stay on Earth."

Bunny backed away. "No, Lucifer," she said. "I... that is wrong. Besides, if you want Sammy so much, why don't you just summon him here?"

"No angel can track down Abbadon except you. I have to know where an angel is for me to summon them. I don't know where he is."

"Lucifer, you shouldn't do this," she said, backing away.

"I understand. But, when the djinn are attacking, and the world is near it's end... Just consider this option, Bunny. Iblis is insane. He won't stop until the world has been destroyed."

"I won't do it!" Bunny didn't want to. It felt wrong for her... to give Sammy up, or herself up. Use her magic to plague humans to get back to religion. No, all of it was wrong.

"I know you wouldn't." Lucifer walked closer to her. "That is why, I'm afraid I will have to send the dogs and demons on you."

She widened her eyes with shock.

"In order to get you to understand, this must be done."

"I will never do that!" Bunny yelled. "I'll be damned if I do."

And just like that, Bunny felt herself coming back to her body. Loud noises bombarded her ear drums, and she opened her eyes to see an annoying bright light blinding her eyes. She sat up uneasily, and immediately felt to her arms claw her.

"Bunny!" Sammy's voice comforted her, and she patted him.

"Hey guys," her voice croaked, and she rubbed her eyes.

"What the hell happened?" Mina questioned. "Darien said that you were walking towards the home when you collapsed. You haven't woken up for a day."

Bunny took Sammy off of her, and swung her legs so that her feet reached the floor. "Sammy, can you get me a glass of water?"

"Sure sis," Sammy walked away, and Luna closed the door with just a glance. "

"I was dragged into Hell." Bunny whispered, and everyone looked at her.

She told the girls about everything that happened on her trip to hell. She told of Lucifer's plans, of everything that Lucifer told her. The girls listened in intently, and Luna and the man beside her had frowns on their faces.

"Are you serious?" Lita asked with shock.

Bunny nodded uneasily, humming to herself.

"I was afraid this would happen," Luna whispered to herself. "This is a serious issue. Now we have to worry about two enemies..."

"Well, what's the lesser of two evils?" Amy started. "Lucifer. We should be more afraid of Iblis than we are of Lucifer. If what he says is true, then Iblis... Lucifer has a reason, but Iblis does not. That is what is scary."

"So you are saying we should worry more about Iblis?" Raye questioned.

"Yes," Lita answered. "We need to be more wary now. And we must be more vigilant in Sammy's protection."

"And in mine," Bunny added.

"Why?" Mina asked.

"Lucifer said that through me, I can draw out Sammy's powers and use them. I'm just in much danger as Sammy is." her eyes were widened and scared.

"That is a very ancient and illegal use of magic," the man beside Luna murmured. "To draw out another's magic through relation is illegal, and could very well result in the destruction of an angel's body. With your magic, and the magic of another angel, the power of those two will not be handled well with the body. It could destroy your body, and you will not be reborn."

"Artemis," Luna leaned on Artemis' shoulder, who just hugged her.

"I already told him no," she breathed uneasily, rubbing her throbbing head. Mina put an arm around her for reassurance.

"Hey, we'll get through this. But for right now, you have to train. The more you train, the stronger you'll become." Raye put held Bunny's hand and smiled.

Bunny nodded, and smiled a bit.

"Master, we have located them..." a voice, very ancient and creepy, told.

"You have?" the one referred to as, 'Master,' responded.

"Yes. What shall you have us do?"

"It would be so easy to strike them now... when she is at her weakest. But... that power of hers... she has something that we cannot win against. We must slowly act. If this is done properly, we will be able to take that power of hers away, leave her at her weakest, and snatch her brother away when she doesn't know. Or, torture her friends unless she releases his power... Yes... this is all coming together so swimmingly..." the Master started cackling and laughing maniacally. He threw a glass against the wall, continuing to laugh.

The others around him started to laugh with him.

"Ding-dong!" the master yelled with a look of insanity in his eyes. "Humans dead!" and he stabbed a knife in his hand, cackling as his blood spilled out with a disturbing and insane aura around him.