United States of Hetalia Production

Thought up on the spot for Valentines Day and lack of sugar is making this an attempt at fluff. Don't own Hetalia, Hima-sensei does. Now let's get this show on the road...

"Ve~! Good morning, Germany~!" the cheerful Italian said to his captain.

"Good morning, Italy."

The Axis were all at Germany's house. Italy and Germany were at the table while Japan made breakfast. The German was reading the newspaper while the Italian looked at the ever-stern look on his face.

"Ve... Germany, how come you don't smile?"

Germany looked up from his Sunday paper. "Of course I smile, Italy. I just don't do it every waking moment like you do."

"But you're reading the comics and you're not even laughing!" This actually concerned the Italian. People should laugh, smile, and have pasta!

"I just don't find them that funny Ita-"

"Smile, Germany! Pleeease!"

"Why on would I randomly smi-" He got cut off by his best friend trying to force the corners of his mouth up. "Italy!"


"Breakfast is ready." Japan walked into the room with plates of food in his hands. But he stopped in his tracks when he saw the strange little argument his friends were having. Now Italy was trying to tickle Germany into laughing. And Germany was not amused. Japan just stared at both of them with a look that said 'Uh... o.o'

Italy noticed Japan first and pointed at Germany. "Ve~! Japan! Germany won't smile!"

"What's the big deal, Italy? Japan doesn't smile either."

Italy put on a look on his face that can only be described as 'Romano having a bad day'. Then he spoke in a voice that could easily be described as a 'bad Germany impression.' "Japan doesn't look grouchy all the time like Germany does."

The corners of Germany's mouth twitched upward. Then Germany let out a small chuckle, instantly wiping the 'grouchy' look on the Italian's face."Was that supposed to be me? If that's me, then this is you." Germany shut his eyes and put on a big goofy grin. "Ve! Germany! Germany! Am I doing it right?"

Italy laughed before 'Germany' replied "Nein! You have to be more cheerful!"

Germany tried to make his grin wider. "Si, Captain! Pastaaa~!"

Then the German man and Italian man started laughing together while the confused Japanese man served breakfast.

Italy: Ve~! (^_^)~

Germany: Happy Valentine's Day.

Japan: Review, please.